Huge: This Insider Source Reveals The Chilling Capacity Google, Twitter Have To Censor All Trump Supporters

(Liberty Bell) – Conservatives have always had an edge on social media.

In the early days of the Tea Party movement, conservative activists leveraged then-new social media outlets to get their message out, push back against the claims of the mainstream media, and organize their now-famous rallies.

It was the birth of a new brand of conservatism, one that wasn’t afraid to speak up and tell the truth that the left-leaning mainstream media wouldn’t touch.

This empowered a generation of activists to stop hiding behind political correctness and stand up for what they believed in, without the filters of the mainstream media.

In 2016, however, the Trump campaign leveraged this new space for conservatives, running effective social media outreach campaigns.

Trump’s supporters, meanwhile, ran circles around their left-wing counterparts, with content creators and influencers building massive followings and providing awesome alternatives to left-wing conformist Hollywood and mainstream media.

It was truly epic.

And the tech giants have been trying to do penance to the Washington DC establishment for letting Trump use social media to propel the campaign to victory ever since.

Their goal?

To make sure that the right no longer enjoys any kind of leverage on social media.

The last three years have been a virtual bloodbath of conservative content online. Countless accounts have been censored, shadowbanned, and even outright blacklisted from the most prominent platforms as Facebook and Twitter seek to undermine how their networks have been used to help spread conservative messaging.

Now, an upcoming bombshell book from Breitbart News’ investigative reporter, Allum Bokhari, exposes the power Big Tech has to completely silence conservatives.

Breitbart explains:

The book, #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election, will be published by Center Street on September 22, and is currently available for preorder. Sources close to Google and other tech giants say the book will “shake the foundations of Silicon Valley.”

One former Twitter and Google employee, who spent over a decade working in Big Tech companies, spoke to Bokhari about the “quality ranking” that major tech companies assign their users.

This secret score, which has eerie similarities to China’s “social credit” system, is used by tech platforms to determine whether their users are a source of value for the company, or whether they are “abusive,” and a detriment to other users.

The source reveals how the term “abusive,” which previously only applied to non-political behaviors like spamming and the posting of obscene content, has been turned into a tool to train AI algorithms to censor the right.

These algorithms are being taught, by Big Tech’s most anti-Trump employees, that “abusive” behavior includes things like “hate speech,” “misinformation,” the posting of “conspiracy theories,” and other behaviors subject to highly political definitions.

The source also alleges that an account’s “quality” score can be lowered simply by following or sharing material from other accounts considered “abusive,” allowing algorithms to censor entire networks of people at the same time.

The insider goes on to explain how these algorithms are being rolled out across multiple tech platforms, and will result in the wholesale suppression of the Trump movement — just in time for the election.


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