Four New Guilty Pleas In This Crooked Homeless Voting Scheme

(Liberty Bell) – The security of our elections have never been at a greater risk.

The Democrats will do anything in their power to undermine our free and fair elections. This is abundantly clear all around us.

As their stenographers in the media hype up the coronavirus case numbers and insist we should never leave our houses again, politicians in Washington DC are pushing for nationalized elections and widespread mail-in voting, something which is rife for fraud.

Listen, the American public has managed to make it to Walmart and back throughout the whole of this pandemic, I’m pretty sure we can survive voting in person.

Especially for such a serious election.

As it turns out, mail-in voting isn’t the only line of attack for the enemies of democracy.

In a bizarre twist on Democrat policies, four Los Angeles residents just pleaded guilty to organizing a voter fraud scheme in the city’s notorious Skid Row neighborhood in which they paid homeless people with cigarettes and cash to obtain fake sigantures on various voter documents.

Maybe the Dems are keeping their cities overrun with homelessness for a sinister reason? (Kidding…sort of).

Just the News reports:

The defendants “admitted their role in a scheme where money and cigarettes were offered to homeless people on Skid Row in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms,” the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in an announcement this week.

The admissions of guilt follow another participant in the scheme pleading guilty in February to taking part in the fraudulent activity.

The scheme specifically involved “soliciting hundreds of false and/or forged signatures on state ballot petitions and voter registration forms by offering homeless people $1 and/or cigarettes for their participation,” the district attorney’s office said.

The crimes took place over two election cycles — 2016 and 2018. Four other individuals implicated in the scheme “face various charges including use of false names on a petition and voter fraud,” according to a press release from the prosecutor’s office.

The guilty parties in the case have thus far received sentences ranging from jail time to suspended sentences to formal probation.

Tell me again why we should trust mail-in voting when there are already so many who seek to undermine the will of the American people however they can?

Yeah, no thanks.


  1. Suspended sentences and formal probation as punishment? Do we really hold the honesty of our elections to be a serious matter or not? Because if the elections are not honest then the government that is SUPPOSEDLY elected is not a legitimate government.

    They should all receive long sentences with NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Then the next set of dishonest clowns who decide that they think it’s a good idea to cheat on the election with think twice, and decide to sit it out.

  2. There is only one way to stop this, every voter will be issued a card like a credit card it will be used to activate a voting machine. You insert the card which turns the machine on, and then you cast your vote and once you have voted you remove the card and the machine turns off to await the next LEGAL voter. Every voter will be issued a card, no card no vote! To even make it more attractive to get a card they could be offered cash to apply for one. This idea has been fought by the democrats for years now, it would cure the false voter problem for good, and the dems don’t like it at all. Oh by the way I am told this is the system used in Mexico to stop the corruption!

  3. Voting should be for 6 days- not just 1day. Monday thru Saturday 9 to 9. Plenary of time for everyone. Those that require absentee ballots need to apply and have valid reason.

  4. If the guilty would have been given harsher sentences, maybe they wouldn’t try it so often . . . Every year there’s another few cases of fraud in or about voting; and it’s always a demonrat or dummycrat. They go low and high. It’s local, state and national.
    The demons have an agenda. Every office they control adds up to meet their ultimate goal of remaking America in the devil’s immage.

  5. No great surprise here! There’s nothing new under the sun, and there’s no depth that Democrats won’t sink to in order to obtain illegally what they can’t obtain legally! This coming election in November will probably be the most corrupt and fraudulent in US History, but I WANT TO believe that as surely as God Exists that Donald Trump will prevail in the end once again!

  6. Interesting reporting: Left out a couple of points:

    When the group was stopped by officers they were carrying petitions for a variety of initiatives spanning interests of several political parties.

    The suspected motive for the fraud has not been released, though the officials said it initially appeared to be financial rather than political.

    So, which party? Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians.

    • The author mentioned Democrat(s) 3 times . . .
      This IS old news to make a point. But if you only watch main stream media, you probably never saw it on TV. It is always the Democrats. There’s never been a Republican voting fraud case.

  7. Set up in person voting nation wide, with mandatory ID/address check. 27 Oct thru 3 Nov. Call in and get the next available five minute voting appointment. Easy fix to keep Dems from rigging a false win!


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