Huge: Judicial Shift Places Election Issue Right In The Lap Of Conservative Justices — Can We Expect Victory Soon?

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, justices on the U.S. Supreme Court who are understood to have conservative or originalist leanings were assigned to federal districts that include several key battleground states in the ongoing contested presidential election.

These new assignments were made by Chief Justice John Roberts and are a normal function of the court, according to The Western Journal.

However, the timing is rather interesting, as the Trump campaign is currently pursuing various legal challenges in these key electoral states, some of which stand to have a rather sizable constitutional impact depending on the outcome of these lawsuits.

TruNews Network first reported on the new assignments.

The outlet’s co-host Rick Wiles explained that the justices are assigned to oversee each of the 11 federal court circuits as well as the D.C. Circuits.

As there are only nine justices, some are assigned more than one circuit to oversee.

The justices also have the authority to determine which cases are brought before the full Supreme Court where, if four justices agree, the case is heard in the highest court in the land.

This is in addition to providing oversight to cases brought before the circuit each justice is overseeing.

Is it possible that, considering these battleground states are now within the district overseen by conservative or originalist justices, this could make the Trump team path to victory a little clearer?

This is what Wiles and his co-hosts wondered.

And we sure hope it’s the case.

Here are the specifics:

Justice Samuel Alito, a conservative, will oversee the 3rd Circuit. Battleground state Pennsylvania, where the Trump campaign has focused much of its attention and energy, is in this district.

Justice Clarence Thomas (pictured at top), a conservative, will now oversee the 11th Circuit, which includes Georgia, where ongoing recounts leave the potential for Biden’s lead in the Peach State to be overturned.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s second nominee to the court who is believed to be conservative, is assigned to the Sixth Circuit. Michigan, won by Trump in 2016 but supposedly by Biden in 2020, is in this district. There have been allegations of voter fraud, particularly in Detroit, in this blue-collar swing state.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the newest addition to the court and Trump’s 11th hour third nominee, confirmed just weeks before the Presidential Election, has been assigned to the Seventh Circuit. Wisconsin, another site of questionable election results, is in this district.

The Trump campaign has launched lawsuits or other legal challenges in each of these states, although several cases in lower courts have already been thrown out.

“Do you see a pattern?” Wiles said. “The contested states are now supervised by conservative justices on the Supreme Court. This is not a coincidence.”

“Two are Trump appointees,” co-host Matthew Skow noted.

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  1. I believe by now everyone, both Biden and Trump voters, can see all the corruption within the “Deep State”. Obama and Soros was and is behind the “Swamp”. They were and still are afraid of Donald Trump because he is exposing all the criminal activities they have been committing. All the things they are accusing Trump of doing are actually what they been doing. Ask yourself, how can all these people commit so many crimes and not one prosecution, because all are corrupt and cover for each other, that’s why it is a swamp and Obama and Biden are the chief alligators.

  2. Justice for Trump…will be when the voting corruption By the democrats , is exposed and he has 4 more years in the White House….you just like attention ..that’s why you are trolling this website….your opinions are just as dumb as you are…hopefully, you will wake up from your fantasy soon…because I am sick of your bullshit !!!

  3. Justicefortrump
    It’s obvious You are speaking and working for Satan.
    If anyone on here needs to educate or reprogram themselves it’s you dear!

    • Go back to where your name comes from, some commie country. Trump loves Putin, you could be their slave.

  4. We have lived the last for years under Trump and it been devastating. The world has become so dark since he been in the White House, and I can’t do another four years. Nobody complain when Trump told the people to go vote twice, and now because he lost Michigan, Wisconsin. Georgia, it’s fraud, we the people have rights to choose and vote for the person we want. Not a child stomping his feet because he lost. Get over and act like a grown up instead of a cheater, whining because you loss. The Supreme courts should stay out of it trying to help a whiner cause he 😠

    • trump never said to go vote twice. Everything he has done has been to make America safer, and better than ever befor. everyone is entitled to their own point of view, but the facts do not lie. It is results that count, and there is no room for corruption in the government anymore. Drain the swamp is real.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about….when you are eating out of garbage cans, like the people in Venezuela…it will be too late for America….Trump and the republicans are the only Thing stopping the democrats from destroying this country ….you idiots who can’t seem to see ,what is really happening , ignoring all the democrat corruption….What is wrong with you ??? wake the hell up !!! Trump won this election by a landslide and you know it…the Dems know it !!! that’s why they stole the votes needed to reverse the Trump votes to Biden…We will accept Biden or Harris ….they DID NOT WIN THIS ELECTION !!!

    • You, my friend (idiot), have drank the kool-aide , and I think you must be put in one of the democrats “re-education camps”,

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  5. The CRIME FAMILIES, Clinton, Obama (fraud president), and now Biden,
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    Our Founders knew better than to establish a democracy, a MOB RULE (Tyranny)
    Read: (You may understand why we are not a Democracy but a REPUBLIC.)
    “Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy”.

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  7. Why vote if it’s all a fraud. No way Trump lost to this senile old man owned by China. My God he can’t answer simple questions without getting confused. Excitement for Trump thru the roof. Biden no emotion for him. A complete fraud on the American people.

  8. The Constitution of the United States 🇺🇸 is the law of the land and the Supreme Court is the ultimate legal authority and interpreter of the Founders’ intent when making decisions about the weighty issues of our time! This is just another one of the decisions which SCOTUS from time to time has to make! Let’s hope they make the right decision, one that comes down on the side of President Trump!

  9. What incredible shit, this is just garbage. You should know that even Trump has disavowed the crap that Sydney Powell was shitting. It was too much even for him but not for you apparently.

  10. Thank God! After all the c-r-a-p that the Democrats have thrown at President Trump since the day he was inaugurated, we can’t let them cheat and destroy our voting system just so they can get him out of office. I won’t feel safe again until they declare Trump’s our President for another 4 years.

  11. Thank God! After all the c-r-a-p that the Democrats have thrown at President Trump since the day he was inaugurated, we can’t let them cheat and destroy our voting system just so they can get him out of office. I won’t feel safe again until Trump they declare he’s our President for another 4 years.


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