Gaetz Mocks Biden: Everyone In DC Knows When Harris Shakes Biden’s Hand “She’s Checking His Pulse”

(Liberty Bell) – Of all the people in the Washington DC swamp, the Dems had to pick Joe Biden as the man to install in the White House.

Were they attempting to find someone so totally and completely opposite of President Trump? If so, they managed to succeed.

Joe Biden has been a do-nothing swamp Democrat in the Washington establishment for decades. Nearly 50 years Biden has been sitting in DC in one position or another, accomplishing diddly-squat for the people he has been elected to represent.

He rode Obama’s coattails to become the Vice President but even then he was only being used because of his name and his standing as a white Democratic male. Were the American people ready for a black president? They were as long as a white man stood by his side.

And the Dems have the audacity to call Republicans “racist.”

In the last election cycle the Dems knew they had to find someone to promote to the presidency that was more appealing than Hillary Clinton and checked off boxes on their identity politics checklist. So, they picked an old white man. Exactly the type of person the radical left is supposedly dead-set against.

Then they rigged the election with the help of China and now we’re stuck with a 78-year-old man who’s clearly suffering from pretty substantial cognitive decline.

It’s not even debatable. Something is really, really off with Joe Biden. While the mainstream media sycophants refuse to acknowledge it and pretend like everything is just fine, Biden proves day after day just how unfit he is to be sitting in the White House.

Republicans have been quite vocal about their concerns over Joe Biden’s rapidly devolving health situation.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), mocked Biden and Kamala Harris’ notable presence every time Biden is engaged in any kind of presidential activity. She looms over his shoulder like some kind of grim reaper. It’s really quite unsettling.

Gaetz suggested Thursday on Hannity that “President Harris” (as Biden refers to her) is actually just checking to make sure Biden’s ticker is still working every time they shake hands.

“When it comes to the Harris-Biden relationship, everyone in Washington knows that every time Kamala Harris shakes the hand of Joe Biden, she’s checking his pulse.”

At this point, that could very well be true. Does Harris have a background in nursing that nobody knows about? She’s present everywhere he goes like an in-home nurse aide.

Gaetz also went on to say that he doesn’t believe Russia is the great threat that Biden and the establishment would have Americans to believe they are. He pointed out that China is the “real threat” facing the US.

Of course, we all know Biden is a puppet for the CCP and they’re just using him as a punching bag to show the rest of the world that no one messes with China and gets away with it.

Everything is going perfectly according to China’s plan since Biden has been installed in the White House.

The US is back to being weak and China is back to calling the shots.

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  1. We know the Fit Bit watch doesn’t register on him, so someone using their hands to further their career is the perfect running mate.

  2. President Harris would be just as big a disaster as a Hillary Clinton Presidency would have been. The only difference between the two is that we haven’t heard of Kamala’s husbands “Sexcapades” chasing young female interns. I wonder how the fake news media will cover that up

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