Former NSA Head Lawyer Hints At Scorching Testimony On Spygate

(Liberty Bell) – You certainly wouldn’t know it just from following the mainstream media, but the United States has been embroiled in the biggest political scandal our nation has ever seen for four years.

If you’ve wondered why on earth the Democrats are so desperate to control the narrative and seemingly endorsing widespread civil unrest and dangerous narratives on the coronavirus pandemic, this could be why.

The facts remain, despite all the spin or flat-out denial from the mainstream press, that the Obama intelligence agencies spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 and used information from a political opposition research dossier to do so.

This is just a fact.

Meanwhile, a mountain of evidence has been compiled over the last three years that suggests this was a decided plot to undermine the Trump candidacy, and then the presidency.

If we had a fair and honest media complex, those involved in this alleged plot would have been destroyed politically years ago.

That’s just how bad this whole thing looks.

But we do not have a fair and honest media complex, and one of the men who may have been involved at the very top, former Vice President Joe Biden, is running for president.

The Bongino Report has revealed that, despite all the denial of the mainstream media, damning facts are still coming to light.

The former National Security Agency general counsel, Stewart Baker, recently wrote on the Lawfare blog that he will be testifying before the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) on the Spygate scandal.

The PCLOB is an independent agency that is part of the Executive Branch and exists as a check on government surveillance following the establishment of the Patriot Act.

In his blog, Baker gives a few hints of his testimony before the PCLOB. His testimony, the Bongino Report notes, suggests that “Like It or Not, Trump Has a Point: FISA Reform and the Appearance of Partisanship in Intelligence Investigations.”

Here are some of the key points of his explosive testimony:

  • Campaign Mudslinging: Baker contends that the Hillary Clinton campaign, in an attempt to deflect from the FBI investigation into her handling of the private email server, sought to tarnish the Trump campaign with an FBI investigation of its own. “The Clinton Campaign, like any other, had assembled opposition research files on Trump. Focusing some of that research on his disturbing affinity for Vladimir Putin was not an exactly original idea.”
  • Steele Dossier: The DNC’s general counsel, Mark Elias, paid Glenn Simpson’s firm, Fusion GPS, $60,000 per month of DNC funds for opposition research. DNC funds were used to pay Christopher Steele, a “free-lance former British intelligence officer with credibility at the FBI on Russian issues.” Elias then instructed Glenn Simpson to report his research only to Elias so as to be protected under attorney-client privilege. As part of Steele’s work, he recruited a Russian in Washington, D.C. as a sub source who in turn provided what the Senate Intelligence Committee referred to as part of “a Russian disinformation campaign.”
  • Steele Lobbied the National Security Agencies: After the FBI terminated its relationship with Christopher Steele over a leak, Steele used a backchannel through Bruce Ohr. Ohr, who was associate deputy attorney general at the FBI, laundered his information the FBI top-brass Andrew McCabe, the then Deputy Director of the FBI, who acted as an informal conduit for Steele to later provide more information.
  • The Carter Page FISA Application: The first FISA application on Carter Page relies on the Steele Dossier. “Fully a third of this section is based on Steele’s reports, and the dossier provides the only support for the central allegation of the application – that Russia hacked and leaked Clinton campaign emails as part of an agreement with members of the Trump campaign.” This allegation was never corroborated by the FBI or by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel. Further, Baker alleges, “All these were grounded on false statements in a dossier paid for by the party in power and designed to discredit the party trying to unseat it.”
  • Reverse Targeting with FISA: The Obama Administration understood that it could monitor Russian Ambassador Kislyak’s conversation with Trump Transition team member Michael Flynn if Kislyak was the “target of the surveillance.” This sort of monitoring coincides with the Obama Administrations’ 2015 wiretapping of Israeli officials that “offered a rich vein of political intelligence about where Republicans stood, what they were planning, and even whether they had the votes to overturn the administration’s policies.” As it turns out, the Israelis suspected that “they were being spied on.”
  • Targeting of Michael Flynn: Baker writes of the Michael Flynn conversations with the Russian Ambassador, “in all of the accounts of the meeting, there’s no sign any of the participants cared what the ambassador had said; as with the Israeli intercepts, it was the American side of the conversation that had the Obama White House exercised.” Further, the Logan Act implications of Flynn’s conversation is “preposterous,” as “it certainly doesn’t prevent an incoming administration from talking to foreign leaders before inauguration day.” The Obama Administration had a certain dislike of General Flynn. Baker writes, “President Obama himself raised questions at the meeting about whether intelligence should be withheld from the incoming team; Flynn was the only candidate for such an exclusion.”
  • Leaking FISA Contents: “It is not unreasonable to conclude that the White House had not only encouraged a criminal investigation of Flynn under the Logan Act but had also leaked his exposure to the press – along with the contents of a wiretap.” Baker further notes that the leak of FISA wiretap contents “to attack an American was unprecedented,” and this inevitably ended Flynn’s career.


  1. Yeah justice for trump and America. No mater how the facts stack up and the truth revealed there are always dishonest idiots that will remain tribal and willfully ignorant based on their hatred of truth, dignity and consequences.

  2. The Dems are so corrupt. Want to know what happened to Seth & how very conveniently his laptop vanished with the D.C. police & FBI covering up the facts of his death. The RAGING,NASTY, EVIL ANGRY Dems led by vicious Nancy & Hilliary will stop @ nothing to foment discourse, spin the truth & outright LIE. I want them all in jail for treason, conspiracy & COLLUSION!

  3. The demonrats MUST PAY! Their lying, cheating and stealing is KNOWN by us all now and their fake news media mob cannot “hold the fort” for them anymore! Treason is treason and it is NOT “simple partisanship” either! I’m sure when they testify, “that” is what they’ll allege but it’s MUCH MORE than “that!” It is collusion with China to try and form a one world government (of the Biblical prophesying) and have China’s government “be the model” for how our country “is run” from here on out! This HAS TO BE STOPPED! And I do mean RIFHT NOW! Everything the demonrats ARE DOING & HAVE DONE is culminating in our “reducing our freedom to (fascist) socialism” with “them” in charge and all of us “working for peanuts until we die & when we die… wanting to!” Anyone that isn’t in “that” vicious circle is “sucking the teat” of the “oh so gracious and necessary government” that’s stealing all “that money” for you & I (the fools working ourselves to “a death” we look forward to!) And the elites… live “OH SO… HAPPILY EVER AFTER!” Hell, throw a reaping & some bloodlustful “kill-sport” in there & you’ve got “The Hunger Games!” Is “THAT” how YOU wanna live!? Vote demonrat then! LOL

    • So if the DNC and the Hilary Campaign paid for a false dossier from a foreign power, got warrants from the FISA Court based on false information, and used process crimes and lies to prosecute the opposition on the direction of a President that makes Trump the criminal?

      How about prosecuting Obama, Panetta, and Clinton for treason with all its consequences or for having American citizens killed abroad without Due process?

    • Willful ignorance does not alter the truth or facts.
      Obama is a criminal, who tried to cover up his misdeeds and those of his predecessors in the demon party.
      He achieved the highest honor in America, and what did he do with it? He sold the country to China, and provided funds to terrorists who hate America.
      Did he help his ‘homies’ in his hometown? No. He turned his nose up and ignored Chicago.
      He used his position to enrich his family and empower his anti-American muslim brotherhood.
      This poster is the reason conservatives need to turn out in-mass and VOTE in person at the polling places.
      The state demons want mass-mail-in-voting, but they’re not allowed to close the polls.
      We need to paint the country RED, and be prepared to fight to keep it.
      If the demons get power again, they will do anything to keep it, even using the constitution to to do away with the constitution.
      If Trump wins by an over-whelming landslide, maybe the demon’s heads will explode all over the country, and we will have peace for a while.


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