FBI Director Wray Weighs In On Comey’s Handling Of Flynn Case, And It’s Damning

(Liberty Bell) – In an interview on Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray had a pretty bad assessment of the way that the bureau handled the investigation into former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Wray was appointed to head the bureau after President Donald Trump fired the notorious former director, James Comey, who oversaw both the investigation into Flynn and the Clinton email scandal. (Guess which one of these figures actually got indicted? Yup–only Flynn. Clinton has yet to be held accountable to this day).

He says he has “serious concerns” about the way said investigation into Flynn, whose years-long legal battle finally ended Tuesday, was conducted.

“I will say….the Flynn investigation, which took place before I started, and by the time I started was in the hands of the special counsel’s office, is something that has in my view raised serious concerns and questions,” Wray told Fox News’ Bret Baier.

The FBI director noted that he has appointed the inspection division of the bureau to “take a look at whether or not the FBI’s policies and procedures need to be changed and if there are any current employees left to may bear any responsibility for misconduct.”

These are the most critical comments he has made on the Flynn investigation so far.

Wray, who has been criticized by some Trump allies for seeming to carry water for the Deep State, had given the interview before a federal appeals court directed a federal judge to comply with a request from the Justice Department to drop charges against Flynn.

BizPac Review explains:

The Justice Department filed a motion on May 7 to withdraw charges against Flynn for making false statements to the FBI during a Jan. 24, 2017 interview regarding his contacts weeks earlier with Sergey Kislyak, who then served as Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Attorney General William Barr appointed U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen to review the Flynn investigation after the retired general’s lawyers accused prosecutors of withholding exculpatory evidence in the case.

Jensen’s review turned up an FBI memo from Jan. 4, 2017 that recommended closing a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn over possible links to Russia.

Peter Strzok, the former deputy chief of counterintelligence at the FBI, intervened to keep the investigation open.

Strzok was fired from the FBI in August 2018, during Wray’s tenure. Wray also approved the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who played a key role in the Flynn investigation.

McCabe was fired after the Justice Department inspector general and FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility determined that he displayed a lack of candor regarding his authorization of media leaks in October 2016 regarding an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Wray also said that current FBI employees involved in FISA abuse have been referred to him for discipline and that most senior people involved in the abuse “are long gone,” having been fired, retired, or resigned.

He also said that some of these firings took place during his time at the helm of the bureau. Wray also noted that he has “gone above and beyond” the recommendations made by the IG report.

Wray said, “I’ve put in place an entirely new leadership team. And even though I wasn’t director at the time of all of this, my team and I are fiercely committed to making sure we fix the problems of the past. We have accepted every finding and recommendation in that IG report, but then gone above and beyond, put in place over 40 corrective measures that enhance our training, strengthen our processes, build in more oversight and accountability and have referred employees, current employees, for discipline.”

He added, “The most senior people involved in this activity, in this report, are long gone, either terminated, some during my tenure, or retired or resigned.”


  1. When Trump wins in 2020, I will demand that he replaces 10,000 of the top leaders in all agencies and departments and nominate 2500 new “non-swamp dwellers” to these posts. We will survive the missing “leaders” for a few months …. drain the swamp!!!!

  2. Wray reeks of swamp water. There’s just something fishy about him, and the way he responds to questions; and delays in evidentiary procedures like those sought by Sidney Powell for Flynn.
    It’s time for all the ‘good-ol-boys’ to be retired. Wray is definitely part of that crowd.

  3. Mobs are burning down our cities, institutions, statues (history) and way of life in the name of accountability….Trump is condemned for “favoring” his friends, but Obama favored Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, James Comey, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, etc. and yet these same mobs and their Media champions never demand accountability of these disgraced pusillanimous prevaricating politicians nor Pelosi, Shumer, Nadler, and the infamous “Shifty” Schiff….how can any person with any critical thinking skills believe anything the overtly biased “Media”
    reports. Will this Tyranny of the progressive Democrat/Socialist prevail/ I pray not….

  4. “ALL POSITIVE LAW IS NULL AND VOID IN THESE UNITED STATES AND ITS TERRITORIAL BORDERS” for “JUSTICE has been PURCHASED by BIG MONEY”! “Please see the speech of 09-11-1990 in Full Session by George Herbert Walker Bush and be Enlightened”! “He who has the Gold makes the RULE”! “I Stand in REDRESS with THEMIS in a Petition for Grievance exposing (High Treason) at ALL Levels of this “So called form of government to which I am Unchallenged” with “Lawful Copyrighted Unchallenged Evidence”! See what happened to Vince Foster and Seth Rich! “WE THE PEOPLE” are in “DANGER”! Quote me!

  5. Is there a decent person within the FBI? Seems like they are all in some way connected to the deep state! Clean the swamp! Have a fresh start and get rid of all the scum. That includes Pelosi, Schumer, and pencil neck. He’s been in hiding since he got shut down. Vote these loses out the first chance we get. They do NOT represent the majority. Try to silence us come November! Remember BLM stands for Blue Lives Matter!!!

  6. Still, this is proving beyond a question of the doubt that the ” Two Tiered Justice System”, still exists. Wray is the Wizard of Oz, just another mouth piece, who will do nothing against these FBI employee’s who tried too overthrow an election.

    • michael – gotta agree – if he has ‘serious concerns’ about what went on – and still is since has done NOTHING to hold those accountable for those actions nor reined them in. Seems to me he is being derelict in his duties and obligations. Most of the rest of us plain old ordinary people would long since have been fired for that level of malfeasance or ineptitude.

  7. Wray is doing just enough to keep his job and to keep his old buddies happy. This guy has been walking the fence for ages. Once Trump gets reelected fire him.

  8. Still, I don’t trust him, never did (bought & paid for by Obama) & still HAS NOT gone far & beyond the call of duty ! Let us just say that AG BARR put FEAR into him ! He’s a total let down for the American people ! Yes, Trump did hire him, but rather sooner than later, their true colors come out ! Hope he one day gets replaced by a stronger & more courageous Director of The FBI !!!!

  9. Wray is a week leader! No motivation, no innovation, no nothing! Personally, I wished President Trump had fired him a year ago. Definitely, he’s a Deep Stater! He has “serious concerns” but absolutely nothing else out of him. He reminds me of Lindsay Graham. A lot of bluster but nothing else.

  10. Than do something about or resign. Resign or be fired.Show some guts and integrity for law and order. Show some respect for the position you were granted to serve. If you cant than get the hell out.

  11. The FIB (formerly known as the FBI) will continue to be dysfunctional as long as political stooges are appointed to top positions instead of agents who started on the street and earned their promotions.

    • I remember when wray was helping the deep state withhold information a year and half ago that would have sped up the investigation. Wray is a deep state phoney.

  12. Firings, retirements are not the same thing as being punished for treasonous acts. The FBI took down an Army General that was guilty of nothing and all you can say is I fired them? I let them retire? You’re actions alone seem criminal to anybody who believes in justice. You have no business being a leader of the most elite law enforcement agency in the world. The rank and file officers I beleive are still doing their jobs and I commend them.

  13. I Agree why aren’t they being prosecuted and why are they able to still draw retirement pay. Why hasn’t there been any action taken yet? It didn’t take 10 years to find Roger Stone and others it only took months. Need to pass laws if convicted of a crime while in office they loose ALL benefits. Yeah that will happen.


  15. Both Wussy Wray and Bush Boy Barr got to go. Both are protecting their pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal. No one has been indicted, and the coup rages on with their full approval.
    Trump should give them a two word speech;
    Ya Fiyed!

    • I am sincerely worried now about Barr. I just think he might be stopping short of exposing those he still has a relationship with. Something isn’t right – I feel that in my gut. And Wussy Wray should have been fired months ago!! I wish Trump would just let loose! Playing nice doesn’t work!

  16. I may have judged FBI Director Chris Wray too harshly in the recent past, believing that he might be a Deep State swamp dweller. His recent testimony and actions indicate that he may just be a dedicated public servant and may previously have just been “treading water” in order to see which direction the prevailing wind was blowing, for which I cannot blame him! Justice has finally prevailed for General Flynn, who can now get on with his life after all the judicial stonewalling! Roger Stone and Paul Manafort should be next in line, most likely by Presidential Pardon. All the Deep State “judges” involved in their cases should be indicted, removed from the Bench, and forever barred from reentry into the judicial system!

    • I DO NOT feel that Christopher Wray has been judged too harshly! Are you kidding me? If he truly WAS a dedicated public servant, he would have stood up for the truth and justice LONG ago!! If he isn’t or wasn’t a part of the “deep state”, then he indeed assisted them in their stonewalling of justice! Remember, Wray refused many times, to respond to requests from the Senate for documents that would expose the truth – that we had “criminal players” in the FBI and the Dept. of Justice! NO PASS for you, Christopher Wray, you “spineless” oligarch!! Remember the quote (if it would even apply here): “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do NOTHING.”

  17. All the above comments are right on the mark. We haven’t heard of a single one of these FBI personal being sentenced to jail for their criminality.

  18. It’s a start Mr. Wray. Are you allowing the criminal actors and those doing wrong to just leave without prosecution? How can we have faith in the FBI with that set up. If resigning after doing wrong is adequate for you then your system of handling problems of wrongdoers is wrong. Please stop with the letting people destroy the integrity of the FBI now or resign and let another do the real job which is long overdue.

  19. Good luck with Policy changes that will actually prevent abuse by those Politicians committed to changing Election results.


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