Fake News: See How The MSM Covered “Million MAGA March” After Telling Us Riots Were “Mostly Peaceful” For Months

(Liberty Bell) – In the wake of the “Million MAGA March” that took place in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to show support for President Donald Trump, the satirical Christian website Babylon Bee ran a spoof headline declaring that “Media Confused By Completely Peaceful Protest.”

This is definitely good for a few laughs…only it appears that it’s hardly satire.

The media was confused by the “all the way peaceful” protest…and so they apparently decided to try to make it appear anything but.

Ellison Barber of MSNBC, reporting from a clearly completely peaceful protest, seems to have gotten triggered by chants of “fake news!” aimed in her direction and tried to claim, on air, that the march was “hostile” as a result.

BizPac Review notes that everything was “perfectly fine” at first as she seemed geared up to give a plain, honest report from the scene.

“If you look back here, you can see the crowd. It’s hard to see exactly how far they go back there through the buildings, but if you take a look in here, you can see all of the flags. It gives you a sense of just how deep and how far back this crowd goes,” she shared.

She explained that she’d met a woman from Florida who’d driven up for the occasion to protest “what she believed is a fraudulent, unfair, inaccurate election,” and then noted that people were still gathered behind her.

However, this is where her meager attempt at honest journalism got derailed.

“This is an event that was organized by a number of different groups. We started seeing posts on social media. It seemed to originate with a group known as the Proud Boys saying that they wanted people to come out to this rally,” she said.

She explained, erroneously, that President Donald Trump had mentioned the Proud Boys during the first presidential debate and characterized them as a “far-right extremist group,” which is hardly accurate.

BPR notes that it was Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden who first mentioned the Proud Boys at the debate and, in reality, the group is simply pro-free-speech, pro-liberty, and far from “white supremacist” as claimed by many of Barber’s colleagues.

Their leader, in fact, is a black, Cuban man.

Apparently overhearing her pathetic attempt at “journalism,” the crowd began to chant “fake news.”

Hilariously, Barber then claimed she was being chased.

“The crowd here is chanting ‘fake news, fake news.’ They’re not fans of ours, as you can tell. That’s fine so long as they give us a little bit of space. It’s hostile here, at least for us. They’re following us and chasing us as we walk further back,” she declared.

No, she wasn’t.

BPR notes, “For a glimpse of what it feels like to genuinely be chased by unpeaceful hooligans, take a glimpse at the following video footage of left-wing extremists — likely the type who watch MSNBC — chasing and attacking Trump supporters young and old alike.”

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  1. There were reports that over one million Trump people were in attendance, so why didn’t a bunch of Trump supporters jump in and take down the cowards taking action against the supporters. It’s time people stand up against these criminals and demand their arrest, enough people need press charges against them. If a person commits a crime, citizens can hold them until a police officer arrives on the scene. It’s going to become much worse when Biden gets in office. Must start using self defense measures.

  2. If you noticed no one was arrested for the ASSAULTs on the Trump supporters. It wasn’t a clash, it wasn’t disorderly conduct, it was an assault. Throwing liquid items on people, is an assault and they should have been arrested. But it seem as if you are a BLM/Antifa no arrest ever takes place.

  3. The day is coming when all hell breaks loose and we the people stand up and fight back for our country and our freedoms. She had the nerve to call antifa patriots. A lot of us may be older but we know more about fighting dirty than these young punks can ever hope to know. May God help their souls when the powder keg blows!

  4. Antifa and BLM sure aren’t endearing themselves to me. Everywhere they go, there is mayhem. These groups do not represent America. They are nothing but thugs, and thieves. They also have a limited vocabulary, and it’s swear words. Come on America, let’s stand up to these cowards!!

  5. I notice that the calling card of the antifa is the “sucker punch”. Way too cowardly to attack face to face or without other chicken shits to back them up…

  6. “Fake News”, whether CNN, MSDNC, or whatever are engaged in a little friendly competition in order to see just which network will become the official mouthpiece for the newly-created DSSA (Divided Socialist States of America) under that notoriously senile, totally incompetent, ideologically misguided election thief named Joe Biden, with able assists by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, the rest of the Deep State, Holyweird, Democrat poll takers, ad infinitude, ad nauseam! Remember, this only happens if Biden and his surrogate, sycophantic minions are successful in stealing this election! If not, the USA 🇺🇸 can and most likely WILL enjoy four more years of peace and prosperity under President Donald Trump!

  7. I’m seeing the word “clash” used on Fox(where I go to less now) regarding the attack by Antifa & BLM on the Trump supporters. Maybe it’s minor but I think of a clash as two parties getting into a confrontation on purpose by both sides. This was, as usual, an attack, a brutal one. Sadly, the same as in Charlottesville except the guy with the car changed that situation for the worse, still the Southerners weren’t there to fight. Antifa came to disrupt them. The guy in the car just gave the left a different narrative. So, that’s it. I don’t think clash is the right term for this. Another observation.

  8. When is someone going to claim Antifa and BLM are nothing but cowardly thugs,& criminal’s. They are cowards, waiting for couples or people to splinter off the crowd then they attack, always slipping up behind unsuspecting people and then they are knocked out cold. COWARDS all of them

    • Yes they are cowards, plus they know nothing will be done about their attacks. They’ve gotten away with this behavior for four years of nonstop rioting, looting, bullying and violence against conservatives. Not only have they gotten away with it, they have been encouraged by the democrat leaders! Enough is enough! A day of reckoning is coming.


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