Here’s How Greta Thunberg Thinks We Can Solve The Coronavirus Crisis

(Liberty Bell) – It’s truly extraordinary how much credit the mainstream media will assign to someone–anyone–if they’re willing to parrot the establishment left-wing narrative.

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who dropped out of high school to lecture the world about climate change, couldn’t be a more perfect example.

Despite the multitude of experts who are expressing a variety of opinions on how to address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, CNN saw fit to include Thunberg on a recent virtual town hall event.

This was also in spite of the fact that she has even less authority to speak on a global health crisis than she does on climate change.

But she says exactly what the left wants to hear, and, in an era where children have become one of the favorite tools of virtue-signaling leftists, she was certainly perfect for their particular brand of propaganda.

She said exactly what they wanted her to say.

Good girl.

Nevermind the fact that it didn’t make a lick of sense.

Breitbart News reports that during Thursday’s Coronavirus: Facts and Fears program on CNN, Thunberg declared that she hopes the virus will teach others to listen to the experts when it comes to climate change.


Breitbart provided a transcript:

ANDERSON COOPER: One of the things I’ve seen you talk about alone is how important it is to listen to experts and listen to science. This is a time when — you know, I wasn’t a very good science student when I was in school — but this is a time, it seems, that the global scientific community is so critically important and we’re really seeing how important it is to follow science.

GRETA THUNBERG: Yes, exactly. I hope that we can see now the scientific community are stepping up and they are speaking out more than they’ve done before because, obviously, this is a crisis that requires the scientific community to speak up. It feels like science is — the role of science changing now — it’s becoming more — people are starting to realize that we are actually depending on science and that we need to listen to scientists and experts. And I really hope that stays and that also it’s for other crises like the climate crisis and the environmental crisis and that we understand that we have to listen to the scientists.


  1. This girl ought to go back to high school, but then if she did, she’d probably be smarter than most of the liberal media, which wouldn’t take much! She says to believe in science. Well, I know some “scientists” who don’t know their azz from a hole in the ground! Climate change is a big liberal hoax, and to those who say that we only have ten to fifteen years left, I say, I hope that you are still alive by that time, so that I can laugh at you!

  2. She believes in science but not the science to reverse the autism. Poor child. What a sad day to see children used a tools.

  3. What a totally Ignorant Kid Moron! The computer modeling-based Bull$#!+ from Imperial College of London, and Fraudster-in-Chief Neal Ferguson, needlessly created the world’s COVID-19 Economic Catastrophes through panicked Societal Lock Downs and Business Shut Downs by so many world governments, while NOT saving any additional lives! Just compare with Taiwan — 6 deaths to date among 23.5 million populace without any Lock Downs or Shut Downs! And computer modeling-based Bull$#!+ also drives the entire Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Hoax that is constantly being coerced upon us by One World Progressives everywhere!

    What have we learned from our current COVID-19 experiences with such modeling-based Bull$#!+ and abuses upon so-called “Science”? Anyone with one iota of a brain will just totally ignore that Zero-Intellect Kid, along with all of her parroted and brainwashed Progressive Propaganda!

  4. Im confused – so we no longer listen to practicing doctors that have basically the same college training plus 30 years of hands on experience but we should listen to academic scientists like “scientists” from china in the WHO who possibly wrote their dissertation on ditch digging or they hold a soft-science degree in philosophy and that makes them a scientist now ? But we dont listen to 2 senior practicing medical PHD doctors in California then – because they are not “scientists”.

  5. Aww, Listen to the Little one Parrot… So glad her Parents allowed her to drop out. She’s so smart, I’d hate to have her teachers actually teach her. That would be a travesty of Justice if she actually did “Listen” to Scientists, she would know to Question it, not Parrot it. Gawd do I hate that little Pompus Brat.

  6. To hear her called an idiot by an idiot doesn’t really matter to me. She isn’t claiming to be an expert, but still says nothing stupid on the subject, unlike darling Boris our supposed Great Leader. Covid deniers and climate deniers seem rely on similar quack non’-science.

  7. What I would like to do is find an old 1971 or 1972 monte carlo and drop A 572ci crate motor from GM into it and then idle the car right in front of her I”ll show you my carbon foot print.

  8. All she said was listen to the scientists. Seems an appropriate response b/c she is not an expert, but scientists and medical researchers are the ones who will find the answer.

  9. forgive the poor girl as she has not yet shown the first sign of intelligence which to the uniformed is ”’when a person first begins to realise how little they know”’ ! and she from the very start has professed to know all apparently about all subjects that she happens to hear about .? ?

  10. The democratic method create fear and make the masses cooperate. This is all total BS.
    Hillary Clinton: “This Would Be A Terrible Crisis To Waste”

    Dem Rep. Told Colleagues Coronavirus Bill Is ‘Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision’
    so many more quotes available to show how anti-American oligarchy they are.

    2020 VOTE RED
    Get these Socialists out. DRAN THE SWAMP expose their corruption.

  11. If we need to listen to the science experts, why are doctors (who have studied and practiced science for many years) being silenced? Why is anyone listening to a child, high school drop out? Ridiculous becomes even more so every day.

  12. The reason why the left give Greta praises is because they relate to her 16 year old mentality. Scientists just reported the North pole is moving around 37 miles per day toward the Siberia instead of Canada. The molten metal in the earth’s core is shifting toward Siberia at rates faster than has ever been recorded. It used to be a few years ago the North pole was moving about 2 miles per day split between Canada and Siberia. That’s quite a change in movement that has scientist amazed. You see if Greta and the left would report actual science then they might be a little more noticed by people who have not just IQ’S but common sense to balance out arrogance and close mindedness that the Anderson Coopers and Greta Thunbergs of the world seem to believe it as facts with only computer models to show they are correct in their assumptions. No doubt it is the same computer models our local weather weatherpersons use to tell us when to take an umbrella or not. Of course I don’t blame the person. It’s 100 % proof that no one can predict the weather all the time. Just like the scientist who couldn’t predict the sudden path of the North pole.

  13. OK! So now she is an expert on the coronavirus too! It’s hard to comprehend a 16/17 year old high school dropout lecturing “supposedly” highly learned, intelligent people on issues such as climate change, ice age, global warming and whatever else it may be referred to as. She will no doubt be contacted by Al Gore in the near future so they can collaborate on writing a book on this subject. The next thing you know she no doubt will be offered a professorship at one of the more prestigious Ivy League schools, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, who knows, her opportunities appear to seem endless. She may even walk on water!

  14. The problem is which Scientists are we supposed to listen to? The ones that first said global warming was going to consume the world, and then said WAIT, we might have fudged all the data and now we don’t think any of it is true!

  15. A high school drop-out teen lecturing adults! WTF!! Are they serious?My dog knows more about climate than she does!!!

  16. This sums up the stupidity of the left. Where are her parents? She’s going to make a very dangerous liberal as she gets older.

  17. Not sure, but I think I see a striking resemblance between her and Slow Joe. Am I wrong? Same thought process also!!!

  18. For somebody that couldnt even finish High School she sure thinks she knows a lot about everything. Just following the script that the Lefties give her. From the transcript sounds like she could use some reading lessons. She almost sounded like Biden loosing his thoughts for a minute


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