Fox News Host Weighs In On What Caused Capitol Riot — Explains Exactly Why Americans Are Frustrated Over The System

(Liberty Bell) – Fox News host Pete Hegseth delivered a response to the chaos that ensued in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday by, of course, condemning the violence and destruction, while also drawing attention to the underlying reasons why it happened.

According to BizPacReview, the conservative pundit made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, Hegseth explained that the president’s supporters rioted because they are so frustrated and angry for being marginalized by the radical left in our country.

“One person I talked to at the crowd sort of gave voice to the way a lot of these people feel. They say I’m a born-again American. I have been re-awoken to the reality of what the left has done to my country. This is not Donald Trump only. This is what he has exposed,” the Fox News host said.

He went on to add that Trump followers who were involved in the violence weren’t “conspiracy theorists motivated just by lies,” but were actually principled conservatives who have witnessed the foundational principles of our republic, like freedom, be crushed by liberal policies and attitudes in our culture.

“They see exactly what the anti-American left has done to America: indoctrinating our kids, opening our borders, canceling individuals, totally censoring entire viewpoints, all the double standards that exist in our country right now,” Hegseth said.

He went on to say that these folks are feeling helpless to stop the destruction of their beloved country due to the fact they cannot trust the election system, which they believe is rigged due to unconstitutional changes to voting rules, such as universal mail-in ballots.

“We’re always told … you get them at the ballot box. You come back two years later and you get them at the ballot box. What happens when you don’t have that recourse? What happens when they use COVID as a guise to change all the guidelines constitutionally?” Hegseth explained.

“We could have voted in person. I can go to Walmart. I can go to a store. I can go to a restaurant. I can go to sports games in some places. You tell me we couldn’t have voted? I just don’t buy it, and so I’m actually not surprised by what happened yesterday,” he stated.

Fearing folks hearing him might twist what he’s saying or misunderstand the point he’s trying to make, Hegseth stated that he’s not excusing the behavior, but is trying to explain why it happened.

“I recognize that people feel like the entire system is rigged against them, and then they look at what Antifa and Black Lives Matter have gotten away with, and no, I’m sorry, you can’t go to church, but I can riot during COVID, and I’m told that that’s okay, but if we gather as a group, we’re condemned for being a bunch of conspiracy theorists who are not patriotic.” he continued.

“I don’t buy it, and I think it’s easy to fall into the universal ‘these people are evil’ approach as opposed to stepping back and understanding that they feel like if you can’t go to the ballot box, where are you gonna go, and that’s a legitimate question for people to answer today,” Hegseth said.

It doesn’t seem that the folks in Washington are too interested in really understanding what happened. Then again, the radical left-wing element is well aware of why the violence happened on Wednesday. They were probably counting on it to happen in order to paint conservatives up as nutjobs.

However, there’s always more than one side to a story. Yes, the violence was inexcusable. But that doesn’t give the radical left the right to dismiss the folks who did this and their concerns. After all, had these been leftists who were protesting on behalf of Black Lives Matter, they would be hailed as heroes.

People want to be heard. They want to feel they have power to change things. This is what the ballot box used to provide all of us. Now, elections can’t be trusted anymore. We need to fix that.

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  1. “Whensoever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of THE PEOPLE to alter or abolish it”! “The peaceful attendees demonstrated the exercise of that Right with the dissatisfaction of the extensive and inclusive “Voter Fraud” against “THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE”!

  2. Hopefully there is one thing both Democrats and Republicans can agree on. That is when protestors turn into rioters or commit acts of violence to property of persons, they should be prosecuted.

  3. Civil war needs to happen ASAP so I can hunt every single of these MF’in communists Dems who are destroying this country that I served in the military for and love. Give me liberty or give me death 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    They MF’in stole the election from republicans. They need to pay.

  4. The media should be prosecuted for all the lies!!!The Democrats And the media are the enemy of the people.They’re progressing their blatant disturbing games at warp speed too. WTF already!!!

  5. I shudder when I read the idiotic statements here. Trump has been President for the past four years and your only grievance is that he lost an election fairly, certified by Republicans and Democrats, endorsed by courts with more Republican appointed judges than Democrat, and certified by Congress. The only people I see wanting to take away anyone’s freedom are Republicans who hate anyone not subscribing to their narrow cultural views. Your failure to use your God given brains is the source of your discontent not the real world around you. Wake up and stop the whining.

    • And you truly believe that the election was fair fool??? Even a monkey knows it was rigged, idiot. You better get your head examined foo!!! Ever heard of RINOS and lunatic Trump-haters??? GTFOH foo!!!

    • I guess you didn’t bother to look into any of the claims of voter and counting fraud ! Just because the courts didn’t take up the case doesn’t mean there wasn’t fraud! The Supreme Court said they didn’t have “ standing,” and they should have brought the case before the election. How can you bring a case of fraud when the fraud hasn’t been done yet? The deep state runs very deep. If you can’t see that by the way this president has been treated from day one, then I’m probably wasting my time writing this. Also you can’t say the amount of fraud wouldn’t have changed the election if you don’t know how much there was! And lastly what amount of fraud is good for you? 100,000…1,000,000? No amount is good just like no amount of greed is good. Get off you high horse and look at some of the over five hundred affidavits of fraud or fraudulent acts, and the unconstitutional acts of the states changing the rules that could only be changed by their legislators which they didn’t . The clowns in government said this was the safest election ever … and then find out that every government department was hacked and that they didn’t know who or how long the breech was for. And they tell you it was the safest election ever! And u believe that? BS!

  6. what you are not conveying to the American people, is the riot was orchestrated by Antifa thugs with the aid of the DC police. You and all the other media are blaming Trump for inciting his base when the whole thing was planned by the satanic democrat leadership to make him look like the culprit. Now Pelosi wants to impeach Trump for sedition when, in fact, she should be pointing at the democrats for their seditious attempt to steal this election.

  7. We live in Orwellian times! We need to win them at their own game Life is not fair! My fellow Americans let’s stop whining and start working! If you control the press just like China and Russia you control everything! We are a movement and Trump is not going away! Let’s work together and defeat the elitists who want our country! Words work! Let’s hit them where it hurts we are 75 million and growing! Money talks, boycotts work! Let us create new platforms and support businesses that support America not China!! Let’s support the politicians that support American values and leave the others twisting in the wind! Let’s face it tech controls everything! There has to be tech geniuses on our side! Stop complaining and start creating! Let’s save America!

  8. We the people are the rightful masters of both the courts and the congress,
    not to to over through the constitution
    but to overthrow the men who would provert the constitution.
    Abraham Lincoln

  9. TRUTH: Yes, Susan. I, too, saw the police opening gates/ barriers & letting peaceful protesters stroll on into the building. Anyone approaching/ joining this peaceful group might not have realized that they were not legally allowed to proceed inside?! No one was breaking windows or forcing doors open that you could see in some other entrance-ways.

  10. Well said , Pete! Nice to know we still have some one at Fox with the intelligence, the integrity and the spine to speak up and speak the truth. Get out of there when you can- Newsmax awaits you!

  11. I can’t believe Fox is listening to the people who care about America.We know you can’t just get in that easy and they knew that many people were going to be there.I blame the leaders for not having more security.All these Trump rally’s and never had this happen except for getting beat up by the other groups.They had this staged to pressure Trump out.Then to watch the Republican Senators turn on the people who voted for them to at least hear our side.It goes to show it’s not about the people it’s about power.Sad day on America when you can’t hear but one side.The side that has let Democratic cities be torn apart for months and nothing done to stop it only the one time that people are tired of being pushed aside.God help us all

  12. Have NO idea why the woman who was killed, an Air Force veteran, took it upon herself to break through a window to get to – an ARMED policeman, unless she had a death wish….she should have known better. One man next to her, not a Trump supporter but, instead, part of another group who oppose him and said he was “investigating” the whole thing, was clearly shook afterward – he realized except the for the fact that the woman was in front of him, he could be dead… This article explains many of the reasons why this happened, but not all. Am waiting, patiently (but not too) for explanations for many more still hidden things about this event. We all need answers that demonizing these people will never elicit.

    • Good questions. Unfortunately, we have been fighting for answers to basic questions for years and even when the answers come forth there are no consequences!

  13. When a man shot and killed a trespasser who tried steal his valuables, the police arrested him and charged him for murder. When an unarmed woman trespassed in the Capitol, no one was arrested for that. The policeman who shot her was not charged with deadly force. Most of the “mob” who were there were peaceful. Those who trespassed in the Capitol should have been dealt with forcefully, but not with gunfire. The nearest of kin of that poor woman should find themselves a good lawyer. But maybe that would be useless. We know how well judges hear the voices of the people. They don’t. That’s what this “riot” was all about.

  14. Yes, and did ANYONE, besides me, see those Capitol police opening the doors and letting them in? I know what I saw, but haven’t seen or heard it reported anywhere! WHY NOT?

  15. To all Republicans: You have to cut off the head of the snake for the complete snake to die; and this snake against the Republic has many heads, so many heads have to be severed.

    • I take it you’re a socialist Democrat Jacobin who wants to see blood running in the streets. All I can tell you is be very careful what you wish for. You might get it but not in the manner you had hoped for.


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