Ha! Trump Campaign Has A New Nickname For Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris, And It’s Hilarious

(Liberty Bell) – The Trump campaign came out swinging the instant that they heard that presumed Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, had finally announced his VP pick for the White House.


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) Trump would go on to tell reporters, had been his “No. 1 pick” for his rival’s running mate, and she really is a gift to the campaign.

Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, immediately dismissed the “phony” VP candidate and capitalized on Harris’ history of chiding Biden as a racist over his previous opposition to desegregationist busing in his early days as a Senator.

“Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and asked for an apology she never received,” Pierson said in a statement from the campaign. “Clearly, Phony Kamala will abandon her own morals, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, in order to appease the anti-police extremists controlling the Democrat Party.”

Pierson, herself an African American woman who has promoted the website youaintblack.com, named for Biden’s racist whitesplaining as to the “blackness” of pro-Trump African Americans, had quite a funny new nickname for the already easily mockable Harris.

Biden’s “political living will.”


Within minutes of the announcement, the campaign was ready with an attack ad, which was subsequently tweeted out by the president.

“Slow Joe and Phony Kamala, perfect together, wrong for America.”

“In her failed attempt at running for president, Kamala Harris gleefully embraced the left’s radical manifesto, calling for trillions of dollars in new taxes and backing Bernie Sanders’ government takeover of healthcare,” Pierson’s statement said. “She is proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with the extreme agenda of the radicals on the left.”

Newsmax notes:

Harris dropped out of the presidential race in December but remains well-respected in the party. Her Jamaican and Indian heritage fits well in a party that is becoming more female and less White.


  1. Mentally unfit in Two Months, I think not, he is already On the
    Soros, Killery, Clinton, Obumer, Harris it list, Maoists CCP, Russian Paid Spy. He will not Live Long, if elected. Nor Harris, both on hit List.

  2. Before the pandemic, TRUMP had accomplished all of his 2016 campaign promises. Thank God the wall is being built in spite of Democrats trying to block. The unemployment rate was as low as my birth year 1969. Trump supports law enforcement and has improved the Veterans who selflessly sacrificed and served this great nation. THESE ISSUES ARE THE COUNTERBALANCE WE SHOULD BE DECLARING TO THOSE SUPPORTING BIDEN. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT. GOD BLESS THE USA.

  3. If they do win, Biden will only be president for maybe six months. The democrats will have him declared mentally unfit and use the 25 amendment to remove him. Then the vote Harris will become president, she will choose a new Vice President, it wouldn’t surprise me if she chose Hillary.

    This country would be worse than any third world country.

    • 100% spot on analysis…Yet the idiots in this country will fall for it book, line and sinker…maybe things will start to sink in a bit when the streets turn red with blood

  4. If we could get all the “Trump Haters” to read the truth or listen to someone other than the main stream media, we might be able to get Mr.Trump elected again. Let’s keep grinding away and keep these socialists/communists from changing this wonderful America we live in to just another 3rd world country. MAGA!

  5. So you think using 3rd grade name calling tactics is a good quality in a world leader? When the leader of the world cannot come up with adequate responses other than names. something is severely wrong.

    • Maybe she should act better too and not stand up on stage and lie to the AMERICAN public. She is as shameful as she is a liar. May God have mercy on her soul and especially on this Nation and our Constitution

    • Nicknames v. Policy
      Yep. I like the policy. Maybe not the personality. I wish you the best on getting your preacher elected. I’ll take solid policy and a coarse personality EVERY TIME over your politician preacher.

    • You’re right! Using 3rd grade tactics is not a good quality for a leader. Biden saying any black American who votes republican isn’t black. Then there’s the names Biden called to voters during the primaries. And the one that really got me was when Biden tried to act tough and pushed a voter while calling him names. If Biden would’ve pushed me, I’d give him a good ole 3rd grade beat down, even if he is a wimpy crusty old senile geezer. He started it and I’d finish it. His secret service protection would’ve been the only thing keeping me from putting that worthless bag of raw sewage in the hospital. The dummycrats have a long history of using 3rd grade tactics. Trump maybe rough around the edges, but he’s more of an adult than ANY of the dummycrats and he knows the best way to stand up against dummycrats is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    • Are you kidding me? A professional, avowed political harlot with a lousy record. What she does/did personally is up to her. But demonstrating that for many years she had no respect for the law and a high tolerance for moral turpitude does not qualify her in any way to be trusted to run anything.

    • Idiot you really think Biden would help you and all Americans. The reason they hate Trump is he’s cut off the corrupt money that all the Democrats and the never Trumpers have made for years. I guess you do because you are caught up in there talking points. YOU REALLY CANNOT FIX STUPID!!!!!!

  6. And you will never hear from the media today that the 1st slave owner in this country was a Black man by the name of Anthony Johnson. He “owned” one black man and FOUR White men. How will anyone ever figure out “reparations”? Should the White decendants get four times more in reparations from the Black populace than what the Black decendants will receive from the White populace?

  7. Let’s see; the Indians hate her, the blacks hate her, cognitive women hate her in general, responsible patriots hate her.
    She only got 2% in the primary, and dropped out.
    She accused Biden of crap, and showed him such disrespect in their debates; yet she’d the perfect “fit” for Biden?
    She has the most horrific record as a DA, and rumored to have slept her way to that job . . . Of course THAT’S a badge of honor with the demons.
    She imprisoned thousands for pot, yet bragged about smoking it.
    She stalled prison releases for financial gain for her county (slave labor).
    She hit evidence that would release a death-row inmate; so he would be killed, and her sloppiness would stay hidden.
    No, she hates Biden, and everyone knows it; but they’re desperate to control the masses, and regain their powerbase of income from the public. Plus, Biden needs protection from prosecution.
    With Harris by his side, he’s a dead-man-walking. Will he even make it to the podium for his acceptance speech? I’m sure she’s already drafted hers.
    Things to consider;
    Harris will “immediately sign an executive order to eliminate the 2nd Amendment if congress does not get the act together on gun control”. (How many gun owners in America?)
    She is a co-signer of the GREED New Deal (I know, on purpose). No fracking, no oil, no cars, no private land-ownership . . . The demons just lost TX, PA, Il, SD . . .
    She wants to kill private healthcare choice, kill the Insurance industry (that’ll get her elected). You have a retirement plan? Burn it . . .
    Her father brags about being a descendent of one of the most prosperous slave trading companies in Jamaica. Aren’t we supposed to “cancel” ANYONE connected to slavery? That’s a law now isn’t it? Show just how little the demons think about all our new laws!


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