Hilarious: Leftists Who Have Been Lied To For Years Find How Easy It Is To Order A Gun On The Internet

(Liberty Bell) – I hope we can look back on this era as the time of awakening in our country.

For leftists, at least, many of whom are realizing first-hand just how much security a firearm can bring…and how much insecurity not owning one can also bring.

They’re also finding out the hard way that they’ve been lied to for years.

In July of 2016, Barack Obama addressed mourners in Dallas after several police officers were gunned down by a deranged Black Lives Matter activist.

“It is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer or even a book,” Obama outrageous, erroneously told the crowd.

Unfortunately, while anyone who has ever tried to purchase a firearm knows this is absolutely untrue, millions of leftists bought this line hook, line, and sinker, as they have all the other bogus claims made by gun-control-crazed Democrats.

Many of these millions of leftists out there are suddenly quite concerned for their family’s safety, and find themselves in a state where a law-abiding citizen has to jump through hoops to purchase a firearm (but not a computer or a book).

Omaha Outdoors reported:

First came the panic buying of hand sanitizer. Then, people panic bought toilet paper. Now, food shelves are emptying and firearm and ammunition sales are through the roof. The COVID19 outbreak might be bad for the stock market, but it’s certainly been a boon for very specific sectors of the economy. The gun industry, used to such boom/bust cycles, knows how to respond – but other sectors might not be so acclimated.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we’ve been inundated with inquiries from out-of-state folks – many from California – asking if we can ship them a gun directly. The answer is, of course, no. Despite what politicians and many in popular media claim, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped to your house. Well, you could, if you were a federally licensed firearm dealer (or federally licensed curio and relic collector) and your home was your place of business. Other than that, no, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped, especially across state lines, to your home.

What you’ll need to do to buy a gun from us is order it on our online store and select an FFL, a federally licensed firearm dealer, during the online checkout process. We ship the gun to the dealer near you – presuming the firearm and its accessories are legal in your area – and you visit the dealer to fill out the required ATF Form 4473 and undergo the federal and any applicable state background checks. Some states might require a waiting period – sure to be a sore point at a time when people feel the need for a gun to protect themselves NOW. Only then can you take your new firearm home.


  1. I agree with the notion that politicians lie. And with people like Obama and Biden and all the scumbag Clinton family with more skeletons in their closets than a medical lab or a serial killer who liked to keep his projects at home, we’ve seen a near total lack of integrity and honesty in politics and our government. They spew nothing but lies, false truths and just bullshit their way through every speech they make. They’ve resorted to putting on a show and using social media to bully and ruin their opposition. They’ve all become 12 year old drama queens and it’s painful even listen to them speak.

    And it’s ironic that gun grabbers are often rich celebrities or wealthy business people who live in exclusive gated communities and are protected by others who carry firearms. What’s even more aggravating is how actors are trained by former military specialists or the best of the best in the shooting arts while they claim the average person doesn’t need a firearm and isn’t responsible enough to have one. Basically the rich and famous feel they are entitled to greater safety and protection than us common people.

    Many people keep saying to look at Venezuela as the model of failure for socialism and also as a prime example of what happens to citizens when they’re right to own firearms is taken from them. Some people never learn not to place their hands on a hot burner until they actually burn their hand off.

  2. BOTTOM LINE: Gun control is really people control. Government is not concerned with public safety, and dictators have always feared an armed citizenry. Our Democratic Party demon government has a rapacious appetite for confiscating firearms. What evil do they have in store?

  3. In their hysteria, the snowflakes seem to forget that they don’t really need a gun. All they need to do is call 9-1-1 and everything will be just fine. Their stockpiles of Twinkies (or Ding Dongs) and toilet paper will be perfectly safe.

    Besides, when a snowflake in Panic Mode opens fire on Ding Dong grabbing home invaders, everyone in the apartment — and in the adjacent apartments — will die EXCEPT the home invading thief who ran off with a roll of TP in one hand and a Ding Dong in the other.

  4. The moral of this story is “Do your research. Don’t take what a politician
    says as the rule of law”. Politicians lie and then they will lie again
    depending on who they are. Regardless, check what they say to see
    if they are scamming you with half-truths or full out lies. The same goes for your media. Before you believe anything that CNN or MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media say, check their statements. I bet you will find they have given you half the truth or left out the rest of the statement or story, or they just plain out lied to you. The Left is aware you are too lazy to check what they say. It is time the people on the Left wake up and re-examine what they are told and figure out what they are being lied to about and who is lying to them.

  5. Full of shit Communists are now fearing for their safety.They should thought about all that when they were pushing GUN CONFISCATION.

  6. It’s great that Anti-Gun, Anti-2A dipshits are getting a reality check on Firearms Ownership. My question is Who’s going to teach them how to use it? You’ll shoot your eye out kid. DOH!!

    • That’s A Possible Way To Help Rid Our U.S.A. Of Some Of These IDIOTS , Let Them Learn Far, FAR, Away From Us !!!

  7. Its not really that easy, first you have to pass a background check, could take up to 30 days. This for a Law-abiding citizen. You will need to find a gun dealer with a FFL. they will charge you for doing this. Pick out the gun you want. The gun will have to be sent to the gun dealer. The gun will have to be a legal gun. If you have passed the background check, you now pick up your gun. The gun price + dealer fee+shipping+taxes, and of course this is for a LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN. Criminals don’t do this. So its a little hard for the law-abiding citizen, but a criminal does not care. This is why it does not help to make gun laws, because the criminals don’t go by the gun laws.

  8. Anti gunners still blame an inanimate object instead of the human weilding the object.

    Logic missing from these people.


    • Love your passion, Jeanni!

      Yeah, guns don’t go off by themselves… but leftists do!

      Always remember, the Marxists/socialists/communists/progressives/globalists/leftists/etc., etc., aren’t concerned with saving lives [other than their own, of course]. Their objective is to seize and maintain power. Period. Hard to rule over a few hundred million armed patriots who disagree with being called comrade and forced to work for Big Brother. They can’t take away all the cars until there are enough public transit vehicles to make sure every comrade can get to the factory on time. So, guns are OUT and cars are IN. 🙂

    • Phillip, my friend, never look for empathy in a PSYCHOPATH nor logic in a LEFTIST. You’ll never find any.

      I have come to believe that many of those who drift toward leftist ideologies do so not because stupidity is so appealing, but because rational thinking is so alien to them and lies beyond their mental abilities. Anyone who is capable of rational thought processes will see leftist ideology for what it is and will never embrace it. It’s why those on the right are typically calm and analytical, and those on the left are usually screaming and lashing out; they can only tap emotional thought processes to guide their actions. Those of us on the right have emotions, of course, but we also have reason. We get to decide, where leftists only have one option available to them.

    • I blame my pencil and the test paper for any and all bad scores I got on tests. Time to ban pencils and paper. Might need to include pens and computers also.

    • Warriorcrow,

      The Leftist mentality or thought process never moves beyond that of the average middle school student.

  9. We all knew this moment would come eventually. Does my heart good to watch these idiots finally realize they’ve been lied to by their “saviors”! And WE might actually be the good guys, how many of em have asked you to sell em a gun?😱

    • I still remember when Liberal acquaintances of Charlton Heston (God rest him) asked to borrow guns from him during the Rodney King riots. They complained that they had to wait 5 days to complete their purchase. He responded: “Well, you voted for that.” I LOVED it!

  10. Many will find out that if a dealer even wants to bother to ship to their CA FFL dealer, they might find the type of gun and size of magazines will be disappointing. Then, they will have to wait 15 days after it gets to their FFL dealer. Lots of “woke up” folks, then.

    Reminds me of a guy in 1999 at a pawn shop getting his gun out of hock, and told that there was a 3-day waiting period. He was furious, because it was “my gun!” I asked him if he voted for Clinton, and he said yes, and I said “Well, there you go.”

    • It is “only” a ten day wait for California to perform its own version of a background check. (Used to be $25, but I think it just went up.) But you have to have a Firearms Safety Certificate ($25 and a multiple choice test) and perform a gun safety check before the dealer will allow you to leave the store. Oh, and pay sales tax plus the transfer fee. A dealer will typically charge between $75 and $100 to perform the transfer. So that could be $150 on top of the cost of the gun, plus tax.
      The only gun legally shipped to your door is a black powder firearm.

  11. And to think , the FFL , started by one guy who lived in Russia, bought a gun ,via the mail , ALLEDGEDLY shoots a President , and then we ALL have to pay the Price.

  12. They can do it legal and get the gun from a licensed dealer, or, they can take the chance of getting robbed, or caught by the cops and just buy a gun from their friendly neighborhood gangbanger thug. Seems no matter how many hoops and how many restrictions and regulations the law abiding have to deal with, the criminals still get all the guns they want. Funny how that works. The criminals just won’t play by the rules. And the left seems to think they can just make 1 more law and crime will just disappear.


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