Flashback: Here’s What Obama Did When Israel Wanted To Kill Soleimani

(Liberty Bell) – The last week has given us quite a few reasons why we should be thankful that President Trump is in the White House.

I mean, every day in Trump’s America is like that.

But to get such an up-close look on the stark contrast between the Trump and the Obama administration’s foreign policy with Iran is certainly quite informative.

We can certainly hope that a great many Americans are going to keep in mind the sharp contrast of the last week when they head to the polls in November.

When a US Embassy was attacked under Obama’s watch, the administration refused, for hours on end, to send them any backup and as a result, three Americans perished.

Then, Obama lied to the faces of the family members of the deceased and the American people at large by falsely stating that the attack had been caused by a YouTube video!

Meanwhile, when a US Embassy is under attack on Trump’s watch, the compound is reinforced instantly with 100 US Marines who secured the American personnel in no time.

And the next day, Trump takes out the man who organized the siege.

Well, it turns out that Israel also once got close to killing Qassem Soleimani, the top Iranian terrorist in command of the Quds Force, but the Obama administration tipped Iran off!

Israel’s Haaretz News reported:

The report says Israel was “on the verge” of assassinating Soleimani three years ago, near Damascus, but the United States warned the Iranian leadership of the plan, revealing that Israel was closely tracking the Iranian general.

The incident, the report said, “sparked a sharp disagreement between the Israeli and American security and intelligence apparatuses regarding the issue.”

As if the Obama administration could look any worse right now.

On Thursday, the US took out Soleimani in an airstike at Baghdad’s International Airport. Because that is what our POTUS does.


  1. Such a disgrace to the USA that our President can not trust our representatives with critical and or sensitive information much less classified or above. We have more foreign sympathisers than loyal Americans in Congress. They are the ones that should be removed from office immediately.

  2. NOTE to Liberty Bell writer/editor:
    As a Trump-supporting conservative who applauds the president’s rightful response against the leader of Iran’s long-standing malevolent horror show, I must nonetheless point out the wholly unnecessary factual error in regard to the number of those Americans killed in ObaMao/Killary Benghazi debacle:

    It was NOT “three” American deaths …

    It was actually FOUR Americans who died!!

    As a conservative soldier fighting our secular-progressive enemies, such sloppiness does NOT further our shared cause and goals of credibility!!

  3. Truth is Obama was a chicken sh!t and Trump isn’t… if Obama would have aided Israel back then, we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

  4. People, do you forget? It took Obama quite a while to allow the SEALS to go after Bin Laddin(?) because he needed TO SEARCH HIS CONSCIENCE about it!!! This killer of Americans on American soil, who bragged about the STUPIDITY OF HIS OWN MEN WHO CARRIED OUT HIS ORDERS TO CRASH THE TOWERS!!

  5. Pres. Trump should never tell the Congress military operations in advance, since the Congress now have several whistleblowers( Tlaib, ILhamOmar, AOC) that will inform the enemies.

  6. Barry Soetoro was not born on the mainland of the US. He was born on a Pacific Island two years after that island became a US State. Amidst a population that still considered Americans as occupiers. He did not set foot in the “America”
    we all know until he was 19, well past his formative years while he was indoctrinated in how evil America was and how communism is the answer. This greatest of all countries never had a president that hated it and insisted in fundamentally transforming it. And now we’re faced with the same idiots at the gate!

    • Sorry, his own grandmother said she was present at his birth, and she lives in Mombasa, Kenya and it is known that she has never been out of that country. He is a citizen of Kenya.

    • Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya in 1961. He’s even admitted it while on speaking tours in Kenya. Hawaii became a state in 1948 not 1959. Even if Hawaii was a territory and if Obama had been born there he still would not be eligible to become President because he was not a ‘natural born citizen’ which the Constitution clearly defines as a person born of parents who were naturalized citizens. Obama’s mother was an American but his father was a Kenyan national in 1961.

    • Why dont you just be quiet and discuss the things you know about,like [did I wipe my ass or not],if you dont know ask one of your libs to check!!!


  8. Alibaba:

    Interesting choice for your name since you seem to be defending Muslim terrorists. I guess your name really says it all.

    KAG! Thank God for President Trump!

  9. SaEFan
    So, you’re saying “sufficient wisdom” is to bend over and take it, so you can “live to fight another day?”.
    That’s not fighting or standing up for anything. That’s just surrendering and becoming one of them.

    • Right on Phyllis ! 👏 I couldn’t have said it better , although I have to add that 0bama is a traitor groomed by & financed by our enemies , in the US🇺🇸 too many antiAmericans (Much Dem0cRats)
      We must purge US🇺🇸 of the cowards & traitors

    • One must remember where Obama’s roots were: Mother & Grandparents were Communists , as was one of His mentors Frank Marshal Davis—-He was brought up as a Muslim and reverend Wright was the “G” Dam America–fellow
      To expect anything other than Obama supporting the extremist Muslim faction in Iran would be stupid.
      Personally I believe the Muslim extremists are being used (like a cow to be milked) by the New World Order Communists Cabal—-Just my take.

    • Trump 2020 .
      Making & Keeping America Great 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. The Obamanation should be tried, convicted and stretched by the neck until dead, then buried in a potter’s field.

    Thanks to Obama’s pussiness, MORE AMERICANS DIED IN THE INTERIM.

    HANG OBAMA, the traitor.

  11. What the Heck is wrong with Dems and their need to protect Terrorists/enemies who kill Americans? Bill Clinton had the opportunity to get Bin Ladin when the Saudis had him and offered him to Bill the year before he left office, Biden did not want Obama to order the attack on Bin Ladin in 2012, Hillary and Obama refuse not only to go in and save our ambassador in Benghazi but she famously says later in a hearing on the deaths of Stevens and three brave Americans “at this point what difference does it make?” and then goes full force to Get the guy who made the Video! Then Obama interferes and saves Soleimani! Do the Dems really Hate America that much or are they getting kickbacks from Mecca? Or do they just not give an F about anyone but themselves?

    Rhetorical question – we already know the answer.

    Thank you, President Trump, for not being part of this feted Swamp and kissing the assess of our enemies! Trump 2020 full Republican Ticket- Fully Drain the Swamp!

    • We need to be vigilant, come election day! The left is going to try to STEAL the election, that is if they don’t start a civil war first, and try to keep us from even HAVING an election. That Soleimoni guy could be right about there being a bunch of his ‘army’ squirreled away around our country. Obummer brought in a lot of people, in the night, who could be soldiers. We don’t know the full extent to which that traitor went, to bring down America! I agree, that Obummer should be prosecuted, and put to death! I do not believe he is done with his plans to destroy America! Thank GOD FOR DONALD TRUMP KAG 2020!!!!!!!
      I also do not believe Obummer “won” any elections in America! He was planted! Well, you know the story, as you are very well versed in what is going on. Pray for our beautiful country! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! We need HIS help, now more than ever.

  12. All you who have been blinded by your chronic T.D.S.
    Here are some facts Iran is a Rogue state, It has never been recognized as legitimate since the islamic revolution when Carter was president and also did nothing to rescue American Diplomats. Their rogue regime has been SPONSERING RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUPS FOR OVER 40 YEARS, and NOBODY did anything to stop them. They are the most destabilizing influence in the middle east and NEED TO BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS
    WAKE UP AMERICA !!! NOT ALL THINGS CAN BE SOLVED BY DIPLOMACY, the past 40 years have proven that
    You cannot negotiate with anyone whose only goal in life is to kill all those who disagree with them

  13. Start by deporting all Muslims who want Sharia which is really an attempt to nullify Constitution and Bill of rights. Sharia supercedes govts therefore their allegiance is not to US but to undermine this country. Monitor the hate spewed in Mosques. England made the mistake of turning blind eye and now there are areas British Police cannot go. They have already begun creating enclaves here. How else would anti american america haters like Tliab or Omar have been elected. If they wont follow our rules they must be stripped of citizenship which was obtained fraudulently by Omar. themn deport them back to their failed countries forever!!!

    • Just deport ALL Muslims. Regardless of their Sharia beliefs. Their beliefs (Muslims) are NOT compatible with the civilized world.

    • They were not allowed here, after the Shah of Iran was turned out, until Obama changed it, Now they are trying to destroy the Nation many in my family fought and some died for, they want to eliminate most of our traditions and our religious rights ., Yes they want their OWN areas where neither Local, state or Federal police can enter, This needs to be stopped and President Trump is the one who will do it, MAGA TRUMP 2020

    • Not just the Muslims. Every person here that agrees with their ways. I don’t care where they get sent. If you’re not Pro America, get out! I don’t hate other nationalities but, the United States comes First. Period!

  14. Why does everybody keep bringing Obama’s name up?? Nothing is going to be done to him for atrocities that he committed! They should be investigating Obama instead of Trump! Maybe that’s what the Democrats are trying to prevent? Keep our minds on what’s going on rather what has happened. They are covering up something.

    • NO – they’re trying to cover up EVERYTHING! The Biden thing started 5 years ago – nobody said anything – until July. When Trump pricked that boil, the Dems got pissed!
      The Big Plan was for Hillary to white wash every crooked thing over the prior 8 years.

  15. The mule party: A S S = AmeriKan Soviet Socialists!
    NOTE: ALL AMERIKAN SOVIET SOCIALIST ARE HEREBY INFORMED: You are required to report to your Primary Care Physician Monday morning for your “WEEKLY CRANIAL COLONOSCOPY!” REMEMBER, stool softeners are to be taken orally!
    When I talk to the dog, I know the dog hears my voice because their ears move and their tail wags… most democrats do not have a tail!!!

    • What do you mean “most democrats do not have a tail” by the admission of the story Obama and his administration RATTED OUT the Israeli’s. Last I checked Rats have long tails and noses.

    • Hey , Clyde , So Do O’pissum’s , Just Like The O’Dumba’s !!! Wonder If L P Was Talking About Ross ” I’m All Ear’s ” Perot !!! ???

  16. Obama is not only a Muslim he is not a citizen. You want to know the truth unseal his records. He was put here to destroy this country. All the people who voted for him helped him in is quest. He probably still running the Democrat party. People have been fooled and wouldn’t fight anything in did because they didn’t want to be called raciest. Obama knew that. So sad. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • 100% U are right on. Obama has so many closed lock doors of information on him. His college records are locked, He is top dog running the Deep State to destroy President Trump, lie with Hillary about Benghazi 4 deaths, lie that he never use Hillary unsecured server. Actually Obama is one Big Skinny Muslim that hate Israel. No one ever follow his own mother where she gave birth to him. Her records are locked. His college funded by a Pell Grant ???? Because he stated he was from the Philippines ????. Now he making millions on his deal with Netflix which we cancel. He not worth a penny according to me. A gal from the RED STATE OF MICHIGAN 🇺🇸

  17. Why would Obama kill any Iranian when he planned to give them $150 Billion so they could kill more Americans all over the world,. Have you ever wondered what Obama’s cut was for that gift to his Prayer rug buddies? Winder no more. He goes into the white house broke and comes out owning multi- million dollar houses in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard and Washington DC. Hillary got her $145 Million bribe from Putin for helping Obama sell Russia 20% of our Uranium . Obama’s cut for a $150 Billion payment had to be at least 1% thyat he stashed in Russian banks with the rest of the Mullahs..

  18. Proves how smart Obama was and the latest new reveals how dum Trump his. This year vote for anyone but populist Trump. He is not making America great he is making America look foolish and backward thinking.

    The only people in 5 years from now who will benefit from Trump are top 10% rich

    • Go back to your Democrap and anti American sites. Killing a terrorist is what a nation does when he attempts to take American lives. A traitor like Obama could have kept this from happening, instead he sold out not his own people but the christian Americans.

    • Yeah “smart” enough to insure a LOT more Americans were killed or maimed, & another embassy attacked, not to mention all the Israelis’ who have died because of that scum! I suppose you’d protect Dahmer or Gacy from police too; real humanitarian that you are (NOT)!

    • Are You Really that Stupid? If You answered Yes Please Consider self Neutering for the Benefit of all Mankind!

    • You are the only one looking foolish here young lady. Your freedom to speak and ultimately expose your obvious IGNORANCE is due not to despicable ideologues such as Obama, who was raised to HATE America, but rather to men like President Trump who acted quickly to SAVE American lives. When Hillary and Obama purposely ignored the pleas of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Lybia which led to not only the death of 3 Americans, they also are responsible for the body of Ambassador Steven’s body being drug through the streets by ANIMALS that you, by virtue of your ignorant remarks, apparently supported. You should be ashamed of yourself. Mr. Stevens could just as easily been a member of your own family. Please get an education in truth and STOP listening to the Lame-Stream media. Your freedom ACTUALLY depends on it.


  20. KEEP ON DRAINING THE SWAMP! THUMBS UP TO YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! Don’t tell the crooked Dems anything, they are better left in the dark!!!!! They CANNOT CALL THEMSELVES “The Democratic Party! They are “The SOCIALIST Party!!!!

    • He can’t have it. Sickle cell is a recessive trait; white people, like his mother, don’t get, or carry it, so can’t pass on the gene for it, & it has to come from both parents!

  21. That was just barry looking out for his bruthus, what would you expect, other than peeking out from under hildabeasts desk….git back under there and finish the job….

  22. Executing Iranian and Iraqi generals on Iraqi soil is a war act against both countries. Leaving alone the legal niceties, what we have now is that the US declared itself monarch of the world, and all others subservient. Both Iraq and Iran are proud people with a history of domination over others. That kind of pride gets defended with blood.
    Trump took a chance and it is Americans and Israelis that will suffer. On the other hand MidEasterners respect dominators who enforce respect. How will the two emotions play out? Whichever way, undertakers will profit.

    • The act of war was the attack on American soil. An attack on an embassy is exactly the same as an attack on the homeland.

    • Wrong again. But then again, all Libtards are stupid so it makes sense you would be incorrect on this assumption. Here is the hard truth:.
      Iran attacked a sovereign US property in Iraq, which is an actual ACT OF WAR. So in fact it was Iran that declared war, NOT US. Please educate yourself. God gave you a brain so use it. The facts are eady to find if you simply search for them.
      I have one more comment to ALL anti-American ideologues: If you hate it here you can LEAVE!

    • And if Trump had done nothing (as Hillary and Obama did in Bengazi) and our ambassador died or Americans were taken hostage as 54 were in Iran embassy in 79 for 444 days- YOU would be yelling about how Trump did nothing to save our people and how evil Trump is…you are like 98% of Dems these days- absolutely a complete Hatefilled Biased Anti-American Fool!

      So Mr. Genious What Would YOU Have Done? Debate it with you fellow fools when you had minutes to decide? Wait and call mommy Nan to get permission to hit the killer bully? Sit back and wait to see if the mob of Muslim killers led by this terrorist leader would be able to get in- then you would decide? Or do you have some fabulous answer that will blow us away with your awesome wisdom? If so lay it on us Dude- I’m waiting!

      Still waiting…

      “crickets chirping”


      Nothing. Not surprised.

  23. Isaiah 5:20 clearly defines the deep hatred, and evil thinking in the Democratic leadership. We Americans bleed red, white, and blue. If you want to join us in praying for America join us at 8:00 pm each night. Does a heart good to pray!!!

  24. He didn’t file personal bankruptcy. It was a LEGAL business bankruptcy. Educate yourself and let it go. TDS is not attractive.

    • Well then it looks like Ron is calling millions of Americans thieves…hope he is never down on his luck or like my husband and I have a business partner steal half a million dollars from your small business forcing us to file both business and personal bankruptcy and spend 14 years paying for the tax bill the IRS agent looked us in the eye and said- we know you are not responsible but the funds sill have to be paid and we cannot get it from him…Well, Ron must be amazing to be so Perfect!

      What a jackass…fitting for a Dem.

    • Poor Ron, doesn’t quite grasp the concept of ‘legal’. It means its okay to do if it’s legal. No laws are broken if they are ‘legal’. Get it?

  25. CT Upton
    After 22 years of military service I’ve realized no one can prevent war. I’ve never seen any opponent in any fight respect and honor anyone taking a knee or backing down from the fight or begging them to stop however they always respected the guy after the fight that guy that just punched them. The Chinese believe that it is great to fight a strong opponent but believe it’s their place to vanquIsh the lowly beggars and dishonorable men of the world the Koreans believe this also. You can’t kill this idea of life that is thousands of years old just ask Iranian radicals. No one can prevent war by siting on their butts unless they commit suicide for their enemy.

    • WW3 was averted in Cuba under Kennedy and Khrushchev.
      Gunboat diplomacy worked because the opponents of the mightier Europeans did not resist the bullies. China did the same in Tibet. India in Goa. England and China over Hong Kong. Going back further, many opponents of Alexander were not vanquished, they just gave up. The European invaders of what they called America confronted local aboriginals and often no wars ensued since the aboriginals had sufficient wisdom to abort war and live to fight another day.
      So I would say that yes, wars can be prevented and avoided – it just requires overwhelming might on one side (or its appearance), and wisdom on the other.

  26. I’m waiting for a hellfire missile to give his new house a decent house warming….I can’t afford another 1.7 billion dollar cash deal or another 150 billion dollar cash deal…

  27. Bullshit! At this point he just declared “open season” on state dignitaries. No tears for that Salami or whatever general, but Dumbtrump should keep his mouth shut! Because from now on Mar A Largo is a place you don’t want to be. If Trumpolini can take the luxury of killing a political figure and brag about it, can you imagine what Putin and Xi can do covertly?… And they don’t lack the intelligence to do it!

    • Have another glass of Obama Kool aid, Keep believing the Obama, Clinton, Kerry lies. we had 8 years of that crap, and it made a mess of the entire Mideast…Lybia screwed up, Egypt, run by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hundreds of thousands killed in Syria,..never mind the horrors of ISIS…The radical palastines shelling Israel whenever they feel like it,…and you think all of that was just fine?….
      It’s about time after the idiotic foreign policy, with bogus redlines, and pallets of appeasement cash, that we stand up for what is right and DO NOT accomadate MUSLIM TERRORISTS……all that money..AMERICAN TAX PAYER MONEY…thrown away but an inept Clinton/Kerry State Dept. and what do we get to show for it?…Our Embassy attacked againe


    • Hey Aliblahblah. You spend a lot time thinking up those colorful names for our President, why don’t you spend that time thinking, period, and you’d be better off keeping your mouth shut, or is that idea just not in your wheel house?

    • Alibaba – sadly you might be right. So the question is whether the bottom line of the “transaction” will outcome in America’s or Iran’s favor.

    • Gotta love the big talk from the Military and Diplomatic Genious here…so what the F do you know about any of this? Nothing more than the average american- As President of the United States Trump has the facts and made a Choice- tell me smartass did Obmas butt-kissing diplomacy, his ignoring of the killing of Americans even our Ambassador, or his sweet-talk to our enemies like the JV Team lead to Less American Deaths? NO But a Good belly punch usually is enough to make a Bully think Twice about hitting you again…cowering and begging them not to kill you will not only amuse them but disgust them at the same time and encourage more attacks. So unless you have the solution to a problem that has been happening for over the past 40 years (let along two millennia) then please fill us in on your brilliant observations…otherwise shut the F up!

      Thanks for the Talk – Alibaba- go find a cave and rub a lamp why don’t you.

  28. Thank God that our former Muslim President is gone -Is his 14 million$ oceanfront estate on Martha”s Vineyard his gift from Iran for services rendered?

    • Speaking of Obama; isn’t it a bit ironic that a man that so wholeheartedly supports the climate change lie that includes claims of oceans rising wiping out major coastal regions, would buy a multi-million dollar home on beachfront property? Not if your good at lying to the dumbasses on the left who just can’t see clearly through their fogged glasses, to see the hypocrisy in it. No irony when stupidity rules the lefts frontal lobes.

  29. You can not prevent war from a stance of weakness. What bully would ever stop because you showed weakness? Our President told them to back off, they didn’t believe him, just like they didn’t care about nor respect anything Obama had to say. Obama never backed up his redlines and displayed his weakness to the world. President Trump doesn’t use redlines, he acts. He has shown compassion…example, the Global Hawk shoot down. He could have obliterated the Irani SAM site, but since humans were there, he called it off. Now, we have an American killed and we knew who was calling the shots. The Irani General had the audacity to actually travel to Iraq. You negotiate with an enemy with your knee on his chest and your knife at his throat. The Iranis may not yet know it, the the knife is unsheathed!

  30. Yes we watch Netflix many nights here in our home. But come 8pm, its Fox news till 11pm. During the commercials I sometimes click on CNN. That when my wife ask me from our bedroom Jim… Why r u yelling at the TV… R u drinking??? LOL

    • We record Fox news and watch a bit later. Then we can fast-forward through the commercials. Cuts out a lot of wasted time.

    • Do your wife and your blood pressure a favor Jim, lay off CNN and then you will both feel better 🙂

      Life is to short to intentionally inflict liberal idiots on yourself.

  31. When is he gonna be brought up on treason charges. He and his pitiful little administration did more to destroy this country than anyone in 240 years of history. Trump in 2020

  32. Obama didn’t want to start WWIII like the Dump does. Obviously throughout his whole life and especially the last 3 years he is a loose cannon and never thinks anything threw as to what the consequences are. Way do you think he has filed bankruptcies so many time as will as the number of honest business men he has put out of business by not paying the bill?? He has laundered so much money why do you think he won’t turn over financials. Can’t wait when they arrest him for bank and income fraud the second he becomes un-pres.

    Why do you think he wants to run for Pres again? He has a thousand lawsuits including criminal charges waiting for him when he becomes un-Pres. AND, just so you are not aware… this site is Russian approved for causing discord and confusion in the US. Assuming you went to school, or maybe you skipped the day they taught… “Know the author before you read the book”. Who do you thinks runs this site. Ever check out any of their rip off advertisements? And I mean rip offs!!!

    • Wow. Seems you didn’t even attend school, at least not in the US. It appears English is not your first language.

    • What does any of your foolish rhetoric have to do with a true American President ordering to take out a terrorist?

    • Obama would rather appease enemies of the United States and allow Americans to die in Benghazi than rightfully defend American lives and interests. Penny mentions going to school. Perhaps she skipped the days English was taught in Moscow. How about these whoppers: threw should be through; Way should be why; will should be well. Hey, comrade Penny, in case you missed it, the federal income tax returns of Donald J. Trump and his organizations have all been audited by the Internal Revenue which found no income tax fraud. President Trump’s order that ended the life of Soleimani made the world a safer place. Soleimani was responsible for the killing of hundreds of Americans in Iraq and Syria and was planning on killing hundreds more. Good riddance to this murderous terrorist.

    • Wtf?? Huh? You say a lot of words but don’t make much sense to the average hardworking black,brown and/or white American who loves our NO NONSENSE president!! God bless the 3/4 of Americans who still fear God and love the flag.. Go hug a tree or save a whale but please leave our beloved America as it was !

    • Penny, good choice in fake names…I see this all the time when I call any customer service line and get an Adam, Jane, or Sally when the call is sent to India or Indonesia…and the accent is so thick I can barely make out their BS. Just so with Penny…how much is Soros and company paying these days dear? Is it per word? or is it the DNC who outsourced their hateful rhetoric to an overseas firm of idiots?

  33. The Dem. party is a treasonous organization and should be labeled as such and immediately shut down. Otherwise they will be the death of this nation. Mark these words.

    • I keep wondering the same thing. We have laws against political subversion, sedition and aiding and abetting the enemy. Why are those laws not being enforced???? Didn’t Woodrow Wilson shut down even simply bad mouthing of the government or members of Congress ?

  34. and NOW that RAG heads of IRAN still have not Leraned that we have a MAN as CIC and not an EFFEMINATE POS !!!… yEAH you Stupid dumbassed Terrorists there is a rEAL NEW SHERIFF in TOWN and our local (D) ANRCHY party MORONS in CONGRESS BETTER GET USED to 4 MORE YEARS !!! MAGA !!

  35. After KISSING so may MUSLIM terrorist ASSES right after he got to OCCUPY the WH, Obama might want to save SULIMANI so that he copuld have a”TASTE” of his ASS !!!

  36. Bravo…I’m sick to death of the unAmerican, uncivilized, unrealistic behavior of f..kn Obama. Trump is THE MAN. Israel is our best friend in the world, perhaps our only true friend.

    • and NOW that RAG heads of IRAN still have not Leraned that we have a MAN as CIC and not an EFFEMINATE POS !!!… yEAH you Stupid dumbassed Terrorists there is a rEAL NEW SHERIFF in TOWN and our local (D) ANRCHY party MORONS in CONGRESS BETTER GET USED to 4 MORE YEARS !!! MAGA !!

    • Sadly that is probably true about Israel. But I think Boris Johnson is a conservative that we can count on too. Britain is reeling after the liberals and labor parties were given the bird. The entire EU movement was nothing but a socialist coup under the disguise of a simple free trade and common currency plan. It amazed me that the Brits fell for it in the first place. Even back in 1973 the precursor of the EU was a socialistic fraud.

  37. No wonder why conservatives call ObaMao “the Muslim President”. This is traitorous behavior to our military members, with him aiding the enemy who killed around 600 of our soldiers. If the mainstream US media like MSDNC and Communist News Network (CNN) would stop lying, making excuses for left-wing criminality, and propagandizing for the DNC, the World would be a safer place.

    MAGA! Vote for honesty and integrity and restore the values that made America great, like those of Martin Luther King.
    Vote Donald Trump in 2020!


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