Gavin Newsom Sweating Bullets As Major Money Gets Dumped Into Recall Effort

(Liberty Bell) – One of the few bright spots of the coronavirus pandemic has been the fact that it’s revealed who the enemies of our republic are, and it seems a lot of them are Democratic state governors. Ever since this has started, Democratic leaders in state and local government have instituted a number of oppressive orders and edicts to allegedly slow the spread of COVID-19.

You know, to stop hospitals from getting overwhelmed and stuff like that.

However, when Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer started telling people what they could and couldn’t buy at the grocery store, it became pretty clear that many of these individuals were seizing upon the pandemic as an opportunity to usurp power from the people of the United States.

Alongside Whitmer is California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Newsom has instituted several lockdowns of the state, nearly destroying its economy. He’s issued orders forbidding houses of worship from holding in person services, which, fortunately, many solid believers defied in order to fulfill the commands of the Lord, and to stand up for religious liberty.

And as if that isn’t already enough to get you to dislike this tyrant-in-training, how about the fact he told people not to do indoor dining, especially in large groups, only to be busted doing this very thing. Yes, to the Democrats, you and I are under their thumb, but they can do as they please.

Well, according to Gateway Pundit, Gov. Newsom should probably be sweating bullets right about now, as major money is being put toward efforts to recall his governorship.

Millions of people have signed the petitions necessary to initiate the recall and the folks behind the effort are getting huge donations to make it all happen.

One donation to the campaign donated a whopping $500,000. This is the first six-figure donation to be made to the effort thus far.

The donation came from a consulting firm that’s based out of Irvine, California called Prov 3:9. A venture capital firm called Sequoia Capital also dropped a $100,000 donation toward the recall efforts, which has added a lot of legitimacy to the efforts being made to ensure a recall election.

A bunch of conservatives have also joined in on this campaign. Notable names include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox.

Folks in the state of California are fed up with the extreme socialist leadership and overbearing tax rate the suffer under. In fact, the conditions of the state have caused a mass exodus of citizens, which could end up costing California a House seat and a few Electoral College votes.

Newsom is largely responsible for this mess. He must be made to answer for it. This effort will ensure he does, so long as it is successful.

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  1. The DNC Alt-Left and RINO Republicans are going too cause a “Civil War”, and I think , it is coming very soon. At least 1/2 of the American population, disagree with this “Fraud Election”, and with these “Spineless Judges” ,Big Tech stopping Conservative speech, Criminal Politicians, and Fake News Media, I think in my opinion they will have Civil Unrest, which they caused, because We the People, are being taken over by this push for “Socialism” .

  2. “We the People” did not vote for China Joe; large donations from WEALTHY individuals and large donations from corporations and institutions who want to demolish our freedom voted for him. Do not forget their added icing on the cake of coercing, manipulating, stealing, and lying == MORE votes for China Joe.
    We are not afraid of their desire to choose dishonesty===the truth will set us FREE!!!!!
    We WILL fight for the TRUTH!!!!

  3. I am now convinced democrat communists not only cheated in this election, but they have been practicing how to do it in all the “blue” states over the last decade or so. Democrat communists along with their corrupt media are the enemy of America.

    • When they put the blinders on you they them on tight, not to mention the earplugs the installed in your ears. Wkae up ip dude this election is and was an illegitimate representation of a fair and factual election.

    • Open your eyes man. I really want to think you are an intelligent but misguided soul. I want to believe that you come to conservative news sites because your inner conservative is leading you to knowledge that unconsciously you truly thirst for. I use G mail for my email and have for years. Emails from this website, even though I subscribed, star, and mark as important, get sent to spam and I have to search for them. That is just one example of big tech and your precious leftist media trying to censor and sway thought directly. Is that really what you want in this country? I refuse to believe that. Happy New Year R Philipson.

    • You should really start thinking for yourself instead of allowing the MSM to do it for you. The MSM is the virus!

    • It was clearly a fraudulent election. Remember, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. You probably attended public school…….poor kid…

  4. It is about time Americans fight back…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH …Now, let’s get behind Trump and give him the election results that he earned and were stolen from him by the corrupt democrat party and their backers, the China government !!! 4 MORE YEARS. !!!!!!!!!!


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