Guess How Long It Took For Dems To Blame Trump For Iowa Caucus Train Wreck

(Liberty Bell) – On Monday night, as the proverbial starting pistol for the presidential primary season finally fired in the form of the Iowa caucuses, the candidates burst out of the gate and tripped and fell all over themselves.

Then they all declared they were the winner.

This is to say, an app which the DNC debuted for the closely-watched caucuses caused serious malfunctions, meaning that instead of knowing who won the state on Tuesday morning, all we know now is that the Democrats are more incompetent than ever.

On Tuesday, Breitbart reported:

The Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses are being called a disaster, a nightmare, and an epic fail. In the subsequent round of finger-pointing, a consensus scapegoat has emerged — a mobile app paid for by the Iowa Democratic Party that was supposed to collect and report the results of Monday night’s vote.

The app was reportedly developed in secret by a for-profit technology firm with the too-good-to-be-true name of Shadow, Inc. While little was previously known about the app, new revelations are quickly emerging, including the firm’s ties to Hillary Clinton.

Iowa Democratic officials are denying that the app is to blame for the chaotic outcome of Monday’s caucuses. The results of the Democratic caucuses are likely to be delayed significantly, which has sent party leaders into damage control mode.

As the caucus debacle continues to unravel, several key players have emerged in the blame game that has swept up key members of the Democratic party establishment.

According to Eoin Higgins from Common Dreams, the secretive app stopped working hours before the caucuses.

As many of the candidates started acting like they’d actually won the caucus, which officially absolutely no one has yet as it is currently impossible to determine any of the results, Andrew Yang blamed….Trump.

Because of course he did.

Yang, of all people, should know that the crooked and incompetent Democrat establishment is behind this farce.

Never one to turn down a chance to point out the DNC’s failings, he missed a huge opportunity to do so here.

As Breitbart explains:

Shadow, Inc. is the Democratic firm that reportedly built the app, according to the Huffington Post. The firm says on its official site that its mission is “to build political power for the progressive movement by developing affordable and easy-to-use tools.”

The company was launched in 2019 by ACRONYM, a Democratic non-profit group whose affiliated political action committee has supported progressive candidates across the country.


  1. There seems to be no doubt that democrats cannot stand the thought of losing again, but if they continue to argue with each other over who is more incompetent, President Trump will win in a landslide and carry a bunch of congressional districts along with him.

  2. Yang has spent too much time smelling Cow Farts in his attempt to tax cow emissions, his brain is saturated with methane gas.

  3. If Democrat ( fill in the blank) wins as president, I’ll move to Canada. Join me in taking our taxed dollars out of the Dems bottomless bank account. The new social state will be perfect, with no one left to blame.

    • Well bonehead, there ARE two Kansas Cities – Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City Kansas.

      You have some real winners(?) sucking up on you lemmings just to get your votes. There’s Quid Pro Joe, Pinhead Buttgig, PukeyhontASS Moron, Socialist Sanders, and best of all Herr Fuhrer Wannabe Maggot Bloomingturd. Bloomingturd just bought and paid for your party and is changing the name to the Hitlercrats. You will be required to give up your first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth and fourteenth amendment rights or be sent away to his”reeducation” camps heated with very large ovens. Heil Bloomingturd!!!

    • You are really lame, John Reichow…”M” is correct, but I’m pretty sure President Trump was never a die-hard football fan…he doesn’t have time for silly stuff like that where grown men try to catch or kick a ball around and pummel each other into the dirt. He has been busy most of his adult life building up businesses, contributing to charities, and making sure his family doesn’t capitalize on his presidency. They happen to be bright on their own, and are making sure no dems can poison their fathers. They’ve been with him all their lives and are doing well on their own because they inherited his business smarts. They don’t need to “grift” on Trump’s fame or fortune because they are smart enough to know that is wrong and are working hard for the sake of their father and this country. Why don’t you go count sand in the Sahara? At least then we’ll know you’ll stay out of trouble with your mouth and pen.

    • Kansas City is one city that bridges the border between MS and KS. Most people wouldn’t know which specific state the stadium is in. The main question is who cares? Trump is your president for another almost 5 years regardless of where a stadium is located.

  4. Chucky and Nancy are to blame for everthing bad that happens in this world of ours. They are soooo old and scarey looking they even can scare a Clinton backed app.
    Wonder what it would cost to hire them for a halloween spook house?

    • Brilliant idea, Swampgator. They will both need something simple to do when they are voted out of office for incompetence.

    • No tRump is to blame for our problems, nothing but a liar,thief and con mana do WANNA BE DICTATOR
      He thinks he is above the law, it does not pertain to him and he thinks he can do what ever he wants
      IMPEACH and get rid of the BUM !

  5. Well Hillary finally managed to “FIX” an election! She is the best thing that ever happened to the democratic party! ROTFLMAO!

    • You’re right on that account, Larry W. However, that bozo “John” is a really slow learner. He cannot prove anything he just wrote, and he wouldn’t know how to do it, even if it “might” be true. All he does is swallow everything the dirty dems put out, and with them, it’s all wishful thinking. They have no proof whatever, and it showed in the impeachment trial and resulting acquittal. According to Nancy Peelousy, he’s forever impeached, but she knows so little about the law that she doesn’t realize that the acquittal means he has not been impeached. What a train-wreck for a brain Nan has! Such a waste of a few brain cells. Most of what she runs on is “imagination, nightmares, and booze.” It can be proved, unlike the comments about President Trump. Hey, John….take a long nap and reset your brain and listen to something else but the drivel pushed by the commie-socialist democrats.

  6. One of the first steps in AA is recognize you have a problem than quit blaming some else for your decisions.The democrats need to start attending AIA (arrogant, incompetent anomalous) meetings to the help combat the deterioration and the insanity that is running amuck in the Democratic Party.I just hope that the disease they have is not contagious and can be contained and eventually, eliminated through use of the voting vaccine.

  7. Get Real Yang. The President? With that Logic (Petie Not Being Behind any of it), explain how Trump had anything to do with the Obama Care App Deployment.

  8. Hopefully Bernie will run as an independent after the DNC screws him over again. That would split the leftist votes in 2020 — 4 electoral college votes for the Dem candidate (whoever they decide that will be), 4 votes for Comrade Bernie, and 530 votes for Trump. Sounds about right.

    • Bernie could be arkanscided since he’s fragile…oh my he had a (heart attack, stroke, aneurism, fill in the blank)…

  9. Well, when the app is known to be associated with the clintons, you can bet the farm that bernie is going to be shafted again, let alone anyone else that does not support their agenda. This is the most obvious abuse of power by the dimocrites except for the 2016 election where we know that Hillary received financial support from several countries, which is just what the dims have accused President Trump of and impeached him up until today when he will be un-impeached, hopefully.

  10. Democrats spend so much time trying to vilify our President, they forgot that our country should come first. Time and time again, they show the depths of their incompetence only to prove how unfit they are for anything but welfare.

  11. Democrats spend so much time trying to vilify our President, they forgot that our country should come first. Time and time again, they show the depths of their incontinence only to prove how unfit they are for anything but welfare.

    • No they don’t they want you to be an indentured slave to them and bow before them. they don’t care about you, just your money And servitude to build their power. Trust me if they could kill you off and somehow get your money and maintain power without the headache of dealing with you it’d be a done deal. Anyone who votes Democrat now is either a stupid talking point Puppet or part of the swamp.

  12. People beware of the dem’s they will stop at nothing to win. who’s to say that the app is not rigged to cast out the votes for Mr.Trump in the general election.

  13. A democrat person will never admit or take responsibility for themselves failing. It is always someone else’s fault – no matter how little or big it is

  14. What about Russia?
    Or are they tired of using Russia as an excuse?
    But ultimately, yeah, Trump is to blame, he’s still our president.

  15. And it could be that Hilary and Pete’s funding of the company who designed this app had a little something to do with the outcome. Lets be real… Pete’s little speech just about told us that he was the winner, long before any results were released. Strange?

  16. Truth is, it is Trump’s fault.

    He’s so great that he intimadtes even tech into defeat.

    When an inferior opponent is defeated handily by a superior opponent its the fault of the superior for being so superior.

    Don’t stop being so superior Mr President.

  17. Well it is Trump’s fault, from what I hear the democrats were looking for where to support Trump and all those voters were not given a place to be counted.

    • Milwaukee is going to host the Democratic National Convention in 2020. There is a news report that people in leadership roles organizing the event are being fired due to some undisclosed reasons. Probably just another thing that the democRATS can’t do successfully. Milwaukee’s major is trying like hell to lay cover for maybe another democRAT scandal.


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