Here’s How Many Americans New York Times Frets Will Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

(Liberty Bell) – As talk of a coronavirus vaccine continues, so do discussions as to what will become of Americans who have no interest in taking the vaccine.

This has authoritarians on the left quite worried.

The New York Times has published an article from popular author Kevin Roose, in which he frets that half of the American population would refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Summit News notes that as there as never been a vaccine for any members of the coronavirus family, including SARS, it could take as many as 12-24 months to develop one this time around.

And it’s certainly worth pointing out that, the faster a vaccine is developed, the more concerns there will be about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

In Roose’s article, entitled What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it?, he worries about the popularity of an anti-vax video entitled Plandemic, which, in spite of being rooted out and censored by every major social media network, has still received millions of views online.

The New York Times writer goes on to acknowledge that if a vaccine is developed speedily, it will only increase the concerns of the anti-vax movement.

“Any promising Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be fast-tracked through the testing and approval process,” he writes. “It may not go through years of clinical trials and careful studies of possible long-term side effects, the way other drugs do. That could create an opening for anti-vaccine activists to claim that it is untested and dangerous, and to spin reasonable concerns about the vaccine into widespread, unfounded fears about its safety.”

Roose is right to note that the anti-vax community will be all the more concerned about the involvement of Bill Gates, and the anti-vax community, in turn, would be right to be concerned about the billionaire technocrat having anything to do with a coronavirus vaccine.

“If that’s the case, anti-vaccine activists, who have been crusading against these groups for years, will have plenty of material stockpiled to try to discredit them. They are already taking aim at Mr. Gates with baseless conspiracy theories claiming that he created and is trying to profit from the virus. These theories will be amplified, and the attempts to discredit leading virus research efforts will intensify as the vaccine nears.”

Of course, what Roose concludes is that it would be “a good idea” to make the vaccine mandatory for Americans who wish to fly or send kids to school.

Again, he notes, this “would play into some of the worst fears of the anti-vaccine movement” and create “a tangle of legal roadblocks and damaging publicity campaigns.”

You’d better believe it.


  1. I think stem cells has a lot of merit in medicine and maybe to aid in vaccines also. There is a need to allow some abortions.
    Gates does sound scary.

  2. There is no way that I am getting Bill Gates sick poison injected into my arm! He has a globalist depopulation agenda (see his 2015 TED Talk) he has sterilized over 400,000 women and girls with his tetanus vaccine, he has killed several thousand children with his experimental polio vaccine, and he has a patent on a human micro chip. This is in addition to the facts that vaccine contain aborted fetal tissue, mercury, lead, pig brains, monkey hearts, mice DNA, etc etc. He has very questionable and downright evil intentions and we the people need to stand up to him and his cronies and say “NO! We will not be forced to be injected with this.”

    • Sara, I’m not at all sure that any of these statements can be proven or for that matter, disproven but if even ONE is true, then I agree that not one American should be forced to undergo being vaccinated under the auspices of an avowed globalist population “controlist”. It has been said that Wealth Is Power ergo he’s too powerful already.


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