Here’s What Trump Wants To Give Officers Who Protected Rand Paul From Violent Mob

(Liberty Bell) – The walls are closing in around the Democrats as the violent, radical far-left mobs they’ve created are raging in the streets and destroying all semblance of civility and lawfulness.

The Democrats have happily supported the progressive mobs, calling them “peaceful protesters” and introducing their outrageous demands to defund the police as actual legislation.

They’re taking their political cues from the kind of people who think that “speech is violence” and justify their looting and theft as “reparations.”

This week, as attendees to the president’s acceptance speech at the end of the Republican National Convention found themselves face-to-face with the radical ideology their political opponents were supporting, and it wasn’t pretty.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was one of several who was attacked and nearly assaulted by angry, violent rioters who have been given free reign in the streets of Washington, D.C just as they have many other major US cities.

“Rand Paul was in big trouble last night,” Trump told the crowd at a Friday campaign rally in New Hampshire.

“He’s a good guy. He’s a friend of mine. That shouldn’t happen to anybody.”

“They would have done that to Senator Rand Paul last night,” he continued.

“He would either be in very bad shape or dead, and that would include his wife if those police didn’t happen to be there.”

The president gratuitously praised the police officers who stepped up to help escort the Pauls safely through the mob.

“Here is a U.S. senator walking outside and those four policemen should be brought over to the White House and we ought to give them a medal of some kind, and we’re going to do it,” Trump said.

He went on to deride the Democrats for their continued support of the riots regardless of the increasing violence and terrorism being inflicted upon our nation’s cities by these “peaceful protesters.”

“The puppet Biden, who is just controlled so strongly, wants you to cancel weddings and funerals and schools but has no problems with thousands of so-called peaceful protesters cramming into your streets, mugging people, hurting people, looting stores, burning down storefronts,” he said.


  1. I notice that a lot of these rioters and BLM supporters are young, college age, white kids. They have been taught this radical thinking crap in school! We should all pay attention to what our kids are bringing home for homework and the books they are using. That’s where it starts – when they are young and impressionable. We raised our grandson and everyday after school (high school) my husband would sit down with him to find out what he learned that day – and did his best to undo all the crap that they teach these days. My grandson grew up to be a proud Marine and a very patriotic American. He has two small children now and worries what awaits then in the future! Pray for our country and our President everyday!!

  2. why is that a proteesors turn into animals, burn,loot, destroy, federal , state and private property the Mayor and the DA, wont prosecute these thugs, most are getting paid by someone, transportation, meals. housing.

  3. I agree with all of the above. I’m for rounding them all up and dumping them on an island recently created in the China Sea. Let them see what rights they have there! They are all traitors and paid anarchists. Round up George Soros too. He is guilty of high crimes against the USA and should be forced to join his lovely friends on that island. What are we waiting for, America? Grammy in New Hampshire

  4. Corrective action should not only be at the bottom. It should start at the top. Soros provides the money for the terrorist action and democrats provide the support. Get rid of the top and the bottom will fall apart. This did not happen with Hitler, Communist China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., etc.,,,,, and you see what they ended up with. The U.S. of A. must knock out the top – get rid of the lying, cheating – anti-American ideology….before it is too late.

    • I agree with you, Take the head of the Snake (George Soros), he needs his citizenship revoked, and exiled or imprisoned for “Inciting these Terrorists and Paying them too hurt, kill, destroy, loot! There should be very serious time in prison for these Terrorists!

    • Agree. My husband & I were just saying Soros’ money needs to be frozen. It is done all the time with other such actors, why not him. Yes, his citizenship should be revoked. Also, get addresses of rioters and turn the tables. Stalk their homes so they cannot sleep during the day. Also, why is it a hate crime to burn the cross (and I agree) and it is just freedom of speech and protest to place the guillotine in front of one’s house. When a cross burns, it becomes ashes. When a guillotine is used, it means a head is severed.

    • I have never understood dual citizenship. Why does George Soros need dual citizenship? Either he’s an American or he belongs in another country.

  5. I say load anarchists and rioters on a cruise ship, remove the lifeboats and set it adrift at sea – problem solved! 🛳 😆

  6. No-one should fear to walk down our streets, Rand Paul has every right to do so, he proved how dangerous it is, I hope I don’t hear “Better Not Go Out It’s Too Dangerous” that would only embolden these Marxist Vermin, hopefully they will soon get to know Smith and Wesson, I really like listening to Mr. Colt myself, he has some great messages too.

    • There is one simple way to end the street riots in all cities in America!! Call S&W and drop 3 in each city they decide to riot and the riots will stop instantly!!

    • Hello Marianne: I agree, peaceful protesting is a wonderful right, but these Marxist punks are terrorists, besides being “Useful Idiots” Should these fools ever have to live under the oppressive ideology that they are being used for, they will wonder how they could have been so ignorant, the first “Useful Idiots” had no idea what Communism would be like, but these fools have no excuse not to know, since history has proven so many times how terrible this ideology is.

    • The problem is when you combine the support of MSM and Democrat leaders many of the left really don’t know or believe what we are showing them. My kid’s friends in Oregon would tell her they were at the protest which were peaceful. Just as my contacts would tell me the riots don’t break out until late night, early morning. The riots don’t start until locals and the real mom’s and dad’s go home. That way they have their supporters who will stand and claim these are peaceful protest but they aren’t there between midnight and 5-6 am when the mayhem takes place. At that point they believe it was triggered by alt right trying to start trouble, not the peaceful protesters they walked with in daylight. And for some it is working.

  7. Whatever we do must be done legally without any taint of “kangaroo court”.To do otherwise would reduce us to their level!
    Police provide the only protection against these mobsters and must never be defunded !!

  8. All Republican Congressman and Senators need to be given a concealed license and a free weapon to carry on their body. This country is out of control with BLM MARXISTS, ANTIFA AND ANARCHISTS that must be caught, prosecuted and imprisoned for an appropriate length of time. God bless America and all Constitution loving Americans need to purchase a weapon for self defense. Do not be silent. Stand up to those cowards.

    • If that to be done I would hope they are properly trained to handle a firearm!! Then I would expect them to be better at protecting themselves than they are right now passing good legislation!

  9. With all due respect, Senator Paul should have known better than to walk the
    streets of DC following the close of the RNC Convention. An appropriate choice
    perhaps ten years ago but no longer. Surely a staff car or taxi would have been a
    wiser decision.
    Like many American cities, DC has trouble makers imported & paid for by the
    tyrannical left zealots who would see this Country in total chaos. The attraction
    of the RNC was icing on the cake for those who seek to destroy this Democracy.

  10. As much as I despise these lawless thugs I must insist we follow the law in prosecuting these worthless punks.
    Rather than cloth, feed and provide free medical care for the duration of their useless lives we should reinstate the death penalty!

  11. I have some questions:
    1.Blacks constitute what percentage of our population?
    2.Blacks constitute what percentage of incarcerations?
    3.Blacks constitute what percentage of death row inmates?
    4.Blacks constitute what percentage of illigitimate births?
    5.Blacks constitute what percentage of traffic violation?
    6.Blacks commit what percentage of car thefts?

    • And what percentage of black murders ate committed black people?
      And what percentage of cities where black shootings are high are run by Democrats?
      And what percentage by Republicans?

  12. I hope and pray that everybody votes red ticket all the way especially for the best president Donald Trump. These rioters remind me of how it started in Germany with the Nazis. This is how it begins

    • Indeed! And once it starts it quickly gains momentum as the brown shirted thugs no longer respect the law and club innocent civilians to death! And it spirals down from there!
      We must never permit this conduct to become acceptable here!!

  13. Good idea by Mike Butts! Put all the promoters and participators on an island and let them form their own government! Within a short time there would be nothing left!!!!!!!

    • I have a better idea. Put these pukes on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific where no one goes and then test our nuclear weapons on it.

  14. If need be build more jails or better yet put them on a deserted island with no police to enforce law. Why support them in jail.

    • However we deal with these thugs must be done legally and swiftly in an open courtroom! It must be done in an entirely legal manner so the determination of guilt is beyond doubt. The death penalty should apply, swiftly!!

  15. We are truly fed up with the mob mentality that is trying to overthrow our country into chaos. This shows law and order prevails and protects people from insane rioters who have an agenda of violence, looting, destroying, maiming and killing people who have a right to freedoms guaranteed in our country. I cant wait to vote these a**holes out of office who are in an alternate universe. As soon as the mob stands in front of Ms. Pelosi’s home, maybe then she’ll understand why police Need to do their job and should be respected.

  16. I totally agree with the President . This is a county founded under God with liberty (freedom) and justice for all. I love America and I love my President. I thank God every day for choosing him to be our country’s best ever President.

  17. The mobs should be arrested and placed in cells….we should not fear for our lives because of their dangerous tactics.

    • If there are no consequences for their rabid behavior, it will only embolden them. I’m already hearing: “people shouldn’t go out at night” “They should stay away from this area” “They should, they should, they should” They can deal with my agent, his name is MR. Colt, he speaks loud and clear.


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