Fulton County Interfering With Election — Blocks GOP Poll Monitors From Being Able To Oversee Absentee Ballots And Verifying Signatures In Spite Of Court Order

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats and progressives in the state of Georgia are once again working toward stealing an election, only this time it’s one that could have absolutely devastating consequences for the future of the American republic. The twin runoff races for the Senate in the state are currently unfolding, and if things continue on the trajectory they are currently on, it will end with Republicans losing control of the Senate.

What this means is, if the Democrats are also allowed to steal the presidential election, the left will control all of Congress and the White House. I don’t think one can overstate the level of danger and damage that could be done to our way of life in the next two years.

Not to mention the fact that people will never, ever trust an election in this country again if we don’t thoroughly investigate each and every incident of voter fraud and prosecute all those involved in such schemes.

According to Gateway Pundit, poll observers in Fulton County were being blocked from watching the vote and ballot counting on Tuesday, being held back by barriers.

There were only single individuals out at tables scanning and adjudicating the ballots. None of them were being watched by Republican observers at the World Congress Center where votes were being counted.

The Republican Party in Fulton County went to court and ended up getting an order from a Fulton County Superior Judge in order. The judge then ordered that election officials allow poll monitors to be within the barriers at a distance of 10 feet from the processing table.

Fulton County election officials, however, are still going forward and blocking credentialed monitors from being able to see the absentee ballots and verifying signatures, totally ignoring the court order. Is this really a surprise? Look at the lengths these people have gone to in order to ensure they are able to have complete and total control of the government.

Progressives have been plotting this craziness for a long, long time. It’s a scheme that they’ve been dying to deploy and this year, with COVID-19 on the loose, they had the perfect opportunity to unleash it. Folks, our way of life is under attack in ways we never thought possible.

If Trump is not declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, and we have Joe Biden in office, along with Democrats having total control of the government, our liberty is going to disappear very, very quickly.

Please pray that this does not happen. Praying and action are both necessary in the battle for the soul of our republic.

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    Why are 78 million people sitting back and letting this happen. Trump won the election and the DemoRats walked all over us. They are so crooked they couldn’t walk straight if they tried. In two years we need to really get out the vote or have our own mail in ballots and if the creeps can do it we can do it to. Republicans are just too passive and it has to stop.

  2. Easy solution here, don’t allow any votes from that county to be added to the state total if they don’t want to conduct themselves legally, they should not count.

  3. So who is going to do anything about it. Not following a court order is against the law. These people should be arrested, now, they are in contempt.

  4. Georgia election people will forever carry the stigma of screwing their own stat as well as the nation from having decent representation. They have become the garbage of America and Staci is the pig of election history.

  5. Fine the county and get a recount. Democratic Party is at it again. US elections should always be fair. No cheating. President Trump DID win, but Democrats cheated. Recount needed for him and senators.


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