Here’s The Proof About Lockdowns That Won’t Surprise You — But It Will Infuriate You

(Liberty Bell) – We all knew that a resurgence of the coronavirus come fall was inevitable. Power-hungry state overlords have wasted no time ramping up COVID restrictions and issuing a new round of lockdowns all over the country.

While we are supposed to believe that lockdowns “save lives” and that we all must “sacrifice” for the most vulnerable among us, the truth is, lockdowns cause much more harm than good.

The first round of lockdowns last spring devastated the booming US economy, sent poverty and unemployment rates through the roof, and caused a mental health crisis that has thus far gone completely without acknowledgement.

This is what lockdowns actually do and a new study has highlighted one thing lockdowns don’t appear to do and that is actually save lives.

A new study published by Frontiers in Public Health has revealed that lockdowns have not been shown to correlate with lower death rates.

The study had researchers analyzing data from 160 countries over the first 8 months of the coronavirus ordeal, testing several factors including demographics, public health, economy, politics, and environment, to determine what their relationship to COVID-19 mortality rates were.

“Stringency of the measures settled to fight pandemia, including lockdown, did not appear to be linked with death rate,” the researchers said.

The researchers were able to conclude that the criteria most associated with high death rate was life expectancy and to some degree certain demographic regions.

In other words, what determines COVID mortality is something that is simply beyond our control. The researchers also concluded that ways to fight higher death rates are not lockdowns but “resilience through better physical fitness and immunity.”

Researchers have found what many of us have known all along. The healthier one is and the better physical condition they are in is a major determinant of whether they are high-risk of dying from COVID-19 or not. That is why children and young adults are not dying for the virus.

That’s exactly why the same groups of people are high-risk as are high-risk with other viruses like influenza.

Faced with this new information that supports what many of us, including President Trump, have known for a long time, it’s truly baffling how state governors are still moving forward with even stricter lockdowns and getting away with it.

It’s now clear that the economic devastation, increasing mental health deterioration, and surge of welfare and unemployment dependency have all just been part of some sick political ploy to hurt President Trump.

The Democrats have been using the virus as a political weapon since it hit our shores.

This new study should really surprise no one. Lockdowns were deemed ineffective months ago after researchers found there is “little correlation between the severity of a nation’s restrictions and whether it managed to curb excess fatalities.”

Take a look at Sweden, for example, where lockdowns were never mandated. Their death rate has steadily dropped throughout 2020. This is likely because as the virus moves through a population people build tolerance to it. Not only that but as the pandemic has raged on, medical professionals have become better equipped in treating it.

Famed economist Milton Friedman once warned, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” Democrats think lockdowns should save lives and therefore they are good. This is a fallacy and the left likely knows it.

The reality is that they have been purposefully using the virus as a political weapon to destroy the United States during the most critical election year in American history.

Lockdowns are far more destructive than the actual virus itself. It’s time to end this charade.

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  1. Justicefor Trump, I guess you and your kind, “Communists”, didn’t fix the election as more “Proof and Facts” are coming out about the “FIX”! Creepy Joe, hid in his “Basement” and couldn’t draw more than a “Dozen People” too his “Rallies?” . Creepy Joe :”BIG GUY”, has been in Politics for “50 Years”, and his “Drug Addict son, Hunter, the Pedophile, and Joey’s, Brother Jim , have and are “Selling Out the USA, too China, Ukraine, Iran, and anyone who will “Pay them” for our “National Secrets” , as OBUMMER did ! To name a few, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Uranium One, or using our “FBI, CIA, NSA,FISA COURTS, BIG TECH, GEORGE SOROS,CLINTON FOUNDATION, and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA too get your “COUP” carried out! I am sure, if you and your kind get away with stealing this “Fake Election”, that coming “2022 and 2024” you will not like what will happen too you “Communists” !!!

  2. Take off the masks and stop the anti-social nonsense.Some governors and mayors are abusing their power and the public.People need to speak up and stop being taken advantage of.A peaceful protest is needed.What is going on is Unconstitutional and the clowns that make these decrees can not legally enforce them.Also does’nt law enforcement have better things to do.Like catch theives,arrest some governors for policies that killed thousands.

    • User “JusticeforTrump” is a total loser moron. 95% of everything he has posted is false. I guess he watches CNN faithfully and has become totally brain washed – a useful idiot!

  3. It was all planned. It’s just the use of fear to control the masses. Everything they say, do, or tell is completely backwards to what is right or correct or scientifically proven.
    Sunlight kills, indoors spreads. Masks do not offer any real protection, and can make many conditions worse. The virus is only a tool in the demon arsenal. They wanted the ‘plandemic’ to stay around long enough to “prove” they needed a mass-mail-vote where they could cheat easily. Now they must “keep up appearances”, and play along, sort-of.
    People know enough about the virus to make decisions for themselves, but the demons can’t allow that.
    Proof the virus was never much of a concern to the demons is how little they follow their own rules.

  4. They have lied to us so much that you don’t know what to believe. Why can we not get a truthful count of the deaths do to covid. I think the cure shouldn’t be worse than the virus. Keeping our country locked down is apparently not the answer since the virus is supposedly out of control. The drugs and the vaccine all could have been available alot sooner but they had to wait until after the election. How many lives were lost? Shame on the politicians that let this happen. Open our country, let our children go back to school. STOP THE BULLSHIT!!!

    • It’s all based on the science.What ever the science is.It seems to be whatever a politician wants it to be at the moment.We will never know the actual count of those that really died from WuHan.

    • Trump caused the virus to get out of control, mocking the use of masks, calling the virus a Democrat hoax, saying the virus would be gone by Easter, and he lied about it, the Woodward tapes show he knew it was serious, but was a coward, dishonest and incompetent in dealing with it. You apparently don’t know about current events because you are writing your own delusions as fact. Scientists have worked as fast and as quickly as possible.

  5. Lockdowns are ALWAYS the FIRST resort of the Marxist Democrats in positions of authority in order to concentrate and enhance their authority and control over the lives of the people who reside within their jurisdictions. On the other hand, lockdowns are USUALLY the LAST resort of the Conservative Republicans in positions of authority in order to cause an absolute minimum of disruption and inconvenience in the lives of their constituents. Acknowledgement of these diametrically opposed courses of action can easily lead any right-thinking individual to the conclusion that this pandemic has been vastly exaggerated and overblown! Whatever the case may eventually turn out to be, the CCP has opened a can of worms for which they SOMEDAY, SOMEHOW will be called to account, and it WON’T be pretty!

  6. If the Covid is as bad as they claim give us the stats as to death related to Covid only exempt of preconditions. This a fact that seems to be omitted from all articles.

    • So those people don’t count if they have diabetes or asthma or some other health issue. Most adults have some.

  7. One of our Washington State Legislators had his staff call every hospital in the State. NONE had any shortage of beds for Covid patients, in fact all had openings.The Covid hype appears to be a good share BS. At last check, one month ago, with a staff member, our local Hospital had only three cases, ever… However the supposed epidemic has had a negative effect in another way… Lost revenues for surgeries that had to be cancelled, now becoming a serious concern for them once again…
    “Plandemic” is an appropriate term…

    • Both of you are lunatics as many hospitals are full, other health problems are put on hold, and many nurses and doctors have died among the 262000 people. Many people think the number is much higher because of Trump states holding back statistics. You just aren’t thinking right and following the news, even Fox cites it is very serious.

  8. You mean the whole world is wrong, Australia , New Zealand, Europe, China et al! What absolute nonsense. Then to blame it on the Democrats. You’ve got to be kidding.

  9. Amen. Have always known this. Stop the radical encroachment of our civil liberties: freedom to assemble, freedom and right to earn a living, right to free speech and human dignity!

    • Another couple? I think that you, or both of you are as crazy as Dale and Molly, probably the same ahole guy.

    • Amen, Trump is getting his butt kicked out of office, the incompetent assaulting punk. He is a 23000 lies liar, a scam artist and a traitor. Shame on you for backing him.


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