Hot Mic: Israeli Health Minister Makes Startling Admission About Vaccine Passports

(Liberty Bell) – Those who have not received their COVID-19 vaccines haven’t done so because they don’t want to and there’s no amount of convincing that is going to change that.

Biden’s heavy-handed, overreaching, tyrannical vaccine mandates announced last week are certainly not doing anything to convince anyone to change their mind.

People are ready and willing to lose their jobs over this and rightfully so. We’re all just one jab away from becoming just another statistic. Adverse reactions, including death, are not uncommon with these shots and while they may have FDA approval, they’re still experimental and they’re still dangerous.

Everything going on right now seems focused on coercing the unvaccinated to comply and get vaccinated. Everything is about the vaccine, it always has been. So, it’s no surprise at all to hear the truth about vaccine passports, which New York City has also adopted, as told by Israel’s Health Minister who was caught speaking candidly on a hot mic.

Interestingly, after Israel became one of the most vaccinated nations in the world they experienced an increase in COVID cases and COVID-related deaths. How could that be when they are so heavily vaccinated?

Clearly, the vaccines don’t work. That, however, hasn’t stopped Israel from forcing residents to get vaccinated anyway and they’ve been using their so-called “Green Pass” vaccine passport system to accomplish that.

According to Nitzan Horowitz, that’s the entire purpose of the “Green Pass” as it certainly has no scientific merit or basis.

The Health Minister carried on a conversation prior to a Cabinet meeting but was totally unaware that the entire conversation was being broadcast live on Israel’s Channel 12.

Horowitz told Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked that there is no epidemiological justification for the COVID passport system and that it’s only intended purpose is to coerce the unvaccinated into getting vaccinated.

The Jewish News Syndicate reported that Horowitz said that Israel should lift the requirement that a Green Pass be presented for entry to outdoor swimming pools as well as restaurants.

“Epidemiologically, it’s true,” that they are not justified, Horowitz told Shaked. “The thing is, I’m telling you, our problem is people who don’t get vaccinated. We need [to influence] them a bit; otherwise, we won’t get out of this [pandemic].”

He then acknowledged the vaccine passport system wasn’t even being enforced in most venues.

Israel began the Green Pass system with the “vision” of how the nation could ultimately “leave lockdown.” The country has one of the world’s highest inoculation rates with around 78% of eligible individuals age 12 and older being fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Despite this the country is currently experiencing a tidal wave of COVID infections which has even surpassed previous outbreaks, according to the Health Ministry Director General Nachman Ash.

Not only do the vaccines not stop the transmission of the virus but they are causing outbreaks. It isn’t the unvaccinated people who don’t have the virus, it’s the vaccines which are injecting the virus right into people.

Instead of ending the push for everyone to get vaccinated, however, the country is doubling down on the vaccines. Discussions for residents to start receiving their fourth doses have already started. Israelis aged 60 and over have already received their third dose which started at the end of July.

“Given that the virus is here and will continue to be here, we also need to prepare for a fourth injection,” Israel’s version of Dr. Fauci, Salman Zarka, told Kan public radio.

He said the next booster shot may be modified to target variants such as the highly infectious delta strain even though there is not universal testing for the delta variant or any other variant for that matter.

“This is our life from now on, in waves,” he said.

These “waves” have been caused by the vaccines and as long as the vaccines keep being pushed on Israelis the “waves” will just keep coming.

This pandemic has and always will be entirely manufactured by humans.

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    • A bunch of immature retards running around playing cops and robbers is not going to help this country, especially when they do not even bother following The Supreme Law of the Land, The Constitution. They just look like a bunch of total losers and goons. At what point will they wake up and realize that the they will inevitably face the same fate that the German Nazis did?

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