GOP Rep. Zeldin Lays The Smack Down On Biden, Obama For Trying To Take Some Credit For Israel-UAE Peace Deal

(Liberty Bell) – It should come as no surprise to anyone that former Vice President Joe Biden is attempting to take credit for the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, as Democrats have a well established reputation for taking what doesn’t belong to them. You know, wealth distribution isn’t always just about money.

Anyway, Rep. Lee Zeldin from New York wasn’t having any of that nonsense and quickly spoke out to reject the claim by Biden that the former administration had anything to do with paving the way for this peace deal to be negotiated.

Just look at Obama’s horrible reputation with the government in Israel. There’s no way this man had any role to play in securing this deal.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

“The Obama-Biden administration, literally as they walked out the door, the highest-profile foreign policy item was really turning their backs, stabbing in the back Israel with U.N. Security Council resolution 2334,” Zeldin told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “You had dynamics between President [Barack] Obama and Bibi [Netanyahu] and, of course, you had the Iran nuclear deal.

“So. I don’t think that Joe Biden has anything to brag about as far as the Obama administration’s trajectory in the U.S..-Israel relationship.”

But President Donald Trump came into office and has been scoring “win after win,” and instead of “treating Israel like Iran and Iran like Israel,” not Israel is being treated like Israel.

“We should not turn the clock back on where we are reentering into deals where we are delivering pallets of cash Iran in the middle of the night and other bad foreign policies that set us back and our allies.”

The development that was reached on Thursday between these two countries is a huge deal because for years, the Jewish Nation has been completely surrounded by countries that have not recognized it’s legitimate existence as a country.

“Hopefully what it leads to is other countries in that region to do the same,” Zeldin said. “Whether that earns the president a Nobel Peace Prize, that, unfortunately, I think we are dealing with a different reality where President Obama earned it just for showing up and getting elected.”

Zeldin also discussed the ongoing coronavirus relief bill discussions, claiming Democrats think they have more leverage than they do.

“They are putting forth asks completely unrelated to COVID-19, whether it’s providing by the way stimulus checks to people who are illegally in our country, mass prison release, nationwide ballot harvesting, a nationwide ban on voter ID.”

“When you talk about a trillion dollars, that’s real money,” Zeldin said. “[Republicans] are willing to help out with state and local government funding but giving more than they are even asking for is insane.”

This is a huge step forward in negotiating peace in the Middle East, something no one ever dreamed would even be remotely possible. And granted, there’s still a long way to go, but this is real, tangible progress.

Of course, it’s going to be far more difficult to get some countries in that region of the world on board with the idea of peace, like Iran for example, but who knows what the future might hold.

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  1. Obama & Netanyahu got along like vinegar & oil.Obama did everything to stifle anything Pro-Israel & showed sheer distain for Netanyahu. BUT “it” was A-OK to bow to an Arabian Emir, ship covert $$$ to Iran for “no nukes” & John Kerry was right up his ass. Biden was Obama’s Veep because he was a moron & his flunky. Valarie Jarrod,(whose Mom writes for an Irani newspaper),David Axelrod (who’s ‘bro is in charge of CBS News),& Hillary Clinton( & the Clinton Foundation) along with some names that I can’t remember are THE CABAL that began “the Spanish Inquisition” of Trump! Let’s HOPE that Durham & Judicial Watch WILL get to the bottom of this”coup detate” ! Hopefully before Nov. voting & “fake” ballots that are miscounted, destroyed OR just thrown in “the dumpster”!

  2. How can they claim credit for the work of President Trump? The Obama BIden administration did not even like the MIddle East countries only looking for what they could get.

  3. Biden taking credit for any Middle East peace deal is like the Russians taking credit for the moon landing.
    The only difference is the mainstream cheerleading media will give Biden credit for it and he’ll probably get a bs Nobel Peace prize!

  4. It’s truly incredible that the Obama-Biden tandem ingested such a copious quantity of blue pills that they somehow acquired the “stones” to claim credit for President Trump’s Middle East accomplishments! The ONLY things that Democrats in general and OBIDEN in particular have ever excelled at are prevarication, projection, and deflection, in no particular order! I consider it miraculous that Obama didn’t precipitate the End Times with his anti-Israel shenanigans! Why should Biden and his Democrat minions be given another chance to accelerate the advent of Armageddon after having come so close the first time? Such a notion flies in the face of all logic, reason, rationality, and SANITY!
    #TRUMP 2020 and all his allies! #MAGA! #KAG!

    • What is “truly incredible” is that the corrupt “ENEMY WITHIN’ (the fake media). allows this to happen. There was a day when the media appeared to be honest and searched out the truth. It was then when the country was done a service buy the media. However, today the media is no more than a lobby group for the globalists and the traitors who want to ruin this country and destroy our Condstitution and way of life. Keep praying people.

  5. it’s about time that somebody stood up and put biden in his place and told the public the truth… obama and biden had nothing to do with this deal… biden is a liar and cheat… trump is the real hero and he better get the nobel peace prize for this… there would be no person more deserving for what he has done…


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