(Liberty Bell) – Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers took to Twitter in the morning hours of September 9, 2021, to light up the social media site with a bombardment of reactions to the appearance of Seth Keshel, a former Army intelligence captain, and Liz Harris, on the Steve Bannon “War Room” program where they presented the findings from the canvass project that has been going on since last December.

According to Gateway Pundit, Rogers went on to share some of the statistics that were presented by Keshel during her Twitter burst.

“*canvassed two precincts fully & large sections of precincts throughout the county. Interviewed more voters than 75% of towns/cities in America have residents. Sample falls within 95% scientific accuracy for extrapolations,” she tweeted.

“1) Votes Lost of Stolen – not recorded at county level – 173,104 – suggests a large swap-out, discarding, or over-scrutinization of votes, perhaps why it took 10 days to finalize election in Arizona? Similar findings from Matt Braynard’s studies in AZ,” Rogers went on to post.

“2) Ghost (Phantom) votes – non-existent voters with votes recorded – 96,389 – 1 out of 20 interviewed identified at least one phantom voter registered to their address. 3) Voting method does not match official record – Est. 30,000 Examples: *Did not vote, but vote recorded *Voted in person, but mail-in vote recorded instead,” another tweet read.

“4) Liz proposes legislative action 5) 173,104 voted but not record + 96,389 ghost + 30,000 method 299,493 IMPACTED VOTES = 1/7th of the 2.089mm total, and this is the low-end estimate. CONCLUSION: ELECTION IN MARICOPA MUST BE DECERTIFIED,” her post stated.

Rogers is not alone in her call for the electors to be decertified. A state representative and candidate for Secretary of State in Arizona is also demanding a decertification.

The man’s name is Mark Finchem and he tweeted, “WE MUST AUDIT AND CANVASS EVERYWHERE. This fraud has been going on a lot longer than 2020.”

“I am calling it. Between the preliminary audit results and the private canvass, I call on Arizona to decertify the election of 2020 and recall the electors. There is already enough evidence to show clear and convincing fraud. We have a duty to act,” he said.

“Not only do we need a forensic audit of every county in Arizona, we need an official canvass of the election and of the voter rolls in every county in Arizona. If the DOJ wants to obstruct, they can pound sand,” he continued.

“Ghost votes, fantom votes 96,00+ from “mail-in” votes extrapolated from Maricopa #’s. 1 Voter reports got a mail-in ballot every elec since ’12. Ballots returned but counted? How did that get into the system? Data shows while she kept the ballot, it was counted. Where is DOJ?” his post read.

“YOU WERE RIGHT! @RudyGiuliani @JennaEllisEsq So glad we gave you the chance to reveal the corruption on Nov 30, ’20 in PHX. We must send a signal to the People of Arizona that we have the courage to decertify an election that is rife with fraud and reclaim the 2020 Electors,” another post read.

If you are interested in reading the actual report from the canvassing project, you can find it below:

Folks, this is proof that the election was stolen. It’s time to start demanding a forensic audit and canvassing project in every state in this country. Millions of American citizens have had their voices silenced by the left in the previous presidential election.

If we allow the folks responsible for this to get away with it, every future election will be compromised. We cannot let that happen. The left must be stopped. We have the proof. Let’s keep pushing.

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  1. InfraTard members have proven to be semi-illiterate, sadistic serial criminal psychopaths, and the majority of them are also devout Jewhadists.

    They have also proven to be the intellectual equivalent of a tribe of retarded rodents.

    Get out of my life, and go and play with your micro chip implanted trans-dogs or trans-cats. and if you don’t have one, go to the humane society and get one.

    The fact that Jeff Bezos has a plastic mechanical robot dog, shows you the limitations of the micro chips and their inability to overide biological brains functioning and get it to follow commands. Halting functioning is not the same as controlling functioning.

    Stephen Hawking controlled a computer with his brain. The computer did not control Stephen Hawking.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. InfraTard must end! There must be around 90 million people in InfraTard, ( InfraGard ) which includes 23 million federal, state, and local government employees, another 3.2 million university and technical college employees, and at least 180,000 corporations including the media, that have millions of employees, and their mentally incompetent children that cheat their way through college by spying and intellectual property theft, and just retired perverts that are bored with their spouses.

    Ray McGovern pretends to be a whistle blower. But he is a psy-opper, and calls it MICCIMATT, for military, industrial, congressional, corporate, intelligence, media, academia, think tank. He never said that it is InfraGard, because Ray McGovern doesn’t have the balls, because he is too afraid of them. 

    InfraTard has perpetrated a sick, sadistic, crime spree on me including torturing, terrorizing, illegally enslaving by spying on me, and falsely imprisoning me in my own home, break ins, vandalism, hacking with vault7 technology, and blasting me with shortwave radio signals non stop, stalking, gas lighting, false diagnosis, and illegal surgery without my consent or knowledte that it was done to me at the time.

    InfraTards think, well, we can terrorize people into moving and get a
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    InfraGard is a vast, diabolical, terrorist network and an organized
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    Foot note for the semi-illiterate InfraTards:

    All illegal activity is null and void under all NDAs by law. Violating people’s constitutional rights is not only illegal, but are acts of high crimes and treason.

    Andrea Iravani

    • Way to act like 2016 Hillary Clinton supporters! So, not Russian hackers, but DNC hackers. It’s the same damned psy-op, dopes!

      The voting machines can be tampered with. They can be hacked. The ballots can be tampered with. The more absentee ballot voting that takes place, the easier it is for people to tamper with ballots. Trump knew all of this and let it happen, hoping to win the election in the courts. Just because ballot tampering in combination with voting machine tamoering occured, it does not stand to reason that those factors mean that Trump won the election. The Republicans could have done the tampering themselves, knowing that Biden would have won by a small margin, and intentionally increased the margin by which Biden won to claim that the whole election was completely a sham. That is what I believe happened. Trump presided over an economic catastrophe in conjuction with numerous political catastrophies including the scamdemic and the total destruction of liberty. Why in the hell would anyone vote for Trump under those

      Trump’s disasters include:
      1.) The crucifixion of Assange, Snowden, Manning, and Schulte and pardonning of known Israeli terrorists.
      2.) Ending the INF
      3.) Ending START
      4.) Ending the Open Skies Treaty
      5.) Surrounding Russia with Patriot missile systems
      6.) Closing Russian embassies in America
      7.) Requiring Sputnik and RT to register under FARA even though they are news agencies and do not fall under scope of FARA laws.
      8.) Seizing accounts and properties of Russian and Iranian diplomats.
      9.) Repealing the JCPOA which limited Iranian nuclear capabilities.
      10.) Moving the embassy to Jerusalem
      11.) Recognizing more Israeli illegal settlements as Israeli land in defiance of international law.
      12.) The scamdemic
      13.) Operation Warp Speed
      14.) Juan Guaido 
      15.) Trump’s repeated Bay of Piglets disasters in Venezuela!

      Andrea Iravani


      Do you know what else is illegal? Almost everything that Trump did as president, if you doubt me, read the constitution. America will never recover in my lifetime, unless I live longer than Methuselah did, because not only is there systemic corruption in America, but systemic incompetency, systemic psychopathy, systemic apathy, and systemic sadism. There is no solution for that.

      Andrea Iravani


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