Here We Go: Portland Protesters Set Up Their Own Version Of CHOP. Here’s What They’re Calling It

(Liberty Bell) – Well, they’ve finally gotten Seattle’s CHOP zone cleaned up, but the next big metro area to the South, Portland appears to be getting their own.

Protesters in the city, which has gained a reputation in the last few years for letting violent, lawless Antifa-types run amok, seem to be setting up their own version of the so-called “autonomous zone.”

In a video early on Wednesday, demonstrators were spotted setting up barricades and tents in Portland’s Lownsdale Square, in an area across from the federal Pioneer Courthouse, as they restored barricades that police had dismantled.

They also reportedly threw glass bottles at officers, BizPac Review reports.

The Portland Police Department said in a statement on Tuesday evening that “couple hundred demonstrators gathered at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland and marched all throughout downtown Portland before ending their march at Pioneer Square.”

After this, some headed to the Justice Center around 9:15 p.m. where they began to attempt to block traffic by standing on the road.

“Over the next several hours, the demonstrators began to set up barricades at Southwest Main Street and Southwest Salmon Street at Southwest 3rd Avenue. The barricades blocked the entire lanes of traffic and consisted of industrial kitchen appliances, road blockades, and flashing traffic signs,” the press release read.

“During this time, the demonstrators lit a fire where the elk statue once stood, and another small fire was reported at Southwest Madison Street and Southwest 3rd Avenue,” police said.

According to the police news release, the demonstrators “in an organized effort” at about 1 a.m. walked to the Central Precinct “in an attempt to disrupt officers as they walked in from the end of their shift,” Fox News reported.

According to a Twitter page for the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, or CLAT, has been established by barricades in downtown Portland.

“People are needed here ALL night long, especially in the early morning! Get on over rn! Bring some tents,” a tweet from the group reads, along with images of signs reading, “ACAB,” an [“All Cops Are Bastards,”] and “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

The group describes itself as a “Decentralized network of autonomous youth collectives dedicated to direct action toward total liberation,” and posted several videos and tweets about the newly-established zone, urging demonstrators to hold the area firm.

In one video, they showed tents and barricades in the park and invited others to “come check it out.”

After 1:00 a.m., after an attempt was made by the police to remove the barricades, demonstraters reconvened at the area.

These videos contain graphic language.

“As the officers disengaged, the demonstrators threw glass bottles and pointed lasers at them. After officers left the area, the demonstrators lit a fire to what was left of the barricade. Several minutes later, a demonstrator extinguished the fire and several demonstrators began to rebuild the barricade,” the police said.


  1. BTW last time I stayed in Portland a few years ago for work I stayed on 20th floor of my hotel. Someone set off a commercial firework mortor that exploded about 20 ft from my window which shook and I could feel from my bed. Next day saw someone chasing someone else with a machete and there wasn’t even protesting going on that week.

    That town is just weird, no wonder Antifa loves acting up there so much. It takes someone as stupid and violent as them just to get attention over normal activities.

  2. If that is the Chinook autonomous territory, how many if any in the zone are Chinook natives? Is BLM appropriating a Native American tribe’s name and area? As part Native American (granted not Chinook tribe) I take offense to BLM appropriating tribal names and areas for their protest.

    • Yes, it’s cultural appropriation! The ghosts and descendants of the tribe should sue!
      I’m offended by BLM period. They don’t mean what they say they are. They do not support all black lives, and fund the killing of babies and children in the streets.

      Portland residents elected who and what’s going on, so they deserve what is happening and must accept the outcome. If there are citizenry who live there for other reasons, but tolerate the lunacy, they should not complain either. Weird people don’t mind weird things or places.

  3. And the Portland mayor was on TV saying he did not need Trump’s help. He said all the government ‘help’ did was agitate the rioters and make things worse. The National Guard were too aggressive.
    What a ninny.
    If Portlanders vote for him again, they deserve all that they are dealing with now.


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