Greta Thunberg Finally Shows Her Cards, Goes Full Commie

(Liberty Bell) – Climate alarmists would have you believe that scowl-faced teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg is just an innocent teenager who has all the moral authority to lecture adults because she’s sad about the climate change her progressive modern education has clearly convinced her poses a catastrophic threat to her life.

The associations of the pint-sized activist are, of course, a dead giveaway. She, like so many of the climate alarmists of our day, has a decidedly far-left political agenda that has everything to do with tearing down the pillars of Western society and very little to do with life on this planet, except perhaps to dramatically reduce it.

In case there was any doubt that this Soros-backed radical was not remotely interested in the climate, except to impose harsh regulations in the name of the planet to suppress the freedom of billions, she has now made her position clear.

James Dellingpole reports for Breitbart that Thunburg recently declared:

It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all.

Dellingpole comments:

To anyone familiar with the workings of the green movement, Greta’s statement will come as no surprise whatsoever.

That’s why I called my book on the subject Watermelons.

Environmentalists are often green on the outside, red on the inside. Their movement is essentially a global socialistic redistribution exercise hiding behind a mask of green righteousness.

Meanwhile, the consequences of little Greta’s hissy fits are being felt across Europe and hitting ordinary people hard.

He notes the failing car industry in Germany:

Daimler, the German company that makes Mercedes-Benz cars, will slash at least 10,000 jobs worldwide in a major cost-cutting drive to help finance the switch to electric cars.

“The total number worldwide will be in the five-digits,” said personnel chief Wilfried Porth. More than 1,000 managers stand to lose their jobs.

And the UK:

Production this year is down by 14 per cent on the same period in 2018. The only month to rise was August, when output was artificially raised because many plants were shut in the same month a year earlier.

“Yet another month of falling car production makes these extremely worrying times for the sector,” said SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes.

He also notes that Germany’s electricity prices have skyrocketed.

Still, “yet again the latest UN Climate Summit – COP25 – which Greta Thunberg is attending is destined to be a damp squib, with lots of scaremongering talk and little concerted action.”

“Any carbon dioxide emissions cuts it agrees on will be more than offset by the growth of Chinese industry,” he notes.

And with most of the West so eager to destroy its industrial capacity just because an annoying little girl in pigtails got radicalised by watching Ice Age 2, is it any wonder that China treats it with such ill-disguised contempt.


    • And the barbarians are at the gates of the civilized world preparing to pillage and plunder any who disagree.
      Time to repel the hoards.

  1. Thunberg is a useful idiot being used as a shield by her commie handlers.
    Just like hoggboy. Its common for the fascist cowards on the left to use ignorant brainwashed children as human shields.

  2. Soros is the jew who sold other Jews to the nazi’s and ooh so enlightened sweden profited from the holocaust and this child is delusional with grandiose ideation. It’s a trifecta of infection.

    • You are so right, the far left think using a small child they can lead the masses down the path to full blown Socialism, and give up all our rights, in the name of her bull crap Climate Change! Soros should be charged with child abuse for helping this child get into the spotlight, after brainwashing her to believe the crap coming out of her mouth. I feel sorry for her, but will never believe a word she says. The far left, the Regressives, will stoop to doing anything, or using an innocent child to try and further their Socialistic agenda! Over my dead body!

  3. Soros satan’s spawn. Another teen with visions of grandeur. Like trash mouth boy Hogg ,these kids need to grow up before their mouth reveals their ineptitude and ignorance.

  4. Lay off the Jewish people,Soros is not your typical jew. The Jewish people do not believe this climate BS anymore than mainstream Americans. Pray BIBI REMAINS AT THE HELM IN ISRAEL. Soros bought Obama, the Clinton’s and all the dimocrats. The Star of David has nothing to do with American morons or stupid little girls.

  5. This snot-nosed little brat needs a good whipping…along with her socialist parents. Anyone who is listening to this cretin needs to have their head examined.

    • Another soros tool is sod adam schiff-for-brains who is related to the sod soros by marriage.

      So far President Trump has been attacked by the sods mueller, redstone, feinstein, rosenstein, schumer, vindman, and the sod owners of the communist rags; ny slimes, washington slimes, time magazine, the new yorker, the guardian, etc.

      (sod = star of david)

    • Agreed. Start with the parents. Make this brat watch and then give her a good paddling. Maybe by then she will have gotten some sense into that devil faced head.

    • If a republican little girl was used to spread these lies and propaganda the media would be calling it child abuse and brainwashing, but when dimwit demorats use this propaganda technique this little girl is brilliant. How sad!!!

  6. soros came here because they kick him out of europe because of all his dealinsg and getting rich off the backs of the poor. this twit needs to go back to school and get de-programed. it’s a shame that adults are using this kid who obviously has mental issues. for one thing they scream about climate change but their are other motives behind this. there is no such thing as climate change. the climate has always been changing and will continue to change. they’ve been screaming that the world was going to end for such a long time. it’s like chicken little screaming the sky is falling.

  7. So we are to take world political advise from this self-proclaimed uneducated angry asburgers child who, as she said, should be in school?
    Really adults need to take a step back, obviously they are frigtening the children, teachers, liberal idiot leaders, MSM, moronic eco liberal gullible parents, even psychologists are all feeding this BS to the kids and scaring the heck out of them!
    Leave children out of it!
    When I was in grade school in the 70s teachers were doing the same crap only they told up the world was going into an ICE AGE! in the 90s when my daughters were in grade school idiots like Gore were telling them Ca. would be underwater by 2000! Right before he bought his Malibu beach house. Now you have liberals and politicians like AOC who disguise their socialist takeover in the guise of “saving the planet from Climate Change” (no longer global warming- as temps have not shown the increase and the polar bears are thriving) So they terrorize the kids and empty-headed sheep who believe everything their dear leaders tell them.
    And they accuse Trump supporters of being in a Cult! LOL!!!

  8. She has the angry facial signs and eye movements of a genuine sociopath. Her parents should seek help for her – if indeed they did not purposely create this little pile to begin with.

    • Greta Thunberg is an actor from a family of well-connected actors. Check out the detailed report Miles Mathis wrote about her on his website.

    • She has dead eyes, there’s no emotion behind them. Other then her angry faces. There’s anyway the same unemotional looks on her face in photo. It’s like she’s empty on the inside…so sad..

  9. This is child abuse. Poor thing never had a chance like all communist children like this. Just like the Hitler youth, the Islamists, all of those extremist, Godless people. I agree with John above, she looks sick.

    • As a pastor why are you condoning this type of action? Where are her parents and why are they going on with this? You are not correct, if she really cares why is she making the comments she is? And why is it that she comments on communist ways when she knows nothing about them? She does need to go back to school maybe she should study history……

    • You might want to learn about the New World Order Sir.
      It is the Beast in the book of Revelations, a Socialist Government.
      But then again, it will have a one world religion and maybe you will be on that train.
      Better wake up.

    • You cannot be that blind and stupid. Does your nose hurt from being led around by a 14 year old spawn of satan?

    • Anyone calling themself a reverand is a confused fool who knows nothing of scripture. There is but one who deserves reverence and look at what the fake religious leaders did to him. “Go from me I know you naught,” you might be hearing those words rev.

  10. Greta is a phony brought and paid for by George Soros. No kid her age knows anything about this disputed subject. The has been turned into a commie by her parents and Soros the scum bag.

  11. A sad commentary, the results of years of indoctrination in the school systems. This nitwit is the mouthpiece for her parents & Soros.

  12. Back in the day, children were seen, but not heard! Too many spoiled rich kids are getting too much of the wrong people’s attention! She needs her ass whipped by her parents!

  13. These ugly little snowflakes have too much time on their hands, someone needs to give them a good Phukin and maybe they would change their tune!

  14. A 16 yr old telling adults what to do with the climate,a real genius.Damaged goods because her parents did not provide psychiatric help during adolescent years when she needed.

  15. Who cares what that little girl thinks! Look at her! Who cares? She can paint her self green, blue, or purple! Nobody in their right mind thinks our world is about to expire!

  16. Greta is a tool of the radical climate hoaxers and she knows nothing of what she speaks to. The corrupt msm gives her credence but she’s just a puppet parroting the climate hoaxers bilge and her platform should be ignored.

  17. Soros, and his family members, who will take over when he takes the down elevator to hell, is a servant of his master, Satan, and a denizen of hell. The Soros family enriched themselves at the misery of others. He is just another living embodiment of past evil humans.

  18. I keep reading and hearing about how Soros backs one group after another that fosters discontent… so, if that be true, why don’t we send him packing and let him do his dastardly deeds from some other nation? If we’ve been able to freeze bank accounts of entire nations, surely we can freeze his and then watch him react. There’s nothing quite like taking control of someone’s financial backbone to get their attention.

    • Don’t you have to prove he is breaking some law first? Or do you just want to stop him by having the government take his money away from him? If the government can arbitrarily freeze his accounts, they can do the same thing to you. He has to be actively opposed, not just complained about. It doesn’t require an inordinate amount of money, but it does require us to give up our complacency. All that is necessary for the forces of evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

    • He owns too much stock in too many major companies! I wish he would go too, he has to have stipulations as a dual citizen that he hasn’t lived up to!

  19. Here is an article for you showing just how imminent and grave Climate change is: The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot”, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from the Consulate at Bergen, Norway.Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone.Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.
    Washington Post, Published: November 2, 1922, 97 years ago. Same Scam different Century!

  20. Youth indoctrination as promoted by Hitler Nazism, Stalinist Soviet Union, Mao Red Book mantra, Islamic madras schools is in full force. Why not utilize all energy by complimenting every solar 1.5-8%, wind 6%, nuclear 10.4%, photovoltaic 1.4%, hydrowater 7%, , wood 6%, biogenic 0.2%, fossil fuel/coal & gas 63%, other sources?

  21. Looks like she is REALLY CONFUSED and prone to WANDERING in the WRONG direction, the WRONG crowds, and just basically WRONG about EVERYTHING! It makes sense about what she is doing, since she is BACKED by Socialist/Communist MISCREANTS. Her future was just ROBBED by HER own choices. In other words, Greta Thunberg, because of your shady activities AND YOUR lies and deceptions toward us . . . HOW DARE YOU? Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  22. Her base philosophy is anti-democracy this making her an enemy of all America stands for. I encourage the POTUS and State Department place her on the NO ENTRY list with the TSA.

  23. A study by German scientists find electric vehicles are responsible over the ten year expected battery life of adding 11% to 28% more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than their Diesel counterparts when energy requirements including battery production are considered so Daimler, the German company that makes Mercedes-Benz cars, will slash at least 10,000 jobs worldwide in a major cost-cutting drive to help finance the switch to electric cars in Germany where electric rates are already soaring and most of their electricity is now generated in coal fired plants – which they propose to decommission during the next twenty years, which overlooks that the world will end in – What, we have about ten years left?

    • Wish media would listen,but they put all money in Windmills and Solar Energy companies then preach to us how they know it all.

  24. AHHHHHHHHHH….AND then there was the YEAR 2012 – DOOMSDAY……We are writing the YEAR 2019, the year is almost over…..AND we are still HERE, 7 (SEVEN) YEARS later…….ANYBODY buying into this BS is an IDIOT following THIS- greta- IDIOT….!!!!!

  25. So sad these morons are using a child to promote their agenda. They have turned a little girl into a mini monster and if anything happens to her should be held accountable. Children can be taught to believe anything and these people along with schools are teaching our children what they want them to believe thus becoming pawns and this needs to be stopped.

    • Her parents are actors – you think this isn’t her acting? How about her roots, that take her family back to communism and thus they promote it. This is how she was raised and by her parents. The communism push (AKA socialism, which is just a step away) is by those who have never lived under those types of government.

    • Greta is not a child. She is 16 years old. She has been made to look like the little girls in WWII …the one with the propaganda posters with pigtails.

    • Let’s begin new agenda.
      Ask all of these extremists liberal wanting to be President to have the world for 60 days without oil.
      Shut down everything that uses oil products. Cars ,Trucks,Planes ,Ships all power plants using oil or gas to generate electricity,All phones and computer to be trashed for they are made from oil products .No more windmills can be made for they are made by oil products.
      Let get this agenda moving and ask them all to stop being such hypocrites.

  26. Everyone wants to know why she’s so important……. They are tomorrow!!!!! Democrats here in the US took over education decades ago so they could control the youth with their CORRUPTION and LIES. Our history is butchered as is that of all other nations. When truth is no longer facts but one point of views weapon no one wins.
    BTW taking advantage of a mentally ill child IS a criminal offense in most lands

    • And pelosi coming to visit is no bragging right…..
      I’m from California and even we don’t want her. Ah, but the illegals do. That’s why her, waters, the Newsense, nadler and so many others fight to give those with NO RIGHTS on this land ours.
      When the Invaders votes are counted and the constituents are not who’s fault is it really? Don’t blame us, WE THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA, we don’t want any of this either.
      TRUMP 2020 MCGA KAG

    • And don’t forget swallowswell.
      We have MORE THEN ENOUGH idiots here….. Keep pelosi. Hey, we can even send you more. Keep your like mind ideas there. Wouldn’t it just be easier for you all to band together there? I’m pretty sure you can create your own Utopia untouched by us heathens….. Then we’ll see where the chips fall

  27. Don’t believe the manmade climate change bullshite, just follow the money to the idiots PROMOTING this crap. GET A REAL LIFE LITTLE GIRL, your crap won’t fly here at ALL!

  28. In order to have a revolution, one needs fossil fuels to power steel production, copper, brass, and munitions. How will the Communists overcome us non Koolaide drinking, rational Americans? They cannot!

  29. Face FACTS…… Europe is SELF Destructing…… they are IMPLODING…..

    They are allowing Socialism , Global Warming and are being run over by their OPEN Border Policies….. to destroy them…..

    • Europe does not have Trump.Europe is in self destruction mode.Can Europeans grow a pair and stop their self destruction??

  30. Cant make power generaters out of wood. You need steel and copper. You need to heat them using carbon fuels.cant use all this plastic(polution). Sounds like a production issue. Darned ignorant commies.

  31. Why would anybody listen to an indoctrinated snot nosed little girl? She needs to be taught some lessons in reality. Something ‘green’ people don’t fully understand. They just knee jerk to anything that uses the slightest amount of carbon based fuels, which they don’t understand at all, even though they use them daily just like everybody else. These stupid people, and there is no other word to use for them, actually think that nuclear power is safer!!!!! Right so maybe they should go live at Chernobyl and then let us know what they think then.

    • Why oh Why would ANYONE listen to this challenged juvenile? Her family should be ashamed to allow her to be used on display as a marionette!

    • It is the SHEEPLE that listen to this BS! Sadly, there are far too many that cannot think, only warship at the alter of left wing thought, immediately adopting the unsupported and unsupportable foolishness that is the left wing agenda!

  32. This type is all about “to each according to zit’s needs” and conveniently forgets about “from each according to zit’s abilities”. Then zit wonders why zit is among the first sent to Siberia to work in the coal mines until zit drops dead. And of course the actors and media that push the zit’s cause don’t understand that the same train to Siberia is next coming for them.

  33. I wish media would just ignore this stupid twit backed by Soros. Her mother is also behind this. How stupid can one be to believe this child !!!!!!!

    • Also, why would a parent of a child allow her to go all over the world unsupervised? We never hear about any adult with her – she was trying to find a ride to Spain without using planes or any polluting transport. Just who is paying for her expenses? Follow the money to see who is pulling the strings,

  34. Why doesn’t someone send her the thousands of pages of scientific counter arguments and then be demanding that she and her “ parents” read the counterpoints before she ever speaks in public again. Then, infiltrate her speeches and actually challenge her?

    • No, not the Hitler youth. The Young Communists, the Weather Underground, or MAO’s Great Leap Forward crowd. Ignorant, indoctrinated, and unaware of reality. We cannot afford to let this generation of know nothing’s to guide national will.

  35. This is a little girl who says or reads what someone else has told her or wrote for her. She has no idea what is going on. Soros who by supporting her is adding to the corruption of young people. Maybe he should be investigation for abuse of young women like this young Greta who knows nothing about life at this point in hers only what Soros and others have told her. Now stupid idiot Pelosi is sticking her head up the little girls behind showing just how ignorant she is. Spending taxpayer money to visit Europe on some fly by night outfit on the climate situation of the world. Way to go there idiot for brains PELOSI.

    • Pelosi says they are too busy with the impeachment to do their job of getting the trade deals passed and yet she is not too busy to go on to Spain to a summit she has no voice in, has no authority to do anything about and all on our dime; in other words, another one of her tax payer paid vacations – and while she is all for saving the planet, notice she is flying when she is not needed to be there and polluting.

  36. Let us not forget we have one of Americas brightest at this summit with her Nancy Pelosi How great is that? Nancy decided it was more important for her to be there than to be here taking care of the peoples business, I guess when she returns home she will have all the solutions for climate change and the world will be saved, But the peoples business will still be left undone.

  37. I saw this in her the first time she talked, backed by someone, who told her what to say. Such a shame to use a young girl to try to attract others to the BS.
    I would love to see her responce to reading all these comments.

    • Some sick demos have sent this child into the world of child slavery to serve their own interests. She is nothing but a monkey on a string to creeps who are so low as to use children to carry their message. When will we be merciful to her and send her back to her native land; by what sinister trick did the USA inherit her? How disgusting!

  38. Communism is a 100% destructive political viewpoint that has KILLED hundreds of millions of innocent people. Europe is civilized, or was. They should know better. Thank God that Trump does not buy into this nonsense.

  39. Seems her mother is an aspiring out of work actor and writes her daughter’s speeches with the help of the lefties, so the control of this child is going through her mother which makes the mother the culprit. The child is just a puppet with Attention deficit problems and slightly off base. Of course this is all payed for by Soros’s minions.

    • Why does no one listen. The 12 year date is not a doomsday. It is just a point they think where we could never fix it the Earth.
      I believe this date was chosen to create a drive to fix it now. Get the little people out of the way and drain any rich stiffs that believe people and global change scientists. Nobody has noticed that the group of scientists claiming this to be true. Work for this group.

    • Only because the media and everyone else is giving her a mic. She’s taking over through school kids. You don’t think a 16 year old matters? Well, they matter. In about 5 years or less they will be voters, Keith. That is why the schools have been the target of the Left from Day One. If you care about your life tomorrow you had better be very concerned with what is going on with 16 year old kids (and younger) right now. Leave education and culture to the Left today and tomorrow your politics will be right there with them. Wake up.

    • The climate alarmists are manipulating peoples sentiments about kids. Only a fool embraces the parroting of a deranged child with no experience, no ability to integrate information and no developed intellectual honesty. Thunberg is merely a projection of all that the left is. Complete and total incompetence. PU.

  40. so, she supports saving the planet with radical ideas. start with ending famine relief to reduce the population. end international medical assistance to reduce the population. euthanize all defective live births to eliminate their carbon footprint and drain on natural resources.
    put an end to modern medicine, vaccines and organ transplants because they pose an unreasonable drain on natural resources.
    then when 90% of the human population is gone, the planet will heal and the next level of evolution can begin.

  41. Takes fossil fuels like coal to make electricity, don’t these idiots realize that? So electric cars still use fossil fuels does anybody think the Chinese will listen ? Maybe she should go to China and say what she thinks,wonder how that would work?

  42. Greta and her crowd of loons are preaching misery and if they succeed, we are in a world of gigantic trouble. These fools want electric cars and at the same time, they want to eliminate power plants in favor of windmills and solar. Where will the factories that make the windmills, solar panels and vehicles obtain power? They apparently don’t understand that wind power and solar cannot meet the power demands of society. Do they not understand that electric car batteries must be charged?
    Co2 is essential for life to exist and the fools want to eliminate it. Greta and her followers are no nothings looking for fame and leftist politicians are eager to follow and sign on to her madness.

  43. Soros must be so proud here’s another one of your minions spuning dribble. Brain washing a kid her parents must be raking in the dough on this idiot child it’s all about the money. George Soros is a hate monger he worshipped hitler as a kid but didn’t get a chance to play with him, go back to hungarie where you came from and take your capitalist money with you!!

    • It is Hungary, and the Hungarians hate him also !!!
      A whole world of trouble, and when it is trouble and chaos on each and every country’s financial grounds, that is time for the evil man to make his billions ………
      That is how he rolls ….!!!!
      I’m Hungarian and have a little background of this, because Hitler used Soros successfully as a child, now he’s doing the same !!! Using a “child puppet”, and she is an awful little devil, just like him from age 14 on, will be until death …..
      Wake up America and western world, maybe Europe is already too infested !!!

    • Agnes, so Hitler used Soros as a kid? You know that he’s a Jew, right? His real last name is Schwartz and he spent his younger years ratting out others and making a buck.

    • No she is not. She is being abused by adults who know their argument is not true. Greta was chosen because of her medical issues. No one can pick on a sickly 16y/o.

      Side note Greta looks more like 13 than 16?

      Her parents need to charged with child abuse. They indoctrinated this poor girl to be a radical using fear of death. They put her in ANTIFA shirt. ANTIFA is far closer to the Nazi assimilation. Notice these idiots in America say the MAGA hat is a Klan Hood.
      MAGA hat our faces can be seen so we can be identified.
      Klan hood covers faces no way to easily identify.
      ANTIFA masks, hoods, gloves no way to tell who they are.
      So you tell me who is closer to the Klan?

      I live in a small town in Massachusetts. There a couple of photos with me with friends who are police officers. I had a photo with other Trump supporters. Well ANTIFA sent me threats through Facebook. It said by ANTIFA for Maxine Waters. Then in the mail. Then on my truck in front of my house. I had to use some people in the government. That I trusted with my computer. But they contacted me first. All it said was 2 arrested.

      I know auntie maxipads has free speech. But what about speech that produces a hate crime?

  44. Really disgusting that adults listen to a mental ill teenager. Soros, the nazi pulling the strings to take control over everyone’s. As nothing to do with the climate. As power play by world order to destroy freedoms of all people of the world. Stupid leaders, Hollywood idiots listen to these lies.

    • Aspergers Syndrome. They don’t have any empathy for others, don’t socialize well, and basically are just little asses.


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