Ilhan Omar Defends Mass Migration…By Blaming The US For All World Conflicts

(Liberty Bell) – Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is either incredibly stupid and completely ignorant of even the most basic understanding of global history and current events or she thinks we’re all complete fools who will listen to whatever she says because she’s a Somalian war refugee.

Or both.

Actually, that’s where I’d put my money based on this latest tirade.

Members of “The Squad,” Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley were just short of an AOC on Friday night when they held a town hall event to prattle on with their absurd radical garbage.

(Don’t worry, AOC was over on Instagram, getting her white boyfriend to tell us all how not to be racist. I guess that was more important.)

Omar, always on the lookout for ways she can proverbially step all over the flag and bash the country in which she found refuge from the conflicts of her war-torn homeland, decided to blame the entire country for every global problem around the world.

I’ll give you a sec to grab an aspirin for the headache you no doubt have after conceiving that this woman just suggested something that absolutely idiotic.

Or a drink.

Ilhan Omar: When we see a Somali refugee or an Iraqi refugee or a Libyan refugee we often are like this is my neighbor they must have survived some struggle. We don’t ever pause to think what American policy made them come over here? When you see a flooding happening in a country abroad and you are urgently raising money for these lives to be saved you don’t think about how have I contributed to the climate warming that has led to these floodings and these catastrophes that are taking place.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, her homie AOC had her boyfriend lecture her followers on how to avoid being racist.

It was painful.


  1. You are more than welcome to go back to the paradise that you left to come to this country. Your people ruined your country, so don’t come here and try to ruin mine.

  2. All government officials , like the Presid
    ency should be felon free and natural born citizens. If they do not like our flag or laws they should understand they can go back where they came from! We all are citizens under the one and onlyUnited States of America flag! Who do they think they are to demand we change for them? They came here , they must adapt or go. Also, like in Switzerland, they must payback the free living expenses they so easily accept that they did not earn.

  3. Isn’t this the scum that married her brother to bring the scab into this country? When will she start her prison sentence?

  4. I wonder if the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks realize how close they are to civil war.
    We have come to realize that we can no longer coexist with these life forms.
    When it starts, it will be no mercy.

  5. Oat should be deported back to her country for all her radical comments. As you can see we are letting radicals in our government and trying to take over control and try to force us to live the way they want.

    It’s time the American people boot these radicals out of congress and out of our country. This is what happens when we let people in that we have no nothing about.

    Time to act and take our country back. I do not know about everyone but I am going to live free and enjoy my rights and I will fight for my country

  6. I thought the idea of sending representatives to Congress was to help improve and advance the quality of life for Americans and American interests and not to tear it down. Omar and her cohorts are spewing vitriol and hate about American values. I just don’t understand how they get any support for such subversive and borderline treasonous ideals that appear to undermine most everything that most Americans stand for and hope to achieve. Perhaps it is the media that gives more credulity to their negativity than the citizens of this country actually do. At least I hope that is the case.

  7. Kaukab Siddik, you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Omar hates America and she should leave. We love our America just the way it is, and we don’t need the likes of her trying to change things. The people who voted her in should leave, too, since they don’t like America.

  8. She is the catastrophe. She is always playing the victim. She is a traitor send her back to Somalia. Let her fix Somalia. Disgrace to the people that voted for her…

    • The American policies that are making them come over are the ridiculous immigration laws that aren’t uphel and the come financial support they receive without any effort for taking of themselves.

  9. The problems prevailing in states all over the World is the numerous wars being fought by unrestrained individuals and those who seek power over others in lands where the law is very weak. It does not give inhabitants from these regions to flood other countries as a result of the chaos that is mostly self inflicted. Americans or anyone else do not have the obligation to open their doors to individuals who come from there. Rather than run away, they should be taking down these animals who are making these regions livable for its citizens.

  10. Somalia you turned communist you turned NAZI. This NAZI stooge and her idiots of five would be called on the carpet for treason! She doesn’t know shit except screwing her brother to become a citizen. Allah? Who is that? he is the epitome of hate made a gangster by Hitler’s minions after WWII. Look it up! Google scarce

  11. Too many people are forgetting that it is the radical liberal commiecrat policies that
    have allowed for people like her to begin the inside job of bringing down this country.
    We need to wake up and put an end to her, the house “managers”, piggie Pelosi, and
    schumer the whiner to name a few. We will do it through the ballot box and not by
    character assignation which seems to be their preferred method. They think if you tell the same lie enough times it becomes true.

  12. If she thinks this country is so terrible why is she still here? Why did she lie to get her brother here? WHAT IS KEEPING HER SORRY BUTT HERE? She should be deported for the lying cheating money stealing POS she is and the lies she has bestowed upon this country.

  13. She wanted to continue to live here in America after becoming an adult. How old was she when her parents brought her over, and how old is she now? She lives in America. I’m sure she took her Naturalization classes and tests. She needs to be an American!

  14. Well stupid witch the muslims of the world have been killing each other and everyone else since before there was an America to blame it on.

  15. Be sure you get legitimate candidates to support in the upcoming elections. Volunteer for local party offices or help campaign. Let’s use Americans to elect Americans.

  16. This idiot needs to get off the crack and whatever other drugs she’s on and leave this country she hates so much! She or others like her have zero business in our, I repeat our congress!

  17. That’s funny. She’s speaking off the top of her head again. She has no idea what she’s talking about. Go back to your own country and leave ours alone.

  18. I see the plan to destroy America by this left Democratic wrecking crew. Ilhan Omar can only talk down on America when it comes to global warming she tells everyone how it’s all America’s fault that the world is so mixed up. When are these politicians going to start doing there job that the people elected them to do. But all we get is bad America bad America it’s time to clean the house and put USA loving Politicians back to work.

  19. They see American politicians allowing Third World, America hating Somalians into the United States by the tens of thousands and all kinds of other America hating Muslims into the United States….
    No wonder they think Americans are stupid

    • If she thinks we are so terrible, she should get the “f” out of our country. Go back to Somalia and fix that country.

  20. The only stuff out of the omar’s mouth is how bad America is. That’s her opinion, she’s entitled. I suggest she get out & stay out. We don’t need or want her or her other squatters.

  21. The Muslim playbook: Infiltrate, pretend to assimilate but do not, and eventually through sheer numbers, take over.
    The EU and U.K. have fallen for their charade but I hope the US does not!

  22. Why are these women still here in congress? They are here because Obama wanted them in our country to cause this upheaval. By them, I mean all the like minded U. S. hating trash that was allowed in by Obama’s set rules for entering the country. His fake caring for the country, while at the same time allowing U. S. hating muslims into certain cities allowed this to happen. They then were able to group together to vote these idiots into congress. They are now able to continue spewing his hatred for our way of life. I question whether the Democrats have any problem with what these three are doing to our system of government.

  23. She is a fraud not here legally taking of an off by non citizen ..and nothing is being done..we are fools to allow this..she makes me sick along with the so called squad. Does anyone care?

  24. I had a Radical protestor tell me once during one of their hate America parades that Americans are stupid and their plan for infiltrating America is on track. He said their plan is to populate an area in a state to where they can successfully elect city officials. Then they move on to state offices and then the highest offices in America. Once they start affecting voting in the house or senate they can change laws to fit their agenda. God people wake up.

    • seems like many Americans are apathetic about these things UNTIL they are directly affected. By then, it’s typically too late. Many of us are wide awake and know exactly what you’re talking about.

  25. Why in Gods name did American citizens vote these Anti American radicals into our most important offices. Exactly what in the hell did they say during their campaign to make Americans vote them into office. They all HATE America and everything it stands for. Ever notice they haven’t said one nice thing about America or Americans since they’ve been in office. Not one nice thing. My God I love my country and like Ron Reagan said it’s the last free society on earth large enough to maintain order. If it wasn’t for us China and Russia would be dividing up countries right now. Better wake the hell up.

    • Omar is right. Being American does not mean that you support war being waged by America .
      America is free because people are free to disagree with policies which cause war.
      You should praise Omar instead of making petty remarks.

    • Kaukab, Omar is WRONG, she is WRONG, every single time that she opens her mouth ! The ONLY reason that you might be defending her, is probably you share her RACIST, ignorant views !

  26. Why in Gods name did American citizens vote these Anti American radicals into our most important offices. Exactly what in the hell did they say during their campaign to Americans vote them into office. They all HATE America and everything it stands for. Ever notice they haven’t said one nice thing about America or Americans since they’ve been in office. Not one nice thing. My God I love my country and like Ron Reagan said it’s the last free society on earth large enough to maintain order. If it wasn’t for us China and Russia would be di hiding up countries right now. Better wake the hell up.

  27. Ilhan Omar: “Squawk squawk squawk a Squawk squawk or an ASsquawk squawk or a Squawk squawk we squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk my squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk. Squawk squawk squawk squawk to squawk squawk American squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk? Squawk squawk squawk a squawk squawk squawk a squawk squawk & squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk to squawk squawk you squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk I squawk to squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk to squawk squawk & squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk.”

    Did she say anything important or meaningful?
    Has the Squawk ever said anything important or meaningful?

    Just deport her sorry ass & export thr rest of the Squawk & their anti-American ☭Leftist☭ comrades.

  28. What in the hell is she still doing in congress? She is under investigation for marriage fraud, Tax fraud, Immigration fraud, and using her political campaigne money to have a tryst with a married man…WTF? She should do time and then have her ass sent back to Somalia! But as you know there is a double standard when it comes to congress people and other politicians. They are above the law!

    • They may be above the Law, but we citizens are in charge. It’s high time a sheriff gathers a posse & either rides her out of the country tarred, feathered & slung from a rail or she does the gallows jig for her audacious Un-American activities.

    • Remember, All Democrats are above the Law! Mueller put Republicans in jail for doing 100% less than Biden, Hillary, Comey, Brennen and Peter Strozk along with McCabe!
      They all can lie to Congress, Lie to the FBI, and Comey clear Hillary without investigating her??????? Adam Schiff can run a Kangaroo Court and get by with it? Why! Democrat Party is above the Law! 1. Democrat Party is the Party of Slavery. 2. Democrat Party Started the Civil War. 3. Democrat Party Created the Hate Group called the KKK. 4. Democrat Party Passed the Jim Crow Laws. Yet! Today the Democrat Party has torn down their own Confederate Statues and tell lies about it by blaming the Republicans for their own Army Hero’s. Today Democrats are blaming the Republicans for what they themselves did in History! Democrats are having History re-written and not even taught anymore to make themselves look like Angels. Remember when Democrat Gov. George Wallace stood in front of Alabama University to keep Blacks out! Even, Joe Biden was a Racist Separationist!

    • It’s time We The People find a way to turn things around, STOP accepting the dual system of Justice that gives these anti-American morons a pass on all things.
      We finally have a real leader in the Oval Office and there’s never been a better time to turn the tides on every last one of these people who HATE America & HATE Patriots, Christians and anyone who refuses to buy the worthless goods they are peddling.

  29. when are these racist bigots going to be thrown out of this country. their hate and disdain for this country is in everything they and stand for. take the squad and send them all to the country of their choice. somlia and palestein sounds like a good start. one can only hope that they are voted out of office this coming election. omar is being investigate on several charges hope to see her sent to gitmo for treason.

  30. the amount of ums and the the etc, shows that she is just thinking it up as she goes along. No real knowledge there just a lot of hypothesis that is completely off the planet. Like the rest of “The Squad”, she knows nothing of real history or compassion, or morality. If she really had Shariah, she would have been killed by now!

  31. Send Omar and all her babushkas back to Africa. Wonder how her BS would play in Somalia?? They would have stoned her skinny a$$ long ago.

  32. And exactly how did did person ever get elected to office? And if she truly feels it is so bad here..go back to where you come from. have the freedom to do that. Although she wouldn’t be able to give her boyfriend anymore of our tax dollars of even be able to earn the income that she hasn’t earned here.

  33. Why in the H.e.l.l. don’t you crawl back to the slime pit that you crawled out of. You are a Racist piece of S.H.I,T. Vote TRUMP 2020, and Republican forever


  35. I agree. If they hate the United States of America so bad, Why then are they here.
    I’m sure there are several wealthy people who would gladly buy your ticket back.

  36. How on earth did she and her radical pack get elected … who on earth wasn’t paying attention…these women do not care about the United States or any of the legal, US citizens. Can you say “ulterior” motives!!!!

    • Obama flooded her district with muslims when he was bringing them in by the thousands so they get the majority vote and trot their way into congress. He knew exactly what he was doing.

  37. In her mind, the USA is the world’s great evil. Nevermind that much of what we do is in response to the evils of others. Sure, the US has made many mistakes in policy. As have all other human governments. But, no, the USA is not the “Great Satan” she feels we are. Perhaps she needs to spend a few years as an Somali woman, rather than a privileged American Politician, to see the truth.



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