Folks In Michigan Have Had Enough Of Governor’s Draconian Measures For COVID-19; Here’s How They Made Their Voices Heard

(Liberty Bell) – We’ve all been experiencing a lot of frustration and agony over the steps that our local and state governments have taken as a means of trying to contain the coronavirus pandemic, especially certain areas around the country which have had to deal with massive government overreach.

Some governors, like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for example, have put some seriously ridiculous restrictions on the people of her state in the wake of the disease. Like not being able to buy clothes or seeds for growing your own food while at the store.

As the economy comes nearer and nearer to disaster, it’s becoming clear that we need to start opening things up, to get folks back to work or else things are going to get much, much worse. However, it seems Whitmer isn’t really listening to the needs of her people.

In light of the first protest, Operation Gridlock, rather than having an open ear for her constituents, she doubled down on her stay-at-home order and made it more strict, kind of the opposite of what the protestors were going for.

Well, folks are even more ticked off than they were before. In fact, hundreds of protestors showed up to take a stand against Whitmer’s policies at the Michigan Captiol, many of them armed, and entered the capitol, where police were forced to block the doors to the House Chamber.

Things are getting tense, y’all.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Hundreds of armed protesters entered the Michigan Capitol on Thursday.

The protesters were carrying guns but no masks.

They didn’t appear to follow the governor’s social distancing orders either.

The protest started as a three-hour-long train of vehicles rolling around the state capitol.

The protesters were protesting the crackpot governor and her insane social distancing policies.

Let’s be honest for a moment before we continue. Gov. Whitmer has truly gone off the deep end. She’s so hungry for power, authority, and control that she’s simply creating new measures out of thin air, many of which make no sense nor provide additional protection for anyone, simply so she can flex her political muscle.

It seems she’s all but ensured she won’t be reelected due to the way she has treated the people of her state. How much longer she continues to press people and make all of this worse is anyone’s guess, but I’d say she’s not likely to back down.

Hundreds of protesters then entered the capitol building.

Hundreds protest Gov. Whitmer and her policies at the Michigan Capitol today.

Called an “American Patriot Rally”, more like an American anarchy rally. Photo from Detroit News.

Protest moves inside Michigan Capitol. Crowd attempts to get onto House floor. Lots of Michigan State Police and House sergeants at arms blocking door.

As you can probably imagine, radical leftists weren’t too pleased with these folks for exercising their First Amendment rights to assemble and protest.

At what point can we call the armed, non-PPE-wearing “protesters” that stormed the Michigan Capitol terrorists?

Directly above me, men with rifles yelling at us. Some of my colleagues who own bullet proof vests are wearing them. I have never appreciated our Sergeants-at-Arms more than today. #mileg

Okay, listen. I’m all for reopening the economy. I’m also totally against what Whitmer has done to her state by unnecessarily restricting the freedom of the people for no good reason and for ignoring their pleas for getting them back to work.

I’m also not against them exercising their Second Amendment rights.

However, one should probably question the wisdom of gathering in mass like this with a disease like COVID-19 on the loose. These individuals really could bring the virus back to their loved ones and end up being responsible for a massive influx of both deaths and hospitalizations, things these folks don’t actually want to happen.

If we want our protesting to be effective, we should be showing our local and state governments that we get what’s going on, that we treat this disease seriously and will abide by reasonable guidelines, but we also need to get back to work.

Showing themselves to be well mannered would work a lot more than this angry chaos. Let’s hope they continue to stand boldly, but perhaps employ a better, safer strategy for letting their voices be heard.

Featured image credit: @michaelbrazell



  1. Within the article is the line ” Gov. Whitmer has truly gone off the deep end. She’s so hungry for power, authority, and control that she’s simply creating new measures out of thin air, many of which make no sense nor provide additional protection for anyone, simply so she can flex her political muscle”. WELL IN OTHER ARTICLES POSTED IT STATES THAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS READY TO DUMP BIEDEN AND, BECAUSE OF HER RADICAL IDEAS WHICH FIT IN WITH THE DUMBOCRATIC WAY OF THINKING, SHE WOULD BE AN IDEAL CANDIDATE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT, AS SHE FULFILLS ALL THE PREREQUISITES OF THE TYPICAL DUMBOCRAT BRAIN-DEAD IDIOT.

  2. Now when the number of persons who showed up to make asses of them selves, do not represent the majority of the population who voiced their disgust wwith the actions of the mob mentality who thinks carrying a weapon makes you someone special. Now when the approval rating of the Governor 2 days earlier was 70% across the state, I and onyone else able th think soundly would know there so called armed thugs were not a good representation of the public and I would bet the overall intelligence level of them was not more than school play ground kids, thinking they can shout down or threaten others with their presence.

    • Another liberal sheeple quite content with following the rest of the herd over the cliff!

    • They have a right to protest these draconian and repressive measures over a “pandemic” which has fewer deaths than the flu and the flu has not been used to repress! Yes, the virus is real but so are our rights. I never thought I would see the Constitution trampled so heavily as it is now. Drones in the sky, threats that you cannot go into your backyard nor kayak nor paddle board alone mind you. Give me a break. Americans have been warned so let us use our Common Sense.

  3. The Governor needs to remember that the citizens voted her in and can take the job away from her. I believe they should and ease the stupid restrictions she has emplemented.
    In order to govern the masses you must have their approval or you are not going to have the support of the people. The Governor is not working for the good of the people and will fail. I would like to see them throw her out of office.

  4. Sanjosemike, l’m 73, a 30 year vet with three wars under my belt. I can’t march all day any more, but still a damn good shot. I took an oath and remember every word…proudly. What have I got to lose? If I back down, I’ll tell you what: my word, my pride, my service. What’s that worth? EVERYTHING.

    If WE don’t defend our Constitution, who will??? Why have a constitution???

    It’s a FATAL mistake not to return fire. Counterattack, NOW.

    • AMEN BROTHER 1 SHOT ,… 1 KILL ….i firmily believe the dum o rats are trying to take are civil liberties away from us and and turn us in socialism . PUCU THEM

    • These actions toward a weak virus are suspect and do not warrant the killing of civil liberty! I have a friend in a nursing home in her 50’s with MS. She is stuck in her small room everyday and has been for two months! They are even forced to eat in their rooms! Mind you, no one has been in from the outside in two months except essential workers screen everyday. She is a retired teacher and is so miserable for human interaction. Beyond cruel. Anyone voting for Democrats need to have their heads examined!

  5. Regarding the demonstrations: Let’s look at the data. If you are taking part in the demonstrations, it makes sense for you to avoid people over 60 unless you wear masks. Or others who have the risk factors.

    Otherwise there’s no data to suggest that demonstrators under 50 are at significant risk. You are doing two good things:

    1. Warning Gov. Whitmer you will not tolerate fascism.

    2. Helping to develop herd immunity.

    Just stay away from Grandma and Grandma, or practice social distancing with them and wear masks.

    BTW, I actually am a doctor.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

  6. We should not wait. Every second these politicians are allowed to abuse the Constitution, is a second we lose. They can’t arrest us all. It’s time to fire at will.

  7. I haven’t seen any randomized controlled trials validating a 6 ft social distancing order. And now we aren’t supposed to go outside without a mask. In the UP? Really?

    Has the governor have any common sense at all? Or just a thirst for power?

  8. the coments from wild dog and jursey prophet have real meaning readers should take heed and pay attention

  9. The protesters were speaking to the Governor in the only language a Marxist understands! Notice has been served! Flesh and blood can’t prevail physically against the arsenal! All other Democrat governors of similar ideological persuasion view their individual States as their own personal fiefdoms where their will is the law, all while aspiring to live in the “penthouse” up in Foggy Bottom and having the whole enchilada! The rest of us know how to deal with this, don’t we?

  10. This is all a trial run to see if the majority will accept these lockdowns in the future. And from what I see they will. When the Boston marathon bombing happened the authorities locked down that city looking for a 19yo kid. Door to door paramilitary raids people accepted and cheered them on. Keep the population scared and they’ll accept any BS that the government says will keep em safe.

    • This is completely different from your scenario. That 19 year old kid just killed Americans with bombs and would have been a threat to the US if not immediately caught. And, the fact that the city was tracking his whereabouts and knew he was a threat and local. It took three days to find him! No innocent kid that one! Now, this pandemic is a farce! And sending drones to threaten citizens is unacceptable no matter what CNN thinks! CNN, stands for Communist Nation Now!

  11. The protesters should close down the capital by parking semis and chaining themselves to the doors of public buildings, by sit down strikes and sit ins. I used to live in Michigan, despise Whitmer’s attitudes, and hope this ends her political career. But the “optics” of black rifles on bearded guys in camo sends the very message to the proles that she wants sent. They are crazy would be Klansmen. They are not but that’s the message the media will push when the protesters fall into the trap. What would ML King have done? Not this. How about hundreds of protesters sitting in and having to be carried out because they all go limp? Six cops per protester, cops all have to wear masks. Any police brutality would be immediately obvious because a few of the protesters would be wearing masks, keeping their distance, and running their cameras, along with a few friendly members of the press e.g. Fox or Breitbart correspondents. Where would they even find enough cops in Lansing to handle that kind of protest ? At least some of the media would have to report the truth. Maybe not CNN, but a much more powerful truth would come of it.

    • They were not acting like terrorists. They were actually protecting themselves since she has shown to be dangerous to their liberty and used the authorities to further her marxist tendencies. I would have like to join them in protesting this Marxist Biach but I would not have shown up without pepper spray or something for personal protection! They were not threatening anyone but they were smart enough to have outward protection! Go liberty! You are worth fighting for! Just ask the Venezuela people who have given interviews warning the US not to fall for socialist revolution tactics!

  12. Let’s take a look at history. Lenin used his well armed private army to overthrow the Czar in 1917. Mao Tse Tung used his private well armed army to overthrown Chaing Ki Chek in 1949. Ho Chi Minn used his well armed private army (supplied by the U.S.S.R.) to defeat the French in 1954. Castro used his well armed private army to overthrow the Cuban government in 1959. Pol Pot used his well armed army (supplied by the U.S.S.R.) to over throw the government of Cambodia in 1973. Noriega used a well armed private army (supplied by the U.S.S.R.) to overthrow the government of Nicuragua in 1979. Even Hitler’s first attempt to overthrow the German government was done by an armed army of Nazis. Antifa uses violent force against anyone who disagrees with them, especially against ederly people. And don’t forget when ugly old stupid hag Pelosi blessed Occupy Wall Street when then rioted and raped women. It appears it’s OK to use violence when the protestors are Marxist fighting for socialism/communism. But heaven forbid if the protestors are fighting for the freedoms in our constitution. It’s the leftist pukes who want to use violence and start another civil war that would be more deadly than the 1861-1865 war. It’s the right that’s arming themselves and getting prepared incase the left goes through with it.

    • Noriega was Panamanian, not Nicaraguan. You meant the Communist Daniel Ortega. But you made your point.

  13. So this writer believes following the rules will get Michigan relief from a despot governor?

    I suppose tories like this 244 years ago told the American colonists to “be nice to King George. Demonstrate peaceably and you’ll get independence from the monarchy.”

    So, Mr. Michael Brazell, the demonstrators need to put down their guns, wear masks, keep a safe 6′ distance between each other and follow ALL the other rules Queen Whitmer decrees, and she’ll be persuaded to relent.

    Demonstrators are “terrorists??” Good heavens…with Americans like this Brazell character, we might as well admit the Revolutionary War was fought in vain. We have become a nation of snowflakes who’ve traded freedom for security and, in Ben Franklin’s prophetic words, will get NEITHER!


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