Ilhan Omar Bashes Trump For Killing Top Iranian Terrorist, Pushes Wild Conspiracy Theory

(Liberty Bell) – Another day, another reminder that the left seems to want nothing more than for our enemies to flourish.

Ilhan Omar is lashing out at President Donald Trump after the president ordered the assassination of top Iranian military official who was leading terrorist groups in Iraq.

On Thursday, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force, and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed by the strike by US forces. Al-Muhandis was leading the Iranian-linked Popular Mobilization Forces.

The Department of Defense promptly released a statement explaining that POTUS had ordered the strike because “General Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.”

“General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more,” the Pentagon continued. “He had orchestrated attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the last several months – including the attack on December 27th – culminating in the death and wounding of additional American and Iraqi personnel. General Soleimani also approved the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that took place this week.”

Omar, meanwhile, who obviously just had to say something since a top Islamist was killed, responded instead by saying that Trump had secretly carried out the strike to provide a “distraction” from the impending Senate impeachment trial.

Right. As if hell itself freezing over would distract the Democrat-Media complex from paying attention to impeachment.

Omar tweeted: “So what if Trump wants war, knows this leads to war and needs the distraction? Real question is, will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? I know I will.”

The Daily Wire has a few of Omar’s greatest hits when it comes to defending Islamic terrorists:

• Advocated for leniency and “compassion” in the sentencing of men who were convicted of trying to join ISIS

• Called for a senior Muslim Brotherhood member to be released from jail in Egypt

• Voted against a bill that allowed insurance companies to deny life insurance payouts to terrorist’s families

• Omar, Tlaib Planned To Meet With Terror-Promoting Groups, Including One That Promoted Neo-Nazi Screed, On ‘Palestine’ Trip

Meanwhile, here’s what Trump tweeted after the attack:

A Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson reported: “State Department says Iran responsible for killing 608 U.S. troops during Iraq War. Qasem Soleimani led all Iranian and Iranian-backed forces in those operations. 17% of U.S. troops killed in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 orchestrated by Iran, State Dept. says”.


  1. Why are we even listening to her at all . Under the veil of Islam in which she hides herself she couldn’t do any of the following in any of the countries she defends or came from. 1 she shouldn’t be a politician can’t have any job 2 shouldn’t be out of the house without a male escort 3 don’t drive 4 don’t have an out of wedlock affair they stone you for that . I could keep going about what her religion is really like for women I saw it first hand in the Middle East. shes an example of what happens with bad immigration policies. Enough move into an area and take over the political arena and subject the rest of us to their rhetoric. Time for redistricting in Omar’s home town

  2. What a stupid b*tch.. and that is the only name I can think of for her. Get out of the country, you idiot… go live with these heathens.. for that is what they are. Who are the fools who elected her.. maybe they should all be deported with her. When you call yourself American you are loyal when an enemy comes after you.. no matter what political party you belong to.. Trouble is, we only have one now.. the democrats are long gone , replaced by communisst. God help America.

  3. I am not going in to nasty comments if I did I would be here all day. The democrats have lost their minds. President Trump has drove them crazy., with all his wins. Them going on about a tersest that has killed our Americas & millions of other people. I guess there were no relative of there that were killed. They are a joke like the open southern border & let MS 13 in here or a bad person some day it will be one of there children, husband, mother or farther, that get killed. I am sure they will be crying a different tune. They have become evil God will take care of them, in HIS time. As far as Omar she has passed evil, she needs to go, not just her but other ones. also. It is awfully bad when in our head who is the worst in Congress, & our Governor & Mayor.

  4. I am not going in to nasty comments if I did I would be here all day. The democrats have lost their minds. President Trump has drove them crazy., with all his wins. Them going on about a tersest that has killed our Americas & millions of other people. I guess there were no relative of there that were killed. They are a joke like the open southern border & let MS 13 in here or a bad person some day it will be one of there children, husband, mother or farther, that get killed. I am sure they will be crying a different tune. They have become evil God will take care of them, in HIS time. As far as Omar she has passed evil, she needs to go, not just her but other ones. also. It is awfully bad when in our head who is the worst in Congress, & our Governor & Mayor.

  5. hey omar or whatever your real name is, do us ALL a favor and grab raghead talib and take her for a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, don’t make us VOTE your sorry a*s OUT in 2020

  6. A perfect example, of why muslim should not be involved in Americas politics! As a matter of fact, muslims including that POS soetoro, should not be allowed in America!

  7. Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The Democrats are following marching orders to spew out anything and everything negative about Trump and Conservatives knowing some small percentage each time influences some voters who only read the headline and never research the truth. The sad thing is, this is very effective and will result in voting results that will leave those of us who know better asking how can this be happening in this country. Democrats as a party are purposely breaking ALL the rules and precedents established over the years and at the same time, they are using those rules and precedents to hold Republicans accountable. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide for Republicans.

  8. I think we need to tone it down a little with Omar and Tlaib. I am thinking of extending an olive branch and inviting them over for a nice good ol home good meal of BLT sandwiches, short ribs, and chichirones. I was planning to show the movie “Carrie” so we can establish a mutual platform against bullying.

    Anyone care to join us?

    • Sounds like a GREAT time! I’m in, just name the time and place…I’ll bring thick-cut pork chops and steaks!!! MMMMM!!! Now my mouth is watering!!!

  9. The Congress complaint to Pres. Trump, that he should tell them , about these military operations , in advance ( to Congress) but the President knows Congress now have lots of dangerous whistleblowers (Omar, specially Tlaib palestinean, that can inform some body else, and these somebody elses can inform ” HAMAS” “HEZBOLLAH” and there goes the operation. No way that he should inform the Congress.

  10. The BIG QUESTION here is who is aiding/abetting these muslim terrorists that somehow got elected to congress, this congress is PATHETIC and is truly hell bent on destroying this GREAT country of ours. Who in their right mind would elect an AIRHEAD like aoc. THANK GOD for TRUMP otherwise we would be a communist state under the pathetic democraps.

  11. The comments made here are extremely wonderful in terms of patriotism and the due regards for humanity and this great nation . The United States Of America .

  12. If she was fully investigated it would be found that she entered the U.S. illegally (took another family’s name). Also it would be found she married her brother to get him into the U.S. and funds to pay for his college; committed tax fraud for two years, etc. She would be stripped of citizenship and deported back to Somalia. This thorough investigation must be done.

    • Trish P, Ilhan Omar IS being investigated by Judicial Watch and have a lot of dirt on her. But, to be removed from Congress, it has to go through Senate. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen. So many Congresspeople breaking the law and no one is arresting them. Something underhanded must be going on for this to be happening other than almost all of Congress is corrupt and if one goes down, it will lead to another and another and so on.So, nothing will happen unless we citizens take matters into our own hands. Doesn’t look like that will happen either. Then it will be too late!

    • Sorry, She is a Democrat they can and do what they want, when they want and never have to pay for it, sad true, I my self think she should he hung..

  13. A Soldier’s Promise!

    I spent the 30 years of my military career learning to fight, teaching others to fight, and fighting so-called communists, socialists, Muslims, and a collection of just nasty humans bent on raping, pillaging, and plundering! My fellow soldiers and I fought in the Far East, Mid East, Europe, and in both Central and South American. The one thing we/I thought we had was the sanctuary of CONUS (that’s the USA for you civilians or the land of the big PX and round-eyed women/door knobs per soldiers), where we could hope to take R&R (rest and recuperate). Those days are long gone. Now it appears thanks to many in the political class, the media, academia, and the bureaucracies at every level of government are bent on giving those same collection of communists, socialists, Muslims, and a collection of just nasty humans bent on raping, pillaging, and plundering free run of America. I suspect there will be one difference (at least for me) when the actual combat starts for real here in CONUS. I suspect the absence of hatred for all of those I engaged in foreign lands will not exist for those I will engage here in the USA! God bless/help any real Americans left. You are this old soldier’s only reason to once again pickup a weapon and stand a post!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    • Thank You Charles from the bottom of my heart for all you did for our GREAT country!
      I am so sick & tired of these whiny jackasses!
      I say we pay for her one way ticket to Iran so she can pay her condolences to the murderer! Maybe she’ll stay (could we possibly get that lucky) to rid of country of even one of these low life, unpatriotic phonies?
      Thank You Again, you’re a true patriot!

  14. Ylaib is just as bad and is supported by the UAW skunks Plus Teamsters who had leadership that destroyed their pensions and now want the Federal Government to restore those pensions at the expense of taxpayers!!!
    UAW GM retirees had pensions cut and now the UAW Crooked brass will not even negotiate the retiree $250 bonus down from $500 for its members. They negotiated $9000 bonus for current workers so I hope members a few retirees wake the hell up and vote straight Republican

  15. Sure let Shifty Schiff ,Pelosi ,Schumer, and Nadler in on our attacks to our enemies so they can run out and tell CNN, MSNBC so they can for warn them of our intentions .
    President Trump is too smart for that.

    • That is exactly what the democrat communists in Congress want to do. That is what Obozzo did; aided and abetted our enemies. Why the hell wasn’t Obozzo arrested for those actions? When a country like the US has laws specifically against activities like subversion, sedition and treason etc with serious punishments defined doesn’t it actually enforce those laws? We have many people in Congress today and many state government who have no loyalty to America. The actions these people are guilty of should cause them to be removed from all political offices, especially Congress for breaking laws that any ordinary citizen would no longer be walking free. I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing all the tough talk but not seeing an ounce of action. All communist / socialist / Fascist sympathizers should be collected and permanently disposed of.

    • You got that right! And I will add expell all the muslimes from America in Omar’s district ! The only reason we have muslimes in congress there are too many in America!!

    • I absolutely agree with that concept. There is no doubt what Obama,was doing when he let all these muslims in and put them in specific places to make up voting blocks for democrats. The dirty criminal democrats have been guilty of trying to displace conservatives and their values for decades. New York and California have been doing this for many years. All us conservatives have been asleep at the wheel for awhile and now we have a fight on our hands. The democratic criminals want to turn our Country into a socialist shithole like all the other attempts at socialism. Saying they did it wrong before and socialism works and it’s so good for all. Everything is free with socialism food,housing,medical. All you have to do is turn total control over to the democrat criminals and you will have a great utopia where everyone is a big happy family.Let the democrats have all your work product,property and rights,guns and money and they will take good care of you. Ask them if you do not believe me and they will tell you. With the implementation of the great world saving green new deal you will not have transportation problems again.Your personal transportation a car or truck will be gone and you get a bicycle for a carbon neutral footprint.The prospect of long distance personal travel has diminished so the necessity for you to live in a large city arises. Mass transit is questionable and so is air travel.Now you are starting to get where the democrats are trying to take us. Are you up for a communist or socialist life where everything is given and not worked for. You are only able to survive in these socialist countries because the government has all the money,property and goods and give you what they think you should have.The whole concept is scary to think about being possible here in the United States. No, I am not going down this road I am a free man,a man with a choice to reject this ignorance.Vote first then fight if need be I’m free and will stay that way too.

  16. Yes I believe all of the about response to the creep wearing that rag on her head and that sneaky slime smile send her in a boom to her Muslim group and blows her rag off her head while she screaming I’m sorry trump I love u and America as she blows up in tiny pieces which look like rags to be used to clean filth left over from ca homeless people crapping all over omg do it quick I can’t stand the smell of omar

  17. These radical leftest that have come from third world countries, given everything America has to offer, and now rail against the US and Trump, they neecto be kissing our ass, for giving them the opportunity. If i had my way i would stop all immigration, deport all of these radicals back to the countries they came from, either that or STFU!

    • Absolutely correct David. We need to stop treating islam as if it were a legitimate religion. It is not. It has been a radical political cult for 13 centuries.

  18. Omar and Tlaib are speaking and behaving like foreign operatives – infiltrators? The voters in their districts have the ultimate authority and responsibility to deal with this.

    • You’ve got to be sick, delusional or combination of those with a hint of cowardliness have you realized yet the 1,2 and 3rd class reality in this social, corporate, and government system we accepted absorbed showing our coward side to accepted such in our United States, so come that class talk down, and let me know when you want the best for your country, but that may require to change your taught thinking right!

    • Um, that’s a tough question.
      She married her brother because she wanted her children to be thoroughbreds?

      Why should we think about the people that put her in office?
      Don’t they think for themselves?

  19. Ho did the slug from Somalia get into America and how could people from her district send her to DC as their representative? This shows that the refugee programs need to be ended as these slugs get here and hate America and push anti-US causes. Where is the IRS with regard to her fraud tax returns from the pat? She should either be in jail or loose her citizenship and get sent back to the desert from where she came. These type people do not belong here as they have no understanding about America, don’t like Americans and complain about how this country has and does behave.

    • Her district is all muslime that’s how she got into congress!! EXPELL MUSLIMES FROM THE UNITED STATES!!

    • Shut down all immigration except for “merit based” for 10 years. The money saved keeping these vermin out of America will more than pay for the southern wall. Since Congress can’t seem to handle this issue maybe getting rid of incumbent politicians might send a message from the people.

    • Let’s give her a one way ticket over. Odds are she won’t need a return ticket. They’ll kill her for being a law breaking muslim.


    • I agree. She is the most anti-American congressperson I have ever seen and I’m no spring chicken. And the fact that our leaders allow her to stay in office is very scary – makes you wonder where they stand as well.

    • The three or four muslim amigos in Congress have been “aiding and abetting our enemies” since they came here. America, it seems has traded common sense and rule of law for political correctness. Freedom of religion is one thing, subversion, sedition and treason are actually against US laws.

  21. Why would any American vote to put a Muslim in office? What’s wrong with you people? The names of your candidate are spelled out for you, If you see names like Omar, obama, Cortez do not give them your vote. It’s that simple. It’s american People That vote these America haters in office then complain about it. For christ sake people, do your homework, if candidates are wearing a rag on their head don’t vote for them. It’s not rocket science.

    • It is the Muslims that Obama trafficked into our country, granting expedited citizenship who put Omar into Congress. They voted for one of their own, and this was Obama’s goal. She has broken our laws and nothing happens — she should be impeached, removed from Congress and sent back to Somalia for breaking our tax laws, immigration laws, student loan fraud, campaign laws, etc., but she is after all a Democrat. She is also above all a traitor to this country.

    • What you may not be aware of is that Obama let over 100,000 Somalis enter the country when he was in charge. It didn’t make the news anywhere, the press kept it a secret. I don’t know what they got in the way of background checks, but suspect it was none. Omar was in that bunch, and 100,000 non citizens voted her into office. Why Obama put desert people into the frozen North is beyond me, but so was letting them in the country in the first place. You can now be certain there will always be a Muslim in Congress. Their contribution to the country seems to be less than zero, they’re probably on welfare that you and I and many others pay for.

  22. If only the President of the United States of America Donald John Trump had Solemanei and 12 of his fellow Islamic followers beheaded on Mohammed’s birthday like the Islamo-terrorists did to innocent Christians on Christmas day, Omar would have thought it to be a more humane death? For some reason the MSM didn’t have much to say about that recent Islamic atrocity.

    • Names don’t have nothing to do with democracy. It’s people with no brain that’s going to get your children killed. Not names.

  23. Why hasn’t this hefer been showed to gitmo she has been handing out suitcases of terrorists money ever since she took her oath of office which meant nothing to her she does not put American people first. Her oath is to the terroists that got her elected to buy and cowerece any elected offical that took her suit case of cash. She is a danger to america she can get her people hired into very sensitive positions in the govorment and defense department jobs, I would bet pelosi and schumer took suitcases case they definded her to fast when she has been under attack.

  24. I Couldn’t Have Said It Better. She Is An Enemy Of America, She Spews Her Hatred Every Damn Day Of The Week. A Traitor To Any Country, Just Where Does She Belong? In Hell Someday, I Know. Be Glad To Be Rid Of Her Once & For All.

  25. what a shame that sawed off ho was not in the car with momoomooflyingcarpetahole when it exploded.. along with the MOFOHO from Michiganistan and others.. joy would spread over the land..

  26. The irony of Omar is that she despises the very nation that gives her so much, including the freedom to continuously run her mouth and demonstrate her utter stupidity. She hates America while praising Islamic theocracies, yet she lives here instead of there. Know why that is? Because if she lived there and ran her mouth, they’d kill her. Maybe she’s not as stupid as she seems.

    Remember folks — any time you hear that HISSING sound, it’s probably coming out of the mouth of a snake.

  27. Omar is not a part of the left she is a devout Muslim out to kill or destroy the infidels and America in the process.

  28. This is who the Democraps protect and encourage. They should all be put on the terrorist list. Only in America. Obama’s greatest legacy.

  29. TO the V-P PENCE ,being in charge of the SENATE and more authority than PELOSI I for one demand this FOUL TRAITOR TO THE CONGRESS AND CONSTITUTION, be removed from all committes in congress and CENSURED out of Congress altogether! This disaster is not warranted for CONGRESS AS SHE LIED ON HER PAPERS to get into this Country to start with.

  30. Does anyone here really give a RATS ASS what this piece of shit really thinks. Maybe her state will vote for a real person in the next election. If they don’t, their problem. Here is an idea though. Announce the next attack. Monitor all politicians phone calls. When any of them are caught leaking information, shoot them the next day. PROBLEM solved.

  31. It’s Time America stands up to the Bullies of the world . Our Congress people are so safe and are used to being given everything for free . Running away or giving our money to our enemies .. To not hurt them . Omar is working USA from the inside . Trump LOVES USA . He will do what is needed to KEEP AMERICA SAFE . The left and Democrats LIE and keep LYING .

    • Sounds like Omar is looking to be stoned TD.

      Fornicating with Tim Mynette is NOT allowed in the Koran.

      AND, if she is taking birth control, that is not allowed either.

      And just the fact she is getting horizontal with a non Muslim American is enough to get wacked.

      SO Omar, what will it be??

  32. This skinny Anti-America, Muslim whore needs to get shipped back to Africa where she can spew her filth. Omar is all up-set because we killed one of her murdering, terrorist, thug buddies. DJT is not concerned about this phony impeachment thing by the Demorats.

    • You it that nail right on the head ! She is nothing but filth that goes for her other Muslim friends the squad. And the truly truly sad part, is that the people in this country can’t see it, the evil they speak. I respect a rabid dog more than I respect them.

  33. This PIG WHORE TERRORIST must be removed from our government. She’s a terrorist. She supports terrorist. ISLAM is evil cult.

    • No, Islam is the religion of love and tolerance. The fact they want every infidel (American)dead is immaterial.

  34. When will this rabid cunt shut her anti-American pie hole? Everyone knew it was just a matter of how many minutes before this terrorist loving, brother marrying( must be weird being your kids mother and aunt), tax cheating, campaign finance cheating, immigration law skirting, adulteress spewed her venom. They should send her on the next flight to Iran and if they don’t kill her they can keep her. She has done absolutely nothing productive in her tenure. Sure she has proposed or sponsored resolutions or bills but they are ALL anti-American, anti-Israel. So just ship her over to the middle east and she can be surrounded by those she loves the most.

    • Yep, this sick Muslim should not be in this country, let alone in Congress. A disgrace to our country, our flag, our system, etc. Muslims do not like infedels killing another Muslim, regardless of circumstances, it is that simple. She should be jailed, or sent back to Somalia or Iran. She detests this racist country so much, she should leave on her own, but coward socialist have no pride or class, so she will only cry and complain and make up wild stories that her idiot supporters will eat up. Disgraceful. Also, like the rest of her “squad” her ugliness inside is only surpassed by her ugliness outside. Hard to look at that face, just like AOC and the barbaric TLaib, another vile dispicable Muslim

    • While I am not a fan of some of that name calling, I am in total agreement that she should be taken to trial regarding her entry into the states and if found guilty of fraud (which it seems she is) then ship her ass ASAP out of the country, along with her family since we don’t want to separate families and be accused of that moral no no. But for sure, ship her and any other anti-Americans that immigrated here, back where they came from. Don’t care if they got their citizenship or not, if you didn’t come to assimilate into our culture, then get the hell out and go find a country that matches your values.

    • All true. She is a nasty, vile excuse for a woman. A poorer excuse for an American. Traitors should be charged and shot. She is definitely a traitor, all too proud to spew her hate for this country everyday.

  35. Strip her of her fraudulent citizenship and give her a one way ticket back to her third world hell hole banana republic

    • Omar is a terrorist within our boarders. Along with many others who wants OUR Constitution destroyed. It’s time to confront our enemies here in America. TAKE them down NOW !! If you are a true American you’d have to be supportive of our PRESIDENT on this. He wants us to be free. It’s time to get rid of Nazi Nancy , Jerky Jerry , Asinine Adam and Omar’s squadron.💯 From the desk of Rick and Kara the Patriots. GO AMERICA 👍 we love you.

  36. I want to know how she and the other Muslims were ever allowed to run. As you see, they are nothing but trouble makers, and should never have been elected for any city, county, state or government office. This is how they infiltrate and start trying to change our government.

  37. Hitler used elete Muslim troops in his military..scumbags like muslims who kill non believers. Hitler swore he would make Germany of master race he failed. Oh yeah. Tripoli. Marines was sent in their because of Muslim beliefs and through out history muslims pushed their ideology off to others by force. Deadly force..but any way omar,if that’s your real name you mark return to iran and soak the muslims military leaders till they puke you should be banned from American soil .

  38. I think she needs to be charged with treason along with Rashida, Pelosi, Schumer, Schift, Maxipad, and all the other demonrat traitors. We want them EXECUTED! Prison costs tax payers money to keep them there unless we just feed them one slice of bread a day and one glass of water! And maybe bacon or ham!

    • Yes, I concur; treason is rampant in D.C.. Why is this being tolerated? I’m not JUST referring to Omar; the list goes on and on… many Democrats! I wrote to my congresswoman (who I did NOT vote for) to express my displeasure in the house’s latest witch hunt. I received a reply that, I’m certain, is the standard letter drawn up by the Democrats in D.C. to try to brain wash the public that detests what they’re doing to divide this country. They’re trying to tell me that our POTUS abused his power, etc., etc.. They’re idiots to think that the American voting public are THAT STUPID. Aren’t they?

  39. Omar rather have to see OBAMA KIssing some ARAB ASS since eliminating TERRORISTS seem to UPSET this PURE PIECE if HUMAN WASTE

    • She likes it here, on the gravy train, nice place to live, run her low IQ-brain mouth, all the good things America has, got herself famous, er, infamous. Why leave? But it would be nice to see her half- buried and stoned, maybe she can be deported to one of those countries. Over there they like to video this stuff. Make prime time watching eh?

  40. Why has not this USA hater been charged with treason? Treason
    In law, treason is criminal disloyalty, typically to the state. It is a crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s nation or sovereign. This usually includes things such as participating in a war against one’s native country, attempting to overthrow its government, spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power, or attempting to kill its head of state. What in the hell are we doing catering to these anti American scum from Somalia? Are we really, as a people, this stupid?

    • She needs to be taken out of our government, why is she even in our government? Is this anti American scum ( Right on Rev) here to get prepared to destroy our country. Please get her voted out of our government this year & deport her back to Somalia where she belongs.

    • Unfortunately as a people we do seem to be that stupid. The sheep would rather elect America hating pieces of garbage like this than risk “offending” foreigners ( many of whom in her district are here illegally) who think we should assimilate to their culture instead of them assimilating to ours.

    • Who do you think voted her in? There is a large Somali enclave in Minneapolis courtesy of Barak Obama. With her adulterous tendencies, if she was sent back to Somalia, she would be stoned to death under Sharia Law. Personally, I don’t think that would upset me all that much.

  41. if you want to now how the left wants to head go back to the man named Hitler he was one
    of the worst est man that believed in destroying the Jews believed in sociologist and believed
    in destroying the books the bible he was one of those beast that wanted to take over
    the hole world and he almost did it until we stop him lf they ever go that way
    this country will go under lihan Omar wants to take over Washington she is dangers
    she believes in terrorist and evil if congress needs to watch her very close
    history will try to repeat it self look a the roman empire what they did watch how Omar
    talks she believes in destroying Israeli people but god will not lit that happen

  42. Please ship Omar out. She is part of what is wrong in this country. Omar does not have what it takes to be an American.

  43. She needs to just keep flapping her jaws. One thing the American people won’t put up with is someone who won’t back the President when terrorists attempt to take American lives.


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