Ainsley Earhardt Gets Sick Backlash After Sympathizing With Trump Supporters

(Liberty Bell) – Nobody in the mainstream media really seems to truly understand President Trump and his supporters.

While the left attributes our support for President Trump to “brainwashed cult-like” behavior, those on the right aren’t much better.

It has never been about President Trump himself. It has always been about his message and what he has been fighting for.

Those of us who support President Trump, support him because he defends liberty and freedom. He fights against corruption and the establishment swamp in Washington DC. He gave a voice to those of us who were being forgotten and left behind by the power-hungry elites. The list goes on and on.

Since the stolen election he voiced what millions of us knew in our own hearts and minds: the election was stolen. He was willing to fight for truth and election integrity while it seemed like everyone else in Washington DC was just fine going back to the status quo.

We don’t believe there was a stolen election because President Trump said so or just because he “lost.” We believe it because we see the truth and understand that Joe Biden winning 81 million votes is completely detached from reality.

Now, in the wake of the official certification by Congress of the fraudulent election, media pundits are attempting to take it upon themselves to understand how Trump supporters think and feel and quite frankly, none of their interpretations, even well-meaning ones, are accurate.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt found herself under attack by liberals for comments she made on Friday over the 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump being concerned for the future.

Everything she was saying was actually not too inaccurate, until one of the other co-hosts chimed in that we are all “confused” which Earhardt repeated.

“There are 75 million people that voted for President Trump. And they are scared. They are worried about what the future of this country looks like. They are confused and heartbroken that their candidate didn’t win and they don’t want to be forgotten,” she said.

Trump supporters are most definitely concerned about the future but as far as being “confused” or “heartbroken,” it would be more accurate to say “angry” and “betrayed.”

While her depiction of Trump supporters wasn’t inflammatory, though not entirely accurate, she went on to cite Tucker Carlson’s Thursday night monologue in which he talked about the country’s “monomaniacal” focus on “one man.”

He also pondered about whether “any single person, anyone,” was “worth all of” the “time and attention” President Trump received.

The reality is that it was never about Trump but rather what he represented and stood for.

Nonetheless, Earhardt’s comments were met with sharp criticism from liberals who eagerly claim they have been victims for the last four years.

“Sorry Ainsley, after 4 years of hearing ‘f**k your feelings’ and watching a right wing mob assault the US Capitol, Biden voters aren’t really ready to shed any tears for poor disgruntled Trump supporters,” one user stated.

It was all good and well, however, when the rest of us were forced to watch Antifa and Black Lives Matter burn, loot, vandalize, attack, and destroy cities across the country for months on end.

“Ah yes, I remember well when the US Capitol was stormed and vandalized by thousands of angry liberals on January 6, 2017 when Clinton’s defeat was finalized, so I guess you’re right, Ainsley,” another wrote.

Though it is disputable that those who stormed the Capitol were actual Trump supporters, the fact remains that the 2016 election was not rigged and stolen despite the left’s best efforts at convincing the American people of the Russia collusion hoax.

“Ainsley Earhardt saying that 75 million people are confused and scared about Trump losing is her version of ‘there are fine people on both sides,’” yet another wrote.

Liberals will never be convinced that President Trump isn’t all of the horrible things the mainstream media has told them he is. They will also never see Trump supporters as fellow Americans, ever.

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  1. You are correct ….America has made a big mistake allowing the election fraud to go unchecked. We are already seeing cancel culture exploding with the big techs censoring anyone that has a conservative view. We are sliding down a slippery slope into destruction.

  2. James, I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but people need to be able to compare and contrast 4 years of good time and tremendous success until COVID and do you notice China get void of any COVID deaths, it’s all President’s Trump fault and no doubt they would love to give operation warp speed credit to Biden. Biden/Obama/Kamala America. Poster President Obama still wants power and recognition, he is obsessed with power that is why he hangs around in Washington even faster 8 years. Biden policies is just replacing his failed policies that President Trump replaced. buckle up and get ready for the destruction of America, the constitution, freedom of expression, religious freedom, higher gas price and China in our pocket stealing our jobs and intellectual properties. God help us all from cancel culture, and everything else which is here already and the rest that will hit the fence soon.

  3. I don’t believe the words of the pundits over people who sign affidavits with nothing to gain and everything to lose and the video of ballots being counted in Georgia after RNC observers left not being investigated by law enforcement

  4. I hate to say this but if the deep state power continues to use Big Tech and corporations to control speech and rights our nation will fall into civil war

  5. 4 years or perhaps 0 years… the entire democrap party should be charged with insurrection, treason, and a host of other charges… they broke so many laws the last 12 years it boggles the mind…and they were given a pass…why??? because the fbi and cia and doj are totally corrupt…they support the establishment… which allows only two parties…the dems and repukes… the solution is a) a CONTINENTAL CONGRESS and a rewrite of the laws which as a main item should include TERM LIMITS with a directive/clause that prevents any politician from working in the government after serving a single term.. this includes the / a supreme court if there is one created by the CC… the CC should first disband the current government two party system by removing all leaders from any positions in our government and cut their pay and benefits to zero or at most a simply retirement pay equal to the lowest poverty level for paying federal taxes.

  6. I liked the “shock and fear” that the democrat and republican politicians felt during the capital invasion. Ordinary people live like that in Chicago and other “sanctuary” cities every day! And the rioters weren’t even armed! Politicians don’t want to “share their wealth of security”, like other people are supposed to do, do they? If the democrats want to defund the police forces, let’s start with the ones that protect democrat politicians. Maybe that way they will understand that getting beaten to death with a club isn’t any different than being shot with a gun!

  7. A wise man once said there is limiting principle to “liberalism.” Like Lenin, who declared “no enemies to the left,” present day Democrats will support any radical candidate who joins their coalition. We saw that also with their fascist Antifa Marxist BLM allies who rioted across America this summer based on the BIG LIE of systemic racism of police against black people. No Democrat politician said a word against the rioting, violence, mayhem, arson, looting and destruction while cities devolved into anarchy. Why? Because they saw it as beneficial to their cause of removing Trump. What the mob did in the U.S. Capitol was despicable, but it pales in comparison to what the left radicals did across America this past summer for which Democrats were silent. They were also silent because it was part of a reaction to what Trump did for blacks in America. They had a deathly fear that he might garner a sizable number of black voters that would diminish their electoral prospects going forward. So, they had to flip the narrative and convince blacks and the country that Trump was a racist, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Race relations then devolved into a raw and cynical quest for political power. Trump’s comments post-Charlottesville were clear, yet the left, Democrats and their stenographers did everything in their power to argue otherwise. They used the death of one man in Minneapolis to tarnish police everywhere—guilt by association. Yes, police sometimes make mistakes, but they are overwhelmingly trying to help blacks in crime ridden communities who cry out for greater police protection. 7500 blacks are killed annually by other blacks, only 9 (in 2019) by police, and these were almost all resisting arrest or engaging in threatening behavior.
    53% of the murders committed in the US are committed by blacks, though theyconstitute only 13% of the population (although almost all are committed by the 6% who are males). And these males are overwhelmingly a product of fatherless homes due to sky high rates of illegitimacy among blacks—73% overall and over 90% in most urban centers. Blacks and Hispanics together are responsible for 98% of the murders in NYC and Chicago, for example. Yet the left wants to blame police officers who have to confront violence in these crime-ridden neighborhoods. And yet the left wants to blame Trump and the Republicans for the results of welfare policies instituted in the 1960s by Lyndon Johnson and a Democrat Congress. Hypocrisy doesn’t get any worse than this, or destructive to the fabric of our society.

    • The above should read “there is no limiting principle of liberalism.” Of liberalism is the wrong yet these days for what is leftism, statism, socialism, or fascism. After all, the root word of liberalism means freedom and the left is about anything but freedom-loving.

  8. Joe Biden and ole lady Harris are the two biggest crooks ever elected. I am an 88 yr old who has been voting for a very long time and with each election time it gets more crooked. The power struggle has been going on since 1937 Rosevelt’s New Deal – you give people something for nothing and the more you give the more people want. Without term limits Washington Establishment will never fight for “We the people” – and they have it made in there with all their perks so of course they don’t want term limits. We elected Trump to drain the swamp and sadly enough our other elected officials have not stood with him hard enough. Biden and Harris too should have been forced to “I don’t know testify or something – he is in bed with China and will if he hasn’t already sell us all out to them. Note he has made a fortune and our elected officials have ALL the proof yet it has gone nowhere and we are now stuck with biggest crook of my lifetime.” Some of you who are truly interested need to learn truth from Glenn Beck what our elementary schools are now removing and replacing – started in Wisconsin already. Young people get to your local school boards, etc. and see what is going on. This is scary beyond belief. There is a lot at stake in America.

  9. 2016 was a rigged election also, the high democrats know it! Clinton was supposed to when, she knew it and so did everyone else! However they underestimated The fact that Americans were tired of politicians, and wanted someone who cared for the USA. They did not cheat hard enough, they did not change enough laws they didn’t think that Americans were smart enough to figure it out. We can see how surprised and amazed Hillary was when she lost.

  10. I think the next four years are just what this country needs. Have our ass kicked until our nose bleeds and by the end of these upcoming four years we will have most certainly learned just how damn great we all had me ole DAD use to tell my brothers and me a lesson learned HARD IS A LESSON LEARNED WELL And my fellow Americans we are going to do some big time learning in the next 48 months so grab what ever you can hang onto and we will all go for one hell of a ride.pray we all survive. JGB


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