Horrifying Act Done To Veteran Officer In His Cruiser Has Cleveland Police On Major Manhunt

(Liberty Bell) – Being a police officer is a dangerous job. Those with hearts of steel and guts full of courage undertake this job to serve and protect their local communities knowing a day might come where they do not make it back home. It’s not like they do not know what they are signing up for. Law enforcement heroes are very aware of the risks that come with the job.

However, it’s still horrific when a police officer is murdered, simply because he wears a badge and works in the law enforcement profession. This kind of heinous act is becoming more and more common thanks in large part to the racial division and tension being stoked by the mainstream media that has worked around the clock to paint police officers up to be vicious racists who kill minorities for kicks.

Veteran Det. James Skernivitz of the Cleveland Police Department was killed during a shooting that happened sometime around 10 p.m. Thursday evening as he was driving around in his cruiser.

He is the 34th such death this year.

Via BizPacReview:

Another person, a man reportedly in his 50s who’d been in the police cruiser with Skernivitz, was also killed.

Skernivitz’s car reportedly crashed immediately after the shooting.

As of Friday morning, the suspect remained on the loose, though virtually no information was available regarding how he looked.

From the sounds of it, someone opened fire as Skernivitz was on the road, killing both him and his passenger.

According to The Plain Dealer, police officers “swarmed the crime scene” after the shooting and began “scanning the neighborhood.”

Soon after Skernivitz was transported to a local emergency room.

“More officers came in and out of MetroHealth’s emergency room, along with Williams and Jackson. At 3 a.m., a line of about three dozen police cars escorted Skernivitz’s body from the hospital to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office,” the Dealer reported.

Skernivitz’s death prompted an immediate outcry of grief from local officials.

“Cleveland lost one of its finest tonight in the line of duty. He was doing what all police officers do — trying to protect this city, and he gave his life,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams reportedly said.

“We definitely need the prayers of the people in this city. This officer was out doing what all police officers do, trying protecting the people of this city and he gave his life. So we ask that you give his family a little room.”

Folks, this is beyond tragic. No one who is out there on the streets, working to protect us from the thugs and criminals who’d love to take what we have or to snuff out our lives, deserves to die this way. It’s just not okay. Ever.

Some people might say, “what if he was a bad cop?” Chances are, he wasn’t. He was someone who got to where he was at in his career by being good at his job. He was no doubt hated for simply having a badge. Plain and simple.

There are bad cops out there. They do exist. And they need to be ousted from their positions and held accountable for their corruption. But not at the expense of the good guys.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/09/04/my-heart-breaks-cleveland-police-seek-suspects-after-veteran-officer-was-shot-and-killed-in-his-cruiser-968070


  1. I haven’t seen a definition of “Cruel And Unusual Punishment” — Have You?

    Here is my definition.


    that which


  2. Of course the media (fine people on both sides, btw) are going to pick up and amplify every sensational item to hit the wires. They’re in the business of selling eyeballs when it’s all said and done. But until the ubiquity of the hand held video, reports of deaths at the hands of police were relegated to those the criminal justice system preferred us to see (drug-crazed multiple felon shot while threatening officers….). Until Rodney King’s beat down was captured on VCR, we heard of nothing else. Now hardly a month goes by where we don’t see lives, mainly black, taken with impudence by the very people we authorize to enforce the law. And on account of the stranglehold police unions inflict on their populace, the “few bad apples” appear with frightening regularity on our nightly news. Some of us decry the war on police and their great sufferings but let me share some statistics.

    In 2018, some 686,665 people were employed as peace officers. In 2019, 135 of them died while on duty. And as the author indicates, these men and women knew the risks they took in this most dangerous profession. But hardly the most dangerous. Take elevator mechanics for instance. Their average of eight fatalities per year is one and a half times greater than that of police. Yet while both are paid far above the average worker, only elevator mechanics highly skilled at playing the lottery can retire as early as twenty years after beginning their service. And elevator mechanics kill far fewer of those they protect and serve, with or without swearing a solemn oath.

    And one more thing. Some of you have suggested an Antifa assassin was responsible for this heinous crime. Perhaps you are to be excused. After all, VP Pence made much ado at the Republican National Convention about the officer gunned down in Oakland, while conveniently making no mention that the suspect in the case was a right wing extremist.

  3. Two white supremacists killed 2 cops in CA in June. Read about that. NOT ONE death or murder has been attributed to BLM or Antifa. Go google that instead of looking a these right wing rag sites.

    • Better yet, don’t use heavily ChiCom influenced Google for anything. Change your browser’s default search engine to DuckDuckGo.com and never use the Google search engine again (except maybe for comparison purposes – such as for comparing political hot topic search results from DuckDuckGo.com with the politically manipulated search results you get from Google.com for the same identical searches. Nothing like routinely comparing such results for yourself to illustrate the truth of Google censorship and political misdirection beyond question). Google routinely censors, tracks and snoops on countless Chinese for the communist Chinese party within their country, in exchange for access to their markets, and so they have gotten scary good at such things. What they learn there they try to implement here. Social rating scores that punish those who do not fully follow the party line anyone? Already perfected in China and stating to show up here.

    • BLM started due to a man being shot in Dallas. During the first week of protest a black male shot 5 police and one black woman trying to protect her child. Just because they were cops. 2 of officers were black the others white but that didn’t matter.
      The shooter was taken out using robot and explosives.
      So guess technically BLM didn’t kill the officers but he was part of group that became them. This one I know first hand, there are others I’ve heard of but I am only posting one I am positive beyond doubt is true.

  4. Should the geriatric Biden be elected, don’t count on many people taking a job as a policeman, and you will be soon glad you didn’t rid yourself of any personal firearms. You will soon need it, when the looting starts, so shall the shooting.

  5. I hope they apprehend this monster and tear him limb from limb. I
    want this disgusting piece of putrid dung to suffer like no one has
    suffered before. There is no forgiveness for a coward like this cop
    killer. You know, I have never hated any person or race in my entire
    life and at my age that is a long time. I sided with those being treated
    unfairly and I did not feel any sense of discrimination. However of late, I have
    begun to hate and it is not only to looters, arsonists, murderers, and cowards on
    th streets but the asinine little white elitist who don’t know their heads from their ass. The kids who don’t have a clue what any of the black community have suffered since
    they have been given everything they wanted. They just were too lazy to question
    what they have been taught in school and by parents who are as ignorant as they
    are. I think I dislike them even more than the anarchists and Marxists who hate everything but because they are just plain stupid little twits.

  6. There are more cops killed than white cops killing blacks (and most of the blacks had weapons ). If you are a cop in any of those loser Demo. cities, my advice is to retire and get the hell out and let the city rot. Most of all, I wouldn’t protect the moron mayor or gov. of that state. There are plenty of states that respect cops and you wouldn’t have to worry about being killed or your food spit in. GET OUT AND SAVE YOUR SELF.

  7. We paint all those who are killed by police officers as Saints even when they have a criminal rap sheet a mile long. Then people attack anything and everything to display what they call anger to those getting killed.People now run out and kill and loot and burn and claim justice for others that lived the criminal life. Then millions of dollars are donated to the families of the criminals they helped raise. Sad days are coming and you can thank those that promote this violence and then like those committing it blame others for the terrible acts.Place the blame where it belongs and that seems to mostly be on the criminals and media and the lefts constant promotion of any and all the things that are happening.Are there bad cops ? YES But sad to say their are more bad people that run rampant on our streets now. IMHO

    • Excellent post. I feel the same. Our country’s laws are upside down due to the lefts NEED to gain back POWER! I can’t believe how Corp. America, NFL MLB NBA ETC standing strong, donating millions to the ones rioting our towns, they themselves cold stone killers! BURNING DOWN ENTIRE TOWNS, & KAMALA HARRIS on Natl TV SAYS THIS IS A MOVEMENT & WE’Re not going to STOP! Come on! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? CIVIL WAR HAS STARTED, it’s going to be HELL for us for a while.

  8. Antifa is now using ambush tactics,…time to clean the rifles,check ammo supplies,and get things ready. Be forewarned antifa…when you least expect it, the last thing you’ll hear is that high pitched buzz—then your world ends! America is fighting back!!

    • Don’t warn antifa be ready to use their tactics to defend yourself and your country.
      Also start compiling a list of all the collaborators political and media.

    • Go, go, go. The people doing this Seem to think that the rest of the world as cowards. Not so, just get ready to crawl back in your holes. When you lest expect it, BAM

  9. These kind of crimes against our law enforcement should carry the punishment of a life/death sentence. This law enforcement of our citizens is how this country works and our Constitution is supported along with our faith in God which dictates or conscience. If there is no punishment that is great this will go on and on. Republicans and Democrats must stand for our law enforcement who protects this country and its citizens. Many of them have her security detail and if they refuse to support ours, law enforcement, then they should not be allowed to have and security paid for by us the citizens.

    • Life or death sentence? It’s past time to stop screwing around with these Marxist punks. Death sentence only! And not with some sissy lethal injection. HANG THE TRASH!!


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