Has Big Tech Finally Found The Way To Stop Mass Shootings In America?

(Liberty Bell) – Efforts by Dem lawmakers to take our guns is ramping up in liberal strongholds like Virginia and California. While the left is insisting on gun reforms that would blatantly infringe upon our Second Amendment rights, Big Tech is getting in on the anti-gun movement in their own unique and bizarre way.

Apparently, the word “gun” is now a bad word that we must be sheltered from hearing. Perhaps Big Tech is concerned that is we hear the word “gun” it will make us want to go out and buy them or even worse, use them. This isn’t the first attempt to censor gun-related words and pictures but it very well may be the most absurd to date.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Apple’s Siri voice assistant is now apparently refusing to say the word “gun” when used on an iPad.

Tracy Connors tweeted a video of herself attempting to have Siri read out a Daily Caller headline entitled ‘Virginia House of Delegates Passes Gun Ban, Seizure Bill’.

Instead of saying the word ‘gun’, Siri spelled out the letters G-U-N.

“Apple is now our parent and we’re fragile little children who can’t hear scary words,” said Connors.

As far back as 2016, Apple replaced its gun emoji with a water pistol in response to “a series of shootings in the US.”

Since leftists are triggered by so many different words and images, they probably think that conservatives are triggered by hearing the word gun. Perhaps if Big Tech refuses to allow their voice technology to say the word “gun” it will finally be the initiative that stops mass shootings in America.

This is completely absurd.

Meanwhile, Virginians are in an ugly fight against the tyrannous state government who is dead-set on taking away certain guns. Dems claim Virginians just “don’t need” big bad “semi-automatic” weapons so it’s their duty to take them away. Virginians aren’t taking it laying down, however, and have started a movement to establish Second Amendment sanctuary towns and cities which has inspired a national movement.

The Hill reports:

Other localities around the country are now joining Virginia, even in states such as Mississippi that are not contemplating gun control measures. At least 83 counties nationwide have declared themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries this month, following at least 131 last month, according to a count of local media reports conducted by The Hill.

They join hundreds of other localities that have already made the declaration, growing a movement that takes its name from cities that have declared themselves as “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants, providing protection against the stricter immigration laws enforced by the Trump administration. 

Localities declaring themselves as sanctuaries hail from a broad range of states, from those seen as having stronger protections for gun owners such as Kentucky and Texas to those seen as having stricter gun control laws such as Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon.

These profound efforts being made on the part of average, every day Americans is nothing, however, compared to the national efforts being made by Big Tech to censor gun-related pictures and words. Surely, we are no match for these kinds of tactics.

Only time will tell who will win this battle. Big Tech, with their water gun emojis and word censoring or patriotic citizens willing to stop at nothing to defend freedom in America.


  1. If they can make it past the IED’s and the cross fire, they can take my gun from my dead hand, but be careful because the barrel will be really hot.

  2. The style of a gun or how many rounds it holds doesn’t make it anymore or less lethal.Like any assault weapon it has only one purpose, to destroy. Whether it be a gun, bow and arrow, Sword or a club. These are all assault weapons. The gun and bow and arrow has the advantage of being able to put food on the table, work as an equalizer between a strong and weak person, used to protect your property, home and family form those who would bring harm. The Constitution allows it because the people are supposed to be above the government and the government is to be subject to the will of the people. The second amendment is an insurance policy protecting the people from abuses by the government.A gun is neither good or evil but can be used for both. Taking people guns will only make it easier for criminals to ply their trade and bring about more murders and criminal acts. The criminal doesn’t care about the law.

  3. These crazy nuts should be sent to North Korea or China to live. They would all be crying and hoping for a gun to shoot themselves with.
    Remember, you don’t take a “no guns” sign to a gun fight.

  4. The left is losing its collective mind. We cannot let them win. We must stand for our principles and freedoms. Hopefully they will self-destruct soon, hopefully in November.

  5. “Hey Siri, say liberal democrat”
    “Ok, chicken shit”
    “Hey Siri, say Adam Schiff”
    “Ok, shitt head”
    “Hey Siri, say gun”
    “Ok, second amendment protected right by utilizing the most up to date means available to provide self defense against others with access to the same tools.”
    “Thank you Siri”

  6. And yet oddly enough throwing out the f^$# bomb and cursing out conservatives isn’t hate speech. Throwing frozen drinks, cans, pepper spray in order to incite rather than stop violence is now standard practice for radical left when attempting to counter a peaceful conservative rally. When did talking out about a conservative candidate whose policies you support, or being against illegally entering our country become hate speech and yelling and cursing and threatening conservatives not?

  7. Know how many guns there are in the U.S. not including military? About the same number as people, with only half registered. How many of them are used in crimes everyday? Answer- a relatively tiny number. Think the criminals are going to give up their guns when anti gun laws are passed? Answer- highly unlikely! The Second Amendment is what has kept America safe from local criminals, but more importantly foreign invaders.
    God Bless Americans to make the right decisions.

  8. “Dems claim Virginians just “don’t need” big bad “semi-automatic” weapons so it’s their duty to take them away. ” This is exactly why we have the Second Amendment, and may be forced to actively defend it.

    • Remember 40 or 50 years ago we were warned about the dangers “big brother”?
      Funny how at the time they did not tell us who “big brother” was only that it was dangerous. Turns out we now know who “big brother” is. It’s our own government being controlled by democrat communists and fake republicans and all the alphabet agencies illegally created by Congress and staffed with unelected, unaccountable liberal bureaucrats and government civil service employees better know as Deep State. If Trump cannot manage to drain this swamp it will be up to “we the people” to go to D.C. and physically clean house ourselves. That is why we must not allow our Second Amendment rights to be infringed upon. That is how every despotic group managed to create an evil socialist/communist/fascist dictatorship.

  9. A man persuaded against his will, is of the same opinion still!
    or you can take the gun out of the written law, but you can’t take the gun out of the patriots live hand!

  10. The constitution is still and always will bed the first law of the land. No moron state can alter or ignore it in any way . So get your communist head out

  11. When the fruits and nuts insist on taking weapons away from the law abiding public, make sure someone is taking away their protection also! So many illogical people!!

    • The real reason the liberals push gun control has nothing to do with saving lives, reducing crime or the big one “saving the children”. It is all about making it impossible for free citizens to be able to punish corrupt politicians. Liberals can’t tell the truth about themselves because if they did free citizens would get rid of them one way or another.

  12. So Big Tech wants to censor the word “Gun” out of our language? They are kowtowing to the anti-gun bigots and joining the anti-gun camp.

    • glock – shouldn’t that be anti-g-u-n bigots and anti-g-u-n ‘happy campers’ – or something to that effect.

    • Just think of all the words the liberal radical left has perverted or banned from public use in the past 10 years. If it offends them any word is branded as “hate speech”. The most dangerous people are those that use “political correctness” to harass and ostracize people who disagree with them.


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