GOP Lawmakers Aren’t Buying New Polls With Biden Over Trump; Here’s What They Really Think

(Liberty Bell) – We’re getting closer and closer to what may shape up to be one of the most important election cycles of our lifetime, as the country continues a downward spiral into utter chaos brought on by a combination of race riots and a massive, and often deadly, pandemic. The issues of personal liberty, freedom, and economic prosperity have never been so threatened as they are now.

It may sound dramatic, but truth be told, whether or not the American experiment as we know it continues forward for future generations likely hinges on how we proceed in November. No pressure, President Trump. No pressure at all.

Having said that, the more we edge toward the election, the more polling information becomes available. Right now, a vast majority of these polls have Democratic presumptive nominee scoring higher than Trump. However, Republican lawmakers are fairly skeptical about the results of these polls, something which they are probably justified in feeling since the 2016 polls also said Hillary would crush Trump and we see how that turned out.

Check out what they had to say via Newsmax:

“I think they’re in all likelihood underreporting support for the president,” said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who is seeking reelection while polls in his state show Biden and Trump in a dead heat, reports The Hill. “That’s what we saw in 2016. I’m always a little skeptical when I see a poll.”

National surveys show Biden leading Trump by almost 10 points and show Biden is ahead in the battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. According to the website FiveThirtyEight, Biden is leading Trump by just over nine percentage points, at 50.6% to 41.4%.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said he’s skeptical about a poll showing Biden and Trump in a dead heat in his state as well, after Trump carried Iowa by nine points in 2016.

“Because of previous years’ poll being wrong, I think it’s legitimate to question. I don’t know whether they’re accurate or not,” said Grassley.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, said several surveys also showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump at this point in the election cycle four years ago. According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll on June 26, 2016, Clinton held a 12-point lead over Trump at that time.

A New York Times/Siena College poll last week put Biden over Trump by 50% to 36%, but Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., scoffed at those numbers.

“No one is going to win a U.S. presidential election by 14 points,” he said. “At the end of the day, my prediction is this race winds up where it was always going to be: a very close race with a very narrow margin in a handful of states. You’ll see those numbers get closer.”

The problem with a lot of these polls is they are produced by news organizations or other institutions that are deeply rooted in progressive ideology. Chances are pretty significant that because of that bias, the data being released is being skewed or at least interpreted generously in favor of Biden, the individual these organizations have a vested interest in supporting.

The only real way to gage the support of the president with any real accuracy is to wait until November when the votes are cast. And even that is somewhat suspect if the mode of voting we employ happens to be mail-in ballots.



  1. I lost faith in the polls back in the Clinton regime. Always heard the polls saying everyone loves Bill Clinton. If that were so, then why did Bill Clinton lose control of congress two years after he was elected? And why did Gore, the enviornmental whore, lose in 2000 if Clinton was so well liked. Clinton said Gore was the next best thing to him. And if the Clintons were so well liked, then why did Hillary lose to a new comer complete boob in the 2008 primary? Then she loses again in the general 2016 to another new comer. Polls are raw sewage!

  2. I don’t answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number. Also, I’ve been asked to take a survey on both my phone and computer by polling groups, which I refuse to do unless they are a Republican group. I’m sure a lot of conservatives feel the same way, so I imaging many of the people answering the questions are dems.

  3. I can’t believe Americans want what the Dems are selling – as such TRUMP wins in a landslide! Keep Senate Majority and Take Back House! Dems take your high taxes, socialism, free healthcare and sanctuary for illegals, Open Borders, Green New Deal and shove it where the sun does not shine!

  4. Creepy senile Joe has been a crook, liar and an idiot his whole life. They did not give him the nickname of doofus for nothing. With the onset of dementia he is unable to tell the difference between his sister and his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of our country? The best thing they could do for senile Joe is to find him his rocking chair and make sure he uses it somewhere out of sight.

  5. Joe G We need all American Patriots to be counted at this time. I really think these Radical Liberals Hate this Country I just received a mail in ballot for myself and my wife . I had changed addresses years ago moving to another state . As far as the ballot for my wife , unfortunately she passed of Cancer 6 yrs ago .Looks like no fraud here !!!!!!!!

    God bless America Semper Fi

  6. If you saw the “presentation” by Uncle Joe on 6/30, you saw he had names to call on in advance. He probably also had the questions in advance! If you watched closely you saw that he referred to his notes in answering the questions! He’s no dummy, just too old. I’ve been there, done that!

  7. Daffy Cuck, you’re the one who needs to pull his head out of your a**. Trump is the one to stop the nonsense. If you want to live in a socialist society, move to a country that has one. I can’t see things from your point of view, because I can’t get my head that far up my a**. Trump 2020 Death to socialism in America. I’m not hiding behind some BS made up name. If you believe what you say, tell everyone who you really are. You won’t, because you’re a chicken shiff CS.

  8. There are three things that govern polls: (1) LIES, (2) DAMN LIES, and (3) STATISTICS! That’s why polls can never be reliably depended upon to provide an accurate forecast of an election outcome with any absolute certainty! Polling is not an exact science and the numbers may easily be skewed!

  9. This is all fake news cover for the deep states attempt at stealing the election from Trump so they can justify it if they succeed


    • Dr Fauci went to China months before the virus appeared. I’m sure the democrats, Soros and Bill Gates had a lot to do with the virus appearing. Fauci was in the same area of China as where the virus started. I’ll never believe they weren’t paid to create the virus. Bill Gates is a snake in the grass.

  11. I pray for Divine Interventions that you Mr. President will not let us down and continue to lead this country of ours for the next four years. Your Sir have lead this free land with positive outcome since your inauguration, and for me and some of my Guamanian friends will vote for you again this come November. God Bless you and your wonderful families.

  12. Wealth distribution! Illegals !! State-run health care for all. Defund the police, Gun control,

    All of the above are the way of a Marxist take over. Stand up for your beliefs say NO to socialism Say No to the people who would destroy our way of life. We NEED to Stand up against rioting, looting, murder. Don’t be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Say NO to JOE and his commie party.

  13. If the Dems have their way with the “mail-in” ballots, then the polls are likely correct because they will rig it for a Biden win. If the “Vote by mail” is rejected, as it should be, Trump wins in a landslide. There is no question that the Dems are trying every hook and crook to get the “mail in” voting passed, but it will never pass the GOP controlled Senate. Dream on Ms. Pelosi, it ain’t a gonna happen!

  14. There is a factor of shame as long as polls mention how many people answer the phone and refused to answer the question you can not rely von it
    Most probably the refusers are going to vote for Trump but they are shame
    If you well educated how can you vote for this “moron”
    If you are black despite what Trump did for them you are trattor if you are white you are racist
    In addition in this election there also element of fear for loosing your job

  15. We need to pray everyday that the will of God is to have DJTRUMP re-elected. I have confidence that the American public can see and rationalize the goodness in TRUMP’s heart and soul. If Biden and his VP are elected we can all bend over and kiss our A$$ goodbye. The future of our Nation which is a blessing will be forfeit for our children, grandchildren and future legal citizens.

    • Donald Trump is a Nazi. Get your head on straight — he doesn’t love God — He only says so because he wants you to vote for him. Unless you are a straight out racist xenophobe,or one of the top 1% he will do nothing for you.

    • Is it “Daffy Cuck” or “Daffy Duck?” If the former, you talk like you’re as full of shit as all the other Marxists! If the latter, you owe the cartoon character of the same name an apology for slandering his good name in comic circles!

    • @daffycuck… Are you in kindergarten?
      Shall I get you a coloring book where you can color in your utopian dream of
      George Soros, Joe B and gang?
      Let’s not forget the colorful BLM who are peaceful protestors … Keep dreaming and drinking the left kool aid !
      Or maybe smoking some sheit to keep you in la la land .

    • I agree Susan. Trump does love his country. The democrats and the fake news blame him for everything that happens. Trump has worked hard since he took office. Herb, Michael and Marcus I agree with you too. So many states haven’t cleared the voting list of all the people who have died. i think our state had a lot also. I pray the democrats can’t add a lot of fake votes to win for Biden or we’re lost.

  16. Mass migration to the U.S. should be restricted from 3rd world populace! Democratic, i.e. leftist ideology along with 99% of the immigrants’ hand-out mentality will dismantle this country! They want to see USA to be marginalized to a third world rated society!

  17. What cannot be denied is that the Democrats and their thugs are much better organized with clearly defined goals that will destroy this country. And, yet, the Republican party sits back as if paralyzed and prepares to get run over. If they don’t wake up and respond forcefully, we can kiss America (as we know it) good-bye, to be replaced by AMERIKA, a socialist disaster.

  18. And all these pollsters like to say: “If the election were held today…so-and-so would win.”
    Think of it: That’s like saying, “If the game ended after the 5th inning, or at half-time, or if the race were ended at the far turn…” It’s nonsensical, really.
    On the brighter side, the big Biden leads in the polls are making the Demoncrats overconfident. Good. Let them think Biden’s a shoo-in.

  19. IF, the Democrat want to use mail in ballots they must be supported with proof of current voter registration and proof of citizenship. Absentee ballots are they way to insure the person voting is a legal voter. Period. Pelosi and the Democrats Want mail in ballots to steal the election. PS: Anyone who believes the polls needs their heads examined. Binder is a goner.

  20. The biggest buzz seems to be for the latest Fox News-commissioned poll, showing Biden with an 8-9 point lead. Read the small print! In order to get good statistics for the black vote (which showed 80% Biden), they oversampled black voters! That explains it all!

  21. My wife got a polling call and said she would vote for biden as she was afraid to tell anyone her true feelings. She knows that a biden presidency would be a disaster, worse than obama.

  22. Since the difference between mail-in ballots and absentee ballots is the difference between the high likelihood of fraud and the very low likelihood of fraud then file absentee ballots, The communist, socialist Dimwits do NOT have a man or woman or transgender who can stand up against President Trump in this election. Which is why there has been a Russia hoax, Mueller investigation hoax, an impeachment hoax, a Chinese Wuhan pandemic, another Russia hoax, rioters, looters and defund police with exploding criminality–all designed to derail our President in November. In summary, if you think that the hardworking American people are going to fall for this nonsense THINK AGAIN!! They won’t. Trump in a landslide victory.

    • I hope you are right; the DemonRats have been trying every crooked operation they can think of in order to ***steal*** the Election. I also have not forgotten about the terrorizing voters in certain districts to give up their voting rights.


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