Huge: Ukranian Official Reveals How Many Criminal Investigations They Have On The Bidens

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday, President Donald Trump stopped to speak with the press on his way to depart to Florida to speak before the Israeli-American Council National Summit in Hollywood and a Republican fundraising dinner in Aventura.

He told the press pool waiting there as he headed towards his flight that his personal attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had “found plenty” of “good information” during his recent trip to Ukraine and Europe.

Giuliani has recently been at the receiving end of a whole lot of mistreatment and slander at the hands of the media due to his involvement in exposing the inner workings of the Biden crime family in Ukraine, something which is at the center of the House Democrats’ sham impeachment efforts.

And boy, did Rudy ever find “good information.”

Trump went on to add that he believes Giuliani wants to present a report to Attorney General William Barr and to Congress on his findings.

He added, however, that Giuliani has not yet told him what he found.

Giuliani reportedly visited both Ukraine and Hungary last week to meet with several Ukranian officials about corruption.

The new administration in the Eastern European country have been focused on draining their own proverbial swamp, just like Trump has been doing here at home.

Giuliani was joined by OAN reporter Chanel Rion who traveled with him overseas and reported on his investigations in Budapest and Kiev.

In her Sunday evening report, Rion mentioned that Urkanian officials showed her six criminal cases involving either Joe and/or Hunter Biden.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Ukraine has been digging into just how crooked the Bidens really are.

Ukraine has been rooting out corruption all around the Bidens’ business associates as of late.

Last month, we reported:

The head of Burisma Holdings Nikolai Zlochevsky, was indicted Wednesday by was indicted by Prosecutor General!

What’s more, the claim against Zlochevsky alleges that Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, and his partners received $16.5 million for their “services” to the notoriously corrupt oil and gas giant.

Of course, this all comes right as Democrats were holding their show trial impeachment inquiry hearings in Washington DC, where they allege that President Donald Trump established a (somehow illegal) “quid pro quo” with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenksy during a July 23 phone call (which he didn’t) by withholding aid from the nation if they did not investigate Biden (which they didn’t), who they claim that Trump perceived as a potential 2020 opponent (which Biden won’t be.)

The whole house of cards just got knocked over, folks. The Bidens have no where to run!

Hunter Biden, of course, was placed on the board of Burisma Holdings in 2014 despite having no experience in either Ukraine or the oil and gas business. And he made a killing for it, too.

Earlier this month, the Gateway Pundit writes, new memos were released that “reveal Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian natural gas company, pressured the Obama State Department to help end the corruption investigation during the 2016 election cycle just one month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor probing his son Hunter.”


  1. I really tried to keep an open mind to see from the demoncraps point of view, but I just couldn’t get my head up my ass that far. Any state that does not require voter ID, there votes are valid in that state only. No illegal is going to elect my President. They keep the shit up there will be a second civil war. The USA will never become another Venezuela.

  2. Isn’t Joe or Hunter a FLIGHT risk? Why aren’t they in HANDCUFFS yet? How can a presidential run for POTUS be made while behind BARS? What about the CHINA corruption connection? MY, MY, MY! a LOT of questions that need to be answered, and that is BEFORE the questions of corruption! If this was a gold mine, we’d ALL be MIGHT rich. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • The corrupt, degenerate bidens need to be brought to vigilante justice. They might be flight risks, so let’s take no chances. I’m an American and I feel that the bidens foul the air of my country. joe joe didn’t serve his country; he sought to rape it, and he was training his son to do the same.

    • JoeyP, yes the Bidens should be in handcuffs by now. Actually they should have been put in them a long, long time ago. They are the most corrupt people on this planet and they need to be punished for all the wrong they did. Instead they are busting Trump’s ass in the mist of it all. Really stinks to high heaven!! Lock Them UP Now and take Hillary, Obama, Comey, and the rest of those idiots with them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I expect to see a couple of guys from the lost memory aslyum along with Biden each time he is out in public. I know they are there some place, maybe Biden just escapes and starts roaming around in the No Markley bus . Any way the poor old sole is lost and says nutty things, I guess he thinks he is still a lifeguard with long blond hairs on his sad.

  4. I have really enjoyed all of the comments from everyone and I feel the same way about the Dimwits. Trump will win in 2020 and he will win the Congress and Senate. VOTE. Tt

  5. I have stated many times that we need all need congress changing of the guards
    All the wasted money for lies and jealousy and hatred of who we have chosen is so upsetting. We the people do matter. I choose President Trump along with family and friends . America needed some one for the people. We have him. I just feel saddened to think of all the injust our president has gone through this first term. I feel certain the swamp cleaning is Making America great. Along with our president. Trump is a strong man. America the beautiful land that I love . God does Bless the U S A.

  6. As an American living in the Philippines i am so glad i do not have the one sided news papers in the states. Will we ever have a united country again? I doubt it as long as DemocRats are in the majority. Just my opinion.
    Keep up the good reporting Hannity, Tucker and others on Fox news.
    Go my President D. Trump

  7. The little penguin, No Nuts Nadler looked like a fool this week. He couldn’t control a girl scout meeting (Don’t let Bill Clinton know there’s one) say nothing about congress!! He was more interested in getting to the BUFFETT !!!! He is a disgrace to congress and New York State!! he stated years ago that impeaching a president (Pedo Clinton) would ruin the country by dividing it!! What changed from then to now???? Oh, before was a Perverted DemoRat, now it’s a republican trying to save America!!

    • Toad nadler is basking in the disservice to his country. He is a slug with a second-hand gavel from Addled nan. And schiff is the “Liar of the Universe.” Just think, this is what our children see of our government in action! How can we instill honesty and integrity in them when they see every day the nation’s leaders behaving like corrupt degenerates?

  8. Build the wall; voting with photo ID only; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; english language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas; revert to back our $ with gold; cancel the security clearances for all Obama hold overs…. This is what we must do first !!!;

    The US Constitution is the most important document penned ever by human hands (except for the Bible).
    Our founding fathers and their wives spent years of praying; arguing and debating until they came up with this document
    They knew that it was not perfect so the they included article five. Now we have 27 amendments to date. It is a shame that so many people do not know what the constitution means to us, the right it gives to us and what the government can not do.
    That is why I am handing out a pocket version of it to all the people I come in contact with. I also took from Hillsdale Constitution101 and 102 so I can talk to people that are interested and want to know more.
    The pocket version can be obtained from The center for constitutional studies (800 388 4512) ( I buy 100 at atime (at $ 0.40 a piece)

    • Good show and keep it up! it’s long overdue to PROSECUTE the demos for their lying and corrupt politics. No more of this “but it’s all politics!” IT’S ALL CROOKED AND CRIMINAL. SCHIFF AND SO MANY OTHER DEMOS ARE NOT MERELY POLITICIANS, THEY ARE PATHOLOGICAL LIARS AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS!
      VOTE RED!!!

  9. Americans: Just in case any of you think this is new news, think again. As the commander of an investigative unit I was introduced to a young first term senator and an even younger state attorney general way back in seventies. Their names came up as subjects in an international drug trade/money laundering operation along with several folks in the Carter admistration. By the way, in addition to the senator (J. Biden) and the state attorney general (W.J. Clinton) several big names in the international banking world showed up. Nothing came of our investigation (think it was buried in the same grave as one Manual A. Noriega), but a couple of our so called allies had show trails for a couple of the bankers. Don’t loose hope maybe Bill Barr will have more success than we did. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    PS Think Joe and Hunter are good con men? Take a look at Obama’s $65,000,000.00 book dea0l. Guess who pushed through a fantastic federal contract for the same folks backing the book deal within a year of leaving the white house?

  10. Ok so if the headline says this “Huge: Ukranian Official Reveals How Many Criminal Investigations They Have On The Bidens”. I kind of expect to see the answer. We all know they are crooked as heck but comon’ support the headline.

    • In her Sunday evening report, Rion mentioned that Urkanian officials showed her six criminal cases involving either Joe and/or Hunter Biden.

    • JAdams, I just listened to the preceding tape…and the reporter actually reports six cases…against the Bidens. Listen again, you’ll hear it!

    • Is Hag hillary going to make another run? I’ll bet she will have her acting great granddaughter greta tunberg in tow as a mascot and Saul Alenski as her escort. The demos keep moving up and up.

  11. I love several of our House and Senate Republicans but I do not think I will donate any more to their campaigns until I see some real results. They had better step up, investigate, subpoena and prosecute any and all wrong-doers. They had better show very clearly that they back President Trump 100 percent. We have had enough!

    • Hey Bucko. Don’t fault the ones you love. They are not slowing down the government to produce. They need your support.

      I question your word “love”. There is a very old song by Spike Jones. “You always hurt, the one you love”. It goes on to say, “the one you shouldn’t hurt at all”. You should learn from it.

  12. A bus outside the meeting room with armed guards to put them in for lying and treason and put them in jail for the holidays without bail.

  13. Democrats are a giant group of nose picking, booger eating, bottle sucking, diaper shitting tattletales with big itchy butt rashes. In fact, they are THE butt rash of America. They make special creams for that. Trump is gonna cream their asses!

  14. It is far past time that the citizens of this great country wake up and see that the Democrat party is nothing more than an army of domestic terrorists trying to over through our government from inside because we cannot be defeated by a conventional army. It is time we create a defense branch to combat this kind of attack as well.

  15. All politicians should be subject to the UCMJ, just like our military personnel. Not just in DC but all politicians. Anyone that is elected.

    • Nope – they (elected officials) should not be under the jurisdiction of the UCMJ – that should be solely for military members. They should be held accountable for their actions (or in far too many cases inactions) under all applicable city, county, state and federal laws, rules and statutes. Just like all of the rest of us mere mortals. And most importantly, directly accountable – via immediate recall – to the voters who actually elect them. Voter ID would make that a lot more actionable.

    • At the very least any statement made in Public or to the public should be considered to be under oath, UNLESS it is specifically stated with the caution that it is OPINION. There should also be a special circumstance that requires an elected official to step down IF they ever parse and misconstrue a quote or statement of another elected official. Literally these things should be considered RESIGNATIONS.
      This would mean that every elected official would be held to their oath of office with actual criminal prosecution for doing what the dems are doing in asking “experts” in impeachment law questions that are designed to illicit a specific response in opposition to the content and context of the partial quote. This should be a felony in itself.

  16. I’ve watched and listened to all this impeachable rhetoric and see it is so bias and one sided. The Dems state this is our justice system at work. Well even though our justice system is corrupt with judges I have never witnessed such a sham. It is so obvious. I can’t believe that hands are tied not to stop this embarrassing sham against us We the People. I don’t know if we have to wait to vote these people out of office. Again not sure they would be voted out I have witnessed people voted in office that should have never been and the corruption that is factual in our elections and yet it still goes on till this day. The devil is working hard and he also hates to lose. So may God help us all.

    • Vigil Anti is what they have to look behind their backs for for they are breaking the laws and getting away with it but not for much longer.

  17. The only way is to retake the House of Representatives and take the power away from corrupt Pelosi. WE NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE. Let’s put the HOUSE back in the hands of the republicans so President trump can drain the swamp. It has been growing under the democrats.

    • Frankly, I can’t see a problem.
      1. Rudy went to investigate. So what? Who was the President supposed to send: Brennan, Trapper, the FBI lovers? How about Pelosi?
      2. If he sent Bill & Hillary, Bill would be hanging out at school yards and Hillary would try to run for President of Ukraine.
      3. Pelosi has only one thing on her mind for Impeachment. She wants that Air Force jet to transport her to her CA vineyards every weekend like Obama gave her. THE TRUTH BE KNOWN.

  18. Why hadn’t Shillary been prosecuted for even the minimum that’s “beyond a reasonable doubt”…that is, PERJURY UNDER OATH (televised multiple times!!)

    • If I’m not mistaken, the crooked FBI absolved her of wrongdoing before she was ever formally investigated. Then he was fired. I think her free pass from him should have been revoked once he was fired. But, dont worry, I think President Trump is waiting to nail her for bigger crimes. Her past shit is likely nothing compared to what she is gonna get. Obama too.

  19. It is a disgrace that there are people in these United States of America that are trying to destroy or wonderful country. We need to put President Trump back for second term so he can drain the swamp before it destroys us all!!! God bless America!!!

  20. Yes, me too.
    I’m also tired of them getting away with it even as documents, e-mails, video proof come out showing what they are doing.
    The dems always lie it away and drop it and never own up to any thing…..sick of it.

    • Yes a third term and then Donald Jr 8 years….Ivanka 8 years…etc. add all of his 5 children =40 years plus his nine more years and I’ll be dead but happy😉

    • President Trump is actually entitled to an additional 3years of presidency, for a total of 11 years, because of the 3years of the impeachment debacle. Look it up. This was a part of legislation that was brought into legislation during the Nixon impeachment proceedings. It was never utilized because Nixon resigned, thus the legislation has never been rescinded. Cool stuff right there. 8 more years of Trump, I LOVE IT!

  21. Every American needs to watch the election sites in 2020 , Dems will be trying to stuff ballot boxes everywhere. Be on the lookout!

  22. This impeachment crap should have stopped by now, however not that more truth
    is coming out I think that maybe impeachment trial should wait until after the New
    Year. The Democrat’s wanted to ram the whole thing through like they did OBAMACARE, which was a flob, they wanted Trump our by Christmas, that’s failed
    also and the end result will be impeachment will fail as well. After the holidays the
    Senator will be rested up, the house will still be scratching their butt’s and their
    heads trying to find out which is which, Schiff is in the basement counting the
    money Soro’s paid him, he has been pop eyed since receiving the funds. Biden
    is about to stroke out, may not make it through the impeachment process.
    O what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

  23. Treason, Sell Outs , Corruption, Put them all in super max for the rest of there miserable lives . Including that witch of Hilary and her perverted husband , and let’s not forget Obama , another piece of garbage , give our government an enema once and for all

  24. my god,joe biden made a video
    bribing the ukraine officials to fire
    a prosecutor looking into a firm
    who hired his son for his
    Why isn’t this considered a crime
    is beyond any sensible person!
    Are democrats above the law?

  25. The Democrats will scheme, lie, and cheat in next election; to win back power in our Government. Without being in power, they cannot get the big bucks from Lobbyists, Corporations, and Foreign Governments. And we have seen, as under the Obama Administration, they will use the tools of our CIA, FBI, Justice Dept., State Dept., IRS, and EPA to rubber stamp and hide their criminal acts, and regulate us all to death. They will also tax anything and everything.

    Please don’t vote for any Democrats in coming elections. Whether it’s their mismanagement of our Public Schools, their controlled and corrupt Judges, City and County Governments, or State and Federal positions.

    • That goes with out saying but glad you said it. Any Repub is better then the best Dem. No difference in Dems top to bottom.

    • Yea, me too ! These things go on and on in the news but nothing ever happens from Repubs. I’ve been waiting for years for Hillary to be indited and we know she committed felonies proven beyond any doubt. Why isn’t she in jail as Trump promised during debates in 2016? Love Trump but this should have been a priority.


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