Huge: Was The “Whistleblower” Working With FBI Lovers Strzok And Page?

(Liberty Bell) – An explosive new detail into the CIA plant the Deep State had in the White House who ultimately initiated the Democrats’ fraud impeachment inquiry has emerged.

It explains why Adam Schiff has gone to such great lengths to over up the identity of this “whistleblower,” who was identified this week as Eric Ciaramella.

In this excellent podcast, Dan Bongino breaks down this explosive new revelation.

Here’s the deal.

In April of this year, Senators Grassley and Johnson sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr requestion that he provide any information on the following, relating to some text messages between infamous FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Grassley and Johnson point to the exact text messages they’d like Barr to look into, particularly, when Strzok references a “Charlie.”

A footnote in the memo notes that “At this time it is unknown who ‘Charlie’ is”.

From the beginning of the next page of the memo, the Senators share more of the infamous texts, this time those that reference a “CI guy” in the White House.

Grassley and Johnson pose some serious questions to Barr:

The nature of these communications , and the precise purpose of any attempts to “develop relationships” with Trump or Pence transition team staff are not immediately clear. Were these efforts done to gain better communication between the respective parties, or were the briefings used as intelligence gathering operation? Further, did any such surveillance activities continue beyond the inauguration, and in the event they did, were those activities subject to proper predication? Any improper FBI surveillance activities that were conducted before or after the 2016 election must be brought to light and properly addressed.”

It’s likely that the text refer to fired FBI Director Andy McCabe and Bill Priestap according to the footnotes in the page, however, it is unclear who this “CI guy” is.

Grassley and Johnson finally discuss the leaks coming from the FBI and the Mueller team and how Barr should look into those as well.

Who was this “Charlie” in the White House and is he the same as the CI guy the text also refer to?

Now, back to Bongino, who liked this memo to more recent information.

On Wednesday, Paul Sperry announced at Real Clear Investigations that he had uncovered the identity of this “whistleblower” as Ciaramella.

Sperry, who wasn’t the first to have the suspicion that Ciaramella was the man, notes the exact pronunciation of the name char-a-MEL-ah:

Bongino’s suspicion is that Sperry is trying to hint at something, since including the pronunciation of names is not Sperry’s usual style. Bongino hints that there is a connection between Char-a-MEL-ah and the name “Charlie” in the Strzok and Page texts.

So this is why Schiff has wanted to keep the identity hidden! Not only is Ciaramella the long-suspected mole in the Trump White House, but Schiff is an obvious accomplice in this operation!


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