Ilhan Omar Makes Disgusting Comment About Riots And Looting In Minneapolis; This Is So Wrong

(Liberty Bell) – Minneapolis is a raging inferno after riots and looting broke out in the city over the tragic death of George Floyd. As you might imagine, there are some folks in the Democratic Party who are not wasting any time jumping on the bandwagon and making the separation along racial lines even worse than it already is, and the individuals responsible for such a mess are the same people we’ve come to expect such behavior from.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who represents the district, went on a Twitter storm about the death of Floyd, not long after she chided police officers for attempting to disperse rioters and bring order to the chaos threatening the safety and security of the city.

Her response?

“Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted.”

No one has said that being angry over Floyd’s death is wrong. It’s not. There’s a lot of reasons to be upset over this incident. However, giving in to hate and anger, responding to a horrific situation with violence is not the answer. It will not make positive changes.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, rioters damaged windows, a police car, and sprayed graffiti at a police precinct and were met with police in riot gear who eventually fired tear gas at the protesters, according to MPR News.

Omar responded to the event by writing on Twitter: “Shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed protesters when there are children present should never be tolerated. Ever. What is happening tonight in our city is shameful. Police need to exercise restraint, and our community needs space to heal.”

Many businesses were left in utter ruin during the riots Wednesday night, as if the COVID-19 crisis wasn’t already a devastating assault on local economies. Stores were looted and then burned to the ground. Other acts of violence have also been reported in the city.

Omar tweeted during the riots, “I am heartbroken. Horrified at the needless death of George Floyd, another innocent black man murdered by police in our community. Frustrated that we keep finding ourselves in this position as a city. Angry that justice still seems out of reach.”

The first series of tweets posted up by Omar were fired off all within the span of a minute. Omar began to face some pretty extensive backlash for her comments, which resulted in her adding that, “We should and must protest peacefully. But let us end the cycle of violence now.”

For a brief moment, her true radicalism shined through the veneer of politics, but she carefully stowed that reality back beneath the mask.

President Trump has responded to the situation Wednesday evening by revealing that he had already directed federal authorities to investigate the incident in an expedited manner.

This is a really delicate situation and the president is handling it perfectly. There is a lot of evidence in Floyd’s death to suggest the police officers involved grossly mishandled things, and if the evidence continues to affirm that, then those individuals need to be held criminally liable for what happened.

However, riots and looting solves nothing. Peace and conversation are the means by which to heal the world.



  1. This site is dealing in censorship!!!!! Liberty bell my ash! I called Omar what she is and my comments are deleted almost immediately! Anybody else have this happen?

  2. This flat faced witch needs to be brainwashed into thinking her talents would be best served by returning to her beloved SOMALIA so she could fulfill her destiny. Rule over your own people and leave America alone! You fascist commie pig!

  3. It looked like a war zone. Too bad these animals can’t be stopped. With a leader like Omar, reactions of violence will only get worse. Actually, their goal is total chaos and to bring this country down.

  4. She needs to go. Hopefully she’ll get voted out. Instead of being a leader of the District she represents she condones violence, then backtracks after people call her out for that on twitter. She’s a two faced no good POS and hates the values that America stands for.

  5. Perhaps she will lead a protest that turns into looting. And then will get popped in the head with a 5.56 round by a store owner on the rooftop. That would give her the martyrdom her type claims to crave. And finally shut her up. BTW not advocating violence. Just defense of the store owner’s life and property against a violent mob.

  6. I can’t believe this is Omar’s District! She such a great American! NOT! It only took her a couple years to turn Minneapolis into Somalia!

  7. Floyd’s death was a cruel and criminal act, and will be punished to the full extent of the law, but the rioting, looting and burning of property is almost as bad. It’s inexcusable and contemptible that some members of the community, as in Baltimore and Ferguson, use occasions like this to engage in their own forms of lawlessness. This is the wreckage of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” that resulted in fatherless in vast swaths of the black community, all in pursuit of keeping blacks on the plantation of dependency. Illegitimacy in the black community, which was only 19.7% in 1950, has skyrocketed to 73%, or more, in 2020. Government did this. When Democrats cry “racism” to gin up racial animosities in a despicable effort to keep blacks voting Democrat, they need to look in the mirror to see the real racists.

  8. I posted photos of Watts LA riots back in 60’s and photos in Minnesota this week. Same people same color same motive. Steal, loot destroy as an excuse. It’s their way of life. It’s what they do! I support our police 100%. You obey the law you are protected. You break the law you are arrested! Law and order prevails. The guilty are punished period!!

    • Nearly every incident begins with an individual or individuals breaking an existing law. When an arrest is made there are always dozens or hundreds of cell phones from every angle recording. If for any reason something does go wrong protests begin immediately. It is then that the real lawlessness begins. And then the brainless kowtowing of the lame d’rats swings into action to fuel the fires. Protest, honest protest is legal and proper in this country but rioting, looting, arson and anarchy is not.

  9. What is the most tragic out of this is that no one tackled that cop and got him off the guys neck everyone who filmed this and did nothing should be charged as well. I know regardless if i get locked up for assault on an officer i would have come running in and tackled the cop off of him. I take my chances to save a life that is what its all about looking out for our neighbors not watching them be murdered slowly. Its shameful to see people watch this happen oh yeah someone or a few people yelled to get the cop off him but that was all. After watching it again i know beyond a shadow of doubt i would have taken that cop out from behind as i tackled him into the car. To the family and friends i am so sorry for your loss i pray that you have peace in your heart as you go through this tragedy. May God bless you all. I was raised in hard times and in times you know someone needs your help you help no matter what may happen. Maybe we need to start getting back to the basics of living where we know one another but not to tell on them for everything they do but when they are having trouble buying food or paying the bills cant we help where we can if you have some food and the family two houses down is out and cant get any food or get to the foodbank how bout giving some of what u have to help out that is what i was raised up doing

  10. Ever wonder why you don’t see stores in these neighborhoods. The good decent people get the shaft again. Who wants to start a small business there and then get looted.

    • In at one case it was a non profit Native American establishment that was burned. Who will answer for that.

  11. What’s really sad is that looters hurt the neighborhood. I wonder – how many came from outside, claiming support or to see what loot they could carry away or…just for the fun of it. One white female said she drove an hour to come to “support the cause”. I have supported causes but I did the grunt work of ringing doorbells and gathering signatures. I did not join a mob, wave a sign, shout vulgarities or make obscene hand gestures – or steal. Shame on you, Minneapolis.

  12. Tragic that police are not trained better and are unable to weed out the bad ones. Far more are killed on the streets in gang violence or other crime related killings. Where are the riots or the burning because of those perpetrator’s acts, not on innocent businesses, but on those that commit these acts? Thinks of all the wasted opportunities to justify senseless additional crimes going to waste when there is zero reaction when gang members kill each other. Why don’t black lives matter then????

    • They are killing their own little children. Hundreds of murders each year here in Chicago. No protests. This Memorial Day weekend there were 39 shootings and 10 murders by gunshot. Ho-hum—what else is new?. But let one sadistic police officer kill one person (reprehensible to be sure!, and he will be punished), and it becomes an excuse to destroy a city, a city in which they will have to live.

  13. Does it surprise anyone the trash that come out of this woman’s mouth? Hardly. This POS excuse for a human being is as anti American as they come. The sooner she is brought to justice for her crimes the sooner she is out of Congress the better for America and the poor helpless souls she supposedly represents. Could you imagine if she was your rep? No wonder this country is so jacked up, upside down.

    • Excellent Peter! This ignorant subhuman along with barfly from the Bronx were planted to bring our Democracy down. Our founding fathers would and did not write out our freedom laws with such a inferior thing called llhan (what???) in it. Probably still married to a man who owns multiple wives and abuses his animals they way only they know how…..

  14. All of America should be upset with this death as it seems to be neglect on the part of the officers involved. With that being said, there is absolutely no reason for the mindless madness of the idiots who are looting and burning their city. These morons do NOT care about the death of Mr. Floyd. They are about stealing and getting materialistic crap for free. Yesterday ( 5/28/2020) here in my own home town in Utah there was a 911 call that came into dispatch from a distressed woman saying her husband is going to kill her. Our amazing police quickly responded and in the course of them doing their duty to protect and to serve a young officer was shot and killed by the perp. This young officer leaves behind a family. In all of this madness I still haven’t seen one single instance of violence against the criminals,regardless of the color of their skin, instead I saw an outpouring of love to honor one of our fallen hero’s. May our Heavenly Father’s hand continue to hold and comfort this officer’s family as well as this community.

    • What a horrific tragedy. And your description of the incident speaks to this huge problem. Almost all police officers are upstanding men and women who put their lives in harm’s way to protect and defend and “just help” when they’re called. The occasional (very) bad apple, and they exist in all professions, is so destructive to the 99+% of officers who are doing their jobs. And it’s destructive to the public as well, since everyone will “remember the police officer who was a murderer” and many will think, “Maybe the police officer here is also a murderer”. It only takes one bad apple. How can the public find a balance and how can the good ones do their jobs? Of course, Blacks looting and hurting total strangers, with no respect for authority, satisfies another stereotype BECAUSE there ARE Black people who DO those things. If you want to look at a policeman as a potential murderer because it’s happened “more than once” then accept that when people see Black people they will look at them as looters, drug dealers and people with no respect for authority (because they saw Black people who do that). Is it possible to rise above this “racist war on each other”? Most people just want to be left alone and want to keep their families safe. And, I believe, most people appreciate that we all share a common humanity and we do not treat people “differently” than “other people” because of their race, religion or whatever. We treat everyone as we would want to be treated.

  15. I don’t need her “opinion”. She shouldn’t even call herself as representing anyone. She represents her views and herself.

    • She was duly elected by the people of that district probably by mail in ballots which if the d’rats get their way will be the norm. Cuomo in NY is mailing out absentee ballots to every voter [dem or dead probably].
      Oh, btw in his daily campaign speech a couple of hours ago on every MSM channel he also stated he is with the protesters and looters [how do you tell the difference].

  16. Since it’s the district of that despicable animal one can understand the behavior.. Solution is NO TAXPAYER MONEY to rebuild. Let the local community travel miles to shop and wait longer for police responses. Then, if there are any actual Americans there (as opposed to Obamanoid imports) they can decide whether they wish to sanction the rioters and looters and take whatever action they feel appropriate.

  17. Hey protesters! Go burn down Omar’s house! Really, it’s ok. You have her blessing and full support. Its justified and warranted. She understands that you are angry and must vent that anger, so go blow off some steam by destroying her home. Maybe her cars too. She is cool with it. A Ok. I’m sure the shop owners who had nothing to do with that man’s death and were already struggling to stay afloat were ok with it too. I’m sure that they fully understood as their only means of feeding their families burned to the ground. I guess it’s ok to break laws and ruin lives when you get upset. I’m sure you would have acted the same if that man was white….wouldn’t you?

    • Thank you for your post. My emotional response would be to feel joy if Omar were the recipient of her own words, legitimizing looting and burning property and, no doubt, hurting anyone in the way of these criminals. My rational side wonders why Omar didn’t show leadership in her own community by walking in the streets of Minneapolis; asking her constituents to help her do something substantive so that this tragedy should not be in vain. Really? She’s supposed to be a leader in her community and she’s “tweeting”? I remember how moved people were when Mayor Lindsay walked in the streets of Harlem when people were rioting. What happened to real leaders?

  18. She and about 1/2 of the democrap power structure should be tried for treason and given the punishment that used to apply before libtards took over in this nation.

  19. So what do you say about a woman in a wheelchair who is blocking the Target door from looters, who is then beat up robbed and has a whole fire extinguisher discharged on her. She was attempting to stop crime and violence. This in not a one way street with the police being the only ones using force., although their force is being dispensed to try to stop violence. So the things that are happening also brings to light the ” never let a good protest go to waste when they is good stuff to loot”. Quite similar to your stance in Congress “never let a good crisis go to waste when there is a agenda you want to push”. Yes the death of Mr. Floyd was disturbing but let the legal system do it’s job.

  20. IIHAN OMAR is a despicable human being. She has the nerve to call President Trump
    a racist yet she is one of the most racist human being in Congress. She must be recalled from her position. She does nothing for Minnesota.

  21. You preach Hate, you get Hate. That is what the Democrats Want. I am really believing that the only Good Democrat is a DEAD Democrat.

  22. She forgetting where she came from? Back “home” there would be bodies littering the streets and she knows it. Cant believe we’re paying a terrorist agitator to lecture us! The script is probably from Soros and his pal Barry O.


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