Go Woke, Go Broke: Viewership For NBA Finals Game 5 Plummets; The Percentage Of Viewers Who Tuned Out The Event Is Staggering

(Liberty Bell) – By now you’ve probably heard the phrase, “go woke, go broke,” a million times across social media from folks who are totally sick and tired of the whole social justice warrior takeover of every major sporting event and entertainment vehicle on the planet. It’s a reference to how regular American individuals are tired of everything being politicized, especially sports, which used to provide not only relief from the onslaught of endless news coverage, but a place where people from different walks of life could be united together over a shared fandom.

Thanks to Black Lives Matter that’s no longer the case. Especially in the NBA.

Well, the NBA is now discovering that “go woke, go broke” is absolutely true. The ratings for game five of the NBA finals absolutely tanked, especially compared to last year. Folks, it was a drop in viewership of 70 percent. That’s massive.

Via Breitbart:

Friday night’s Game 5 drew 5.7 million viewers, according to TVLine. While that very low number is actually very good compared to the viewership numbers earned by the first three games in the series, it represent a nearly 70 percent decline from the 18.22 million viewers who tuned-in for Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals when the Golden State Warriors took on the Toronto Raptors.

That’s right, Game 5 of the 2020 Finals (which includes LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers) drew over 12.5 million fewer viewers than a game which included a team from Canada.

Game 1 of the Finals brought with it the lowest viewership since 1994, and Game 2 was the lowest ever on record. Though, that was before Game 3 beat out Game 2 by becoming the least watched Finals game in NBA history, by peaking with a paltry 4.395 million viewers.

As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston reports:

This horrific collapse should not be surprising after polls have found that many fans now believe that basketball is far too political.

A Sept. 2 Harris poll found that 39 percent of respondent who identified as sports fans felt that the league was too political. And another 19 percent said that they had turned off pro basketball because of the NBA’s deep links to China.

The 2020 post-COVID season launched with the heavy-handed presence of the anti-American Black Lives Matter agenda.

Recently, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that next year the NBA will likely not feature the on-court social justice displays that have become commonplace this season. The commissioner also says he understands that fans just want to see a basketball game, and not by subjected to social justice messaging.

Will the folks who run the NBA finally get the message. What more do they need to see or hear to understand that most of America is sick and tired of politics? Perhaps, just for once, we want to turn on the television and just be entertained. Not everything has to be politicized.

If players want to engage in political activism outside of the arena or stadium, that’s fine. But when it comes game time, set it aside and do your job. It’s really that easy. Those of us who have no interest in a player’s politics will ignore them on social media. Everybody wins.

Easy peasy.


  1. I agree – the days of the truly great players that America loved are gone. These players are in love with Communist China and the almighty dollar. “Don’t stop my jersey sales”. And BLM garbage on all the floors and shirts. How un-American. That crap doesn’t have a place in sports!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, well said. I’m not watching Any professional sports. I have more time to pay more attention to the ones I LOVE & the things I love doing.
    The days of Williams, Mantle, and ALL the Greats are fond memories

  3. not watching sports anymore – except some euro golf and euro soccer – overpaid nba, nfl, mlb morons are too stupid to realize how much they have alienated regular fans.. also the more they embrace Black Looting Matters, the more fans they permanently lose.

  4. Kendall, An excellent comment. These players are a complete disgrace and don’t deserve to live in this Country.
    I am so sick of them and all the Hollywood crowd cheering BLM and justifying the horror they have brought to the people, police and cities ongoing for 4 1/2 months. The looting, burning injuries and murders. They move from place to place gathering local thugs and wreaking havoc. Shockingly aided by local Mayors and governors. Let’s take our Country back. VOTE IN PERSON.

  5. 70 year Yankee fan, Aaron Robinson catcher, Tommy Heinrich, “Old Reliable”, did not watch one game in 2020, maybe a few innings. As Stanton and Hicks kneel I bow out!

  6. These overgrown children who can dunk a basketball are boring. They need to raise the hoop three feet. The structure of the game is outdated for the size of the players. It’s like watching a ten-year-old stuff a basket In one of those kiddie bedroom hoops. The last thing I want to hear is one of these overgrown and overpaid pinheads lecture me about politics and the black condition in America. You know they’ve never encountered Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Glenn Loury or any number of black conservative intellectuals who have the courage to tell the truth about the state of the black underclass decimated by fatherlessness. If they want to promote a worthy cause on a T-shirt, it should say “black fathers matter.”

  7. LeBron James is an big black overpaid buffoon who gives a bad name to basketball and makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. He wants to talk about the legacy of slavery while supporting present-day slavery in China.

    The whole BLM movement is a fraud, started and run by self-described “trained Marxists”. Who haven’t a clue about the real challenges facing black Americans. All they are doing is fomenting race hatred and justifying cop killing, violence, riots, arson, and destruction of both public and private property. They want you to ignore the real stats and focus entirely on the killing of both unarmed and armed black criminals. TheY want you to forget that 53% of the murders in the US are committed by black males who constitute just 6% of the population.

  8. My grandfather had been passionate about everything related to football his entire life. He loved the NFL, he loved college football even more, and he watched other sports casually.

    Since the bigotry resumed, my grandfather had completely boycotted the entire NFL. As long as the bigots have a platform, he forsaken them completely.

    He is considering watching only the Super Bowl because he knows I love to watch it with him.

  9. These dipshits want to be politicians, I treat them the same as politicians, find something different to watch on TV, boycott the sponsors, don’t attend any events involving them, and don’t buy any of their crap.

  10. Wouldn’t it be nice if the MORONS who went to any of these over priced BS games and I mean games just donated their money to good causes. Baseball, Football and the National Black Association (NBA) have become a joke. I can’t wait for the day,,, well actually I hope it never happens that the LIBTURDS get control of anything, but the day they do and then want to put limits on crap of 13.5% of Blacks must be hired and it goes the other way. What Football and Basketball are what 50% and 75% Black that will be a fun day to see.

  11. I’m so glad that I’m not the only person who is ticked off by the on-court garbage being pitched at us! Do your proselytizing on your own time, jerks!

  12. LeBron James is a cancer to the NBA. Fellow NBA players can’t stand him. It’s all about him. He is too illiterate to understand the complexity of government & how it works. I mean just look at his illiterate postings. Did he really graduate High School. If he did, he missed English & grammar classes.


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