Guess Which Left-Wing Fake News Hack Just Compared Soleimani To Nazi Fighting Freedom Fighter Charles de Gaulle?

(Liberty Bell) – While many regular Americans may not have known who General Qassem Soleimani was when he was taken out by a US airstrike on Friday, it is reasonable to assume that the biggest names in the news media would have known who he was.

Solemani, of course, was the head of the Quds Force, the elite arm of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a designated terror group by the United States for some very good reasons.

He was the man behind what is often referred to as the “insurgency” during the Iraq War and is certainly responsible for the death of thousands, including many Americans.

He has continued to the destabilization of Iraq and is responsible for the brutal suppression of pro-democracy activists in the fraught nation.

He was the man behind the militant attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad earlier this week (or “mourners” and “protesters,” if you’re listening to the mainstream news).

The president has explained that Solemani was plotting an attack on American lives, something which certainly would have caused far more tension with Iran than taking out their top general, that’s for sure.

Naturally, because this was an all-around sound military decision and excellent surgical strike on the part of the Trump administration, the mainstream media is hailing Solemani as an innocent in all this.

Because Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Anderson Cooper may be one of the most reputable figures at CNN, but it’s still CNN, and so it’s not easy to appear halfway sane next to Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.

According to Anderson Cooper, Solemani is not, in fact, a cold-blooded Islamic terrorist mastermind with a fierce animosity for the west, he’s an inspiring, revolutionary figure, like Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the French Resistance during World War II and first president of the French Fifth Republic.

Another day, another absurdity from the fake news media.

These comments came during a discussion on Solemani’s murder.

“Soleimani is — it’s difficult to convey how revered he is in Iran,” CNN’s had Fareed Zakaria said, according to The Washington Free Beacon. “Imagine the French Foreign Legion, at the height of the French Empire. This guy is regarded in Iran as a completely heroic figure, personally very brave.”

“I was trying to think of somebody, and I was thinking of de Gaulle, although he became leader of the country,” Cooper said.

Zakaria, by comparison at least, offered by the more level-headed perspective that that was “not quite” accurate:

“Other than the Supreme Leader Khomeini and maybe the president, he looms larger in Iran than almost any other figure. He is regarded as personally incredibly brave,” Zakaria said.

“The troops love him, and he has been the kind of mastermind of Iran’s policies in Syria, in Iraq.”


    • Did you see him on New year’s eve, drunk as a fool and acting worse than a jerk of a idiot.
      He is so stupid he could not fight his way out of a wet paper sack . He is an insult to America. Send him over to Iran and see if he can get a drink of hooch or even a drink of water. He is really no one to say a word about anything or anybody. For shame Andy you goofball!!!!

  1. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson: a distasteful way & desperate effort to keep
    yourself relevant. It will take something much more scandalous than this sick
    diatribe to save your sorry career. On the other hand, CNN is the perfect place
    to launch your demise.

  2. If the whole crowd dropped off the face of the earth life would continue and the world would not come to an end, the West has been figihting this crowd since the Crusages what else is new. The end is near read matthew 24 in that Christain Book the Bible explains exactly what is about to take place.

  3. I’m so glad I served in the Military. I learned more about the world than we hear from the anti military idiots on the nightly news

  4. What a communist pig Anderson Cooper has turned out to be. Go live with your Muslim killers if you like them so much. You would be dead in ten minutes.. they don’t like people like you!

  5. Cooper, as well as the author of this article, apparently know nothing about the history of WWII. Throughout the war DeGaulle was nothing more than a strutting pimple on the ass of the Allies progress, contributing nothing of strategic or material importance while constantly impeding the efforts of others better qualified. He was a constant attention seeker – today he would be called a “celebrity”. He was the “leader of the French resistance” in name only – a name given him by the press – never having fired a shot in anger, risked his life or having done anything to provide support for their efforts to impede the Nazis and free their country. His colonial troops, culled from France’s territories in the Middle East and Africa, were known for their incompetence in combat and lengthy records of atrocities and rape perpetrated against the civilian populations of their areas of operations. As the leader of France he went on to prove his military incompetence in France’s involvements in Algeria, Indo China (Vietnam) and other places, while steering France firmly into the ranks of irrelevant second rate powers, where it remains today.

    • AS mentioned below, DeGaulle was a coward and fled the Country when the Nazi’s over took France. He came back after the USA and it’s allies won the war and acted like some kind of a hero. He was a joke.

  6. If we stay with the World War II analogy, the Iranian Republican Guard is to the regular Iranian army what the SS was to the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany, and the Quds Force the equivalent of the SS formations raised in the occupied countries, making Soleimani the Henrich Himmler of the Iranian regime, NOT the Charles deGaulle of the Free French.

  7. Cooper is trying to explain how the Iranians see Solemani. Very different than saying that the U.S. sees him that way. But just keep twisting the news to fit your false narrative that Cooper somehow reveres Solemani.

    • Seems to me that Russia and IRAN are really COLLUDING with WEIROS to Divide Amarica and have found a willing SECT in America to do their DIRTY WORK…. MSM….CNN and the (D) fascist party .

  8. “According to Anderson Cooper, Solemani is not, in fact, a cold-blooded Islamic terrorist mastermind with a fierce animosity for the west, he’s an inspiring, revolutionary figure, like Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the French Resistance during World War II and first president of the French Fifth Republic.”

    The assessment of “Another day, another absurdity from the fake news media” is not quite accurate. It just reflects that people like Anderson Neville Chamberlain – he is a very, very nice person and deserves gentle thoughtful treatment as is done for all other people who live in a children’s fantasy land. He hasn’t been corrupted with history or any real learning yet; and, so as long he isn’t any different when he grows up, he shouldn’t be considered a threat to anybody, even the 13 people who watch CNN weekly.

  9. Straight up propaganda one of many. The media works for the globalists elites and the LWNJS for America’s destruction. True haters of America.

  10. Who said that this bozo appears half saner when compared to Lemon and Cuomo??? This idiot is as insane as either of those two. He just “tries” to come across as more reasonable. Although De Gaulle wasn’t much too write home about either. Churchill want him to have a “fatal accident” after one of the conferences but Roosevelt wouldn’t go along with it…he seemed to favor communists as he had a few in his cabinet during WWII. Anderson Cooper is no different then any of the other totally anti-Trumpers in the MSM,house of Representatives or the George Conways of the world!!!


  12. CNN has nothing else to offer. Weak and misleading reporting is what they do. Turn on the TV just to make sure they are still not worth watching. I mean, come on, Cooper, Lemon, Cuomo, and other awful individuals are what they have? Not worth the time.

  13. This guy that is talking to Anderso Cooper is a Muslim Lover and is worshipping Solemani with all kinds of praise to That Islamic Terrorist. If you love Solemani so very much why not go to Iran to live Jack Ass.

  14. Anderson Cooper “one of the most reputable figures at CNN”??? What rock does this Liberty Bell author live under? With that IGNORANT comment, one has to question anything written in this article, including the day, date and time!

    Anything CNN touches is CORRUPT! ANY and EVERYTHING!

    I was in Europe during Hurricane Katrina. CNN was one of the few English speaking news shows avaiable, and we were interested in hearing the damage caused by the hurricane. Listening to CNN one would thought George W Bush was a WAR CRIMINAL and the Federal government and FEMA were doing NOTHING. Upon our return to the U.S. we learned the OPPOSITE was true and the BOZO Mayor, who was, by law, in control, sat on his duff and did NOTHING! CNN should be prosecuted, tried, convicted and SHUT DOWN for its HORRIBLE BIASED, LYING! Soon, they will be wishing for the horrible viewer numbers they are now experiencing, as they near time to enter BANKRUPTCY!

  15. If my brain and thought processes worked in the same manner as his and other leftist brains do, I would have to stay up all night keeping an eye on myself. Because, obviously, I would be Clear and VERY PRESENT Danger!

  16. Being afraid to kill a terrorist mastermind for fear of retaliation is the creed of failed cowards.
    War with Iran is not desired, but we must show strength because all appeasement ends in failure.

    • Too late to worry about war with Iran! They declared war on us over 4 decades ago, and it’s ongoing today! Indeed the attack on our embassy in Iraq that Soleimani orchestrated and instigated is but further proof of that war still being waged, whether we desire it or not.

  17. CNN “news”??? Their commentators, “journalists” have two things in common, they all HATE Trump & anything he does AND they don’t research anything before spouting off.

  18. How dare you compare President deGaulle to this vile piece of vermin Charles de Gaulle was a great man this piece of shit is a murdering terriorist many times over human life meant nothing to this vermin. Get over yourself Cooper you just sank lower than pond scum with your rhetoric shame on you this is why real Americans don’t watch fake news cnn

    • Apparently you know as little about DeGaulle as Cooper does. Yes, he stood up to the Nazis, but he wasn’t a “great man”, he was arrogant, petty, not above taking credit for others’ efforts. He very nearly screwed up D-Day with his pettiness, and was generally oppositional in the years of his Presidency about everything the Allies were trying to accomplish in the aftermath of the war, as well.

  19. I sometimes think that our country has gone over the edge in conjuring up metaphors for what goes on day to day. When Obama went after Osama bin Laden, it was a good thing because he was a very bad guy and everyone cheered. As I recall, he was not revered as a leader, but a terrorist. So I guess it’s normal that if we lean far enough left we can look upon Soleimani as a sort of Charles de Gaulle figure. I tried to lean that far left, but I kept falling over. I’ll try again later……

  20. I have never considered anything said by Anderson Cooper to be of any value.
    He is no different than the rest of the liberal minded left regime.


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