Guess Which Hateful Leftists Tweeted “F*ck Day Of Prayer” As The Rest Of Us Bowed Our Heads?

(Liberty Bell) – Last week, as the world seemed to collectively shut down around us, President Donald Trump somberly called for a Day of Prayer on Sunday so the nation could pray together in unity as we combat the coronavirus nationally.

What could our nation better use right now than prayer?

This is one of the most severe crises many alive today have ever witnessed, and we need nothing more than to lean on our faith and pray for a quick end to the coronavirus outbreak.

But those on the left, who often lack their own faith, are more interested in spreading hate and division, when even some of the political world’s most ardent opponents are putting their grievances aside to work together to combat the outbreak.

So you can only imagine what the likes of David Hogg, the peewee gun grabber who survived the horrific Parkland shooting in 2017, had to say.

On Saturday night, Hogg, whose fifteen minutes of immense fame passed years ago, tweeted out an attack on the Trump administration for requesting the nation pray on Sunday.

“Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic. Fuck a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action,” Hogg wrote.

What is the complete opposite of gracious, kind, and hopeful?

Well, it’s obnoxious enough that Hogg not only wrote this and got away with it. I mean, there are over 30k Twitter users out there who thought that these comments were worthy of rendering their “heart” to.

No one demanded that he take the post down, and it still remains on his page as of this writing.

Nonetheless, he’s a teenage twit who the media stopped giving a platform to years ago. He always runs his mouth but he’s not an elected official.

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is an elected official, and an elected official who thought it was perfectly appropriate to retweet these despicable comments.

This is according to CNS News, who shared this screenshot. There is no longer a retweet on Rep. Tlaib’s page, but it is being widely reported that she did in fact share it.


  1. what do you expect from a palestinian muslim infiltrator? arrest and deport her. just figure it out and do it–you know Q must have the goods on her. just get rid of her, get her out of my congress. please.

    • I m so sick of her and the low class barroom “Squad” They are so low and ill informed. Remove all of them and return dignity to Congress Trash like this should never be allowed in any seat of government for the USA. These people are low class trash

  2. On 23 January 2019 I mailed a letter to our Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, asking her to prepare and forward a petition to every member of the HOR to remove Tlaib from the HOR because of Tlaib’s statement calling our President a Motherfuxxer. If interested, I can provide anyone with a copy of the letter request. It is a full page justification. Rodgers did not prepare any petition, nor did she reprimand Tlaib. It appears that Rodgers just wants to “go-along to get-along.” Now she is asking me to support her campaign, both financially and politically. I re-sent the 23 Jan. letter to her as a reminder that we need a Representative that will take action, not just enjoy the benefits. Mack Cain

  3. It US one thing to express opinions and exercise first amendment rights, but this is filthy VULGAR behavior. This squad trash in Congress has to be ran out of our highest institution, which was polluted by that vermin. CONGRESS NEEDS TO BE DISINFECTED AND ERADICATED AS IT IS THE SAME AS CORONAVIRUS. They are enemies of America!

  4. Why did we allow her here? Who was responsible for this?
    . Who really elected these people? We have our own faith and beliefs and ways here in our country. She is by far no lady. A potty mouth . We want her out of our government . She is not wanted. She need to come here and try to take our beliefs away. This is not what we are about. Take her mouth out of politics . She is horrible.

  5. The short and long of it is that Tlaib is a sow pig. She has no place
    in this country and should be asked to leave. She is not an American
    and does not fit into our society. She needs to go live with her beloved
    Palestinians. She seems to be so in love with Hamas, she should go
    live with them. Of course, she wants to run her big mouth but not put
    her money where her big mouth is. If she is so pro Palestine then she
    should be living there. Please go live there and get the hell out of this
    country. She is stinking up this country.

  6. That is a good question. Why does any media outlet give credence to either one of these imbeciles? Better to just ignore them and their media masters.

  7. This is a born and bred radical Muslim not and American she’s a traitor and needs to be put in front of a firing squad and then wrap them in pigskin and ship them back to their own country don’t dirty our soil and good riddance to bad rubbish

  8. Only The Piglet” would say that! Besides, from what the news said of the shooting at his high school, he went home and came back after the shootings. Hmmmmm…

  9. I thought Tlaib was Muslim? Surely she would understand her religion’s call to pray to Allah and lay on him trials and struggles.

    • There are so many unhinged, deranged people out there. How many sane, normal ppl would say F the prayer day. I hope the ppl of MI vote this filth out of office

  10. Must be a need for attention. Never see anything positive coming out of her mouth. Feel sorry for her kids, if she has any. What a vile and hateful woman. What state is she from?

  11. Tlaib is a hate Monger and a TERRORIST. It’s obvious that the People who voted for Her are in the same category as She is. She despises Jews and Israel, our only Ally in the Middle East. Israel is very advanced in Medicine, Technology, etc. They’ve made a beauty out of this Country. Her People have done nothing.
    Tlaib, this disgusting Dangerous Person should be stoned to death!!!

  12. Desperate attempts to remain in the spotlight.

    Hogg, you are waaaayyyyyyy past your 15 minutes of fame. Please just go away.

    • How people live with that much hate baffles me but the MEDIA is just as bad for giving this creepy kid a platform!

  13. She is such a gross pig that face is enough to turn my stomach what a God-hating demonic creature, Hogg is just a little boy wanting to play adult he obviously as a democratic education he has 0 class!

  14. Tlaid needs to be thrown off the top of the Empire State Building. The day of prayer isn’t limited to just Christian and Jewish prayers. Muslims can also pray in their faith that day. So now she’s even committed blasphemy against all faiths, including her own. If Muslims stone women to death for this sin against Allah, I have a better way to do the job. Tie her up and drag her down a gravel road behind a pickup truck. The effect will be the same but much more fun. I’ll provide the truck.

  15. Tlaib is am a worthless piece muslim camel manure put in congress by the socialist democrats and David Hogg is an uneducated moronic idiot like her, they are both are LIARS, Stupid self-center asses that should be removed from the US because of their hatred of America like all the rest Anti-American. should be.

  16. Tlaib is a sick and vulgar excuse for a lady, as well as for an American. She is a barbaric Muslim, who hates America and Americans. Sickening to think of the fact she was voted into Congress and actually gets paid with American taxpayer dollars, from the same Americans she despises. Says a lot about the brain dead, anti-American idiots who actually voted for this incredibly ugly (inside and out) heathen. Same can be said for her traitorous buddies AOC and the appalling to the eye Omar. I did not know women could be this hard on the eye, but these three will stop a clock.

  17. I understand the trauma of being the victim of gun violence. I have the scars to prove it. But, I took the opposite tack. I have a carry permit and do carry a weapon. Never again will I be the unarmed victim.
    I doubt this kid understands that nutcases and criminals just don’t care about the law. So no restriction, ban, confiscation scheme, or any other anti gun law will stop someone from committing a crime. All the law can do is provide legal recourse for the victims of said crime.
    Now, as for his comment on the day of prayer, totally uncalled for and shows how low class young Mr. Hogg really is. So sad for one so young to be so full of hate and ignorance.

    • The commiecrats rely on people like hogg to spew their hatred. They have subverted our education system, done everything they can to eliminate any religious or moral sentiment and continue to attempt to disarm citizens.

  18. Why does anyone listen to that airhead? Oh yeah, the media drags him out when they want to rant about their libertard agenda.

    • That is another problem in itself. Why do supposedly conservative news sites in particular report what these two say? If it were not for this particular news site Liberty Bell I would not know or care what they say. It is not news worthy because I already know how these two think and what they believe. I personally believe it is click bait so I am unsubscribing.


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