Grandparents Victims In Drive-By Shooting; The Reason They Were Targeted Is Sick

(Liberty Bell) – There used to be a time in our country when you could voice your support for a political candidate or for local law enforcement without having to worry about becoming the victim of violence. It seems those days are long gone now, thanks in large part to the current progressive movement hijacking the mainstream media and using them to push anti-cop propaganda and hatred for President Trump nonstop.

And what is the fruit of these egregious labors?

How about grandparents becoming the victim of a drive-by shooting simply for having a pro-police flag in their front yard? That just happened in the city of Seattle, Washington last Friday.

According to reports from Breitbart, the grandparents had a “thin blue line” flag in their front yard to show their support for the men and women who serve on the Seattle Police Department, a group of individuals who have been the target of much hatred this year thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The couple stated that prior to the incident, they received derogatory comments concerning the flag. And yet, conservatives are the bad guys? The radicals? Seriously?

One of the individuals targeted told reporters, “About twice a week someone was coming by and saying derogatory remarks saying take it down. I didn’t argue with anybody.”

And just in case you didn’t already know who to point the finger at for this incident of violence, graffiti was spray painted all over their yard, including “BLM,” just before the shooting took place. Things go so bad that the grandparents actually took down the original pro-cop flag and put a smaller one in its place, hoping that would help facilitate peace with those who were enraged by the original flag.

A total of nine shots were fired, with six of them hitting the home and a vehicle.

One round actually passed completely through the house and into the couple’s garage.

The Seattle Police Department said the couple were home when the incident occured, but thankfully, neither one of them were injured. Police say they think the shots were fired from a “dark colored sedan.”

Folks, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. That should go without saying. The left in America is becoming more and more radicalized and violent. When Americans cannot express their own political beliefs for fear of others trampling their rights by acts of terrorism and violence, our culture has officially lost its way.

Why can’t folks just learn to disagree with each other? Is it really necessary to hate one another over the way we see the world? Why does everyone have to see everything the same?

It’s becoming clear that actors within the progressive movement are trying desperately to start a full scale violent revolution to take power and force this nation to be made in its image. That’s a terrifying thought, but if something isn’t done by Democratic leadership in cities where this stuff is happening, that’s the road we will head down.

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  1. I really hate the BLM movement! That you want to stand up and say that only one race matters is bullshit! All lives matter. And until we as a country stand up and say that! I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But the only way they’re going to get my gun out of my hand is a piece of lead out of the end of my gun. Guns are the problem people! People are the problem. So wake up America! If our elected officials won’t listen to us! We may have to do something radical about it and do something for ourselves. Because it’s some point this Has to stop!

  2. What do you think will happen when people get tired of this BS? My thought is that NOW is the time to tell investors to put their money on the companies that make body bags! There will soon be a GREAT DEMAND for them.

  3. Until and unless these people are punished instead of enabled, this is our future – heaven help us. If they know they can do and say anything without repercussions, they’ll continue to do this. Thus used to be a country of free speech – but several of iur rights have been abrogated by the progressives. If we don’t stand up folks, they will destroy our country.

  4. It’s a shame. People cannot show their support for law enforcement personnel who risk their lives every day, protecting us from violence, whom we depend upon when we are in trouble, and yet, we are bombarded with BLM written all over our sidewalks, on banners, on masks, hats, tee shirts and
    sprayed in graffiti all over our cities!

  5. And I cannot understand why for the life of me, this stuff is still going on? All these bullies, BLM, Antifa, should’ve been nipped in the bud at the very first sign of trouble. They are terrorists, and when they do something so vile as this, they should be prosecuted and thrown in jail for a minimum of 10 years. I wonder how they would like it if their grandparents home were shot up while they were in it? Come to my neighborhood. We are all locked and loaded. Unbelievable

    • I know in Washington it’s tough but people in the sane states should be armed and respond in kind.

  6. When are the good people stand up and demand that their elected officials put a stop to this senseless violence.
    This kind of stuff never happened before several years ago.
    BLM is only hurting their cause not helping it. They should get smarter. Violence is not the answer. ANTIFA is following the same path. I think it is only a matter of time before they are stopped in their tracks.

  7. There’s an old saying; “Better tried by 12 than carried by 6.” So be ready to defend yourself, your family, your home, and your neighbors with LETHAL force.


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