Following A Twitter Suspension, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams The “Silicon Valley Cartel”

(Liberty Bell) – Freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is showing the country just how Republicans in the new Republican Party need to respond to the left. The days of kowtowing and complacency are in the rear-view and thanks to President Trump a new GOP has been born.

Those hoping to return to the days of the establishment and the status quo, like RINOs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, are in for a rude awakening. After they and 8 of their House colleagues showed where their allegiances lie, they can expect to be primaried and soon out of Congress altogether.

The GOP is going in a new direction and it needs bold leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up to the deranged Democrats and the leftist elites of America who think they run the show with complete disregard to the actual will of the people.

America is going to take a really severe and destructive nose-dive within Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, maybe even within the first 10 days, and Republicans need GOP leaders who will not appease the left but will challenge them and oppose and object to their demented agenda.

Now is the time to fight and no one seems to recognize this more than Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She has already announced that on January 21, 2021, the day after Inauguration Day, she plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for his clear and blatant use of quid pro quo when he withheld financial aid from Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor who was looking into the corrupt energy company Burisma, where his son was on the board.

The effort is, of course, likely to fail but that’s really not the point. Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t deserve anything more or anything less than the treatment they gave President Trump over the entire duration of his first term in office.

Joe Biden calls for “unity” while his party unscrupulously uses the impeachment process as a political weapon to attack President Trump, yet again. Now is not the time for unity. Now is the time for resistance.

After Twitter inexplicably suspended Greene’s account temporarily, Greene called them out for their blatant and obvious biases and hypocrisy.

Referring to them as the “Silicon Valley Cartel” she pointed out how they selectively enforce their own policies which only ever seem to affect Trump supporters. Meanwhile, they allow real calls for violence like from Iran’s Ayatollah who has repeatedly wished death to America and Israel.

Greene accurately asserted that Twitter, despite what they might think, doesn’t hold the authority to “judge humanity.”

“Dear @Twitter, Contrary to how highly you think of yourself and your moral platitude, you are not the judge of humanity. God is,” Greene tweeted after her account was restored.

“And you and the rest of your pals from the Silicon Valley Cartel are not God. Difficult for you to grasp I know, however it’s the truth.”

She also pointed out that now Twitter is just plain “boring” without President Trump. Something Twitter execs have, no doubt, also noticed along with their plummeting stock share.

Greene posted an interview to her Twitter account in which she discussed the many ways in which the 2020 election was stolen due to widespread voter fraud and corruption in her home state of Georgia.

The left wants to silence Greene and anyone like her who is brave enough to stand up for the truth.

The GOP, however, needs strong and fierce leaders like Greene if we have any hope at all of salvaging this once great country from the wreckage of a Joe Biden administration.

Copyright 2021.


  1. WOW !!! Now I am proud to say you are from GEORGIA !!! You go Lady and hopefully more will follow !!! Let us continue to hear from you… I am now also on CarcusRoom and trying for MeWe….. GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS !!!!!

  2. It’s nice to see some new blood with righteous opinions and rightfully so but I hope this isn’t just white noise because everything she is saying will have NO impact on the lefts takeover of our government and will not slow them down for a second . Having said this I applaud her for spotlighting obvious crimes that the Left have engaged with impunity . We will see if any others get behind her and if the hierarchy of the GOP back her if she gains steam .

  3. I love her she has been headstrong just like trump but a strong woman real Americans are lucky to have her. I remember way back when she would go capital and they would run when they would see her coming

  4. “This LADY is a HERO”! “SHE insults the Loyalty, Suitability Integrity and Character of Every Democrat in this 117 (so called Congress) and Republican who turned their backs on the Constitution”! “Ms. Marjorie Taylor Representative Greene are “LOVED” and “RESPECTED” and I WE will support you with my Lawful Registered Copyrights in redress to expose the 11-24-2020 JOSEPH R. Biden, Jr. bragging! Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most exclusive and extensive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “The only difference between the discorporate removalAssassination Removal Of JFK is that the “Organization” used live rounds on JFK and the “BULLETS” that removed PRESIDENT Trump were “PAPER” with the same results”! “NOW you Democrat’s, try to reprogram my Petition for Redress of COPYRIGHTED grievances protected by “THEMIS”! “GITMO” should be FUL! “Quote me, your days are NEAR! “THIS IS STILL AMERICA” and it belongs to FAMILY AMERICA”! “Your platform is “incomprehensible Demoralization” and Death to the American Way Of Life”! You could NOT take a hard days work!

  5. Good luck Green I like your courage. We need more people like you For the good of this country the Republican Party needs a good clean up.???two terms may do it????? trump did not loose. The party lost!!!!

  6. May your tribe increase, Rep. Greene!!! May your courage attract the good but timid people in the Republican Party to stand up to make this nation great again.


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