Huge: Did The FBI Cover Up Clinton Foundation Corruption? Here’s Who’s Looking Into It

(Liberty Bell) – It’s amazing that the Democrats so boldly repeat over and over again that President Barack Obama’s time in the White House saw no scandal.

“Not even a whisper,” as Obama’s Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has bragged.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Obama’s presidency was marred with shouts of scandal and many will remember him not only as a very controversial and corrupt president, but quite possibly the most corrupt of all time.

The Democrats rely on that old Nazi maxim, “if you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough, people will start to believe it,” apparently.

Nonetheless, the scandal was rife during POTUS 45’s time in office, and the crookedness that went on between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and her notorious Clinton Foundation rank right up there as some of the most scandalous.

Now, however, we may learn much more about the lengths the Obama administration went to cover up any corruption.

U.S. Attorney John Durham, who has been tasked with probing the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, is now looking into how the FBI handled their investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to The New York Times.

According to those “briefed on the investigation” who spoke with the times, The Durham’s approach was “highly unusual.”

This seems to indicate that “the scope of his review is broader than previously known.”

Although it is unclear why Durham is looking into the Clinton Foundation investigation, the “charity” is, of course, incensed.

“The Clinton Foundation has regularly been subjected to baseless, politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false,” the foundation declared in a statement.

Durham did not comment on the report.

Yet again we have an example of the two-tiered justice system that has been on display in Washington’s swamp ever since Trump came on the scene (if not much earlier).

The Clintons and the Obamas are above scrutiny, while every move Trump ever makes is put under the microscope.

If the previous administration had been treated the same way the current one was, Clinton and Obama and many others would likely be in prison!

“There was a clear double standard by the Department of Justice and FBI when it came to the Trump and Clinton campaigns in 2016,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said in August.


  1. All I can say is this; the Deep State’s causation, started with Franklin D. Roosevelt but Harry was no in on the important details. DDE slowed it down; JFK was not a party to; he was eliminated and LBJ became heir. RMN went along with it; Ford was an obstacle, Carter was a surprise and Reagan did the most to thwart; the Elitist Bush acquiesced, Clinton was a bumbler but continued and got info on every Democrat and Republican, so it could be used by the Deep State. GWB was an enabler and Trump is the destroyer. Anybody accept Trump, would be an enthusiastic supporter of the Deep State. If that happens,we will lose everything, so when you get to the point where you have to kiss your ass goodbye, make sure it doesn’t stink to high heavens.

  2. Kind of getting tired of investigations, to me they are a waste of time and money.? Of all the investigations being held recently NONE have resulted in any jail time although plenty of evidence has been uncovered. I have very little faith in the justice system.

  3. While I believe 99% of the FBI rank & file are honorable, the Leadership apparently wants to be the manipulator of the Deep State. Clinton, like Obama, became President far from being rich. By the time, they left office they were VERY wealthy. Look at Biden, 40 years as a “public servant” and yet he, and his FAMILY, have MEGA WEALTH! The CF is absolutely a “PAY to PLAY” Front that has undermined the security of the USA while the Clintons became stinking Rich! It’s Treason!

  4. The FBI needs to do there Jobs the Clinton’s and Obama think they are above the Law Hillary needs to be in Prison they all need to be she needs to go because all the thongs she has done and for the 4or 5 People killed in Bonisha or where ever they were at she is very responsible for their Deaths so do your Damn jobs.

    • I am begining to believe that FBI actually stand for FAKE BULLSH_T INVESTIGATION it’s time to clean house and get rid of the phoney agents, maybe put them in jail!

  5. Thousands upon thousands of people will have to die to MAGA, starting with ODUMBO. These Treasonous/Seditious Acts have got to end in ODUMBO being Hung or Shot and his 10,000 closest allies also. I for one can’t wait for November 4th when Trump and Barr put the hammer down on these POS.


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