IG Report: Steele Was Working With John McCain To Funnel False Claims!

(Liberty Bell) – The Justice Department’s recent Inspector General report drops a bombshell about the late Senator John McCain and the role he played in the inception of Spygate.

This is huge.

McCain, it turns out, provided former FBI chief James Comey with five separate reports from ex-British spy Christopher Steele that the FBI didn’t previously possess, related to the Trump-Russia hoax, Breitbart reports:

There have long been questions about why it was necessary for McCain to pass Steele’s anti-Trump dossier to Comey on December 9, 2016, several weeks after the November 2016 presidential election. By then, Steele had already met numerous times with FBI agents to provide them with his controversial reports. Steele, however, was terminated as an FBI source in the fall of 2016 because he spoke to the news media.

The IG report discloses that McCain gave five new Steele reports to Comey that the FBI did not previously possess, showing that McCain served as a conduit for Steele’s information to reach the FBI even after the British ex-spy was formally cut off as an FBI source.

It is not clear whether McCain knew at the time that Steele had previously been terminated as an FBI source.

The report also confirms that an aid of McCain had obtained the Steele report directly from Glenn Simpson, the founder of oppo research firm Fusion GPS, who had been working with the DNC and the Clinton campaign at the time.

This means that when McCain transferred the allegations against the Trump campaign to Comey, he had to have known that the material came from this manner of firm.

Fusion GPS was paid to put together dirt on Trump by payments from the DNC and Clinton campaign through the Perkins Coie law firm.

States the IG report:

Several weeks later, on December 9, 2016, Senator John McCain provided Comney with a collection of 16 Steele election reports, 5 of which Steele had not given the FBI. McCain had obtained these reports from a staff member at the McCain Institute. The McCain Institute staff member had met with Steele and later acquired the reports from Simpson.

The still unnamed McCaine aide is already known to be David J. Kramer, who also notoriously fed the dossier to BuzzFeed.

Before his death earlier this year, McCain admitted to personally handing the dossier to Comey, but he refused repeated requests for comment about whether he had a role in providing the dossier to BuzzFeed, including numerous requests made to his office by Breitbart News.

In a book, also published last year, McCain maintained that he had an “obligation” to convey the bogus dossier to Comey and that he’d do it again.

“Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell,” McCain declared.


  1. I agree with you Janet.I’m sorry that these right-wingers don’t have any class to respond to you in a decent manner. Mr. Khizzr Klan, whose son, Army Captain Humayun Klan was killed in action in Iraq in 2004 responded back to Trump in 2016 at the Democratic Convention ” You have sacrificed nothing and no one ” McCain has sacrificed in the service of our country far beyond any of these right-wingers and especially the draft-dodging( bone spurs)Trump. President Trump disgraced himself by praising Russia’s Putin (former KGB guy) and not believing our own intelligence agencies at the Helsinki Summit (July 2018). I see him as a pathetic unrighteous individual who trashes talks at rallies , Twitters rants like a child, drives around in a golf cart and as an Army veteran, Trump is unfit to be Commander in Chief. As for Christians who praise Trump, I see it as idolatrous worship of his unrighteous president. A president who disrespects McCain’s service to our country is unfit for he has sacrificed nothing.

    • Hector you’re showing your ignorance. Look further into Wan McCain he was not what he was presented to be. Let me guess I’ll bet you “think” Oblamea was a good pres?

  2. Its so great to read all of your comments (129) and see how many people are woke to the reality that is our country right now. I live in S CA where if you support Trump or his policies you get screamed at or ostracized. Or worse.
    Lets clean out the House in 2020!!
    Enough of those corrupt idiots thinking they got us where they want us

  3. Lindsay Graham is such a POS – as much as Mccain trying to cover up for his mentor buddy.
    Anyone wonder why Graham refused to hold committee hearings while Schiff and Nadler crap all over Republicans and Trump?
    McCain was an ego maniacal, bitter, angry traitor. His fellow sailors knew the only reason he wasn’t court martialed was his Admiral Dad.
    Graham is just as bad – owned by the corrupt trial lawyers association. Complete Slimes.

  4. McCain was absolute garbage and no different than any of the scumbag Democrats that still have unfortunate breath to spew slime against our president…Schiff trash, Napoleon blownapart Jerkoff Nadler and the deuche Nancy “I talk to my shoe laces” Pelosi… Trump 2020 God Bless

  5. I love reading these comments.
    It is refreshing to listen to informed people.
    JM was no friend of America.

    God Bless America
    Semper Fi
    MAGA 2020

    Off topic but, I Wish antifa would come down to West Texas and try and pull that Portland crap here. please come try and knock my hat off

  6. Maybe McCain didn’t like it after all. He did say anybody didn’t like it can go to hell. I wonder if punky dressed for extreme heat?

  7. Whether John McCain is a war hero and a true public servant will be judged by HISTORY! However, given some of his alleged actions against President Trump tells me he was nothing but an angry old man. I think that he viewed himself as superior to President Trump in all ways and because of that he could not accept that the American people elected Donald Trump but rejected him. Like Hillary Clinton, he viewed himself as being “entitled to the Presidency!” In my mind, John McCain was nothing but an angry vindictive old man out to destroy President Trump at all costs.

    • Agree 100%. And there are many of McCain’s POW camp co-prisoners that claim that McCain was anything but a hero.

    • Sounds like you are spot on. An angry and dying old man who viewed himself as superior and entitled.
      Sounds like a traitor to his party and democracy.

    • John McCain was first of all no war hero!! He was a collaborator with the enemy. He made statements against his fellow prisoners and himself too. He said he was a war criminal and was wrong in killing the Vietnamese. He made a confession on camera and they keep it all quiet. That was not the worst of his actions though. Anyone can be tortured into saying just about anything. His largest crime was he came back and actively worked against all the P.O.W. that were being held in prison. He worked against them being identified,acknowledged or released. He got on every single committee about P.O.W.s and guided the committee away from evidence for years he did this.Not to mention his role in the Russia thing. He was a self serving individual with no care or concern for anyone else.

  8. RIP John McCain. You and you alone have to answer for your actions while on earth. It is not my place to judge as that is left to our creator only.

  9. This has been known! This is why I believe Lindsay Graham has been reluctant on many issues. He knows his friend was a POS Traitor, and a miserable old man. But facts are facts, and worrying about his legacy is stupid, especially considering how he spent his final days, Conspiring against the President with the DEMIRATS, and the Deep State. He deserves to be trashed for the things he did.

    • Songbird John, piece of shit. Hero my ass he was a traitor
      . And just like him his fat little rich girl daughter joined the View. She is a traitor just like dad, yeah traitor shove that up your fat ass Megahn McCaine.

  10. Wow the brainless trump haters you all are fools none of the dems will ever come close to what trump has done for us show me one dem that has done anything other then try an destory our nof for years an trump was right about the fake news an about the spying the obana gov took so much a way from us he made us look weak an let hellary an biden run there crimal game ya so you dems think trump is bad beause he is showing everyone how bad the dems have become crocks they have done noneing but hurt us mccain became part of that lying stealijg nakeing money ho in hus family will be found to get paid will see they all are running to cover there ass ths reports are comeing an you bet they will be daming then what will they say the truth is comeing

  11. Lol. Lovin’ the fools calling themselves Christians and talking vile trash about Trump. Let’s look at the evil man mcain. Womanizer spilled his guts to the enemy and worked with fusion and the Clinton’s of all people. Yeah he’s a peach. Get over your hatred for Trump and realize baby it’s 4 more years

  12. John McCain cohorted with known terrorists. Photos out there to prove it. A lot of comments here are revelation of the true man. Not a good man at all. I didn’t take time to read all the comments to see if anyone stated he was executed as a traitor. But, he was. That’s why his entire funeral service was a “hate” Trump message. Even John Kasick let it slip on national news saying “he was put to death”…

  13. These disgusting comments by brainwashed Breitbart followers should be condemned. John McCain is a known war hero and the cowardly Mr. Bone Spurs DJT is so narcissistic he can’t take it when someone has earned honor and respect, so he and his followers have to concoct false claims to deflect his impeachment. What is really sick is that his brainwashed followers are told to verbally honor him with accolades of how wonderful he is just to stroke his ego. DJT is a pitiful self-absorbed POS and I thank God most people I know realize this.
    They are disappointed that they have to explain to their children how this POS was able to fraudently win the 2016 election with the help of Putin and be the leader of our wonderful USA and tarnish it so badly for all history. He will always be remembered as our 3rd impeached president – a title he dutifully deserves.

    • Your talking like The SONGBIRD McCain was a good guy. He crashed 4 jets, he graduated 4th from the bottom of his flight class. The only reason he was injured was he forgot to pull his arms and legs in when he ejected. You would think after doing it 3 times he would know better

    • Keep saying that snowflake and keep believing it. The truth is coming out and you like many others can’t handle it. The only collusion with Russia or with anyone else was done by the Clintons. When they realized they had lost the election, then it was time to get rid of President elect Trump. Spying on his campaign, false accusations, when this is finished they will come up with another scandal. And with all of this going on, our economy is booming, unemployment at record lows, wages up rolling back all of the community organizer’s policies to hurt our country…. MAGA 2020 get on board or get out of the way snowflake!!!!!!

    • Your wrong, my uncle worked near that fkng TRAITOR McCain! I have stories that I’m forbidden to EXPOSE, best pick the right side of our country, lest you don’t care about your FREEDOM!! DNC is Evil. And pushing for communist country!

    • What a Morón you are Janet. You can follow the slaughter line with the DemonRats, whom will lead you straight to failure with no effort, do nothing. Open your eyes, this great nation deserves great leadership, and it was sinking fast under lying, hating, cheating, power hungry DemonRat “control”.
      Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • J MCCain as a new pilot, caused to be released, ordinance which caused human and materiel loss. He, upon escaping from the jet he destroyed on the carrier, slipped down to the crews quarters, there to watch on video feed, the mayhem put to order. Embarrassed and probablyharassed, he transferred to another ship. On his first solo, he was shot down an captured. He is not the mold to form a hero.

    • You traitorous idiots. Why don’t you meet in the basement of that pizza place!! You morons are ruining the country with the traitor in the White House!

    • I agree with you Janet.I’m sorry that these right-wingers don’t have any class to respond to you in a manner decent manner. Mr. Khizzr Klan, whose son, Army Captain Humayun Klan was killed in action in Iraq in 2004 responded back to Trump in 2016 at the Democratic Convention ” You have sacrificed nothing and no one ” McCain has sacrificed in the service of our country far beyond any of these right-wingers and especially the draft-dodging( bone spurs)Trump. President Trump disgraced himself by praising Russia’s Putin (former KGB guy) and not believing our own intelligence agencies at the Helsinki Summit (July 2018). I see him as a pathetic unrighteous individual who trashes talks at rallies , Twitters rants like a child, drives around in a golf cart and as an Army veteran, Trump is unfit to be Commander in Chief. As for Christians who praise Trump, I see it as idolatrous worship of his unrighteous president. A president who disrespects McCain’s service to our country is unfit for he has sacrificed nothing.

  14. Those of you on here commenting on McCain and how traitorous he was had your opportunity to prove your patriotism in the recent Gulf wars. Did you? I have very little appreciation for people who call others cowards and traitors and didnt toe the line and actually serve in one of the military branches and take the chance of going into harm’s way. I was in the army and almost involved in the conflict in Grenada. Thankful I didnt have to go after all because the 82nd was sent. For whatever his reasoning was the man did have the nerve to stand on the front line.

    • Almost lmao 😂. One tour in Iraq here, Don. McCain was almost as bad as Hanoi Jane. Btw I was almost hit by a hand grenade and a horseshoe. Fkn wannabe.

    • Mr Donald, myself being a combat veteran of gulf War will stand up and call McCain a traitorous coward who sold out his own party just like he did with his pow buddies. oh and I’m not so sure I would brag on your statement “almost in a conflict”

  15. This is like the 1.2 million social media imprints carrying the ludicrous conspiracies used to target the uninformed that got trump installed in the Oval Office. LibertyBell is real garbage the same fake news started by trump who demanded to see a sitting President’s papers because President Obama is different than Teflon Don’s arrogant Supremacist flagrantly corrupt serial lying arse

  16. McCain hated Trump, and vice versa. He would do whatever possible to bring T down inc lie, cheat, sneak and coerce. John was a mean, broken angry man. I feel bad for his soul. He came from a long line of honorable warriors. He was a disappointment to the family name. A politician .. a senator.

  17. You guys hate JM just as much as he hated trump. (Sic) does that mean you all will rot in hell as he is you assume. No one knows other people’s relationships with God. Don’t assume. And hell you’ll probably blame him for that dumb asses impeachment. Good day.

    • um Paul. McCain is rotting in hell for being a traitor, not for hating Trump, but for stabbing President Trump and his fellow Republicans In the back! in Heaven, Honor is everything!

    • John McCain was no hero. John McCain was an adulterer who cheated on his first wife and then left her after she waited for him when he returned from being a POW.

      McCain’s time as a POW was not as intense as other POWs. McCain only lost 5%-10% of his bodyweight while his POW peers lost as much as 40%.

      McCain was nicknamed songbird McCain because he turned against his country—he sold us out in exchange for special favors from his captors.

      While McCain hated Trump for telling the truth about him, all Trump did was repeat the same things military people who knew him were saying for 60 years.

      The world is a better place without John McCain in it. I pray that the Lord will pardon his worthless soul, but I doubt if he deserves it

  18. As a human being, Trump is raw sewage. That fact doesn’tt bother me nearly as much as the 30% of the US population that are his base!!!


  20. A man is only as good as his word and JM’s was no good. I regret voting for him. He ran on repealing obummercare and when it was time to come through he failed the American people. Then his hatred for President Trump totally compromised his integrity. JM was instrumental in putting the US through a political nightmare which for any other man other than President Trump, would have taken him down. JM is just as bad as Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and the slew of other criminals who should be shot for treason. No hero in my book!

  21. John McCain was NOT a war hero in Vietnam. By his own admission, and documented video, he confessed to his Vietnam captors that he was guilty of war crimes. He did so in order to get medical aid for his injuries. His arms were broken during his ejection from his jet plane over Hanoi area, not from torture. He did not undergo torture for the remaining 5 years because the North Vietnamese discovered that he was the son of a Navy admiral and was a prize prisoner. I have no problem with him breaking because of the pain, but he promoted and perpetuated the story that he was tortured all of those years, when that was not the case. Also he was hailed as a hero because he refused the offer to be released early in return for his singing. Facts were, that he would have broken the rules of release for prisoners… first caught – first released. To be released because his father was an Admiral would have been disastrous for the violation of military protocol and fairness to all prisoners.

    • The other prisoners Hated him! He was a traitor to them! Was a privileged slave. Gave up tactical Intel! Etc. etc, this president Trump has big BALL’S to take on this government problems and Corruption! Go up against seasoned politicians with lots of connections with Bad people! He’s got Courage!He’s not doing this for himself! He’s a American Patriot! God,country, people! Is the American way! PERIOD..

  22. And don’t forget – thanks to McCain and Kerry our soldiers who were prisoners of the Vietcong were left to die by these two cowards and traitors who claimed that there were no prisoners left in Vietnam. They knew the Vietcong had many American prisoners, but they didn’t want them released probably because they knew those two malcontents were traitors not only to our prisoners but to the country as well.

    • DJT a man who stands behind his political party no matter what. He was a DEM until 1987 when he became a REP, in 1999 he became a IND until 2001 when he returned to the DEM’s until 2009back to the REP’S. Yes he is pro choice, pro life, anti gun, pro gun, lower taxes, higher taxes. He believes in anything that gets him what he wants. MONEY
      I thought I heard him say that you wouldn’t find him on a golf course because he would be to busy running the country. So please let me know why we paid 118 million dollars in 3 years for him to play golf. Between playing golf, twitting all the time, and going to rallies, when does he run the country? He says he supports the military, even gave them his salary (what a great guy), then why did he take 3.8 billion dollars out of their budget to help pay for the wall that Mexico is going to pay for? How’s the recovery of the coal industry going? As for deregulation, I guess you don’t mind drinking and swimming in poluted water or breathing the contaminated air from coal fired companies,oil refineries, etc. Also, said he is the most transparent person in the world, he is, right up to the time you ask him to see something. How about his cabinet members, they are the greatest,most gifted people you will ever find, until they don’t do what he wants.
      He is a intelligent, self serving person. Smart enough to not testifying to Congress, if they can impeach a president for lying to Congress about a BJ. His thinking is correct, don’t say anything under oath and they can’t impeach him for lying to them. And, the way he has to mock and degrade people who don’t agree or say what he wants to hear. He acts and sounds like a spoiled little child.
      I really don’t want to go here, but for the white people who are afraid of becoming the minority, take the bed sheets off your head and put them back on the bed and get to it.
      There are a few more things wrong with this man as president, but I don’t have all year to write them down.
      As for most Republican politicians ask for them back or grow a set.

  23. John McCain is Not an American Hero , just because he was a POW or Served in the military.He Was a RINO and Was a Phony Patriot.He undermined the Republican Party because He was a Sore Looser..And TRUMP was victorious…Made him jealous with blinding Hate…Thank GOD Trump won…RIP jm where ever u Are…but the fake media need to stop pretending he was GREAT

    • Sad when you have been convinced that a man who risked his life for his nation should not be properly held in the highest esteem but Teflon Don who’s father paid off a Doctor so Teflon Don could avoid serving his country not-to-mention that Teflon Don was helped to win his election with the help of EX KGB Intelligence operative Putin So emboldened that Teflon Don tried to extort the help of The Ukrainian President not to this time smear Hillary Clinton with ludicrous conspiracies but targeting Joe Biden’s son. Teflon Don one day will face justice and his regime will be a mere stain in the annals of American history Thank you John McCane for your service We The People despite Putin’s divide and conquer antics dividing America are like the Whistle Blower and the 17 corroborating witnesses exposing more of trump’s flagrant malfeasance who are repulsed by the career criminal and his band of misfits infesting our Oval Office

    • You’re an idiot to say Don won with Putin helps after 5 investigations that revealed nothing against Trump in regard to collusion with Russia.

  24. John McCain was a traitor to his country
    His party and his fellow service men
    It’s about time we stop praising this
    Guy – he did not fool president a Trump
    But let McCain Rest In Peace .

  25. Don’t worry. God’s Word says that when you have hate in your heart, there is no place for you in Heaven. Only the Lake of Fire. John McCain went to his grave loathing Donald Trump. So don’t worry everyone. He is in torment for all eternity

    • Doesn’t make up for all the crap he pulled on Viet vets. He is just another scum bag no matter where he is.

    • As the wife of an Air Force member who saw 60% of my husbands RTU (Replacement Training Unit to the F-4) class not return from their year in Vietnam, I’ve never had any respect for McCain. Hot dog pilots don’t only get themselves killed.
      A RINO at best, he was the person who never could be counted on when the chips were down. Like Hillary, he never got over his loss to Obama, and his intense hatred for Trump knew no bounds.
      He was always a member of the “gangs” – be they of 8, 12, or 14 -but he always seemed to side against his own side.
      It’s easy to believe that this story is true – he was a petty, falsely patriotic man, who was always ready to stick a knife in Trump’s back

  26. How can anyone defend John McCain and his deception?
    Everyone wants to glorify him for being a veteran and ex pow, but the truth is he was a coward and a traitor!
    He ran for political office as a conservative republican when in fact he was a liberal socialist but just didn’t have the guts to admit what he was. He would rather lie to the people!
    What a loser!! He’ll go down in history as another Benedict Arnold!!! That will be his legacy. A TRAITOR!

    • Actually when you really look at why – Benedict Arnold was a Patriot – John McCain was and will always be a traitor and a disgrace to the uniform he wore. He was no hero, not then and not now. If it wasn’t for his grandfather and father, both Admirals, John McCain would have been in prison for his egotistical actions on the U.S.S. Forestall which caused the death 0f 130 Sailors and Pilots and the life-long injuries of more than 100 sailors.

    • Many facts are hidden, more from past and present will come to light.
      DNC has to stop Trump from the damming evidence out there, keep it hidden! If the citizens hear it, people will be devastated!

  27. McCain!!! Lied about the way he was treated in the prison camp in Nam most men interned were near starvation when released but McCain was overly fleshed. Think about that!!!

  28. John McCain was one corrupt dirty SOB! May his soul burn in hell for eternity! However, his dirty colleagues remain! Vicious, deceptive, criminals remain. Schumer, Menendez, Durbin, Feinstein, Pelosi, Leahy doesn’t have long to live that bloated bastard to name a few! These people have consumed the American power control and became rich doing so. Presently we have a few in the Republican party as well. Term limits are crucial in cleaning this scum from the barrel. President Trump is a gift from God! Trump had the courage to stand for the American people and what is right! He’s been attacked from all sides. We as American’s better stand up and protect him or our country is in serious jeopardy. These sick dirty SOB’S giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens to change the election results of 2020. President Trump should not allow himself to be brought on debates with an opponent and a corrupt media so they can play with him. This program must change and AG Barr must take down the DNC for paying for a phony dossier, and bring down the dirty cops and the head of the snake Pimp Obama who weaponized the CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS to name a few of the criminals who put oath incarcerated for the crime of Treason. We American’s are willing to march on Washington and support law enforcement to remove these carpetbaggers. If you or I had committed any of these crimes the above people have and are committing we would be in jail!

    • Willing American reporting for duty. I know of no other way to drain the swamp and revive law and order. Sounds like a “third world country” plan which is disgusting but until the press returns to being that fourth estate, we have to reign in the corruption.

  29. The McCain foundation needs to be audit to see if any money changed hands for his participation in the attempt to bring down President elect Trump.

  30. There is a reason why DJT calls out certain folks for not being what they appear as they are devious or corrupt. Crazy Old Joe is one of these.


  32. Of course McCain was corrupt. He was as corrupt as corrupt can be. He would have sold his soul to be President himself. Remember he was one of the Keating Five. Look it up. He was the only “republican” of the Five and was the most reprehensible. It would be interesting to see the tapes that Vietnam has on him.

  33. John was really a Democrat. Yes he served in the military, as I did, and he was captured and was a POW. But that fact should not make him “a King”! Pres. Trump knew he was not a hero but an opportunist!! His vote on Obamacare was disgraceful!

    • AMEN! And he delighted in holding out just to make a dramatic stage entrance and presentation at the last minute. His effort to create suspense and drama was so thick you could cut it with a knife. He totally ruined his legacy with this one gesture, and there were many more. Let’s not lower ourselves by excoriating him further. Let’s simply forget about him.
      VOTE RED!!!

    • McCain was very low in his graduation class, very low. The only reason he was able to continue was his fathers and grandfathers records. The USS Forestall incident was covered up by his father.

  34. Always knew that John McCain was just as corrupt as the rest of them! It does explain why Meghan McCain bad mouths trump on the view as often as she can! She is hiding information that she knew would eventually come out. Just because you served in the military doesn’t make you bi-partisan, or a good person!!

    • Thank God that mccain is gone. If he were still here he would be one stomping RINO! And the Flake is also gone, thank God! That’s some progress in cleaning out the swamp.
      Now, it’s time to purge the demo ranks. If that is possible, the Swamp will become a desert.


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