Hunter Biden Busted For Not Paying Taxes On Burisma Earnings! Gee, I Wonder Why?

(Liberty Bell) – Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had a tax lien filed against him for over $112,000 in unpaid income taxes in 2015.

This was the same year that Hunter Biden began serving on the board of directors for Ukranian oil and gas giant, Burisma Holdings, the business dealings that have come under increased scrutiny since Donald Trump mentioned them on the phone to the Ukranian president in July of 2019, the phone call that would end up inspiring the Democrats to commit a coup by way of phony impeachment.

Breitbart reports:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filed the lien against Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and his wife after failing to receive payment for their tax liability on income earned in 2015, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller. The lien is still active as no release documents have been filed by the IRS.

“We have made a demand for payment of this liability, but it remains unpaid,” the IRS wrote in a notice to the recorder of deeds of Washington, DC, in November 2018. “Therefore, there is a lien in favor of the United States on all property and rights to property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of these taxes.”

The lien was issued on income garnered during Hunter Biden’s first year on Burisma’s board of directors, where he was paid as much as $83,000 per month.

The president and the many other patriotic Americans who have long been sounding the alarm about this highly suspicious business relationship are right to do so.

There is no believable reason why Hunter, who had no experience either in Ukraine or in the oil and gas industry, just happened to earn this highly lucrative position on the board of Burisma Holdings while his father was spearheading the Obama administration’s foreign policy towards Ukraine?

Breitbart explains:

Adding to concerns was that Hunter Biden joined the company at a time when it was actively courting western leaders to prevent scrutiny of its practices. The same month as the appointment, Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s founder, had his assets frozen in the United Kingdom on suspicion of money laundering. A Ukrainian official with ties to Zlochevsky admitted in October the only reason Hunter Biden secured his position with Burisma was to “protect” the company from foreign scrutiny.

It is in the context of Burisma and Zlochevsky’s legal troubles that Joe Biden’s political influence has raised the most red flags. The former vice president has particularly drawn questions over his conduct in demanding the Ukrainian government fire its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, in 2016. Joe Biden, who has publicly bragged about the firing, reportedly threatened to withhold more than $1 billion in U.S. aid if the Ukrainian government did not remove Shokin. He has claimed the demand came from then-President Barack Obama, who had allegedly lost faith in the prosecutor’s ability to tackle corruption.

It was well-known, however, that Shokin was investigating Burisma and Zlochevsky for public corruption.

After the investigation into Burisma was closed, Hunter Biden remained on the company’s board of directors until his term expired in April 2019. During his tenure, Burisma wired millions of dollars to a Morgan Stanley bank account controlled by the younger Biden and his business associates. Between November 2014 and November 2015 alone, Burisma transferred more than $3.5 million to the account.

Of that sum, $1.2 million went into an escrow account in Los Angeles, California, where Hunter Biden currently resides and his law firm is registered.


  1. Your a moron it’s not his own money he made 83k a month because his dad who was vice president at the time set it up just a continuation of all the crooked deals Joe did in Congress for years. Just like PAUL PELOSI WHEN YOU CALL FOR A BUSINESS DEAL WITH HIM PHONE IS ANSWERED “The office of Nancy Pelosi” his crooked mother!! Yes right your so smart “he made his own money!!!” The man was screwing his dead brothers wife in an affair, while screwing a stripper in Washington, and at same time having kid with the woman he is married too!!
    Saddest thing is Mr.Paul Pelosi son of Crooked Nancy gets away with so much illegal crap his mother knows about and covers up he makes crooked Hunter look like a boy scout wake up you will burn in hell someday keep on covering up the lies

  2. Well they’re Thomas McDonald and who do you work for the Democrats are probably paying you to be an Internet troll to take up for him because we are really know what’s going on yeah you work for them shame on you wow

  3. okay small-minded Rick the money that he has is irrelevant what is relevant is what he’s doing for this country stop hating on him because he’s rich and just worry about what you have now how much money he has it’s kind of pathetic worried about the Democrats going into the government and laundering taxpayers money into their own bank accounts how about that mister small-minded

  4. For you small minded people…just the payroll tax the Trump corporation generates in the months time would boggle your little minds.He has a building full of accountants that take care of all taxes concerns,NOT YOUR EX-MOTHER-LAW’s friends nabor doing your taxes.

  5. I will say one thing y’all know where the real evil is Hunter Biden Joe Biden nervous Nancy All them et’s keep it real

  6. see what I don’t understand is why are y’all talking about his taxes he made his own money the Democrats going to the government to steal money from taxpayers so I I don’t understand why you keep talkin out his taxes so what he made his own money what are you talkin about

  7. Are u serious dromeo .. the man’s got his own money what are you talkin about he don’t even get paid you have no idea what you’re talkin about you probably work with him

  8. All you guys in past replies have spelled Democrat wrong it is in my opinion spelled DEAMONRATS…intrepretation is : demonic and FILTHY AS RATS IN THEIR OWN STEW OF CORRUPTION!!! Jail time Yeah But Don’t Hold Your Breath or you will die!!!

  9. This story is not valid…remember Trump has not turned over his taxes what is he hiding ? And how can you continue to stand his lying. This story is debunked .Focus on trump he is the criminal here

    • If Trump is so corrupt then why have all the Democrat accuations been unfounded.
      You will soon see and find out just how corrupt the Obama administration really was just take a look at VP Biden and his son Hunter that should open your eyes.
      Have a nice day!

    • Everywhere you look in government the crooks are in power. Start with the WH and POTUS. Who is left with egg on their face, the middle class who has a higher tax rate than the top 400 richest families in the US. The deficit is ballloning under The premise of trickle down economics

    • Who debunked it? It hasn’t even been investigated. Not even by “investigative journalist”. When the top law enforcement authority tried Lefty devised to impeach him. Rotfl. Trumps story is well known. Don’t care about his returns. But how did Nancy and all the other commie dnc officials become millionaires on nothing but government salaries?. You are asking to see the wrong returns. Too much fool aid from big media. SMH

  10. PERHAPS, the privileged class (including the Bidens, Clintons, Geithners et al) know and understand that rarely is there corresponding documentation from foreign payers that would reflect payments being made. THUS, the recipients (the privileged class) are quite aware that the IRS has no way to verify the accuracy of income on their tax return. . . unless audited or ratted out.

  11. Be thou what may? But IRS. Investigate Pelosi Sons who were in the same position as Hunter Biden. Her Hunter they could set him up and evade Taxes and tariffs
    Possible English as well with connections to Pelosi Sons.

    Oh also check out Royalty and Override interests.??????

    Drones over your home or city or Ukraine are they looking for internet and Facebook commentators?????.
    Does Hunter report taxes as a duel citizen for Royalty interest where he can write off expenses and get incime.? Uranium sales, Clinton’s made illegal contracts to Russia are they involved with this here to other countries? Hilary was Sec of State for a while and Kerry before that and Pelosi Sons?

  12. Go trump go! Let expose all the corrupted Democrats! It’s all gonna come out anyway! Maga!! All the way good people of this great nation we call American!

  13. No surprise that sleepy, creepy, lying Joe’s son didn’t fall far from the tree. If this country elects Joe the swamp creature back into office, we deserve to fail.

  14. I am surprised that the Dems that point out Trump’s family and are were not at all concerned about the sale of Uranium to Russia, the billions sent to a terrorist state, the IRS scandal, the hiding of the sale of guns to thugs, the fight against the press by the Obama people and the attempted prosecution of a Fox reporter, etc. The division of our country was started during the Obama era that
    asked people to form mobs to dissent, and protest instead of discuss disagreements. The arrogance of I’m right and everyone else is wrong and should be shouted down was and is the Dem’s tactic. We will see more, so hold on!

  15. Oh like Jared and Ivanla have ABSOLUTELY no experience in anything in the White House…BUT THERE THEY ARE!! Jared being in charge of world peace is alittle harder to swallow than Hunter Biden sitting on a board of some gas company…no NATIONAL SECURITY involved.Hunter Biden is running for nothing.The other ass hats are in my White House.The hypocrisy you people espouse is mind blowing.Your god has clay feet.

    • I imagine that you think hillary did nothing wrong either. It’s truly amazing how you people can’t see how corrupt the democrats are, unless you are also in the boat with them. And by the way one Trump has more brains than all the democrat leaders you have put together!

    • Some gas company? A company run by a corrupt Ukranian, who was on a visa ban from the U.S. but was allowed back in the U.S. after Hunter joined Burisma. Strange that creepy Joe threatened to withhold foriegn aid unless the prosecutor investigating Ilhor Kolomoisky was fired …

    • I guess you do not know that Jared and Ivanka are not being paid. They are working for free. Did you know President Trump gives his salary away every year. Probably not.

    • Rebecca you are a moron, people like you are the problem in this country. You obviously have no common sense or any sense at all. You would have been happy to have Hillarry “ROBEM” Clinton the biggest liar, crook, hypocrite,and scumbag ever to hold office. We will keep America great and leave people like you behind where you belong. If you don’t like what we have get out and leave America to real Americans. Left wing piece of garbadge.

    • Donald J Trump President of the USA is leaving rent free in your head.. should be plenty of room for furniture as there appears to be nothing else in there..

    • Shame on you Rebecca. I will pray for you. You really should check your facts before stating your opinion

    • are just the zillionth coming of the same old viper-tongued Liberal Leftists who don’t know CRAP about what they bray about! Educate yourself before you come off again sounding like a moron! You Lefties may DESERVE a smarmy, senile old criminal in the White House, but the Human Race in America DO NOT!!

    • No proof of anything being done wrong by Trump, but can you say that about Pelosi and son or Clintons or Obama or Biden and son without telling a BIG FAT LIE?

    • All of Trump’s kids are smart and have a lot of business experience, plus they stay out of trouble!!! Also, Obama released a bogus birth certificate. Why doesn’t Obama release ALL OF HIS RECORDS? WHAT IS OBAMA HIDING?!?


    VOTE RED!!!

    • No worries, the ex will come out soon to claim her 15 or 30 minutes of fame, if she doesn’t mysteriously die before then. So much is going to come out on all the demos this year we will be hard pressed to keep up with it all….i can’t wait!

  17. Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi, Kerry’s kid, Romeny’s kid…all why they rushed to try to Impeach Trump- pin Their Crimes on Trump, get him out of office before the Truth can come out and the Am. people demand their imprisonment!
    Now, Nasty mama, Nancy sits on the Articles and refuses to send them over until the Senate agrees to her blackmail and holds the Trial by her Rules! She’s gotta protect their crooked offspring at all costs! Not to mention cover their own butts!

    • Too bad nothing will ever come of the corruption in Biden family
      Already judge has mysteriously recused himself
      No one is ever held accountable
      Look at Hillory and her bunch of cloneys

    • They got very lucky when a novice naive Obama got elected..a incoming President soo weak he had his Secretary of State whom.he begged to take the job sign a disclosure that the Clinton Foundation business would not comingle with the States dept business..while focused on Clinton the Bidens and others saw an opening to get the position of VPBiden..

    • Yes the only quid pro quos I see is Pelosi holding Articals of impeachment and pressuring the Senate to abide to her demands. And let’s not forget sleepy Joe’s Quid pro quo getting Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

  18. Democrats as a party are purposely defying ALL the rules, laws, and precedents established over the years and at the same time, they are using those rules, laws, and precedents to hold Republicans accountable. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide for Republicans.



  20. Part of the problem is this… as a nation we’ve become accustomed to voting nice looking, smooth talking, individuals into office, no matter what their character may be, nor their positions on serious matters. As a result we end up with self-serving folks who end up selling us out. I don’t have the answer for that. But term limits would be a start, and taking away retirement and health care for politicians would be another starter. Congress should be a service to the nation, not a career… not a way to become a millionaire.

    • Install a time clock and they punch in and out at minimum wage. Who wants the honor off serving to help guide this country. I’d happily do it for minimum wage. The perks of lobbyists, should be called by name; the offering or acceptance of bribes from a one sided propaganda source. Government operates the country. They forget “We the People,” own, and are in control of, and have authority over the government. It is We the People that allow the government’s existence.

    • We the people should have a right to say if they get raises or not. Their healthcare shouldn’t be the best the TAXPAYER can buy. It should be what the ave citizen has. They shouldnt get long breaks while the rest of us have to work the entire year.

  21. Poor nice Donald Trump!!
    Why can’t he get support from the Republican Party to go after all this garbage? They went after clean Kavanaugh but we don’t go after all the things that were just mentioned that the bad guys have been doing to our Country????! Look into all their backgrounds! I bet dirt is just waiting to be [email protected] clean the swamp and start at the top!!! those secret closets are large enough to hold lots of messy secrets!!! GO Republicans! save the guy that will go down in history as the martyred savior of our wonderful Country!!!
    Hillary(evil herself liar let our men die when she could have saved them!, emails against our country treason!!)!), Bidens-(embezzlers and thrives)!, Obama (hates white people and our country all bad!!) ,Pelosi([iar, fraud and dirty family too??what about her son ??too?)

    • our IRS only attack persons that are unable to defend themselves.H Biden will try to give then all the shit they can handel…..i.e. let H Biden slide because it will be to hard to collect

    • We are witnessing just how powerful and corrupt the deep state is in our government. They are in both parties and all levels of government, including the public schools, unions and the liberal media! God help us all!

    • jeanni. Dont forget they are also in the judicial system also. Hunters child support judge just recused himself. Why. Because he is involved.

  22. “inspiring the Democrats to commit suicide by way of phony impeachment” – The Progressives are the Kamikaze Party, destroying themselves with infatuated enthusiasm just to inconvenience the opposition. I wonder if they really wanted to bulldoze Biden and blame it on Trump – they couldn’t not have known what their ridiculous impeachment would bring to light.

  23. Nervous Nancy’s son’s dealings should be exposed ASAP …. why isn’t her son mentioned in the media,,, Fox News should splash Nancy’s son’s involvement on every show. She is the Impeacher Witch and should be removed from her position along with Shifty Adam who cannot tell the truth and has been filmed for proof of doing so. The swamp needs to be drained before all of America gives up on politics and laws…. I’m getting close after watching the witch hunt to impeach a President who has only done good for this country.

    • The IRS can take anything from you. They can garnish wages, go after businesses, homes, cars, etc. it doesn’t have to be in Washington. Why would you think that?

    • because you hear of unjust collections ALL the time, There are 3500 of them and one of a person with little income to fight such an judjment

  24. For Those that IF EVER believed, we all will get the opportunity to stand on that trap door! And have OUR book read to us of ALL we did in Our lives!!! Now that is if “U” do, did or ever Believed we will be HELD accountable for the things we do, don’t know about U but I have do a FEW cring worthy things in My Life and One of the Many phrases we learned while in the Army! One was ” Stand and Deliver” ??? God bless all of U and American. U still got Time???

  25. For all you people out there who still believe that the democrats are worthy of your vote, if this isn’t enough evidence that they don’t give a tinkers damn about you or the country I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince you!!

    They keep saying no one is above the law! Well, that includes every single one of them also!
    Obama broke several laws including treason while residing in our WH.
    The Clintons have committed treason and murder!
    Comey, Brennan among others have attempted a coup against our president and our government!

    President Trump promised to drain the swamp, he just didn’t realize just how deep that swamp is. If we want to maintain our freedom, we’ve got to clean the elitist out of our government.

  26. I guess that’s what happens when you have a father who is VP and corrupt as well. Joe 30330 probably put the “kabash” on the IRS for collecting from Hunter.

  27. Seriously? Hunter Biden is a coked out criminal put in place by papa Joe and Uncle Obama to launder BILLIONS for selling American access. Don’t you get it? To get close to liberal Democrat Clinton corruption is to get seriously corrupt.
    This “impeachment” had nothing to do with Trump. It was a liberal Democrat deception to not get caught.

  28. TRUMP is fighting this corruption. I mean, Hunter Biden’s practices. There must be many people doing the same. Let’s MAGA continues.

  29. So QIUD PRO JOE says :” I MADE BY RAX FILINGS PUBKLIC” …..BUT let DUMBASSED DRUGGED OUT HUNTER take the fall for that “FAMILY” savings TRUST of BURISMA “FUNNY” CASH DEPOSITS…..Hey Joe did you THROW that IDIOT SON INDER THE BUS????? Any wonder as you claimed ” I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HUNTER DOES because you set him up ????

    • its only been a couple of weeks when he was in a whore house (gentelmens club) some thing if you dont know the difference) and the had smoky odors coming from a back room parlor and The hunter was in there. The odor stopped after they went looking for it

  30. TRUMP is fighting against this corruption. I mean, Hunter Biden’s practices. There must be other people doing the same corruption. MAGA must continue.

  31. As more and more information comes out about Hunter and Joe Bidens’ business dealings in the Ukraine, there will be an abundance of corruption exposed. The Democraps are going to wish they would have left this sleeping dog lie. There is also some other smoke rising in China, Hungry and Romania with some other Hunter business dealings that may not be kosher.

  32. Both Hunter and VP Joe need to be investigated to determine the truth.
    It is really hard to believe that Hunter would not pay taxes. If true, this type of unethical behavior and perception that he is above paying taxes comes from his upbringing.

  33. This is a manifestation of privilege. Those who benefit from it, consider it quite the natural order of things, while those who don’t find it infuriating. It is all about the double standards. Failure to address this issue will inevitably exacerbate dangerous class disparity unrest.

  34. Joe Biden … we’re going to tax the coal industry out of business. Hunter Biden … I ain’t paying no “stinking tax”.

  35. Why the US GOVERNMENT is an enemy of the American people? Because if we ordinary, hard working, law abiding citizens failed to pay taxes on our limited income, we would be ruined or jailed. The “rich and famous” get a small fine, small compared to their wealth; and avoid jail. For the common person, the government is truly an enemy. But, one IRS official told me that it is YOU, the person in middle-American, that is the problem. Shame on you; YOU WORK FOR THEM.


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