Huge: What Do Andrew McCabe And Criminal Pakistani IT Guy Imran Awan Have In Common?

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, the Department of Justice announced that they’d dropped their criminal investigation into former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, to the chagrin of many.

According to McCabe’s attorneys, who announced the news on Friday, the case is officially closed.

McCabe, The Gateway Pundit explained, leaked confidential investigation details and information to the media so he could “advance his personal interests.”

Then he lied about it.

The Inspector General released a scathing report on McCabe in April of 2018 stating he “lacked candor” following his illegal media leaks.

On Friday, JP Cooney the Cheif of the Fraud and Public Corruption Section of the DOJ sent word to McCabe’s lawyers that he would not be facing any punishment for his criminal acts.

As pointed out by Robert Barnes following the news, JP Cooney, who signed the letter above, is the very same prosecutor who let corrupt Pakistani IT professional Imran Awan walk.

In July of 2018, Awan pled guilty to making a false statement on a financial application.

In an August 2018 hearing, Tanya Chutkan, an Obama-appointed federal judge, gave Awan, who worked for former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz no jail time because he had apparently already “suffered enough.”

Awan served just 3 months of supervised release.

His attorney, meanwhile, Chris Gowan, who just so happens to have been a former aide to Hillary Clinton, bashed President Trump and other Republicans in a letter after the case was closed.

The Gateway Pundit notes:

The Pakistani spy ring that infiltrated the House Dems was one of the biggest scandals in US history, yet here was another egregious breach of security that went unpunished, because Democrats were involved.

As previously reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz employed Pakistani IT staffers and brothers who were paid over $4 million dollars over the course of their employment even though they were accused of a cyber-security breach.

DOJ Prosecutor J.P. Cooney was the government official who made this odd plea deal.


  1. Looks as if you have a “D” after your name there is a whole different set of justice Department rules to go by and if you carry the “R” designation you’re screwed.

  2. Why do the Washington crooks even bother to pretend they are going to do their jobs and put these crooked people in jail, when they know they are just blowing hot air. The entire lot should be run out of town and replaced with real Americans..

  3. What they have in common. They were both cleared by the swamp. DOJ has thousands of lawyers, that are biased against this present administration.

  4. This is just business as usual in DC as well as the corrupt FBI and DOJ. No one is ever concerned unless it centers around their gotcha moments regarding our President. The sooner everyone realizes there is no justice in our country if you are a crook within the government or are formerly employed in government, if you are an illegal or a former President.

  5. another deep state crooked bastard of the dumpacrapanywhere party that got off wtf there is no justice left in this country. you have criminals running the country protecting each other. we are about to lose the republic we are over run by commies and Hebrew billionaires.

  6. When are the American People going to see the Justice Scales even out;. The Doj Department put President Trump thru hell the last three years. Now the very people that lied and broke laws are not prosecuted for the corruption they deal out. If you are a Democrat there are no laws. Those people are walking free because of Obama Judges . They need to be tried and sent to jail, WE need to vote to out all these criminals and restaff the congress and Senate with honest people


  8. I love this!
    I love the way the Dems piss on everyone and nothing is done about it.
    Meanwhile others who are patriots get ripped in the @ss.
    Even if the Dems came here into this forum and pissed or shitted on every one here the only thing will happen is,… everyone will only start complaining,……..that’s it.
    The same thing they have been doing for years on and on is that same thing they’ll do if that happened.
    Hahaha, pathetic animals.

  9. Julian Assange has said the Wilileak’s DNC emails came from Seth Rich, a DNC employee. The electronic’s forensics have proven that the leak was a direct server download, not an internet hack. For a solution to Seth Rich’s murder, the first place I would look is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, ex DNC President, and her two Pakistani henchman. It’s not that local police are too inept to look that way, it’s that they are deathly afraid to do so.

  10. This is So egregious! What are American citizens supposed to do in light of this treasonous, unpunished behavior? In a movie on Amazon Prime, The Falcon and the Snowman, 2 US spies got 40 yrs and Life for some small time crap! That was in the 1970s. Obama has corrupted our justice system! Please vote Trump2020! Our last hope.

  11. Looks like this Cooney person should be the next deep state person to be escorted out of the building. Obama planted many spies and operatives in the right areas and we are finding out who they are one by one. CLEAN THE SWAMP.

  12. “The Inspector General released a scathing report on McCabe in April of 2018 stating he “lacked candor” following his illegal media leaks.”

    If what was done was illegal and there is no punishment, for hat reason is it illegal?

  13. You are right, James!!! Obama has just about accomplished everything he ever wanted…to bring down this country (one in which he wasn’t even born)….he was a crook, and a hypocrite the entire time he was in Illinois, and while there, did everything in his power to smear his opponents (even when his tactics were cruel a best, and illegal at worst). The biggest contribution he ever made was to vote “present” whenever the powers that be gathered in Springfield or in Washington. Many in Illinois knew EXACTLY what he was way back, and my opinions about him have never wavered. For all the laws bent and broken, I wouldn’t have trusted him to walk my dog, let alone as a President!!! He has NEVER been a patriot and never will be…his allegiance is to his friends in the Middle East hellholes of the world and he will never get anything from me but my contempt!

  14. The DEEP STATE IS ALIVE AND WELL! It is going to take a long hard fight to dislodge them a d we probably won’t get them all! We have to be sure we have Mr Trump’s back at all times. We also have to make sure that AG Barr and Ass’t AG Durham are unhampered in the numerous investigation necessary to clean up this mess! Know now that the fight to clean up the deep state is going to be a generational fight akin to wiping out terrorist extremists as they will burrow in and stay under until they feel safe to act up again! Thes unelected bureaucrats have a mantra “Elected officals come and go. We run the government as we see fit”! KAG TRUMP 2020

  15. President Trump should move the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSC, EPA, DOE and any other Obama tainted federal agencies to the North Pole and spy on their every move. Then he should levy a 50% tax on the over-flowing endowments of the nation’s 15 largest universities, cut their federal funding and open their admissions to every non-English speaking illegal hiding in sanctuary cities in America.

  16. My God! This is sickening! Are there enough of us fed up with this BS to start a civil revolt?
    We don’t have Soros to $$$ back us… but we could make a BUG NOISE!

    • The Civil War no Sane American wants is coming all thanks to the Democrat/Deep State Scum that have Infested the Country from the Town Council to the Capital and everywhere in between. The Country is so Far out of Whack from what was Intended at its Founding that only a Complete Cleansing will Do.

    • Speaking of Soros . . . Which country does he ‘claim’ to be a citizen ? . . . And, regardless of which nation he claims allegiance to, what are his core ideals and values ?

    • A republic, if you can keep it.

      When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of our republic.

      We need a revolution every 200 year, because all governments become stale and corrupt after 200 years.

      They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

      Benjamin Franklin

  17. So who do we get to investigate the investigators that they themselves don’t need to be investigated? Just how deep does the bias and corruption actually go? Should just hire investigators from random outside sources.

  18. As a registered Independent, I wonder why Republicans, up to and especially including the president, get prosecuted to the max on typically overblown, if not trumped up, charges, while Democrats commit serious crimes left and right with nearly absolute impunity? Qanon told us to “trust the plan” while we waited and waited on AG Sessions and U.S. Attorney Huber, but then it turned out that Sessions was just what he appeared to be —- i.e., an empty suit — and we found out that Huber hadn’t even begun a serious investigation! Will Bill Barr and John Durham be more of the same? The president claimed he was going to release all of the sealed JFK files, un-redacted, but then released only a portion of them, with redactions. Roger Stone is perp-walked for TV, Paul Manafort languishes in solitary confinement, Trump gets impeached, but, meanwhile, Obama is getting an Oscar, Hillary is on Ellen, Comey is on a book tour, Brennan is a CNN contributor, etc. Is there no longer ANY justice in this country?

    • Agreed. You are spot on. Citizens of the US must vote RED for Trump2020. Citizens must complain to their representatives. Its all we’ve got. Remember, the poem about the “red berries?” Looks like hundreds of red berries occupy our media and that is why there is no justice. Somehow, trial by public opinion has taken control with media collusion, wielding they power every hour with a duped public. Take down the media. Its the only way out.

    • Our next March on DC wont be with pitch forks and torches…we will take the house and flush this toilet. We did it before we will do it again! MAGA 2020

  19. It absolutely time for all patriotic American voters to step up and assist POTUS Trump with the swamp draining of all corrupt demoncrats.

  20. These people make me sick, they spit in the face of Justice with zero consequences. The best they can do is demonize our duly elected President bc they have nothing. I suppose they think if they can try & make him look bad that they will somehow have the upper hand. in reality, they look & sound like simple minded morons who are not capable of seeing the big picture.

  21. Everybody seems to forget about Durham. Je is investigating FISA amd other possible corruption. McCabe would have gotten only a year max of convicted. He would receive much more if convicted of intentionally filing lies to a federal court. He knows everyone involved in the FISA abuse. Prosecutors have always gave leniency to those who are willing to avoid jail time by cooperating with them. We don’t knownthe full spectrum of what is going on behind the scenes. When was the last time we heard anything about Rosenstein? Me either.

  22. It appears Obama kept his promise. I will destroy America. He gave all his hires for the govt power to full fill his wishes for 30 pieces of silver. Then the King will rise to power. Now we see the results


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