How Could Biden Possibly Have Won If Trump Gained Serious Ground Among These Key Voters?

(Liberty Bell) – Over two months later, the people of America are still reeling from the 2020 presidential election that occurred back in November, as we don’t seem to be any closer to getting real closure on who is actually the next commander-in-chief. What’s even more disturbing is the lack of resolution about the reality of voter fraud.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that voter fraud actually occurred, but judges in the courts aren’t taking it seriously and ensuring that each allegation is investigated thoroughly in order to preserve the integrity of the election system. If you just stop and look at the evidence, examine the data that’s been made available to pretty much everyone, and it seems pretty clear that it’s logically impossible for Biden to have won.

A new report by Gateway Pundit makes this point very clear by drawing attention to the fact that Biden actually received a record low number of counties in the US, at 16 percent. Seems pretty darn low for someone who won the election, right?

Former Vice President Joe Biden actually won fewer counties than Barack Obama did. And yet, he has somehow managed to win enough states to get the Electoral College votes necessary in order to become president? Again, the math is not adding up.

A new story published by the NY Post indicates that nationally, preliminary numbers said 26 percent of the Trump’s voting share came from nonwhite voters. That’s the highest percentage for a GOP presidential candidate since the year 1960. That’s a pretty major accomplishment. Something in Trump’s platform must have resonated with nonwhite voters, which flies in the face of the idea that Trump is a racist.

Trump also managed to make considerable gains with large numbers of Latinos and residents of Asian descent. This same pattern was clearly seen in big cities like Chicago and New York, in both California and Florida, as well as along the Texas border with Mexico.

When you look at this raw data, it just doesn’t make senses for Biden to be declared the winner. The only explanation for this is that the Democratic Party stole the election. They are attempting to destroy the integrity of the voting system in America so they can justify a call to move from the Electoral College over to popular vote.

This must not be allowed to happen.

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  1. What’s with all these judges who so easily turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to all the sworn statements by people who were there? Are they in George Soros’ pocket too? No Democrat Party representative is going to stand in front of them and say, “Yes, we cheated, and this is how we did it.” Sworn affidavits (by the hundreds) go beyond mere circumstantial evidence and accusations. Audio and video records back them up.
    Democrats have a decades long history of voter fraud. And this election proves they are getting very good at it. This is our chance to end fraud and return to free and truthful elections, in spite of the Democrats. It’s not supposed to be about power. It’s about us, the American PEOPLE !

  2. These people don’t abide by the law. We have tried fair legal avenues & will try once more. We will not allow fraudulent actions to ever allow China Joe on the WH lawn no less inside it. Whatever it takes, he ain’t goin there.

  3. Democrats want this swept under the rug as quickly as possible because with all the affidavits sworn to under penalty of law that they may not have covered their tracks as well as they had hoped.

  4. Put the Biden family in jail all are thieves and tell them return the huge amount of money the got from colluding with our enemies. If this was President Trump they would have put him before a firing squat along with ALL OF HIS FAMILY news tell the truth for one no more fake news the crooked bidens have got away with this for 50 years sleepy Joe said
    LOOK AT HIS RECORD we did but no one else did to tell the truth

  5. Blatant thievery, corruption occurred and the parties to this will be held accountable. Tainted politicians will have this stain on them through their whole term in office with no respect given to them by the masses. There is no honor among thieves so they will need to watch their backs among their thieving peers.

  6. I’ve simply got to say that it’s difficult to accept that the voting irregularities are being ignored so blatantly. This brings the entire election process into question. So much for non-partisan judges. It simply can’t stand!

  7. No no no it’s a national tragedy we are in a silent war right now for America and it’s freedom bombs of corruption are dropping all around us we must wake up and fight we must join together to fight this take over


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