Here’s Why Democrat New Orleans Mayor Thinks Trump Is To Blame For Outbreak In Her City

(Liberty Bell) – During a Thursday appearance on CNN, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell blamed the federal government for giving her “no red flag” ahead of the coronavirus outbreak in their city. Passing the buck to Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CDC for not advising her to stop the Mardi Gras celebrations out of fears over the novel virus.

She claimed that these agencies follow the “response of our national leader,” who Cantrell accused of not taking the situation seriously enough.

“Experts say, Mayor, that the Mardi Gras celebrations at the end of February in New Orleans may have actually played a role in accelerating the spread of this virus. More than a million people came to your beautiful city at the time. We are showing some video of that right now,” host Wolf Blitzer presented to her. “At the time, Mayor, did you have any guidance from health experts on the potential risk of coronavirus?” he asked.

Cantrell replied, “Well, you know that the city of New Orleans as it relates to Mardi Gras, we plan Mardi Gras as a year-long effort. Around a part of our unified command is the federal government. Homeland Security, as well as the FBI. So in reaching out, meaning my health directors and public safety officials, every step of the way consulted with federal partners as well as the CDC in reference to COVID-19.”

“The federal government did not issue any red flags and, therefore, we moved forward with federal agents being a part of our unified command on the ground,” she continued. “And with the first time the city of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we’re at a rating that was an improvement given to us by the federal government. So every step of the way, the federal government has been partners with us with Mardi Gras. No red flags were given. So absolutely, we moved forward.”

Blitzer followed-up, saying, “Yeah, you certainly did. I’ll ask you the same question I asked your governor yesterday with hindsight. We are all obviously a lot smarter with hindsight. Do you think Mardi Gras could or should have been closed this year?”

Cantrell said, “Well, if red flags were given at the federal level, leadership matters. So while I was the first in the state of Louisiana to stop social gatherings, I had to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. All hell broke loose when I did that. It was necessary, giving the data, allowing science to lead us. It does matter. We rely on the facts to make decisions for the people that we serve. Given no red flags, we moved forward. In hindsight, if we were given clear direction, we would not have had Mardi Gras, and I would have been the leader to cancel.”

Blitzer said, “I know, I guess reports are within a week or two after Mardi Gras, all of a sudden the cases started emerging in Louisiana. Obviously, that’s very disturbing.”

He added, “You are saying no one from the federal government came to you and urged you to at least can sell or postpone Mardi Gras?”

Cantrell responded, “That’s absolutely correct. And not only that, it was backed up with the response of our national leader. When it’s not taken seriously at the federal level, it’s very difficult to transcend down to the local level in making these decisions. But when the experts told me that social gatherings would be an issue, I moved forward with canceling them, as well as St. Patrick’s Day parade, as well as our Super Sunday, where our Mardi Gras Indian’s parade, the suits that they’ve made, all year long, so this is something that not only concerns us, but it sets the tone for how leadership matters at every level of government in the United States of America, where mayors on the front line.”


  1. She is so Stupid, Everybody knows that she only wanted the Money that fools spend. She is responsible for half of the USA problems with the Virus. People like her should be held responsible for their actions. Vote all Democrats out of office, put them all in Prison. Vote Trump 2020 and republican Forever

  2. “Esse Qyam Videri” “To be , rather than seem to be.”
    “Wer wird die wachen selbst bewachen”? “Who will guard the guards, themselves?”
    “Schwein” ,”doofaarka” ,”khinzer” “Nguruwe” and in English, “Pig”.
    This is the black version of AOC .

  3. Old rule says it is always better to keep your mouth shut and leave them guessing the level of your stupidity than opening your mouth and proving it
    Thanks for proving it, yet another CoVidiot Guv

  4. The second I heard about the Chinese virus I knew the idiots would eventually blame our President for any and every related issues.

  5. In case new Orleans hasn’t noticed the witch hunt against the president or the liberals in charge of the DOJ they might also have missed the warning about the corona virus intentionally and who was actually responsible.
    I support president Trump and I’m gonna vote for him again.

  6. Here’s what I know about her. She made a stupid, unfounded comment, NOT A FACT, which proves to me she is a feckless moron that should not hold the office of a sanitary engineer (janitor) because that job is much to cerebral for her ability, in my humble opinion!!

    • Also, blaming the president for the coronavirus, in your city, is or should be an embarrassment not only to your city but to your state for your lack of involvement concerning the coronavirus. As publicized throughout the media worldwide, I am surprised you didn’t pick up something on how infectious this virus was/is. Better yet, how could you NOT know how deadly this virus is? No, Mardi Gras should have been canceled by YOU! You didn’t do that, though. Wow! It appears the sole responsibility falls solely upon your shoulders!

    • That is the modus operandi of a democratic public official… be told what to lead by the government. And that is why their democratic sh—hole cities are exactly that… sh—holes!!

      Do you think this mayor was elected for her half a brain cell? She’s a token figurehead, elected only because she’s a black democrat.

    • That is the modus operandi of a democratic public official… be told what to lead by the government. And that is why their democratic sh—hole cities are exactly that… sh—holes!!

      Do you think this mayor was elected for her single brain cell? She’s a token figurehead, elected only because she’s a black democrat.

    • Right but it always comes back to the voters, the people. When enough are so stupid they’ll vote for something like her, the Right side of America had better put on their adult clothes and vote Right, no matter what. And take over some MSM outlets to get the truth out to all Americans. Oh sure, and not vote in the weak rinos either, or almost the same shit happens. Sadly, I suppose all that is too much to expect so we live closer and closer to socialism, communism, and fascism. And, of course, we complain ad nauseam. And we watch and listen to hours of complaining, ie:talk radio and we feel righteous.Because it’s such an easy thing to do. And the left beat goes on. Hope you’re keeping well.

  7. Canceling the Mardi Gras would have cost local city businesses millions. If Donald Trump had recommended it, she would NOT have canceled it.

    She knows it. Mr. Trump knows it. Even the Democrats know it. Everyone reading this knows it.

    Most of you have already called her names she richly deserves. I won’t add to the list.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  8. Not sure missy but I think that title you carry makes you the SAFETY KEEPER OF YOUR HOMEFRONT…SO STOP THE BLAME GAME

  9. She had calls to and from the governor also I’m going to say. Trump talked with the governors of all states about this, so if she held this drink fest she had info from her government leaders. If the governor didn’t tell her to cancel she should have taken the initiative and cancelled. Guess she didn’t want to make anyone mad at her, pass it on to POTUS everyone else does, but he is awesome!!!! TRUMP 2020

  10. Md. Mayor, if you saw fit to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day parade (Mar. 17th) why would you not cancel the Mardi Gra celebrations? The only reason I can think of is$$$$ because it brought in all the people to spend money in the restaurants along with drinking that went on.
    The parade, was one thing but, Mardi Gra is another, again it relates to money, and your restaurant owners along with bar/tavern owners would not stand for it. And so, you know what other major cities are going through. Take responsibility and own up to it. Or are you like the gov. of New York, when is first mentioned by this president that he was thinking of quarantining New York? parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, and the good gov. New York State said, “ I don’t think he can do that.” You would have said the same thing if he did this New Orleans. Take the responsibility for a bad decision.

  11. What a politician this one is. With the economic impact Mardi Gras has on New Orleans, and I was previously the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Meredien hotel, she wouldn’t have cancelled it with everyone on the planet, telling her two or three weeks in advance to cancel it.

    👈👉. Point fingers. Throw the blame on Trump. Common sense, should trump (no pun intended), being responsible for cancelling it, as she would be responsible. The results, those affected and sadly deaths, are all on her.

    • The feds have only the powers given to them. The rest of the powers are given to the states. How come everytime a local or state official makes a bad decision the start blaming the feds?

  12. Put on your Big woman drawers, and act like a mayor, your to blame, not the Government or the President. If you can’t make a decision you should resign.

  13. As he “Mayor” and so-called leader in New Orleans, you should have had the “common sense, without prodding from any other Federal Agency to CANCEL MARDI GRAS YOURSELF.

  14. President Trump announced a national declaration of emergency way ahead of the Mardi Gras! Schools and not vital to the public, many businesses were told to shut down. Then WHO declared a world wide emergency and unless, she watches a different TV or reads a “true news” newspaper, she had so many red flags and would have not been able to give the go to this festival. Your were put in office to take care of your city/state and money was more important then the wellbeing of the residents! Shame on you and other “leaders” for not taking responsibility for your OWN action. My heart goes out to the sick and their families.
    I remember when there was this huge hurricane and people were unable to seek save ground. A young teenager took school buses and tried to help. Many will remember your incapability in November! People of this state, vote for leader that know how to lead ! God have mercy on the USA!

    • Check your facts. Trump declared a national health emergency on March 13. Mardi Gras was more than 2 weeks before that

    • The Trump administration declared a “public health” emergency in late January. That designation, technically made by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, made it easier for states to redirect staff responding to the virus. The announcement was made in tandem with a quarantine order for U.S. citizens returning from hard-hit areas of China.

  15. Her and all the other dumbacrats are the same, the only reason they have such a crappy outlook on everything is they have their heads so far up their butts that’s all they can see!!

  16. That idiot mayor must be related to Maxine Waters. The 2 of them together couldn’t be smarter than a box of rocks. THE DO NOTHING DEMOCRAPS STRIKE AGAIN!!!

  17. She was elected to be the LEADER of a major US city….sorry loser, you blew it. You were the wrong candidate. It will be interesting to see if the NO drones re-elect this jerk. Hi

  18. Passing the blame – the buck, which should have stopped with her…this POS should, along with Peloser, jump in a lake – preferably that lake of fire….

  19. Passing the buck when the Mayor should OWN the buck. All she is doing is showing people what a bottom feeder she truly is. All of these so called leaders need to grow up. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Take responsibility for your actions and act like an adult. If not, resign!

  20. Enough with the pompous party crap already!! We are all connected and share the blame equally (though most will never admit that), and the only way through this is staying aware of our own individual selves responsibility to the whole. You keep on with anger and i have to wonder why you would waste precious time and energy pointing gingers and name calling?? Until you stand in another’s shoes you have zero to say because you don’t have any idea what you would do in the moment. Stay safe, stay home, save lives… Common sense decisions are imperative. PEACE BE WITH US ALL.

  21. Oh Great, another fart-catching(follower) democrap governor blaming the POTUS for her
    incompetence and irresponsibility.

    • Agreed typical do nothing Democrat wants to blame her incompetence on everyone else because she is an idiot !!!
      Get her the hell out of their because she will fail again and again !!!! She is a loser !!!

  22. After hearing New Orleans Mayor Cantrell pleading with the residents to follow the guidelines on the virus, it reminds me when former Mayor Nagen pleated with the residents to evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina. We know the outcome with +1000 lives lost. This outcome will probably have the same statistics. Apparently the residents are still not following the guidelines for social distancing with having second line parades, playing football and basketball in large groups. When will they learn?

    • Agree, I was down there as part of relief and disaster teams after Katrina. Two weeks later with marshall law armed platoons of soldiers patrolling, disease filled flood waters still covering most f he place and there were still people hiding in place. Heck I just got a scratch I would normally write off and was made to go to aid station for injections of antibiotics and tetanus due to what was in those waters and coating everything where the waters receded. Then they blamed FEMA and fed government for not making them leave or understand the severity of Katrina before the storm hit.

  23. This woman exemplifies “stupid!” She is criticizing the President for a “lack of leadership?” Hey, moron, you are the MAYOR, i.e., the “LEADER” of New Orleans. Take some initiative and lead. Even an idiot knows that if a fire starts, you don’t through gasoline on it to put it out! Well, except in your case!

    • Right on. Leadership comes at all levels and it is apparant that L.O. Mayor may not be a very good leader at her level.

  24. It seems increasingly obvious that, from the perspective of the Dems, the Republican party exists as a scapegoat for the mismanagement by the left. The leftist base requires little from their leaders, and yet they continue to fail miserably due to poor judgement and a seriously flawed ideology.

    “blame others”. She has no leadership qualities, and 3,4,& 5 year olds do the same “blame game” because they do not know better. The people of Lousiana voted for her, so they can now claim responsibility for her ignorance and lack of any leadership. The US government had “absolutely nothing to do with her ignorance”, but she did. As said, maybe New Orleans does not need her.

    • She is the Mayor of New Orleans, but and yes they voted her in office, I’m guessing since it was described as a NOVEL virus, no one took it seriously. I’m sure it was like herding cats to get people, bent on partying, to isolate. I don’t make excuses, I just wish we ALL had paid more attention to the flares, not the flags.

  26. The scumbags on CNN report all this bullshit your the F mayor take care of your city my mayor is a scumbag democrat we have sanctuary city he’s useless 💥

    • Democrats never fix the problem they simply fix the blame manufacture the problem because Democrats never miss an Opportunity for fundraising or political staging

  27. There is no question that Mardi Gras is one of the most important times in New Orleans and has been for many years. Once the threat of the continuance of the coronavirus has passed, the event will rise to importance again and people worldwide will celebrate with the residents at the start of Lent.

  28. Let get this straight,,,,the mayor cancelled St Patrick’s Day and some other events, but continued with planning and letting Mardi Gras be celebrated. Now, if she cancelled the other events, why did she let Mardi Gras continue. Also, with all of the information at her fingertips, why is the president responsible for her city? If the president is supposed to be responsible, then a mayor isn’t necessary. Yet, as was mentioned in early responses, almost all of the cities run by democrats are falling apart., Look at Balitmore, San Francisco and Chicago to name a few.

  29. I am from New Orleans and it was the most amazing city in America when I was young. These Democrat governors and mayors are ruining every city they represent. Just look at the cities that have homeless and filth and you will find a Democrat leader. San Francisco was another amazing city when I was young…. is Nervous Nancy doing anything to clean up San Francisco. She is worth over $600 million I hear, do you think she is helping her city… just go there and you will see how much she cares.

    • You are 100% right these evil demoncrats destroy everything this is how they like it and then they try to blame it on the POTUS.

    • Democrats do not care about anything!!! Only to destroy this country and it’s people !!! Every district they represent is a shit hole !!! They want power and money and could careless about America!!! 🤬🤬

    • Layota, you are so dumb. How in the world did you get elected. Surely the people won’t vote for you again. You are a stupid Governor. How did the President do this. You and all the parties and you spread it. You are sick, stupid DemocRAT.

  30. Some people never change & it seems Democrats never learn. Although it would seem after years & years of messing up everything they touch these so called Democrat “leaders ” just cannot improve. I think it is simply a situation where you “cannot make chicken salad out of chicken manure. “

  31. NY City, Washington, CA, Dallas, St Pete, Chicago, Detroit all have one thing in common, Democrat rule. They are never at fault! The mayor of NY city along with his health director told the people to go ahead with the Chinese celebration. The House of Rep was busy with impeachment as Trump was shutting down travel from China! I have watched since the 60’s that all major Democrat cities have or on their way to ruin. It is never their fault.

    • Ride on Phil I’ve been around just as long and watched these low life demorats ruin all the major cities in USA. With high taxes, crime, crazy Union contracts etc. That’s why the same states run by these demorats have no supply chain. so they cry its POTUS fault.

  32. Well Maria can’t do well and patty Murray are two half witted morons that I still can’t believe are still in office! Come on America, vote all liberal halfwits out of office. They are doing nothing but destroying our nation!

  33. Yeah, a former mayor of NO blamed Bush for “blowing up the levees” and flooding the 9th Ward during Katrina. Progressives are, by definition, selfish blamers of others, and lack any kind of meaningful responsibility (Millions for levee repair was squandered on city luxuries).
    Just look at Pelosi, Exhibit #1 of a mean-spirited incompetent leader, blaming Trump for hurricanes and world-wide pandemics. If you are an enemy of America (Republic, Separation of Powers, Electoral College, Constitution), an enemy of Reality (51 genders, 93 Trillion dollar Green New Deal, Solar-powered aircraft and Wind-driven battleships), and a proponent of death (PPH, legalized drugs, Open Borders), vote Democrat. Otherwise, vote Trump 2020 KAG and vote Republican.

  34. “I trusted that the president would call me and let me know whether or not I should have our Mardi Gras celebration. we all could have relied on president Obama to tell us what to do, you know that Wolf. “yes I do and you are correct Miss Mayor”, Obama truly cares about America and the people, Obama would have been on the front lines with his sleeves rolled up, so unlike this current president Miss Mayor” Thank you Wolfe, I think we have another clear case of pure racism by this president. “Absolutely Miss Mayor” If president Trump had ordered her to cancel, she would have screamed racism, no matter what he does, he will never please these ignorant haters.

  35. Because she is an ignorant slob who wanted the money coming into the city rather then put her adult thinking cap on and realize that idiots (like her) would come for a party rather then stay at home to save the lives of others. Face it, when liberals get caught doing stupid crap (or lying) they constantly take the chapter out of the “clinton handbook” of continually blaming others for their corruption and/or stupidity and other liberals dumb-asses will listen.

    • Russia’s Lenin is credited with coining the name “Useful Idiots” for his supporters, but unlike the “Useful Idiots” of today that supports the Communist Party AKA the Democrat Party had no way of knowing what Communism was all about,these fools today have no excuse, since history has proven over and over, again and again, that the Communist ideology doesn’t work, nor can it work for the citizenry of a country that is infected with this oppressive Satanic ideology, we are told Communism is a godless ideology, the lower powers seem to be just that, it’s those that started this ideology back in ancient Babylon and have passed it down from generation to generation for “World Conquest” envision a pyramid, Satan and his band of Fallen Angels at the top and his mortal worshipers below him, people such as the Clintons and most of Washington are not even inside the pyramid, they are the top “Useful Idiots” if these Satanists ever reach “World Conquest” they will use their top “Useful Idiots” to wage war on Christians first. I got my information from world history, the many writings from these people that hold this ideology thousands of years ago through and up to1910-20s and not much written since president JFK, who was taking back what president Wilson gave to Man’s worst enemies, especially Christianity’s worst enemies, the true reason JFK was assassinated was his E.O 11110 they had Lincoln assassinated and tried twice with president Johnson. A list of a few books: 1) Irion Curtain Over America” by Colonel John Owen Beatty, Generals Patton and MacArthur agreed with the good Colonel, who was in Army Intelligence during WW2 “A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century” by Israel Cohen, too call these many things that took place and is taking place Coincidences is going against a mathematical impossibility. “Facts Are Facts” Doctor Benjamin Freedman lots of facts here that should concern every Christian and or Patriotic Freedom Lovers. There is much, much more, but mainly this all aligns with the Scriptures, and the teachings of Jesus. BTW president Wilson wrote in one of his books: “I believe I have inadvertently destroyed my country” why he didn’t understand this, is hard to believe, since presidents Lincoln and Jackson understood quite well. One could say Wilson put America and helped put the world in a “Wooden Yoke” what they want now is an “Iron Yoke” this so-called virus might give them what they crave and sold their souls for.

  36. “It’s not my fault. President Trump didn’t tell me how to run my city.” I thought you were the mayor? I didn’t know President Trump was also the super mayor of your city. TDS
    China refused to let the U.S. team into Wuhan. China kept us all in the dark. If you want to blame someone try the tyrannical, communist Chinese government.

    • She wouldn’t blame China
      Being a dumbass democrat she probably would apologize !!!friggin moron

  37. On 30 January, the WHO declared the outbreak to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Shouldn’t she have acted then?

  38. If the Gov’t stopped MG, you would have complained about that. You should concern yourself with the crime in our city. I no longer go into the Parish, as I fear for my life. You should also consider the fact that your city is ranked Numbr 1 dirtest out of the top 10 You should also concern YOURSELF about people that don’t pay their tax bill. You are a real leader?

    • This one of many reasons why voters will no longer believe the liberal socialist Democratic Party?
      FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS THEY HAVE Successfully have dividing this Country. They have brought this country back to the time of the CIVIL WAR? When the the Democratic voters continue to vote blindly for this incompetent puppets you get morons like the New Orleans mayor and others who’s self serving agendas before putting what is in the best interest of the American citizens. This is to the mayor of New Orleans we wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for Obama total incompetent and corrupt administration which has created the theses shortages and the STATES WITH LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP. Maybe someone should read the news to you your lack of knowledge is amazing

  39. What!!! Is that a giant pumpkin sitting on her shoulders or a head containing a brain? If it’s a pumpkin, make a pie, if a head and a brain, use it. Don’t blame someone else for your lack of response and stupidity.

  40. I find it interesting that she cancelled all the others things due to social distancing, but one of the biggest events in New Orleans, with even greater social distancing issues than the others, she didn’t cancel! Can you say stupid?!

    • Stupid or Ignorant, we’re all ignorant, depending on the subject, but those that support the Communist party AKA the Democrat party, to me they either a Communist or they are really stupid, then again, anyone that is a Communist is Stupid, sooner or later they will find out, the hard way. So I will say these people are more stupid than just ignorant.

  41. It takes a good leader to admit fault! That mayor is not you! Insecure people love to blame others for their short comings, and your colors are showing loud and clear. YOUR CAREER AS A POLITICIAN IS OVER!!!!! The virus is not your fault, but the vast amount of people that get sick or die due to your greedy and egotistical reason to go forth with Mardi Gras is on YOU!!! YOU WILL LIVE WITH THAT SHAME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

  42. What is wrong with you. You are there to run a state than you blame trump for the virus if you don’t have enough scene to know what is happen maybe you should step down. Get some brains please. God bless our great president

  43. Remember it was George Bush’s fault that they built that city below sea-level at the mouth of the Mississippi

    • That city was built long before George Bush was even a twinkle in his father’s eye! You’re an idiot, you must be democrat!!!

    • New Orleans has been there a long time. Even before the Roosevelts were president. Don ‘t blame it on the Bushs’, they had nothing to do with the building of New Orleans in the beginning, just the rebuilding since Katrina.

    • Too bad some don’t get the wit but I’m smiling. But I don’t smile at the fact that the left blame and the right complain. There’s gotta be a better way. Lefties won’t change so we need to put action to our complaints. Lots of action. A grand idea would be for a helicopter flying over NO with a banner: Are we crazy enough to elect a dummy again? NO. The comments are fun to read and so true.

  44. In a way this attitude of da mayor is not surprising – after all, the dems – at all levels – are so used to ONLY doing what someone else tells them to do that it is second nature for them to look for someone else to blame when they either make the wrong decision or don’t make any decision.
    Mayors in nawlins don’t exactly have a stellar track record.

  45. What’s with Democraps voters electing these incompetent liberal moron female mayors?? There also a few very dumb left-dumb male mayors in major cities. They get with they vote for. When DJT cancelled travel from China, read the tea leaves dummy.

  46. Now come the idiots out of the woodwork blaming the President for their shortcomings. A message to you Ms Mayor, clean up the filth you have on bourbon street and the rest of the French quarter and perhaps you wouldn’t have such a situation. Personal hygiene is a good starter. Some of those dump bars you have there look like nothing more than a dirty toilet. Mayor you should be ashamed of yourself, I thought after that past Mayor who said he wants to keep New Orleans chocolate and left in disgrace you would thinks the people would vote in a real Mayor.

  47. There has been enough media coverage of the virus. Not up to Federal Government to monitor your state. You need to take some responsibility for your own. Stop blaming Trump because of your negligence. Pull together not rip apart in this time of crisis.

  48. The US is fighting three major pandemics! Coronavirus, Stupidity and a complete lack of Common Sense! We will, eventually overcome the virus, but, alas, the other two will never be cured!

  49. Hog wash! You think I’m going to trust someone that can’t take care of their own business to run a city? Cantrell owes 5 yrs back taxes and you expect her to be truthful? Then I got beach front property in Arizona I’ll sell ya.

  50. Because she is too dumb and ineffective to make decisions for her constituency she needs to find someone else to blame. This moron isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand yet she is the mayor of N.O.? People of N.O., you get what you elect.

  51. Self reflection-deflection is the trait of a progressive Democrat. Take no responsibility for your actions and blame “Bad Orange Man” and all who support him. TDS in action.

  52. just goes to prove she’s not qualified to be a mayor let’s just put the blame on someone else because we did not do our job right

  53. MOTORMOUTH! I agree with you 100%!! It was up to her a being the mayor, but she just want to blame Trump because she dropped the ball. She knew what was going on and if Trump would have to caution every mayor in this country he would not be able to get his work done. As a mayor YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER WITH ALL THE WARNINGS AND INFORMATION THAT HAS BEEN ON THE NEWS FOR WEEKS. SHUT YOUR MOUTH CANTRELL, IT’S YOUR FAULT, NOT TRUMP’S!

  54. You as the mayor, is to blame for such an outburst of the virus. Let the big shindig, go on and more and more get infected. God help your lying soul. You should be trying to help Trump during these trying times, instead of pulling him down. He is one of the best Presidents in more than a decade. This is what’s wrong, you Democrats cannot see the nose on your face, for you all hate Trump so much. God says love thou neighbor as thou self. Where is the love? No hateful in the heart, The devils forth runner.

    • What is a wolf blitzer, and why do we pay any attention to him? His (interviews)? with anyone are nothing more than calculated efforts to provide the left with more poison against our President. When you are void of integrity, of principle, of honor, of respect, of the basic human qualities that support a free self governing society –when you are morally corrupt, there is nothing left but to point a finger at someone else. Such is the majority of today’s Democratic Party and their “leadership”.


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