Has Russia Been Waging A Coronavirus Misinformation Campaign In The US?

(Liberty Bell) – If there is anything that has characterized the coronavirus pandemic, it is confusion.

Information from government officials and medical experts is constantly conflicting, and it’s impossible to know who to listen to or trust.

It appears that the Russians, as has long been their MO, has taken full advantage of this and has potentially been waging a misinformation campaign on English-language websites.

This is according to U.S. government officials who spoke with the Associated Press anonymously as they were supposedly not authorized to speak publicly.

According to these officials, two operatives from the Russian intelligence service GRU are responsible for the disinformation campaign.

Between late May and early June, these websites published roughly 150 about the pandemic response, Just the News reports, including coverage that either boasted Russia’s response or discredited that of the United States.

One of the noteworthy headlines which caught the attention of U.S. officials was “Russia’s Counter COVID-19 Aid to America Advances Case for Détente.”

This article suggested that Russia had given significant urgent aid to the U.S. to help combat the pandemic.

According to the U.S. officials that spoke with AP, they were not at liberty to discuss the information as it had recently been declassified.

This shocking revelation comes in the thick of campaign season, with perhaps one of the most significant general elections of US history hanging in the balance.

The Trump campaign involvement with Russian campaign meddling has been exhaustively debunked, most significantly by the nearly two-year, ill-fated Mueller probe which failed to definitively prove any “collusion.”

However, Russia’s attempt to influence the outcome of the election with their own methods, similar to their Covid-19 disinfo campaign, indicate that they may yet again seek to sow chaos, confusion, and misinformation in 2020 as they did in 2016.

The U.S. officials described the Russian campaign as part of such a continuous and persistent effort.

They did not, however, specify whether they believe the coronavirus misinformation campaign is directly related to the upcoming election.

However, some of the coverage appeared to take an antagonistic stance towards presumed presidential candidate Joe Biden who will be challenging President Donald Trump for the White House.

Just the News notes:

They also singling [sic] out a particular information agency that is registered in Russia, InfoRos, and that operates a series of websites – InfoRos.ru, Infobrics.org and OneWorld.press – that have leveraged the pandemic to promote anti-Western objectives and to spread disinformation.

An AP email to InfoRos was not returned Tuesday.

On its English-language Facebook page, InfoRos describes itself as an “Information agency: world through the eyes of Russia.”


  1. I also know PPL George Hall ,that have the same thing happen to them……..waiting in line ..leave and then get mail saying they are Positive for C 19.

  2. Trump’s best pal Putin is doing everything he can to hurt this country and since Trump is his butt boy, he needs to be not elected again, legally or illegally like last time.

  3. I am convinced that daily reported new cases reported by health organizations here in the U.S. cannot be trusted as an accurate account. I have friends in the family that have gone to testing sites to get tested. While waiting in their cars in line, they are given forms to fill out then hand them back to a health rep. The wait is too long, so they decide to leave before testing. Three days later they get a letter in the mail saying they tested positive for Covid-19. I hear this procedure is rampant throughout the U.S.


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