Hillary Clinton Is Still Complaining About Donald Trump, But What She Just Said About His Coronavirus Relief “Stunt” Is Insane

(Liberty Bell) – It’s pretty hilarious that the left clutches their pearls over their own imaginings that President Donald Trump will refuse to vacate the Oval Office come Inaguration Day 2021 should he fail to win the November election.

Because their candidate in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has refused and fought tooth and nail to accept the results of that election to this very day, and will no doubt be babbling about her historic failure and her sundry criticism of literally everything Donald Trump ever done until she breathes her last breath.

Now, the former Secretary of State is claiming that the Presiden’ts executive actions on coronavirus relief are a “stunt” aimed at distracting from the work Americans need to be doing to get through the crisis.

Which, according to Democrats, is completely dismantling capitalism and law enforcement and diverting funding to radical, Marxist policy proposals that have literally nothing to do with the coronavirus crisis.

“It’s a stunt. There’s no doubt about it,” Clinton told MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Sunday.

“It’s most likely, as even Republican senators have said, unconstitutional, bypassing the Congress, trying to spend money that he has no authority to direct. But it’s also meant to be a big diversion from the hard work the Congress should be engaged in to provide the kind of relief that tens of millions of Americans need,” she continued.

Really? Because the Democrats are working so hard to make sure that Congress makes things happen right now?

Trump was forced to resort to executive action because Clinton’s party members on Capitol Hill refuse to negotiate with the Republicans or the President on actually getting relief to Americans!

Clinton went on to declare that, by signing the order, Trump “sent a signal to voters that … if you were, unfortunately, unlucky enough to have him be president again, you can watch what he is going to do to Social Security and Medicare. And it’s going to hurt not just elderly Americans but every American.”

Clinton also discussed the potential running mate for presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

Just the News notes:

Clinton also discussed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s choice for his running mate, saying he has many good choices among those said to be under consideration.

She said Biden “has to have somebody that would be ready to be our president, somebody that he wants to work with and somebody who can help him win,” adding he should take his time in making the decision to think about all the factors.

Clinton stressed, however, that most importantly, “people have to understand that we are up against a wanna-be authoritarian who has already hurt our country, our institutions, our rule of law, has already scapegoated so many different groups of people. We just have to defeat Donald Trump. And we all have to do everything possible to make that happen.”

This is exactly what genuine psychopaths do.

They project.

This woman is one of the most notoriously corrupt politicians in US history whose agenda has long been to increase the state and who has, throughout her and her husband’s entire career in politics, been accused of using the state to increase her own piggybank, whose presidential campaign has long been accused of being involved in the greatest political scandal in US history in which a sitting presidential administration used political opposition research as intelligence to spy on her rival candidate…need we go on?

She’s definitely not lying about how desperate she and those of her ilk are to beat Trump in 2020, just as they were so desperate in 2016 that they weaponized the federal government’s intelligence aparatus to try to defeat him.


  1. How did we miss having the IRS examine/audit the Clinton Foundation that totally allowed them and Princess Chelsey to a life of luxury until such time as Hillary was finally disconnected from the U.S. Government and could no longer peddle influence and the disclosure of Slick Willy dealing with underage girls with his buddy Epstein. Such good friends and company that the Clinton’s maintained in their inner circle. Interesting. Further it is interesting that Hillary was so educated that she forgot her high school and law school classes in the study of federal government as it relates to the election of the President of this country through the use of the Electoral College.

  2. Trump fixed the election with GOP operatives and the Russians, still had 3 million fewer votes which he still whines about.

  3. The President surely DOES have the authority to ‘reallocate funds’ with an executive order. What was passed in the prior bill has NOT been used up, and there are still billions sitting in state coffers that can be accessed, or reallocated. His order directed the states to use those funds as part of his strategy to keep Americans afloat.

    Hitler-y is nothing, and knows it. Hating Trump is all she has. I’m sure she only goes on these lame talk shows because all her friends have better things to do, and don’t see any profit in being near her any longer.
    The talk shows she keeps appearing on are also lame, with very low ratings. The only reason we see anything about it (her) is for those outlets needing controversial tidbits, desperately seeking ratings by any means necessary; even at the point of advertising on a competitor’s platform.
    The Clintons claim to fame was obtained by the boatload of illicit cash from under-the-table-dirty-dealings they no longer have access to. They are desperate for income to sustain the over-rated lifestyle.
    You will notice Slick-willy Bill and Hitler-y are rarely seen together in public? They don’t even live together unless a camera is present.
    Wonder if after Trump is re-elected, will there be a few Clinton yard sales?
    Will Chelsey be liquidating estates to pay legal bills?

  4. Over 30 years living in USA Was on green card most time 29 years .Voted Trump last election & glad I did .Cant believe how crooked democrat party has become .Need to reelect Trump this year .

  5. …… She screeched with hatred, ignorance, stupidity, and loathing for the United States all etched irreversibly into her frightening and hysterical visage all of which are much
    the same as her evil twin, Nutsy Bellicosi, d/ca and Screecher Of The House. Sincerely, Bill

  6. “When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks in a mirror, she blames President Donald Trump for what she sees.” Mirror Quote

    ‘When the far left looks in a mirror, they blame President Trump for what they see.” Mirror Quote

  7. Pay attention to her words, we have to do everything possible to defeat Trump. Well we know she means even illegal things like they did in 2015 and 2016.

  8. Hillary Clinton and all who think like she does constitute a terminal cancer on the human soul! The only hope for a complete and comprehensive recovery is a thorough excision of ALL Democrats from positions of political power at ANY level of government – Federal, State, and local! Only then will any semblance of sanity be restored in the land!

  9. What we need is a Law that keeps Clinton off social Media, tv or make any public appearance. She should be in prison for Treason (Benghazi), selling Uranium to Russia, for Murder ( by assassination ) stealing tax payers Money, for fake charity ( Clinton For them Foundation ) only 10% goes to charity the rest goes for operation costs mostly in their pockets, their are many more crimes. They don’t even count the crimes of billy which are just as many. They both should go to their Comrades in Russia or is she still mad at them for not getting her illegally elected.

  10. The problem is she is just saying what the democrats are trying to do. The want to destroy our freedom system an our Constitutionn and move to world government etc. Please people, see through them and see the destruction that they are allowing which will only magnify a million times over. Satan is in charge of their hearts which are as black as can be. Think about it. Would normal faith filled people allow this destruction and this hatred? The answer is “Of course not”. Think how you want your children to live. May God Bell Us and heal or country.

  11. And there it is the stupidest thing I’ve read all day. Considering the source I am not surprised. Why hasn’t some one put a ball gag in this womwan’s mouth to prevent her from spewing her BS?

  12. She’s a mean spirited, nasty , vile woman who I hope can finally remain erect as opposed to being held up by security or tripping up or down steps. Talk about holding a grudge!There is nothing worse than a woman SCORNED & Hilary & Pelosi proove my point.Their hate is consuming them from within like a cancer. They have been in Gov.t way too long & it’s time to say sayonara .The Democratic Communist Party should just purge them from their party.


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