Here’s The Studio That’s About To Give Anthem-Kneeler Colin Kaepernick His Own Series

(Liberty Bell) – The left has gotten Colin Kaepernick, the notorious former NFL player and anthem-kneeler, out of storage amid the latest round of anti-racism protests and widespread civil unrest.

Kaepernick, who was a mediocre quarterback for the 49ers before the league decided not to hire him for another season, has been enjoying a comfortable life since leaving football which has included, among other things, a lucrative contract with Nike for a high-profile ad campaign and products which revived the divisive debate he helped to begin.

Now, the firebrand football star may get his own series on Netflix, called “Colin In Black & White.”

On Monday, the streaming giant announced that the series is in the works, The Daily Caller reported.

The Hollywood Reporter had more details on the series:

The six-episode series will examine Kaepernick’s adolescent life, focusing on his high school years and the acts and experiences that led him to become the activist he is today. Kaepernick will appear as himself as the narrator of the series, which will cast an actor to play the younger version of the star quarterback.

The Daily caller notes cynically:

I don’t even need to see a single second of this series to know it’s going to be so insanely cringeworthy. It’s going to build Kaepernick up as a martyr who had his NFL career stolen from him.

I’d bet just about anything that’s how this is going to go. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

They also note that some of the lesser-known aspects of Kaepernick’s career include his having worn socks on the field which depicted police officers as pigs, his comparing police officers to slave catchers, his claim that cops can murder people with impunity and get paid leave, and his praise for communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Why is it that all the most divisive self-professed civil rights activists are communists?


  1. Doesn’t surprise me that Netflix is the company to want the little piece of trash. They also hired obuma and his woman right after he thankfully vacated our Whitehouse for a real President, President Trump. The minute those two were hired , we cancelled our Netflix subscription. Haven’t missed a moment of it”

  2. The reason this idiot isn’t on a team is because he is a lousy quarterback. Hell Tim Tebow isn’t on one either and he is a lot better.

  3. While many people hate Kaepernick because of his antics when our anthem and our flag are being presented at the start of football games, I don’t see much difference between him and roughly 60 million other leftists (Democrats). Not a single one of them believe there is anything special about America-they all hate it with a passion and harbor this dream of burning it to the ground and rebuilding it as a socialist country. Sadly, too many of them have bought into the idea of egalitarianism and believe everybody will be the same, under socialism, but that is NOT true. Almost all of us would be slaves and be very equal, but the folks pushing us toward socialism will be different-very rich and very much in charge. Some of the “soldiers” pushing us down the path will be labeled “useful idiots” and will join the ranks of the slaves. Kaepernick will be one of those.

  4. I agree with what you all had to say!!!
    I am 110% with the statement regarding this country … you can leave it at any time…you don’t need to build a raft out of logs/don’t have to try going across the ocean on a boat meant for 10 but carrying 100/do not have to risk your life in any way…heck, I’ll buy you a bus/plane/train/boat ticket to wherever you want to go!! And to Kaepernick and those who think he is such a hero, I feel sorry for you!!!
    And he needs to understand where he would be right now if he pulled this stunt in another country…and unfortunately, the real heroes are the men and women who serve in our military affording ungrateful people like him the “right”
    to live “free”… and speak his mind without fear of being imprisoned or killed!!! They just don’t get it!!! God bless America!!!

  5. Just another program I’ll miss. Best thing for folks is to totally ignore Kapernick and all the associated “news” he generates. Once there’s zero interest, he’ll cease being publicised.

  6. Why do people disrespect our country so much, complain about it and yet remain here ? They are free to leave at anytime and go to any other country where they can live the way they think is so much better than America. Why are you still here??? My ancestors died so you could complain about it

    • They can always go to Ghana, and live back in Africa, and stay there. Their money stays here and their butts can go back to AFRICA.

  7. I have no interest in people who find America lacking when compared to other countries. There is no iron curtain keeping them here against their will. If Cuba has a fairer economic system, then go. Enjoy the peoples’ paradise. Do you prefer the way Canada manages healthcare? Then go, and wait two years for that hip replacement. If living in America is so distasteful, find a better place for yourself and your family, and put the rest of us out of your misery.

  8. Whatever his other shortcomings, I have no use whatsoever for anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who has anything good to say about Fidel Castro or any other Communist, for that matter! Disrespecting the Flag is one thing, but heaping undeserved praise upon our country’s enemies won’t earn him any points on my scorecard, either!

    • They guy protests police violence but praises the head of a violent police country. I don’t back stupid people or illogic.

  9. I am looking at options to “cutting the cable” … Netflix just dropped off that list … this idiot Kaepernick is a disgrace to sports and Americans in general … perhaps I’m old-fashioned but Americans stand for the pledge and the anthem … if you can’t at least do that, you’re not a true American but just take up space …

  10. I won’t buy anything else from Nike & asking everyone I know to do the same! Another money grubber, using “the cause”

  11. Why is so much attention being given to this dishonorable substance of humanity, when millions have died for the Flag and Country to defend his rights to protest? Protest is one thing, want to dishonor the very country, Flag, that gives him the freedom to descredit our Nation? For what reason? I don;t know much less care. If he hates the Country, his freedoms, rights to protest!!! just what is he looking for? Again, don’t know don’t care. Just remove the spotlight, turn off the electricity, and let him play football, and in his golden years, tell his grand=children what he did during the war. So be it ungrateful citizen of What? Not my country.


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