Here It Is: The Top Ten Trump Accomplishments In 2020 Alone

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump is a historic president who has had a phenomenal four years in office.

We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for another four years—as just the last year alone was a tremendous success.

This success was made all the more impressive by the fact that, as was the case during his whole time in office, he was under constant attack from the progressive left-wing and their sycophants in the media.

There was also that whole unprecedented historic global pandemic thing, which, no matter what the Democrats loudly insist, he has done an incredible job overseeing.

Steve Cortes of Real Clear Politics recently detailed the top ten achievements of the Trump administration in 2020 alone, and it’s a fantastic one.

Let’s dive in.

  1. The Vaccine: They said it couldn’t be done, but it was. Operation Warp Speed produced a vaccine for the novel coronavirus with historic speed, flying in the face of all the scientists and skeptics who said it couldn’t be done.
  2. The expansion of the nationalist movement: Rooted in the Tea Party, Trump’s “America First” policies were a clear winner in 2020, having gained a vote share in the nation’s four largest cities and gained millions of new voters, particularly among Hispanics and other minorities and launching a new era of conservative thought.
  3. Historic Abraham Accords: We have seen an era of peace in the Middle East not thought possible for decades, having normalized relations between Arab nations and Israel more successfully than any who have attempted such a feat—by a long shot.
  4. Economic Recovery: The Democrats thought they’d nailed that recession they admitted they needed in order to beat Trump, but even the recovery from the devastating early stages of the pandemic has been historic and impression. Our bounce back from the year’s crash has surpassed that of Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In other words, even in a pandemic, a Trump economy thrives.
  5. The Wall: No matter what the media tells you, the wall is being built on the Southern border and 2020 saw great progress in stopping the illegal and dangerous flow of illegal immigrants and drug and human traffickers across our border thanks to such barriers, as well as the successful “remain-in-Mexico” policy.
  6. Trade agreements: Our nation has seen some terrible trade deals over the past few decades; Trump changed all of that. He ran on a promise to change this, and indeed signed the bipartisan USMCA deal with Mexico and Canada that was a vast improvement on the terrible NAFTA, a favorite of the globalists. He also played hardball with China, holding the CCP accountable for abusing relations with the U.S.
  7. Afghan Peace Deal: You may not even have heard of this one, the media has gotten so fascistically narrow-minded on their reporting. Trump ran in 2016 vowing to end endless wars and end endless wars he did. Trump’s plan to end the Afghan war was well-supported by voters across the political spectrum and is yet another incredible example of “promises made, promises kept” Trumpism.
  8. The end of terror: A lengthy age of Islamic extremism has been put to bed in 2020 as Trump flexed the full might of the U.S. military against Iranian general and terrorist Qasem Soleimani who had directly contributed to the death of American troops.
  9. Space Force: All mockery was put to rest as the first new branch of the U.S. military in decades rolled out cleanly, poising the U.S. as the first nation with an independent and dedicated space force.
  10. March for Life: Finally, Trump made history as the first U.S. president to attend the annual, peaceful, and massive pro-life march calling for an end to the practice of abortions. POTUS firmly stated that “every child is a precious and sacred gift from God” and pledged his continued dedication to protecting the sanctity of life.

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  1. I think Trump’s policies have been extremely beneficial for America. Having said that the real trashing of America, we see clearly is the planned illegal election activity promulgated by the Democratic party supported by Big Tech and the Media. We won’t be able to stop the inauguration of Biden but the next few years will bring an enlightenment of facts pertaining to what actually took place and future elections will be void of corrupt behavior. The main stream media will be outed for there liberal bias and social media will no longer be able to censor truth and opposing opinions and values.

  2. We won’t comment on the alleged achievements, each claim lacks merit. By the way who said you couldn’t make a vaccine in a year and who actually did it – the first, a German of Turkish origin not Trump, not an American. Please add to the list of achievements – the highest death rate in the world, 350,000 Americans, you certainly can’t say he wasn’t an over achiever. There is no peace in the Middle East, there will be no peace until the issue of the Palestinians is resolved. It is just a group of dictators being bought by weapons. Anything he did that is even a little good is offset by his trashing of American democracy, that is shocking, that is disgraceful, and will decide his place in history.

    • Obvious PERSON Philipson is clearly a Democrat who listens to main st. media way to much. Sorry I would call you Mr. or Mrs. or Miss, maybe dad or mom or father or mother.
      Seems you democrats just want to have things your way or no way…
      The term LACKS MERIT was used way to much by big tech. and main st. media about the battle ground states in which his lawsuits were brought forth..
      Educate yourself alittle and open your mind to the facts that are presented.
      This President stood tall to all the Democrates phony allegations and ridicule and still had 74million people stand by him at the polls.
      What is it the Demcrates are hiding…maybe we will all find out on January 6th..
      Hopefully you and all others will listen in and hear the facts of the election, and decide for yourself.. be a man, women or what ever you want to be called these days..
      I myself, i am a man and proud to be called Mr..
      James Derks

    • Trump did not trash America!! You and the POG Dem party did w/ the 100% lies about Russia! Add to that,!corrupting the FBI, NSA, IRS, DOJ and FAKE Media refusing to cover it! Hildabeast bought & paid for fake dossier to trying to frame Trump and I guess your ok w/that. VA hospital abuse/incompetence 8 yrs. under BOBO, look at those deaths. Killing manufacturing/industrial/energy jobs for the sake of dishonest green energy garbage! Saying the economy, GDP would never achieve its former heights, Trump going to wave a magic wand BOBO said!! NO, he unleashed American capitalism!! To run your mouth about Trump not pushing the warp speed vaccine shows your ignorance! BO, Biden couldn’t even handle swine & Ebola!! You know nothing about holding your side to the same standards, typical!!


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