Fake News New York Times Blames Christians For Coronavirus?! This Is Insane.

(Liberty Bell) – A Friday op-ed in the fake news New York Times asserts that evangelical Christians are to blame for the coronavirus pandemic.

Because that makes sense.

All those evangelical Christians running Communist China and lying to the global community, right?

The piece was penned by journalist and author Katherine Stewart, who asserts that religious voters supported Trump, so his administration is not concerned about science.

These are the same people, of course, who know that one’s gender is determined by their DNA and that unborn children are not simply “blobs of tissue,” so being accused from people who think gender is determined by feelings and refuse to acknowledge decades of advancement in the field of ultrasound technology is painfully ironic, at best.

Stewart, unconcerned with science, or facts, or sound arguments, also asserts that Republicans, more than Democrats are likely to deny science. Which is hilarious, when you consider the aforementioned differences in acceptance of science.

In her op-ed, which couldn’t possible be more inflammatory with the title, “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals,” Stewart writes:

Donald Trump rose to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science, bashes government and prioritized loyalty over professional expertise. In the current crisis, we are all reaping what that movement has sown.

At least since the 19th century, when the proslavery theologian Robert Lewis Dabney attacked the physical sciences as “theories of unbelief,” hostility to science has characterized the more extreme forms of religious nationalism in the United States.

She goes on to cite several quotes from pastors who resisted the idea of closing their churches.

Is anyone criticizing small business owners for wanting to keep their businesses open? It’s a pastor’s job to care for and minister to people, of course they resisted the idea of being shut down in the midst of a pandemic, no matter how advisable it may have been to do so.

This isn’t anti-science, it’s the concern of a shepherd for their flock.

Stewart doesn’t think that Trump’s alleged anti-science governance is, for his part, founded in faith, however.

“By all accounts, President Trump’s tendency to trust his gut over the experts on issues like vaccines and climate change does not come from any deep-seated religious conviction,” she declares.

Oh, so now we’re doubting the president’s faith? How much lower can this woman get?

“But he is perfectly in tune with the religious nationalists who form the core of his base,” she declares.

You can read the full op-ed here.

Breitbart notes that Trump’s coronavirus response has been very much founded in science, contrary to Stewart’s erroneous claims:

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Trump has repeatedly deferred to scientists, doctors and experts in the administration — particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Debbie Birx, who feature in his daily press briefings.

Notably, scientists have confirmed that President Trump’s travel bans on China and Europe slowed and limited the spread of the disease in the United States. In Fauci’s case, he specifically urged the travel ban be imposed on Europe.

All of the Democratic candidates for president opposed those bans.

Former Vice President Joe Biden called the China ban “hysterical” and xenophobic, and panned the Europe ban after Trump announced it.


  1. The National New York Times Enquirer. What a bunch of bigots they are. Are you really that anti Christian Katherine. How about doing the job you were hired to do with no bias at all. Report the news and allow the people to make up their minds. But I guess that’s not your motive. Your just a liberal political hack who is nothing more than a bigot and professes outright discrimination on Christians.

  2. The New York Times is nothing but a smut peddler using the title News to lie and sell propaganda. They are made up of deviants and those that could be called the Devils disciples in my opinion.

    • God will never forsake you and will never put more on you that you cannot bear. As a Christian God is in charge. Put your faith in him and he will take care of you. Maybe you don;t feel like it, but he is there, Get down on your knees and pray. That is part of the worlds let down. Pray and come back to God and he will take care us. Folk that don’t think God is in charge, you are wrong. God Bless your soul. Maybe New York and these other Cities is being, questioned. God loves you.

  3. One consequence of global media, via the use of the internet, any and everyone can write nonsense and have it spread worldwide. Sadly, some still believe that if it’s on the worldwide web it must be true.

  4. So, when Trump closed down the bi-partisan supported, “boots on the ground” American epidemiology program in China that was enacted decades ago and prevented SARS and MERS from hitting us, then told us to PRAY, instead, how did that help? How does the Christian love of ignorance help? Where is your faith in your god when you turn to modern medicine for rescue when your god fails to protect you? Hypocracy at its finest…

  5. Katherine Stewart better not go to a hospital if she gets the Wuhan virus.

    It was those pesky Christians who first opened them and sought to protect innocent human long, long ago. Instead, she should just lay herself down on her writing because, clearly, she thinks she’s god. Surely her supreme mind will figure out how to cure all that ails her.

  6. Katherine Stewart is just another typical leftist promoting communism’s goals to destroy America from within. Do take note of how red China treats Christian. They destroy churches, ban Bibles, arrest Christian leaders. Don’t kid yourself, communism only continues to exist by destroying moral religious people.

  7. If you are looking for the devil, that’s what she is. What do you expect from a a piece of shit like her, right? Don’t even bother touching the New York Times or any other garbage media they shovel down our throats. I would not be surprised when she goes to the hospital, asks the doctors about their religion and refuses to be treated by Christian doctors.

    We all in a middle of a pandemic and instead of fighting the virus together, she sprays divisive and imaginary rumors to promote her evil ideas. I hope she gets the Coronavirus to let her think twice about the severity of the global epidemic.

    What a lunatic and their supervisors that keep her employed to spit the venom to the public. Her middle name for sure should be “COBRA”.

  8. Learned their history the same place as Obama did. Obama thought American Christians were the reason for the crusades.

  9. I don’t know if it is possible to extricate her head from her a$$. For that matter I don’t think any democrap can extricate their head from their a$$.

  10. Would someone please help Ms. Steward extricate her head from her a$$. These MSM outlets must be getting desperate to get DJT hit pieces to cast that they would put this BS out.

  11. I read the full opinion piece. It is interesting that she talks about certain of our leaders that are Christian telling people not to worry, but leaves out the folks in her own city such as Mayor de Blasio who on March 3rd told people to congregate and not worry, or the commissioner of health for NYC Oxiris Barbot telling people not to be believe misinformation about the virus and go to Chinatown for the Lunar New Year celebration (A real health expert, and if you don’t believe this just go to her twitter account and scroll down and see her Chinatown photos), or Councilman Mark D. Levine doing likewise. They were not the only ones doing so. Is it possible their actions had any result in spreading the virus? Of course they would say they were just tying to support the Chinese community. I guess it doesn’t matter when the people that have the same religion, or party affiliation as the writer screw up. All these supposed opinion writers should just suck it up and support the efforts to rid the country of this blight. Writing attack pieces do nothing to help.I agree with some of the comments about the NYT, but I think that since there is a shortage of toilet paper the government should make the people who provide the Times with their paper stop doing so and instead start making toilet paper.The Times will still have the internet to spread their trash.

  12. I think all evangelical Christians should subscribe to the New York Times. In a time of toilet paper shortage, this “newspaper” is the next best thing to use. And appropriate too.

  13. Funny thing is that Ivy League Universities were founded by Christians! Some of the top scientists in the world are Christian, and numerous scientists are christian…but hey, the communists hate Christians and will do everything to smear them because they don’t like that Christians have freedom and liberties that our nation was built upon giving everyone the ability to practice their own religion right here in our God loving country!
    How Christians Started the Ivy League
    By Editorial Staff
    Published April 6, 2008

    Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth – all owe their origins to the gospel.

    Probably no segment of American society has turned out a greater number of illustrious graduates than New England’s Ivy League. Labels like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, still carry their own mystique and a certain aura of elitism and prestige.

    Yet perhaps it would surprise most to learn that almost every Ivy League school was established primarily to train ministers of the gospel – and to evangelize the Atlantic seaboard.

    Harvard, 1638

    It only took eighteen years from the time the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock until the Puritans, who were among the most educated people of their day, founded the first and perhaps most famous Ivy League school. Their story, in brief, is etched today in an entry way to Harvard Yard:

    “After God had carried us safely to New England, and we had built our houses, provided necessaries for our livelihood, reared convenient places for God’s worship, and settled the civil government; one of the next things we longed for, and looked after was to advance learning, and perpetuate it to posterity; dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust.”

    Harvard College’s first presidents and tutors insisted that there could be no true knowledge or wisdom without Jesus Christ, and but for their passionate Christian convictions, there would have been no Harvard.

    Harvard’s “Rules and Precepts adopted in 1646 included the following essentials: “Every one shall consider the main end of his life and studies to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life. Seeing the Lord giveth wisdom, every one shall seriously by prayer in secret seek wisdom of Him. Every one shall so exercise himself in reading the Scriptures twice a day that they be ready to give an account of their proficiency therein, both in theoretical observations of languages and logic, and in practical and spiritual truths….”

    According to reliable calculations, 52 percent of the 17th century Harvard graduates became ministers!

    Yale, 1701

    By the turn of the century Christians in the Connecticut region launched Yale as an alternative to Harvard. Many thought Harvard too far away and too expensive, and they also observed that the spiritual climate at Harvard was not what it once had been.

    Princeton, 1746

    This school, originally called “The College of New Jersey,” sprang up in part from the impact of the First Great Awakening. It also retained its evangelical vigor longer than any other Ivy League school. In fact, Princeton’s presidents were evangelical until at least the turn of the Twentieth Century, as also many of the faculty.

    Dartmouth, 1754

    A strong missionary thrust launched this new school in New Hampshire. Its royal charter, signed by King George of England, specified the school’s intent to reach the Indian tribes, and to educate and Christianize English youth as well. Eleazar Wheelock, a close friend of evangelist George Whitefield, secured the charter.

    Columbia, William and Mary, Rutgers, Brown & UPenn

    The first president of New York’s Columbia University, first known as “King’s College,” at one time served as a missionary to America under the English-based “Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.” The Church of England established the College of William and Mary, near today’s colonial Williamsburg. Dutch Reformed revivalists founded Queen’s College (later Rutgers University) in New Jersey. Brown University originated with the Baptist churches scattered on the Atlantic seaboard. With the exception of the University of Pennsylvania, every collegiate institution founded in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War was established by some branch of the Christian Church.

    Even at UPenn, however, an evangelist played a prominent part. When Philadelphia churches denied revivalist George Whitefield access to their pulpits, forcing him to preach in the open, some of Whitefield’s admirers, among them Benjamin Franklin, decided to erect a building to accommodate the great crowds that wanted to hear him. The structure they built became the first building of what is now the University of Pennsylvania, and a statue of Whitefield stands prominently on that campus today.

    Though the Ivy League schools eventually turned secular, they fed into the mainstream of society in those earlier days a great army of graduates who could claim Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord, and who left a strong impact on our nation. Their presidents and their faculties helped to set a high spiritual tone, and at times their campuses in turn felt the impact of revival. The educators of early America understood that the moral climate of its schools, colleges and universities would shape its future generations, and could ultimately decide the course of the nation.

    Reprinted from The Rebirth of America, published by the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation.

  14. Just another demonrats piece of sh t, all they rant about is trash. This just goes to show you how low the new yuk times has sunk. Stewart come to my end of country and I’ll give you what you really need, a left then a right hope your not made of glass though leftist bi..hs like you can’t handle the truth.

  15. Every evangelical Christian in the country should file a class action suit against NYT for slander and sue them for one billion dollars or whatever it takes to shut that smut magazine down, never to rise again. They have caused more problems in the US than any group with the exception of CNN. Both trash bags. At least NYT has come value, it is a newspaper and can be used for toilet paper in the shortage. That is about all it is good for, wiping the asses of people who read it.

    • I’m Christian proud to say. I’m open for lawsuits. Where do I sign. No doubt the money, if any, would be helpful to most. Not about that though. They need to be put out of business. Sold out to the Democrats, sorocrats…. To the devil. No wonder they are targeting Christians. Honesty and integrity used to stand for something in journalism. This is not a journalist but an opinion piece of 💩

    • Gosh by golly yer a real smart MAGA deplorable sycophant. Pinhead! Back to your confederate flag lined basement you p.o.s.

  16. The Devil Rules This World Through The MEDIA And Entertainment Industry. It is Not Surprising That Those
    Who Believe in Jesus Christ are Singled Out And Attacked
    By The Fake News Media.

  17. Now when anyone can not accept the actual faqccts as they are, then I suppose what the reporter wrote is truthfull in every detail. Older persons hanging onto what most people just have no interest in, when according to every report published only 36% of the population say they are into religion in any way, and that includes all religions. I suppose we can actually blame education for turning people away from religion. Todays people in the age group 18 to 52 the majority of educated persons are not just blind follpowers they rely on the actual science in every aspect of their lives not just blindly having to have faith.
    Now even our Constitution in the Bill of Rights made sure that no religion was to impact the Government of this USA. No law shall be based on religion.

  18. Once again the NYT has proven they are the answer to the toilet paper shortage. They could save themselves money and not bother putting any ink on the paper. The NYT is only good for wiping, not reading.

  19. So, we are going to blame Christians now?!!! How dare you? All the time the Chief Muslim ignored the swine flu 10 years ago???

    • And Allowed The Swine Flu To Kill Over 100,000 Of Us !!! And How About The H1N1 FLU , Look How Many Of Us Infidels That Wiped Out !!!


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