“I Don’t Have To Sit Here And Listen To These Bullsh*t People” What Led This Former FEMA Chief To Walk Off MSNBC Panel

(Liberty Bell) – What would you do if you were expected to sit and listen to these idiots?

On Thursday, former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate angrily walked off-screen after cursing and removing his microphone during an MSNBC panel about he coronavirus outbreak on Thursday.

The panel was hosted by the insufferable Katy Tur, who never misses an opportunity to politicize anything.

She was joined by Fugate as well as the Obama administration’s Acting Medicare and Medicaid administrator, Andy Slavitt.

Fugate got fed up, and understandably so, after Slavitt said there were plenty of much-needed supplies to combat the virus available but that private companies are trying to profit off the releif efforts before releasing them “into the supply chain.”

Fugate replied that the governors needed to get themselves prepared on their own, explaining that “if we wait for the federal government, we’re too late.”

He asserted that the virus needs to be addressed on a local level rather than entirely federal because local officials are just as responsible to protect their own citizens.

Slavitt shot back that the problem is too large for governors to handle on their own, and that supplies were being hoarded in states that did not yet have need of them.

“So with all due respect to your other guest, there’s not a governor in the country that’s waiting for the federal government right now,” he said. “They are all acting. What they need is coordination because we have, believe it or not, we have masks, we have a lot of these things. They’re sitting in the supply chain, people are profiteering off of them or they’re going to places where people are hoarding them. That happens in a crisis. It’s only by someone looking through the entire system and seeing where those needs are, that you can say, ‘stop hoarding them all in Texas. We need them in New York right now.’”

At this point, Fugate was completely over it. He ripped off his microphone and declared, “I don’t have to sit here and listen to these bullsh-t people.”

“Look, these are trying times,” Tur interjected as Fugate walked off. “And everyone is trying their best, and I know Craig is — I don’t know Craig personally, but I’m sure he’s working as hard and trying his best. Everybody is. These are unprecedented times. So, it’s understandable that he’s frustrated.”

Well, she’s right about that.


  1. The 2017-18 flu called H3N2 virus seemed to be a lot worse than the present COVID(Chinese Flu) this year. From what I have read, 80,000 deaths from one article and 60,000 from another, there were 45 million cases in 2017-18 and over 900,000 hospitalized. I remember 2017-18 well because I had my 50th high school reunion that year in very late Sept. and 35 out of 60 that went came done with severe flu symptoms and for some it turned into bronchitis and pneumonia for at least 10 of us. Both my wife and I got sick within 24 hours. My wife had a temp of 103.5 at one point but refused to go to the hospital. Hr pneumonia lasted 6 weeks. I had severe bronchitis. One of my classmates died from this flu. Where is the consistency in reacting to serious flu outbreaks? Why all the fuss this year. No social distancing or closures of business that year
    A few influential people got the ball rolling, then the media went with it and off we go. Mass hysteria and even Trump couldn’t stop it. Economy in the dumper so Trump will be voted out. the Democrats. the Russia collusion thing, then quickly on to Ukraine to impeach. It didn’t work so the Democrats-The Clinton Machine took drastic measures. All of a sudden a Wuhan virus appears from a lab in China-you know the rest of the story. Hard to believe but true. Really think about this-the reality of it all. So Sad!

  2. What’s going on at Fox? They get rid of Shepherd Smith but add Donna Brazile. And the faces Juan Williams makes when he’s listening to pure common sense are getting old. These are only 2 but there are others.

    Fox used to say they were “Fair and Balanced.” What has happened? Aren’t there enough pure liberal outlets that exist already?

    • Reporting the truth is on the way out. The Rats own the media. Be wary of what you accept as the truth.

    • What happened was Rupert turned over control to his leftist sons, who too often choose money and ideology over truth.

  3. Hey, all you alphabet news wannabe Communist libs, you think you’re so much smarter than us commoners! Guess what? You think by feeding the crocodile you’re going to be eaten last! Good luck, oh by the way keep trying to pick up a turd by the clean end, that should keep the Hollywood cretins busy! TRUMP 2020!

  4. When you walk onto an MSNBC set, you should know that the acceptable narrative is predetermined in only one direction and and that it is rigged.

  5. As a veteran/police officer and volunteer firefighter/EMT I’m out there on the front lines of this national emergency our nation is facing. Our saying is no one dies on my watch. My brother and sisters in service will do whatever we can for our fellow Americans. That being said when this is over, there shall come a reckoning as always seems to happen. Those who caused chaos, spread lies and misinformation,hoarded supplies unnecessarily, celebrities who made hurtful or stupid comments and politicians that did nothing or that tried to politicize a national emergency will be seen for what they truly are, useless wastes of time. They shall be kicked out of office come Election Day. They shall be ignored by their former fans and some shunned by former family and friends. It’s time to roll up or sleeves and do what Americans always do best. We unite, we fight and we make the whole of a nation better than it was before. We will survive this and get through this, ultimately together. Take care of yourselves, your family and friends. God bless you all and the United States of America

  6. One billionaire was give up his personnel life to choose a tremendous challenge with a most difficult job in the world. For what? For the love of his country and his people. Our United State governments had choosing a selfish ways to gain their power and control people financial. America was lost during Bush, Clinton and Obama. President DJT will clean all this mess to get American back to a better future.

  7. The people enemies were rating MEDIA is #1, bad POLITICIANS #2, bad LAWER #3. They are the biggest liar in our nation. The can sell our country for money and power even they have to sacrifice their families to achieving what they needed. These people needed to be disappear in our planet.

    • Thank you Angel!!!!! I have asked GOD many times to wipe these ppl off our Earth and put them somewhere DARK until they realize the truth!!!!! If I had the power trust me the Media, 85% Democrats Liberals, etc….. would be in a DARK place even Cher!!!!! Calling our President a Murderer WTFUDGE Cher you fake face B**** you need to go after China, oh but your hateful hate towards our President justifies your hate to call him out like that. One day you’ll wake up and your face has melted off.

  8. Used to watch MSNBC’s Chris Matthews till he turned too leftist & Fox Cable/Business came along. Maddow, O’Donnel, Brian Williams, Scarborough, others are all tiresome bought biased brazenly lying “announcers” spewing the same continual aped scripted rehearsed repetitive chorus nonsense as also CNN’s Blitzer/Cuomo/Lemon/Seltzer.etc., major TV networks CBS/NBC/ABC, news outlets NYT/ WaPo/LA Times, once respectable mags Time/Newsweek/Esquire/Vanity Fair, others.Intolerable that journalism has now a dearth of objectivity, decency, fairness, integrity, responsibility & principles.

    • I would think that they are owned and run by the Chinese. They sure are not Americans. They have a communist agenda and the American people need to turn them off. Put them out of business and arrest them for subversion and being a Co conspirator in Treason. I would imagine that when our wonderful president gets the justice Sept back on track by getting rid of the Obama hold overs, there is a good possibility that could happen. Justice dept being cleaned out as we speak. The STORM IS HERE!!!

  9. Actions is what was supposed to be in my other response. As for the bottle blonde she just needs ratings. To bad they don’t give b.s. Awards she would win.

  10. I’m now in my mid 50s. When I was in Junior High School (that’s what they called Middle School back then) I had a science teacher tell me that we would see Russia become more democratic and the United States become more Socialist. Dang if he wasn’t spot on.

    • I’m so glad he has the character to NOT do that!
      Contrary to Mooch-elle’s fantasy, it’s the Conservatives who consistently
      take the high road and the socialists / communists who take the low road!

  11. Can’t say that I blame the man for walking out like that! Even the patience of a Conservative has its limits, and one’s intelli- gence can be insulted only so many times!

  12. We are all sick and tired of the leftist media lying to us and distorting truths like MSNBC is famous for doing. They don’t lead. They just stand in the way then crow about it, carefully putting shoes on other feet. They need to get out of the way.

    • They hire ignorant children straight from the campus, so what should one expect? Objective and informed reporting? The response, in this case, was the correct response. When ignorant and indoctrinated people are behaving like idiots, they should be called out!


  14. Good for you, Ross! There is always some ill-informed, biased who looks for opportunities to use their ignorance to slam the President!

  15. Even when you look at projections in The NY Times, you will see that most of the cases will remain in the usual suspect large cities, and that the rest of the country has time to prepare and potentially even avoid large numbers of cases. I live in one of those relatively safe areas and I don’t hear the Governor or the local hospitals saying they are full up on supplies. We can’t buy masks, toilet paper, or gloves in the stores here either. Pretty obvious that the problem in NYC and other big cities is overcrowding, high rise buildings with overstuffed elevators and “mass transit,” one of the left’s favorite sacred cows. I remember the piss and puke ridden NYC subway from when I was a kid long ago. One of the main reasons I left long ago and I doubt it has changed, except for the worse.

    • Paul, I understand why people would like to be prepared, but it shouldn’t have to be in a panic when the trouble starts, but carefully done ahead of any emergency. Everyone, by buying emergency supplies just a few items each week when they do their shopping, instead of running out in a panic and buying up so much that some people are not able to get anything to relieve their fears. Panic buying is ridiculous when it causes panic for everyone around them. The truth is, in this case, toilet paper is useless against the virus, because it doesn’t cause bowel problems in the least. The only good it does is make certain they have enough of the toilet paper for the next flu and don’t have to run out and fight with people to buy the stuff. We are a family of four adults…2 retired and 2 who work from home because of the sequester, but we have enough food and medications and supplies to wait out this Covid-19 ….BECAUSE WE ALWAYS keep at least a 6-month supply of all our needs. That’s because if we need one item at the store when we shop, we’ll get two. It doesn’t take long to build up a supply that way, and it’s easier on the budget and you don’t have to sell your kids, dogs, or soul to pay for it. (I was being facetious there, so you know!) Oh, and it doesn’t cause a huge fight in a store to get the very last of anything. I just don’t understand the videos I’ve seen of people stealing things from other people’s shopping carts, or right out from under their noses…even kids instructed to distract folks so their parents can grab something they wanted. I consider that to be egregious and punishable when they’re caught…and they certainly should be!

  16. Why would any sane person waste their time on MSNBC or CNN. ABC, CBS, and NBC aren’t much better. The only surprise here is that a guest finally got fed up and left the show. This is what should happen on any of these dummycrat political shows where it’s always the whole dummycrat controlled network gangs up on the lone republican. But then, that’s how dummycrats fight. Their militant wing, Antifa, has shown us that.

  17. This hole thing is some bull sh-t! this country as we know it when i was younger is now over! we are slowly becoming a communist country weather we like it or not! America has never quarantined their citizens to their houses ever before now! Id loke to think TRUMP is a good leader but im starting to think otherwise now! WE ARE ALL DOOMED!

    • Actually it is state level requesting mandatory stay at home by all citizens. The only quarantine by Federal level is if you test positive for the virus or been exposed to someone testing positive.

    • If not for Mr. Trump and his a tions we would be just like the European and now, massive contamination. So what if your lo am govt says stay at home, do it! I broke my leg on Jan 30 and have been in the house now for almost 2 mths. If you can not handle 15 days then go get some play doh. POTUS has done a great job and so have all those working on this situation!

  18. America should know by now that anyone who served under the Obama administration can’t be trusted, it was the most corrupt administration in American history and this country is still feeling the affects of it.

  19. Slavitt is nothing more than your typical democratic loyalist, who will blame every problem in this country on Trump and the conservatives. His head is up his backside!

  20. she’s like a person with a big mouth who instigates a fight and then says “what’s going on here” after the fight starts… she’s just looking to try to place blame on trump and the republicans for their actions and cause a lot of chaos in the media… what a jerk…


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